Troy Vincent says preseason enforcement of defensive fouls won’t change

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As the 2014 regular season gets started, new NFL executive V.P. of football operations Troy Vincent really gets started in his current job.

Vincent joined PFT Live on the first day of football season to talk about a wide variety of issues.  One issue that will be particularly relevant on the field that served as the backdrop for our discussion relates to the renewed emphasis on defensive holding and illegal contact.

Vincent reiterated that the rules will be called as closely in the regular season as they were in the preseason.

The challenge is for teams to adjust.  The Seahawks arguably already have.  It’s entirely possible that teams that drew plenty of flags in the preseason were simply testing the limits of the new application.

Regardless, the official will be scrutinized during tonight’s game nearly as much as they were after the last time the Packers and Seahawks played in Seattle.

19 responses to “Troy Vincent says preseason enforcement of defensive fouls won’t change

  1. When viewership declines because the game lose the flow/continuity, it’ll change. I, for one will continue to watch my fav team regardless, but will certainly cut back all the other league games I usually watch if the officials keep throwing all these flags!

  2. We keep hearing people from the league saying that officials will continue to emphasize defensive holding and illegal contact come week one…… But why?

    Peyton Manning had the greatest single season ever by an NFL quarterback last year. Fantasy football is a booming business. Offensive numbers go up every year. We understand that the casual fan loves offense, we understand that Peyton getting destroyed in the Super Bowl went against the NFL’s script, but how far is the league going to go to appease the casual fan at the expense of the die hards and purists who enjoy defensive football?

    I just don’t get it.

  3. The League is supposedly dedicated to shortening games, minimizing the visibility of refs and attracting new fans? The Preseason saw penalties go up 10 FOLD! I never thought the unwatchable games (which I watch) could be less appealing until this season. It’s idiotic. The rules are already slanted in the O’s favor. Now we have to watch a product where every third play doesn’t count? Flag football would be better. Not happy.

  4. Yet another reason Troy Vincent, Roger Goodell and the competition committee should be fired. Like today.

  5. i can see how head shots, and dangerous hits are being flagged to make the game safer…but this nonsense on the defensive secondary is making the game unwatchable…so many freakin flags

  6. Hey Troy & Roger, That’s Idiotic. The Offenses in the NFL already have a Giant Advantage with favorable rules. Why give them even more of a fake advantage??? Let them players play the game. They are grown men.

  7. Troy may want to reconsider once ratings start dropping. The preseason was unbearable to watch and if this crap keeps up I’ll just as likely turn off the regular season games as I did the preseason.

    Damn shame what they are doing to this game.

  8. I actually enjoyed watching college football last weekend because there wasn’t the constant flags we saw with the NFL in the preseason.

  9. Holding and grabbing receivers was the bread and butter for several teams last season I choose not to name. I am getting tired, though, of these teams getting a pass. Ensure that the officiating is even-Steven and we have something worthwhile. Should be interesting tonight.

  10. Notice how no one ever points out there will also be a scrutinized emphasis on OFFENSIVE pass interference. Nope, that would help your argument that all of this is done to neuter the defense.

  11. I would have loved to see how much Troy Vincent would have liked all of the defensive holding and illegal contact penalties when he was playing. He’d be crying as loud as anyone when he would get flagged.

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