Aaron Rodgers: “This is the Seattle Seahawks, a great defense”


Aaron Rodgers isn’t accustomed to being shut down like he was on Thursday night. But he also isn’t accustomed to playing a defense as good as Seattle’s.

Rodgers said after managing just 189 yards on 23-of-33 passing that the team’s offensive struggles were attributable to their opponent.

“This is the Seattle Seahawks, a great defense,” Rodgers said.

Rodgers said he was disappointed that the Packers had a few chances at big plays and failed to capitalize.

“You don’t expect to move the ball on every drive, but you have to make the most of your opportunities,” Rodgers said.

The Seahawks don’t give opposing offenses many opportunities. This is a great team, with a defense that can make even a great quarterback like Rodgers look bad.

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  1. I see no reason why Seattle cannot win another SB this year. The only wild card is injury to key players. This team is really well structured. They know their jobs and they do no deviate from their assignments. That takes discipline by adhering to a team concept. Hats off to Schneider and Carroll for putting this team together. They went after certain players and blended them together.

  2. Let’s see if it’s just Seattle or if another speed defense can beat the Packers. They seemed slow. I’m interested to see what Mike Zimmer and the Vikings throw at them in Week 5.

  3. Wow, Sharon has more class at losing than the gb fanbase.
    &, after reading this piece, to think it all started with a Hail Mary completion a couple of years ago is intriguing.

  4. The biggest plays of the games for the Packers were a 40 yard pass interfence call on the Seahawks defense and the Seahawks punt return fumble.

    The Packers did very little without those 2 miscues by the Seahawks.

    If you look at the game tape there were opportunities there that Rodgers either missed or just didn’t see or was afraid to throw it.

    This could’ve been superbowl bad.

  5. Somebody should have told the hapless, tasteless Packers to show up last night. Last place in the division… right where they belong.

  6. Russell Wilson: “This is the Green Bay Packers defense, a defense that makes Kaepernick look like the GOAT. It’s not any good but we dominated them anyways.”

  7. A lot of Dolphin fans whined about us taking a OT instead of Ha-Ha Clinton Dix. Green Bay loses when Ha-Ha gets utterly embarrassed on a whiffed tackle…and the Packer RT goes down.

    This is why an OT in the 1st absolutely makes sense over a S.

  8. Tom Brady has been the only one of the “elite four” who withstood a Seahawks defesne and held his. Granted the Pats lost, but Brady wasn’t embarrassed. I’m talking about 2 years ago for those wondering….

    Love Aaron, but it still goes – Brady, Manning, and then Rodgers/Brees.

  9. So much for all the 49er fans talking up how the defensive holding penalties would make Seattle an average defense. Get ready for another year of looking up at the Seahawks in the division Santa Clara.

    Just to let you know, I’m a Steeler fan so I don’t have a dog in the Seattle/Santa Clara race. Just find it funny…

  10. pervyspankspackfans says:
    Sep 4, 2014 6:19 PM
    Hawks 45 Packers 27…Percy Harvin key in victory
    =========================================Looks like I gave you overrated Packers too much credit last night. Your offense stunk too. Lacy is not what you think. He is no AD. Your Defense and Oline stink!~ Pack 8-8

  11. Not only did they make a great QB look bad they made the hole team look bad. I am a Vikings fan and yes i know we have never won a Super Bowl ya ya ya ok fine way to go. Good luck to the NFCW not sure who can beat the Hawks this year.

  12. All you haters that say Kap cant play against the seahawks, take a look at this. Your golden boy/ best QB in the league looked like tebow last night. Kap was a pass interference call way from getting us Six and . #GoNiners #Nobodyhasitbetter

  13. Can’t argue with the result, but Seattle didn’t look like world beaters to me. On obvious passing downs The Seattle OL couldn’t protect Wilson. Lynch was basically unstoppable, so it masked it a bit. If a team can truly stuff the run against Seattle their offense might sputter. Rodgers was patient and had time in the pocket and looked early on like he’d figured out their defense, but the second half Seattle looked more dominant. Definitely a great team in Seattle, but I feel like they will be figured out based on last nights game.

  14. With half the field shut down by Sherman and half the season locked up, thanks to the twelfth man and our home field advantage, we are only five road wins away from claiming home fiwld advantage and the first round bye that comes with it.

  15. The respect for Aaron Rodgers was mutual if you got to listen to Pete/Wilson and Sherman after the game.
    The offensive line could not pass block specially first round pick Sherrod.

  16. Watched the game and they didnt throw to Sherman’s side of the field ONE time, is that respect or good game planning? To me it made no sense because Seattle’s D knew where he was going with the ball so that make it easier for them. I dont get all this not testing a player just because he’s good!

  17. I think what he meant to say was that the packers really sucked and didn’t need the Seahawks to make them look bad. They did a great job on their own and Seattle made it that much worse. I enjoyed watching that game a lot.

  18. You have to give the Seahawks their due, the last two NFL games they have been dominant. But I should note that both teams had subpar offensive lines. Green Bay was missing Beluga and the Broncos did not have their left tackle Ryan Clady. Having them could have made both games a lot more competitive.

  19. I wasn’t a big believer in staying away from Richard Sherman all night. It was Rodgers at QB for the Packers right? Best QB in the NFL? Go after Sherman a little more often. If staying away from Nelson or who ever he was covering most of the night gets you a 20 point loss, what’s the point ?

  20. I don’t like the Seahawks, but I was seriously imipressed with their performance yesterday. They were clicking on both offense and defense. The only change I would make would be to put Harvin on punt returns instead of Earl Thomas.

    Seattle made a statement last night that they definitely don’t plan to have a Super Bowl hangover this year. Impressive.

  21. How does Cutler get so much flack when Rogers makes way more excuses and treats his teammates with zero respect, often making a scene on the field like a toddler throwing a tantrum?

  22. As a Hawk fan I don’t think there is a team in the NFL that could have come in here on this day with that banner coming down and this culmination of a 7 month wait since SB48 and win. The pack will be fine and I expect they will be better because of this game and are going to crush the Jets next week. You all got a good football team and they will be in the mix come the end of the season. GO HAWKS!!!

  23. With the game still close one of the biggest plays was Rodgers on 3rd down not running for the first down (which he would have got) and instead passing for it, pass was over the line of scrimmage anyway and the Packers had to punt.

    Huge play as Seattle then drove for a td, following drive GB then fumbled and it was game over

    Surely Rodgers should get some criticism for that bad bad play. If that was an Oakland QB making that play you would be all over him !

  24. And in true sissy spoiled brat fashion, Rodgers snaps on his ROOKIE Center for his very 1st “mistake”, in his very first game, on the biggest stage of his life, in the loudest arena in the land, and home to the 13/14 Champs.

    If he hadn’t spun around like a ballerina with an attitude and waited for the snap, the refs Might have let the play go. But noooo

  25. I didn’t think Rodgers looked all that bad. Packers had a poor game plan. Needed more straight ahead running like Starks did, less east/west running like Lacy did. Should have did 2 minute offense the whole game like they did on the long TD drive.

  26. Next Rodgers was heard to say ” . . . and our O-line has the the stopping power of a wet kleenex.

  27. If he didn’t already have a SB ring and an MVP, we’d give him a lot more criticism for his inability to come through against really good defenses. Since his 2010 SB year, he’s 1-3 in the playoffs.

  28. Everyone settle down. Its just one game against the reiging SB champs on their homefield. I seem to recall the Packers looking just as unbeatable a couple of years ago.

  29. The Saints are going to cremate the Packers in the Dome…. Packers have no O-line or Defense as usual.

  30. Eddie Lacy – 12 carries, 34 yards. Now that is a premier running back in the NFL. Packers are soft and a joke this year.

  31. When does the free pass everyone seems to give Ted Thompson end? That clown can’t draft talent in the 1st round. AJ Hawk, Justin Harrell, Bryan Bulaga, Derrick Sherrod, Nick Perry and Datone Jones.

    Time for him to go. I wouldn’t mind seeing Mike McChumlee hit the road as well. And how Capers still has a job is beyond me.

    We have quite possibly the worst starting inside linebackers in the history of the league in Brad Jones and AJ “best 4th person to the tackle tackler in the league” AJ Hawk.

  32. Impressive performance by the Seahawks. Could have been a let down game. It was not. Enjoy the ride Seattle. Every wave hits the beach eventually.

  33. This “new and improved” defense is exactly the same as it has been for years , McCarthy ‘s inability to fire capers is going to be the reason that him and the entire staff will be looking for work , I believe it’s called – complacent , who taught these professional football players how to tackle anyways? How does the saying go mike ? If you always do what you’ve always done you’ll always get the same results

  34. The Packers are not a good football team outside of Aaron Rodgers. If they had an average QB they are 4-12 or 5-11. With Rodgers they’ll probably be 9-7 or 11-5 at best.

  35. Zebras throw 20 million illegal contact and pass interference penalties in the preseason, only 1 was thrown last night, against the Packers. Glad to see the NFL waffled again.

  36. Before anyone starts shoveling dirt on the Packers, remember Seattle beat New Orleans and San Fran in Seattle during last season’s regular season by a combined 63-10.

    Having said that I’d like to brag a bit.

    I said Wilson would have a better game than Rogers and was laughed at. Check.

    I said Lynch would have a good game because Harvin’s presence will back the defense up and give cutback options. Check.

    I said Seattle would win by 10-17. I was wrong.

    I said Seattle’s defense won’t be quite as good due to rule changes but Seattle’s offense would be 50% better. Check.

  37. They may have the worst MLB’s in the league but they’re not helped, at least in the run game, by Clay Matthews. He is one of the biggest liabilities against the run I’ve ever seen.

  38. It’s not the offense I’d worry about, the defense looks worse than last year, and that is hard to do, the good news is Ha-Ha fits right in, as his tackling skills are the same we saw from the rest of that D last year. Good Luck Pack fans you are going to need it.

  39. Don’t worry Pack, you guys will look good against the rest of the league other than Santa Clara and the Saints, the pack is still in it. Right now, Seattle is just that good.

  40. Here’s what you need to know: Seattle’s defense consists of more than 11 guys who want to hit, tackle, and physically stop whoever has the football.

    Green Bay’s defense consists of perhaps two of these types of players. Yes Rodgers didn’t play that great, but when the defense is just as terrible as it has been since after the Super Bowl… what do you expect?

    This Packer fan understands that Green Bay simply is not made up of football players. It really isn’t.

  41. That was brutal. As a Packer fan I like to think that we belong in the conversation for being one of the best teams in the league – but last night was a harsh dose of reality. We are clearly not in Seattle’s class right now. It’s disappointing.

  42. Packers and Bears will battle for last in the division this year. Vikings and Lions defence are much MUCH stronger than what I witnessed last night. Detroit will put up points as everyone knows. But the real odd question is, how do the Vikings get so underrated. They were tops in QBing across all 3 QB’s in the entire league in the preseason. But I’ll just hear that preseason doesn’t mean anything. Can’t wait to laugh at Ron Jaworski again, he picked St. Louis to beat Minny this weekend. Ya…… I know…… Good luck with that Ronny. He must be a closet cheesehead.

  43. The problem is when the Packers are down in the 4th quarter, you never get that sense that magic is about to happen. Don’t get me wrong. I still think Rodgers is a great quarterback but at least with Favre and his picks, you at least felt that you had a chance even being down by 2 scores. The offense didn’t do the defense any justice either by scoring only 16 points with one of those scores set up by aspecial teams blunder and another set up by a PI call. Take away those 2 plays, and this game is even uglier.

  44. Last night, I thought Rodgers made multiple uncharacteristically bad decisions. There were two crucial first downs he had with his feet he chose not to take. Also, he had this desire to keep throwing the ball down the field into double coverage. I know the line and the run game was giving him no help, but Rodgers, on this things he could control, made some bad decisions with the football.

  45. real simple

    Seattle, at home at least, is damn good….
    Lynch is phenomenal; Harvin healthy is scary; Wilson is good, not great; defense is very good; league should do something to control Seattle noise level (unsportsmanlike and unfair)

    Packers are not great, may be good; defense sucks and is not good enough to go far; coaching/game planning is poor; Rodgers is great but limited by coaching and cast

  46. Another dominant performance by the Seahawks last night. Barring a major injury, there is no one close to them. All you smack talker vikings and bears fans get over yourselves. The Packers will roll you. Packers are the 2nd best team in the NFL. That’s how good Seattle is.

  47. losing even more respect for Rodgers

    I think he is a great QB… maybe even the best
    but I question his “class”, “integrity” and “courage”…………… still look down on him for RBraun association and gutless refusal to honor the statement he made about giving up pay if shown wrong….. and the way he and Packers refused to go at Sherman (who I do not think is great.. though in that system he is) and give away one side of the field was just stupid…. and this guy went to Cal

  48. I hate to say it, Seattle is good but the Packers are also headed the wrong way. The let one good receiver after another leave. Randall Cobb is a great athlete but can he be the technical route runner you need as a #2? He is a 3 or a 4 and a great weapon used in specialty packages as he was in the past. So there is no real #2 receiver on the team. Tight end is in similar shape. A serviceable player at best. Letroy Guion couldn’t make the Vikings last place defense and he is starting in GB. The bears let Julius Pepper walk and their defense didn’t exactly lead the league. The Pack has been losing players in free agency and have a bad run of luck with first round picks. I think they have been relying on Rogers arm to carry them. As long as he is upright they have a shot, but they really have dug a hole with the supporting cast.

  49. If one could look for any weak-links in Seattle’s armor, it may be Russell Wilson and RT Justin Britt.

    Wilson did not have a great first half with one INT broken up by a great effort of Miller and, take away the high percentage screens and short routes, didn’t stretch defenses with throws over 20 yards. If a team can get on Seattle and force Wilson to beat them with his arm, MAYBE, a team can knock off Seattle.

    Britt had a decent game but struggled at times against a past-prime Peppers (he also struggled against Matthews as well). With a younger speed rusher, that position could be an issue with pass protection.

    But, besides that, great dominant win against a supposed playoff-calibre team.

  50. Can Somebody tell why Green Bay Defense sucks so bad. For Christ Sakes you have 21, 50,52,53,56, 90, 95, all first round picks. You have 37 making 10 mill a year, 38 making 7 million a year. Its either the scheme or those guys are playing for the money with no heart. For of the love of god they their backsides kicked.

  51. Another dominant performance by the Seahawks last night. Barring a major injury, there is no one close to them. All you smack talker vikings and bears fans get over yourselves. The Packers will roll you. Packers are the 2nd best team in the NFL. That’s how good Seattle is.

    Thats laughable when the 49ers eliminated you in your house in the playoffs. So you aren’t even #2

  52. They gave Sherman way too much respect. I could understand teams not looking in Prime Time’s direction because he was guaranteed to take a pick to the house, but Sherman?? Take your chances.

  53. I would bet that if you re-watched the game objectively, you would come away with a few different conclusions:

    1. Green Bay’s defense isn’t as bad as you think…Seattle’s offense is much better than you think. I actually thought the Packers D made some huge stops in some very bad positions throughout the night. They just didn’t capitalize when they had the chance, and/or had terrible penalties away from the ball. Which leads me to…

    2. Brad Jones was the real 12th man. That might have been the worst performance by a professional football player in the history of the league.

    3. Rodgers did not play well, and neither did the rest of the offense. Lot of credit to the best D in the league, but the Packers left a ton on the table.

    It’s tough in a world of millenials and sensationalist journalism, but you can’t get too high or too low after any game. Green Bay is a very, very good football team but Seattle is just a better one at this point.

  54. Noodle arms can’t even through a single pass more than 10 yards. Pathetic Packers are making excuses now. Watch them to make more excuses and be in the bottom of NFC North division.

  55. And people say Sherman is not a “shutdown” corner. He single-handedly shutdown the entire left side of the Packers offense. When one guy takes away half the field it makes the rest of the defense’s job a whole lot easier to do.


  56. Lol Saints fan. I’m not a Packers fan. Just calling it like I see it. I know for sure the Saints aren’t the 2nd best. Teams that can’t win on the road are not very good.

    Yeah I know the Browns suck. Trust me I rip them everyday

  57. A team with a slightly worse offense and a slightly better defense is a much better matchup for seattle than teams like denver and green bay. When you can’t put up points and your defense is lousy than this is what happens.

  58. Please. What you saw last night was what I suspected all along. The analyst and pundits said that Packers were a SB contender and I felt this was an average team at best.
    Rogers can’t pass and Lacy can’t run with a below average O line.
    The defense can’t pass rush and the linebackers can stop the run with a bunch of late round draft picks no one wanted and two late first round picks 30 other teams passed on, and for a reason: Perry and Datone Jones.
    No what you saw was a well balanced team against an average team. I posted here I thought a 27-7 pasting was about right. I had the score wrong but not the point differential 36-13.
    I personally see the Pack going 1-5 through the first six games and being out of it by then. and lets not blame injuries.
    TT drafts late round guys who were injury prone in college, no other of the 31 teams wanted them but they seem to make the Pack roster year in year out. He is playing cheap ball and I said it would catch up to him this year.

  59. I’m not ready to hand Seattle the Lombardi again just yet. It’s a long season ahead and a lot can happen.

  60. Seattle at home is an awesome team.

    The defense did what it needed to do when it needed to be done. In the 3rd quarter an interception which led to a FG and a forced fumble which led to a touchback. The offense added a TD and that was all that was needed.

    But I was concerned on that long TD drive that the Pack put together in the 4th. It may have been only one drive but it was a good one. It seemed the Hawks D could not adjust to the short routes or something. If the Pack had done that all night what might have been? Other teams might exploit that or at least try to.

  61. Did Julius Peppers play last night?????

    He is old, and he is done……ask Bear fans from last year.

    A LONG year awaits packer fans for 2014…….nothing impressed me from the packers last night……at all.

    No oline for Lacy to run, and the defense was totally exposed.

    Peterson has to be licking his chops come week 5, and it will be ugly!!!!

  62. Lynch rip the tasteless and hapless Packass cheese heads off real good last night. Peewee played so scare and looked panic at times. Packers sucks. GO PACK!!!

  63. I saw someone mention how teams need a run game to beat Seattle. That is true, but let’s not forget in yesterday’s game it was seattles run defense that looked sharp. Lacy got nothing at all on the ground.

  64. Niners fan here. Awesome display from both sides. Would’ve been dominating performances had the score not been closer in the first half. GB just doesn’t have any answers when you throw them read options and RO pops. When harvin was in motion, they had no spy on him. Not even shifting to the motion side…there were no adjustments made.

    That said, Seadderral is scary good. I would have loved it if this game was in GB as well as the Broncos game in Denver. I’d like to see what kind if team Seattle is on the road against high powered offenses. We know what they can do at home against good offenses. Just curious if they’re the same dominating defense on the road against such teams.

    I had to hold my breath when Thomas was fielding punts. I wouldn’t want to see him get injured and not play against the Niners.

  65. Seattle is terrific – what struck me most was how intensely fast they are. It was almost alarming. But I put a lot of this loss for the Packers on Ted Thompson & Mike McCarthy. They get a lot of praise, but what I see is leadership that has *not* prepared this team to compete at the highest level.

    It would be one thing if this had just started. But for the last few years, the problem has been consistent. Green Bay has lots of talent, arguably the best QB in the game, but they keep hitting the same wall year after year, and they haven’t adapted. When they run into one of the handful of elite teams in the league, bam – they’re done. It’s kind of like watching the Cowboys’ defense – known problem, has been for years, not being addressed.

    Hope they can learn from this and work on the edge they’ll need come playoff time.

  66. With the obvious improvement in offense from a healthy Percy Harvin, the only question is whether any team can beat the Seahawks this year? If they stay healthy, I doubt it.

  67. The packers run game was looking good the first drive. You gotta run at the seahawks to beat them..and the redskins will do that against them in the playoffs.

    Memories of 3 straight playoff defeats by the seahawks haunt me and give me chills to this day

  68. Perspective folks.

    I’m NOT a Seahawks or a Packers fan.

    In 2013, the Seahawks allowed QB’s to complete 59.0% of their passes against their defense.

    Rodgers completed 69.4% of his passes. Yeah, some of you will say for short yardage and not much damage. True, but that was the case last season too against other QB’s and they still held them to 59% and not 69%.

    It’s just that their defense is that good. It took an Aaron Rodgers to complete 69% of his passes against them.

    The Seahawks allowed 16 passing TD’s last season and had 28 INT’s. An excellent ratio of course for a defense.

    Rodgers had 1 TD and 1 INT which is much better against them than they did as a whole last season.

    My whole point is that the Seattle Defense is very good and they did limit Aaron but he still did better against them than others did last season.

  69. Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers were owned last night. No secret…run right at them.

    The new look Pack defense with
    Flail and Ail at outside LBs…

    a 3-13 club lead by a Franchise QB.

    The good news for Packer fans is that McMuffin and Ghost Thompson have been extended through 2018.

    I hope Dom Capers get his new 5 year deal done soon

  70. I am REALLY surprised we are not hearing the Cheesehead excuse machine chuggin’ away this morning! Aaron Rodgers is ALL that team has. You need more to be as good as the Cheeseheads claim this team is!

  71. not a packer or seahawk fan. here is my take, the packer gameplan and what they said going into the season is just plain dumb. you have the best QB in the league who is argueably the best player in the league. i know coaches like to think they are the smartest people in the world and they can make anyone good with the right scheme blah blah blah… the fact that they ran the ball so much and have said they want to run the ball much more is just dumb. put the ball in rogers hands and let him win you some games ro at the very least open up the run game by being a passing team. as a fan of a team that will play the pack, i hope they stick to this insane running mentality because it just gives every other team in the nfl a chance to keep up with what could be a very high scoring offense (if they throw it all day). p lus, i just would have loved to see rogers against the seattle pass D. instead we saw a conservative check down offense. maybe it was the o line but, rogers is known for the play action, plant feet, fire the ball to a skinny post which can be done even with a great pass rush.

  72. According to this thread the 2014 season should be cancelled … Just get the Seahawks their SB and we’ll see you next year.
    Seriously is only one game.

  73. I think Rogers might maybe have looked Sheman’s way 1 time throughout the game and Nelson lined up on him for 1 play, only for the play to be a designed run to Lacey. Sherm had Nelson locked down

  74. Aaron Rodgers was class personified after games end after a somewhat frustrating game for him.

    Considering his positive preseasons Russell’s slow start surprised me. He appeared reluctant to pull the trigger on a few open receivers. But he warmed up to his real self…maybe first game jitters adjusting to the speed of a real NFL game.

    Seattle offense left at least 14 points on the table. But to get the first under their belt we’ll take it….but gotta have Kerse, and Baldwin more involved in the passing game. Lockett looked good last night…I was happy for him. And that TD play to Coleman was FUN.

    Thanks to Packers for being a class team. Good luck to you in the season.

    Go Hawks!

  75. What a cowardly move by the Pack – not throwing at Sherman at all.

    I was thinking, “Maybe they’re just setting him up and will try to catch him sleeping on a big play later in the game – in 3rd/4th quarter”, but in never happened.

    Where’s your confidence? Where’s your strategy? You’re supposed to be this elite, high-powered offense, right?

    The reality is – the Bears now have the better overall offense (and they have since Trestman took over).

    Say waht you want about Cutler – he’s no punk. I can promise you he would not have been afraid to throw right at Sherman, and Marshall would own him, as he’s done in the past.

    Bears are going to own the Pack (and division) this season – as I’ve been saying even before this game.

  76. poor gameplan. worse execution.

    no big deal–just one game–its a long season. more concerned about the dept on the o-line than I am about the packers losing on the road to the defending champs.

    shut it vikings fans, quit trying to force the packers-vikings rivalry. Go somewhere else and strike up some chatter with lions fans as that is who you traditionally battle for last place with.

  77. Funny all the “if they can stay healthy” comments regarding Seattle. Wonder if those same people realize how many Packers starters were missing before and how many went out during the game?
    Hats off to Seattle, but Packers finishing last in the NFC North? Easy statement to make after one game, but I highly doubt that will be the case.
    Vikings are going to win the North (if you talk to anyone within’ Minnesota). Reality will set in by week 5.
    Bears will compete. But it’s going to be a two way race between the Packers and Lions.

  78. Did everyone become a ‘die hard HAWKS fan, yo’ overnite or did it just start last Tuesday?

    The Seahawks, like the Saints were a team no one really talked about, ever. Then they get good and suddenly every football board is loaded with ‘DIEHARD’ Hawks fans. Funny.

  79. Packers need to give a defense to help Rodgers win games.

    Green Bay lost the game after the Wilson to Lockette TD, they good fooled by a college football play (which was also a great trick but I would never expect to end on a TD).

    The same way Aaron calls our defense great, he’s still one of the greatest QBs playing now, but he can’t win those kind of games without help from the other side.

  80. “The Super Bowl champions exposed the Green Bay Packers as a pretender masquerading as a contender to the NFL throne in Thursday’s opening-night 36-16 victory for the Seattle Seahawks.”–Chris Wesseling, NFL.com

    Lacy’s hurt, the OL is a sieve, the defense looked soft, and the receivers could not get open. Maybe TT should have tried a little harder to retain Mr. Jennings? Maybe it’s not all about Rodgers?

    I love a Packer loss almost as much as a Viking victory.

  81. A lot of these comments ripping the Pack are from the Viking and Bears’ fans.

    Look, it wouldn’t have mattered who played in Seattle last night, they would have gotten smoked. Opening game, unveiling SB banner, etc. etc.

    Seattle is 16-1 under Wilson in Seattle.

    Last year Seattle (regular season) Seattle beat San Fran and New Orleans by a combined 63-10! And those were not bad teams obviously.

    Denver’s going to find the same thing out in a couple weeks. Seattle is a hard place to win.

  82. Seattle is scarry. That being said i think the only team that can win is a team that excels at running the ball. I think the eagles with as many weapons they have, cooper, maclin, ertz, mccoy, sproles are going to be one of the very few to challenge them.

  83. Can’t argue with the result, but Seattle didn’t look like world beaters to me. On obvious passing downs The Seattle OL couldn’t protect Wilson. Lynch was basically unstoppable, so it masked it a bit. If a team can truly stuff the run against Seattle their offense might sputter. Rodgers was patient and had time in the pocket and looked early on like he’d figured out their defense, but the second half Seattle looked more dominant. Definitely a great team in Seattle, but I feel like they will be figured out based on last nights game.

    Actually I agree with some of this.

    The pass blocking wasn’t great but the run blocking was stellar. As a Seattle fan, I’m OK with that tradeoff if we can’t have both.

    Also the pass rush wasn’t very good until their tackle got hurt. Part of the reason is Rogers though. When you have a QB that can move like Rogers, like Wilson, like Kap, etc. you have to have a controlled rush or they can burn you with their feet. I expect it’ll look much better against Manning and other statue types.

  84. politicallyincorrect says:
    Sep 5, 2014 10:18 AM
    real simple

    Seattle, at home at least, is damn good….
    Lynch is phenomenal; Harvin healthy is scary; Wilson is good, not great; defense is very good; league should do something to control Seattle noise level (unsportsmanlike and unfair)

    They tried to make excessive noise a penalty before, because when teams played in the Kingdome it was TOO loud. I know many of you guys that only follow the NFC did not know anything about Seattle before they moved over, but ask KC, Oakland, or Denver what it was like to play in the Dome. The only time Seattle did not have crowds like this was when that POS Behring tried to destroy the team, and move them to LA. Fans stood in front of moving vans, to keep them from taking equipment from the Hawks practice facility. Then a judge made him bring the office stuff back, and he had to sell the team. Other than that, the team has had few blacked out games, and the fans have been loud.

    We have had lean years, but it still does not mean the fans have not supported the team. Cry all you want about the noise, we have heard it before. It is part of coming here to play, and will always be an issue. I doubt even Goodell wants to bring back that stupid rule. It is just the cry babies that think it is unfair. Try cheering louder at your games, and maybe it will help your team.

  85. A good QB wouldn’t let one player take away one side of the field. I don’t care how good the CB is. Rodgers never look to Sherman side of the field. You just can win playing one side of the field

  86. What’s sad is that Rodgers didn’t look to Sherman’s side on the long bomb he threw to Nelson.

    The Seattle safety had come up to keep Rodgers from running, and Sherman was caught peeking in the backfield. Davonte Adams got Sherman turned around and he was going to be wide open with no help over the top. But Rodgers tried for the 50 yard cross body, cross field throw.

  87. I am not a Packer fan at all, but I still think GB wins 10-11 games this year mostly because of Rodgers. Their defense was pushed all around, Guion was usually getting moved 5 yards downfield on running plays, missed tackles, etc. Lacy didn’t look good, but that could just be the Hawks run defense, they are so fast to the ball. O-line is going to be a problem for the Packers when they play quality defenses. They’ll surely be in the playoffs, but they won’t advance very far.

  88. I have been a Hawks fan since they entered the league. It took 38 years for them to win the Superbowl. It was nice when they finally took home the prize.

    There are other great teams who have great fans and have great histories. But every team has had its times of irrelevance if you will. The 49ers took years before they won a Championship- 36 years or something like that? The Cowboys were something in the 70’s and 90’s but haven’t been close for 20 years. Pittsburgh has been special in 2 different decades but in the last few years it looks like they are going the wrong way. And it took them years and years before they got their first championship (Superbowl or otherwise). New England is good but not as good as they once were. Washington was once proud but its owner has wrecked it. The Raiders have fallen from grace. The Broncos have been competitive for decades and have a lot of Superbowl appearances and their fans know the results (2-5). Green Bay is storied, but also not as they were but a few short years ago.

    Each team is like a civilization that rises and then falls.

    So if the rest of you fans from other teams don’t mind I am going to enjoy this time in the sun as my team has its Golden Age if you will….LOL

  89. The Pack just looked slow on both sides of the ball. Or maybe I should say the Seahawks had another gear that the Pack just doesn’t possess. Either way it doesn’t look good for the Pack.

  90. idontknowanythingaboutthat says:
    Sep 5, 2014 10:12 AM
    The problem is when the Packers are down in the 4th quarter, you never get that sense that magic is about to happen. Don’t get me wrong. I still think Rodgers is a great quarterback but at least with Favre and his picks, you at least felt that you had a chance even being down by 2 scores. The offense didn’t do the defense any justice either by scoring only 16 points with one of those scores set up by aspecial teams blunder and another set up by a PI call. Take away those 2 plays, and this game is even uglier.

    That penalty was an obvious penalty so you can’t take it away, it was ugly enough as it was. Green Bay missed several opportunities to get off the field due to penalties and the offense missed several opportunities to extend drives. Seattle was clearly better last night. Rodgers is great, but I do agree they have issues closing out games and coming back from a deficit. A lot of times Rodgers has pulled them ahead and then the defense gives it up. No place to go but up from here and it is a long season so I am not devastated by the loss.

    I see a lot of comments about the “class” of Packers fans after they get spanked, every comment I have read from a Packers fan on here is giving all the credit to Seattle so keep the propaganda machine going Vikings fans. Your season has not started yet so get it all out now.

  91. OK, so the Seahawks are a great team. Not very difficult to figure out. Didn’t need Rodgers for that.

    What is difficult to fathom is what’s buried in Rodgers’ comment. Simply put, he’s admitting the Packers can’t beat the Seahawks. He’s giving up against this team.

    Nice of him to share. But if I was a Packer fan I’d want a little more from my QB than throwing up his hands in defeat and saying essentially “hey, what do you want? They’re better.”

  92. “Zebras throw 20 million illegal contact and pass interference penalties in the preseason, only 1 was thrown last night, against the Packers. Glad to see the NFL waffled again.”

    Just for the record, the Seahawks were flagged for PI and illegal contact a grand total of ZERO times during the pre-season. They heard the message and adapted. When you are truly talented, you can do that. If you don’t have the talent to play the position, then PI is the only option you have, as was evident last night on the other side of the ball.

  93. As a Packer fan, I was very disappointed in how the Packers played yesterday. The Seahawks were just the much better team.

    However, the Packers did not play as bad as the score indicates. You have to remember, they were only down 17-10 at halftime. Things just fell apart for them, like usual.

    The Packers’ offensive line only allowed two sacks all night. Not bad considering they had a rookie center making his debut and a player just returning from injury. Rodgers wasn’t bad last night either. He didn’t have the yards mainly because the Seahawks’ secondary is spectacular but he did manage to complete 23 of the 33 passes he threw.

    The defense also made some key stops and almost picked off Russell Wilson twice. Their pass rush seemed to be a little bit better (yes I said it). But all in all, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done on the defense.

    I do give credit where it’s due. The Seahawks are the team to beat this year. They look unstoppable. The Packers I am not worried about. They have time to fix things (and they better)

  94. Rogers is a phenomenal athlete, and last night was not indicative of what he is capable of doing. I think the Packers will right this ship and have a pretty good year. Not sure they can make it to the play offs with that offensive line or DBs, but they will at least play respectably. I have seen Rogers do some amazing things before and was totally surprised and shocked that the Hawks were able to win so handily. I have been a Hawks fan since day one ( I’m 65 yrs old) and am ecstatic about last year and the possibilities for this year. This was the game, on their schedule, that I was worried about the most. This was the best starting game, for the season, that they could have had. Playing against a team with one of only 4 elite QBs, and getting the win is the best thing, that could have happened,
    for Seattle’s confidence. Hawk fans, get in, strap down, and hang on, it’s going to be a helluva ride. Go Hawks!!!

  95. Its not “mostly vikings and bears fans” commenting.
    Your fanbase buys and pays for the abuse yearly.
    You guys run your mouth all week prior to games, then cry like little girls when the pack loses and you get razzed for it.

    Quit your crying for Gods sake, you got taken to the wood shed, admit and move on!

    I have never seen a fanbase whose well being and moods are dictated by if the team wins or not.

    Loudmouth, hypocritical, know nothing, that is a packer fan in a nutshell.

  96. forgive the Seattle fans

    ever been out there?

    constant rain
    geographic isolation
    west coast time zone
    stench of liberalism
    excessive drug use
    general unfamiliarity with winning

    what should we expect?

  97. Rodgers is a great QB, shame his lack of guts and integrity overshadowed this………. what would Favre have done?

    and Erin, honor your promise to donate a year’s pay if your little buddy Ryan Braun was shown to be a lying scumbag…… I still think you are a great QB, but I have little respect for you

  98. For the most part the game was a lot closer than the score.

    Everything started getting out of hand for Green Bay in the 2nd half when the injuries started piling up. The loss of Bulaga was a devastating blow to their pass protection. Their back up RT was already out for the season in the first place; leaving them with with 3rd round depth at RT against Seattle’s starters. Needless to say, the Packers offense stumbled from that point forward.

  99. The funny thing is listening to commentators saying “Can I take a mulligan? I think the Seahawks are gonna repeat.” When they thought we were gonna have a “hangover”. Nah, we’re better this year 🙂 GO HAWKS!

  100. Seattle may be good, but they ain’t winning another SB this season. And that’s cause the Patriots are going all the way! Brady will have another epic 4th quarter comeback win over the Seahawks defense and will get his 4th ring.

  101. patsfan112 says:
    Sep 6, 2014 11:06 AM
    Seattle may be good, but they ain’t winning another SB this season. And that’s cause the Patriots are going all the way! Brady will have another epic 4th quarter comeback win over the Seahawks defense and will get his 4th ring.

    That statue ain’t doing anything against this defense. You’re better off hoping Green Bay miraculously makes it to the Super Bowl, because if you face Seattle in it, you may get shut out.

  102. Please. Brady is the only elite quarterback in the past two years to not get embarrassed by the Hawks. Pats didn’t win that game two years ago, but Brady threw for over 400 yards and almost won it for New England. If a healthy Pats team faces the Hawks in the SB they are the only AFC team I can see who could beat them. The Patriots, IMHO, are a much better SB matchup against Seattle then Denver was.

  103. Sorry fanboys but the hawks are on another level from your teams. I know its tough to swallow especially for whiner fans who after embarrassing themselves and the conference the previous sb assumed they were going to be the team to beat. Face it there isn’t an AFC team that can beat the hawks and Pete will out coach every team in the NFC. The only thing that NFL can hope for is untimely injuries because otherwise its back to back time for the hawks, they’re only going to get better.

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