Bucs offering free tickets to loyal season-ticket owners

The Buccaneers have already promised their fans that all games will be broadcast on local television this year.

That doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve sold a pile of tickets.

According to Tom Jones of the Tampa Bay Times, the Bucs are literally giving away tickets to long-suffering fans.

A letter went out recently saying that fans who had been season-ticket holders since 2007 could bring two friends to Sunday’s opener against the Panthers for free.

The Bucs have committed to buying up any tickets to reach the 85 percent threshold (at 34 cents on the dollar), to stay on local TV, while they try to rebuild a fan base grown complacent.

But the fact they’re offering freebies so close to the start of a season — a season which includes the hope of a solid rebound — shows how far they have to go to become relevant in their own market again.

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  1. What do you say to the family of four that just purchased season tickets? What a bad marketing move. Team will be taking a bath buying all of those unsold tickets. Then they will have to resell that family of four’s tickets next year. The 100k waiting list the Bucs supposedly had seems light years away. remember, it’s not truly a waiting list unless you PAY to be on the waiting list. The team in Washington (for Florio, Costas, and Mike Carey) can concur as well.

  2. So if I recall correctly last year the Jaguars gave away free beer for one hour for people who bought tickets in a particular section. This promotion seems much more pathetic and worthy of ridicule.

    Will the Buccaneers be lampooned like the Jaguars were?

  3. Has an NFL franchise stooped to bring a friend day promotion in order to fill seats?

    They need to be more forward thinking like the English FC, Bungay Town, which has a free mushroom giveaway that will surely set attendance records.

    Imagine the stands filled with drunken English football fans with a box of mushrooms, nothing can go wrong there.

  4. Yeah, and the Bills should move after just selling the most tickets since 1999?

    What a joke this garbage is.

  5. When are these greedy owners going to learn, attendance is dropping , prices need to drop, I make $400k yr have two sons who love NFL, and we will not go to a reg season game at Arrowhead this yr. why ?
    Don’t want to pay $600 for one game, feel raped by huge parking fee , $12 beer , $8 hot dogs etc. Will stay at home and watch on 60 ” flat screen.

  6. I have had Bucs club seats for years but not anymore. The whole concept of sitting there is over. I can sit at home in front of my 90+ inch projection tv in comfort with people I want to sit with or by myself. No getting frisked, eating weird food, etc. At some point there is more to life. The NFL better be carefull you can overplay your hand.

  7. Former season ticket holder here. Want to re-fill the stadium? Giving away free seats is a lot easier than going back in time and Not replacing Jon Gruden with Raheem Morris. They still haven’t recovered from that monumental blunder.

  8. Tampa Bay area is unique in having massive fan bases for other teams. We see Jets, Giants, Patriots, Eagles, Bears, GB bumper stickers and clothing as much, put together, as Bucs. You have to live here to believe it. When I moved here in 1992, I became a Bucs fan by necessity; my old team wasn’t on TV every week. Now people can follow their old team every week, actually even more than they can the Bucs, given all the blackouts in recent years. The blackouts have really harmed the Buc’s brand more than the losing seasons IMO. About time management wised up and started rebuilding the fan base.

  9. I am a bucs season ticket holder since 1995 and I did get 2 additional free tickets. Everyone ridiculing this move is crazy!! A ownership group is giving tickets so we can get more buc fans into Raymond James is certainly better than leaving those seats empty. I think it is a fantastic move and great foward thinking move by the bucs. You have to win to draw people in! Until then, you have to do something different. The bucs never announced sellouts, they just announced all games would be on tv, just like other teams have done.

  10. The economy here is still terrible. Peoples homes are still worth only about 50% of what they were only a few years ago, real unemployment (including those who stopped looking for work) is still near record highs. Remember that nearly everyone over 35 that lives in this area is a 1st generation resident and under that age they’re mostly broke – in either case they don’t have strong allegiances to the team. When the economy goes south here, it takes a lot longer to rebound since this is a 2nd home to many people, and their first priority is their first home. When the economy finally recovers the stadium will fill up again. There isn’t a lack of interest in football or baseball, the local TV ratings show that – people are just broke and have bene since 2008.

  11. @boldcity904:

    I don’t think the Jags should’ve gotten ridicule for the move just like I don’t think the Bucs should ridiculed for this. Bucandball is right, there are a lot of fans in Tampa Bay that are transplants and follow their home teams. I get it since I live in LA and still follow the Bucs out here. If there was a team here(there won’t be cuz the NFL likes LA as a bargaining chip) I would go to games, although I’m always a Buc. The problem is that when Gruden was fired they were still paying his contract and hiring coaches like Raheem and Schiano on the cheap to make up for it. In turn the team suffered and fans stopped watching. I don’t blame them, the product was horrible and if any other team went through that their fans would also drop off. Things are getting better and the Glazers are spending $$ again and it shows. As a fan I can’t do anything but support my team. Sorry for the lengthy response but I get sick of these articles written just to get people to comment saying the team should move. Absolutely not true and I don’t want to see anyone’s home team get moved as it would be a shame for the fans. Alright, off my soapbox and everyone enjoy opening weekend!!

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