Dick LeBeau will be “very surprised” if Johnny Manziel doesn’t play


Browns offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan said this week that he’s excited to see quarterback Johnny Manziel play in a regular season game and the Steelers think that Shanahan will give himself that excitement on Sunday.

We’ve already heard safety Troy Polamalu and coach Mike Tomlin talk about their expectation that they’ll be facing the first-round pick in the season opener and now defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau has weighed in as well.

“I’ll be very surprised if we don’t see him,” LeBeau said, via USA Today. “He was one of the top football players in the nation. You look at his offensive numbers. It’s not a magic wand he waves out there. He’s creating situations, making plays. They’re going to want to bring him along and give him game action. I’m sure of that.”

LeBeau said that if you give Manziel a hole “he’s gone,” so he’s stressing lane discipline to his team should they find themselves rushing Manziel instead of Browns starter Brian Hoyer this weekend. He’s also emphasizing the need to stop tight end Jordan Cameron and running back Ben Tate, but it’s a good bet that all eyes in Heinz Field will be on Manziel should he make his debut.