Doug Marrone and the Bills’ front office reportedly quarreling

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Bills coach Doug Marrone is reportedly not seeing eye to eye with the team’s front office.

Marrone got into a loud verbal altercation on the practice field with several team officials, according to Jason La Canfora of CBS.

According to La Canfora, Marrone and director of player personnel Jim Monos got into a profane shouting match, and General Manager Doug Whaley tried to break it up as they cursed at each other. Finally Russ Brandon, who has been in charge of the organization since the late owner Ralph Wilson died, stepped in to stop it. Mike Rodak of ESPN reported last week that Marrone, Whaley, and Brandon were having an animated conversation on the practice field.

The tensions apparently arise from differing opinions of some of the team’s personnel. Offensive tackle Cyrus Kouandjio, receiver Robert Woods and guard Kraig Urbik are all apparently better players in the eyes of the personnel department than in the eyes of the coaching staff.

Buffalo is a unique situation because the team is currently for sale. If the coaching staff and the front office can’t get along, one side is likely to be replaced by the new owner. Of course, if the team doesn’t show improvement this season, it’s likely that the new owner will replace both the coaching staff and the front office. So they’d be wise to work together to get the team turned around.

124 responses to “Doug Marrone and the Bills’ front office reportedly quarreling

  1. The situation in Buffalo really needs to get straightened out before things get worse. The team has several distractions going into the season.
    1. All the potential buyers of the team
    2. Coaches not getting along
    3. Disputes over the QB with critics saying EJ isn’t good enough to be a starter
    4. Dispute over the depth chart on several positions
    This might not be a happy year for the Bills, and I do feel for them.

  2. 15 Years of being awful will do that to a franchise. Get your crap together and stop fighting like little girls and worry about Chicago!

  3. The writings been on the wall ever since Marrone got into that altercation with Jerry Hughes. He won’t last long if Manuel struggles early, which is likely. Whaley also won’t last long, with new ownership coming to town. Oh and that impending top 7 pick he traded to Cleveland won’t help his case either. Sorry Buffalo fans.

  4. Joke of an organization. It all starts with Russ Brandon, who has made bad hire after bad hire.
    Uncle Terry, after you buy the team, please bring in real football people and overhaul this entire clownshoe organization from Brandon, all the way down to the lowliest scout.
    4-12 this season, and Jim Schwartz will be coach by week 6.

  5. once again, football isn’t a normal work environment. this isn’t an office job. this is a total non-story. not everything is puppy dogs and ice cream

  6. How can anyone diagree on Koundjio? So far is a collosal bust. Urbick is nobody to get excited about. Woods, however, has been there best receiver so I don’t understand why Marrone disses him. Just be happy you stole Seantrel Henderson in the 7th round

  7. Looks like Oakland now has a team to look down upon.

    The Bills are a disaster. I pity their fan(s).

  8. Lol at Browns fans, when was the last time ANY draft picks worked out for you guys? So what makes ya’think it’s gonna matter if you have the Bills pick or not? Outside of Joe Thomas Haden there isn’t anyone worth a darn.

  9. Haha, the GM think the top draft picks he selected are better than the coach thinks they are. This is pretty common place in the NFL when you have a GM/coach setup.

    To quote the great Bill Parcells…. “They want you to cook dinner, I should at least be able to shop for the groceries.”

  10. Whaley was on board with 7th rd pick Seantrel Henderson being a better player than Kouandjio. The fight was between Marrone and Monos. Whaley tried to break it up.

    Read an article that said Marrone has had issues with players as well, including standout linebacker Jerry Hughes. Part of the issue is Marrone calling himself “Saint Doug,” referencing that you need two miracles to become a saint. Marrone believes winning at Syracuse was one, and winning at Buffalo would qualify as the other.

  11. Coaches know better than the front office about players on the roster, heck they see them in practice every day.

    The FO knows better than the coaches about college prospects since that is their full time job.

  12. Marrone was 25-25 at Syracuse. How a mediocre college coach goes straight to becoming an NFL head coach is baffling.

  13. once again, football isn’t a normal work environment. this isn’t an office job. this is a total non-story. not everything is puppy dogs and ice cream

    You don’t do that on the practice field in front of the players. It shows a total lack of professionalism, and causes guys to maybe take sides. “Hey, coach likes me. Forget the front office. I’m gonna ask for a raise as soon as a I can because coach says I’m worth it.” “The GM thinks I should start. How come I’m not playing coach?”

    You just don’t do it. Ask the ’93 Oilers what happens when the “leaders” of the club can’t get along. And that was a good football team!

  14. The Bills are a hot mess and they haven’t even play a game (that counted, anyways) yet.

    All of these morons are going to get fired inside of the next five months – they all know it and they all are blaming each other for it, hence all the bickering.

  15. The Bills are not going to be the #1 pick (to CLE), they are not even going to be top 5 – the D is too good. However, I agree with Marrone – 2nd rd pick Cyrus has been terrible, Urbik has been bad since last season and I understand the Robert Woods isn’t 100% committed to being a better player….

  16. I admit this looks bad for the Bills, esp. 48 hrs before game time. These bad mood Bills may implode against the Bears. Or, they may be looking to take it out on somebody. There could be some surprises on Sunday.

  17. To be honest, the bills are a good qb away from being legit. I know this is true for the majority of teams, but Buffalo has a beast defense, who can get to the quarterback and they can also cause turnovers. On offense, I’m not to big on Spiller but him along with Fred Jackson is more than a formidable running back duo. Sammy Watkins, Robert woods, and a hopefully matured Mike Williams is more than serviceable. It’s all on EJ, who I had high hopes for, but has looked awful in preseason. He’s not letting the ball rip anymore like in college, he placing the ball and watching the rush. I hope the bills turn it around! Alot of talent on that team!

  18. First of all Buffalo is better than the Browns. So if the Browns have the #1 pick it will be because of their record not Buffalo’s.

    I find it hilarious how most ignorant Browns fans think they are so much better than Buffalo. Lol that’s funny. 2 winning seasons in the last 15 for the Browns and they have lost 10+ games in 10 out of the last 11 seasons. And o by the way they have 21 undrafted players on their 53 man roster lol

  19. The Browns will have the 1st overall pick next year……their own, and Buffalo’s #2 overall pick………

  20. geez, I really hope no one got their feelings hurt….should probably give them all trophies to make sure their self esteem is ok.

    give me a break

  21. I am sure this is being blown out of proportion…just another reporter trying to get his 15 seconds. Moving on…

  22. .
    Many criticize the Patriots for residing in the AFC East. However, even Belichick could not have foreseen the front office turmoil that have enveloped the Bills, Dolphins, and Jets in recent years.

    I would be hard pressed to pick which front office is more inept.

  23. And Jason La Canfora doesn’t know SQUAT!! And actually, you people making remarks about it don’t know either. Here is a fact for you!! This happened WEEKS ago, in training camp at St. John Fisher. Nothing to see here so move along.

  24. As a Dolphins fan, I dislike the Bills.

    However, I feel for Bills fans right now. Their pioneer owner has died and they certainly won’t be in a position to win if this is all true.

    I’d rather the Bills just suck on their own merit, on the field. This is an unfortunate set of circumstances and I wouldn’t want to see any team collapse because of it…

  25. You mean that the Personnel guy isn’t happy his high draft picks aren’t playing, and the Coach isn’t happy the Personnel guy is butting into his business?

    This must have never happened before….

  26. If the Bills open the season by beating the Bears, can we all just shut up then?

    The lack of anything else to talk about in Buffalo all summer has turned this team into 10x the circus it actually is.

  27. The uncertainty of having a new owner would be unsettling enough. Throw in the apparent failure of the EJ Manuel as future-of-the-franchise-QB maneuver and tensions (panic) must be causing some cracking.

    Whatever the reason, this is not a good sign for the Bills’ season. C’mon boys, get it together.

  28. They should just step back and let the coach do his job. If they have a problem with how he does it, take it behind closed doors. This failure undermines the coach’s authority. This is a young head coach still trying to establish himself. Why hurt the team like this?

  29. All you PFT causal fans are funny. Stop reading the BS analysis and look at the Talent Buffalo drafted since Whaley has been Buffalo’s GM. What Coach would fire him, he has done a solid Job. He didn’t pick the head coach but from a talent stand point Buffalo is fine. Oh by the way the season hasn’t started Buffalo improved a lot in the last year. I dont’ think your getting a top ten pick Cleveland although with you history with top ten picks and dual first rounders I doubt anyone in the top half of the draft is worried you will take the player they want

  30. return of the “Bickering Bills”….could be a good omen!

    this made me like Marrone more lol…at least he cares, the last couple of coaches from Mularkey to Jauron to Gailey all had that heavily medicated passive personality….with g. williams was an arrogant hothead.

    this is gonna be Shakespearean at best all the power plays, deception, fights and drama….Bills shoulda been on Hard Knocks this year.

    8 weeks till Kyle Orton starts! Circle the Wagons on the back half of the season Bills Mafia!!!

  31. I’m amazed to see how all these people giving the Bills the first overall pick already, especially based on a coaching staff/FO disagreement. The season hasn’t even started yet but apparently it’s all over already.

    That’s why they play the game, right?

  32. Looks like somebody put square “wheels” on the Bill’s wagon and its just slowly clunking along.

    Feel bad for the Bills fans. You’ve had a long run of awful and been good fans always supporting the team.

  33. Well, he’s gone when the new owner gets here. Might as well do it now and get it over with. (He and Pettine in Clev are really second tier coaches with no business being HC in the NFL)

    Reminds me a lot of what’s happening in Houston in MLB. They did fire their manager, and their GM will likely be gone after the season ends…

  34. Marrone is mad because he doesn’t want to come to Toronto.

    It’s Ok though, we don’t want him here.

  35. I’m not surprised. Whaley, the ex-Steelers executive, is anything but Steelers material, proclaimed playoff entry before noticing Manuel’s mediocrity, gave up the present and the future during the draft, the strength and conditioning staff is terrible, … oh, and russ brandon is still there. What has brandon done to stay???

  36. Some of these teams may be looking for coaches THIS year!

    Dallas definitely in this category…

    dlh1970 says: Sep 5, 2014 11:39 AM

    Teams looking for a new head coach next year. Bills, Dolphins, Jets, Cowboys, Giants and Raiders. Book it.

  37. I’d be yelling obscenties at the Director of Pro Personnel too if he had told me my new QB was Jordan Palmer

  38. richheddleson says:
    Sep 5, 2014 12:24 PM
    The Browns will have the 1st overall pick next year……their own, and Buffalo’s #2 overall pick………

    ….. And the #1 and #2 will be chosen by coin toss.

  39. “Throw in the apparent failure of the EJ Manuel as future-of-the-franchise-QB maneuver”

    Remind me when EJ Manuel failed? 10 starts, 9.5 games, ~200 YPG with 11/9 and 58%. Looks like a fairly typical rookie QB who barely played half a season.

    Maybe he will suck forever, maybe not, but people are jumping to conclusions way too early on this guy. 9.5 games is not nearly enough to evaluate a starting QB, not least of which one who played a lot better than the Gabbert’s of the world.

  40. If what is being reported is true, I have to side with the personnel staff. How Marrone is handling Robert Woods is areal head-scratcher. That kid is a talent. Makes no sense he’s not more of a focal point of the offense.

    Combine this with the fact that Marrone doesn’t seem to have a clue on how to utilize Spiller and Buffalo looks to be a mess.

    Marrone will be gone by the end of the season, at the latest.

  41. first, of all of you saying “48 hours before game day is bad” should know that this happened during the week leading up to the final pre-season game…something the writer should have mentioned but was to lazy to follow up on his info…second, this type of stuff happens in every work place…the media being there just hyped it up more than it was…all media takes trivial stuff and blows it up bigger to get ratings…

  42. I love all the comments from Browns fans. You lost your #1 receiver, have just as bad of a QB situation as we do, and can’t steal a win out of a division that can’t decide who wants to be on top. I’d worry about getting your own house in order first kiddos. Oh wait, then you’ll just end up in Baltimore for the championship…

  43. actually I stand corrected and apologize to the writer for he did mention it was reported last week..I guess we all should read better before posting…but it still was almost 2 weeks ago is old news

  44. joemontanawasthegreatest says:Sep 5, 2014 2:22 PM

    The minute he made CJ Spiller his kick returner I knew he was a moron……
    The minute you made that post, I knew you were.

  45. OK, Bill Belichick endorsed both Greg Schiano and Doug Marrone as HC material. Does anyone else think that maybe the guy found guilty of spying on another team may have endorsed these guys because he knew they would stink?

  46. The minute Marrone started running Spiller up the middle I knew he was a moron. The minute he made Spiller the kick returner that solidified my take. This team has a lot of talent on both sides of the ball now and the only thing standing between that and the first winning season in 14 years is Marrone…..

  47. Schiano was no failure at Rutgers. He did the impossible. Marrone, on the other hand, has no business coaching anywhere, let alone coaching in the National Football League.

  48. The Bills are a train wreck. It’s a shame, because the loyal Buffalo fans deserve better. This team is headed for the dumpster, and it’s not going to be pretty to watch things implode. New ownership and organizational stability are sorely needed, but who knows when or if that will happen–or whether the Bills will even remain in Buffalo? I feel sorry for the fans more than anything. Their team is probably going to move, and it’s definitely going to suck this year.

  49. bad hire from the start. I think you need a working unit, and to take a HC and a GM with no experience together and say “GEL” is just not going to work most of the time. I think the new way should be what teams like KC did. you hire your Head Coach, let him PICK his personnel guy who has final say, then the playing field is even and you will get two guys with the same vision who work well together. you need that trust. I couldn’t be a HC on a team where my opinions on my players went unheard. at the same time the HC shouldn’t be in charge of player personnel, they have enough going on.

    Bills need to find a reputable coach. you can’t hire a guy like marrone, he won’t bring in enough players outside of Syracuse Orangemen, and he made the mistake of hiring a bunch of his college staff. it just seemed like an amateur operation from the start. get a big name coach in there to bring the bills back where they should be. I think they have underachieved for years. that roster is NOT devoid of talent

  50. “balsagna says: Sep 5, 2014 11:28 AM

    As a Browns fan I LOVE THIS. Give me that top 5 pick, thank you very much!””

    ———–Dam, your going to get TWO top 5 picks next year! Theirs….and yours!

  51. All this turmoil keeps pushing the line up. It’s the Bills +7 now, an upset waiting to happen. If Dougie pulls it off, he will be the toast of the town.

  52. Hype. Every year, the media comes out with some sky is falling scenario. Last year, Bucs. Year before Jets. Year before, Dolphins. It’s always half true at best. Let it ride. It’s football time.

  53. Based on Buffalo’s recent record, both the coaching staff and front office, especially personnel staff, should be fired and replaced. Its a no brainer since none of these guys have produced anything but losers.

  54. Replace all the Bums, thats no way to conduct your selves in front of players, as Professionals.

    Whoever is buying the team, don’t take the advice of the writer of this column to either leave the front office, or the coaching staff in place.

    Buffalo, has been a nowhere team far to long, Start new.

    But please someone buy this team ASAP

  55. What is it about the proximity to Lake Erie that makes it so difficult to play football well: Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit.

    Is there something in the water?

    Maybe a move to Toronto (Lake Ontario) or Los Angeles (Pacific Ocean) IS in order!!!

  56. If EJ is this mentally weak that a decent backup would just “shatter his confidence” He would have never been a good QB anyways. If this doesnt push him to get better I dont want him as the Bills QB. QB are supposed to thrive on challenges and want to improve in the face of adversity..if this causes EJ to worry or regress..BYE your not worth having in the NFL…The Bills did not have a VIABLE NFL level QB or even a veteran QB. The onl thing im asking isnt why they sighed Orton..its WHY DID IT TAKE THIS LONG to sign a decent veteran as a backup and someone to help EJ learn.

  57. Just as I previously stated, the Bears were ripe for an upset. Not only did the Bills cover the number, they pulled off the weekends biggest upset. Congratulations Dougie.

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