Eddie Lacy leaves with concussion, adding to Packers woes

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Last night was a rough one for the Packers for reasons beyond the box score.

They left Seattle with a pair of concerning injuries, as right tackle Bryan Bulaga left with a left knee injury, and running back Eddie Lacy was being evaluated for a concussion.

The back stories for both provide reason for concern.

Bulaga tore his left ACL last year, missing the entire season. He was replaced last night by Derek Sherrod.

Lacy might not be available either. He missed a week after suffering a concussion early last season. He’d have to be cleared by an independent neurologist before he could return to action.

They have a longer break before they next play (Sept. 14 against the Jets), but losing two such key players would be a tough blow for an offense that needs to prove itself capable soon.

27 responses to “Eddie Lacy leaves with concussion, adding to Packers woes

  1. He did have a cool helmet on. Lol. I guess , the helmet manufacture doesn’t like waking up this news. Lol. The Seattle defense looked great. I haven’t seen teams fly to ball after being caught or on run in long time. The form tackling was impressive. Pete Carroll brought back the fundamentals back to NFL. Reminds me of 2000 Raven Def. Hit and Wrap.

  2. Here’s hoping that the concussion is a minor one. Sometimes it’s not worth fighting for that extra yard in a game the rest of the team did not show up for.

  3. Boy, that Eddie Lacy is a concussion waiting to happen. I’m glad the Vikings have Adrian Peterson. He’ll probably go for 200 yards Sunday. Packer fans should tune in and see what a real running back looks like.

  4. Can we please stop with this Lacy is better than AD now Pack fans? They are not to be mentioned together EVER. One is a future HOF and the other is nothing yet. Packers 8-8

  5. Vikings fan here hoping Lacy is ok, cause he looked like a fullback playing running back man he has power but slow as well a fullback….
    The Seahawks looked very very good on all aspects of the game this team is scary good…..

  6. He looks and plays like Trent Richardson part 2. After Bulaga went out whoever was playing right tackle was horrendous. I am not sure I have ever seen a slower more worthless RT ever.

  7. Are the Packers still considered an NFL team at this point? I’m not even sure how their lines would fare against Alabama right now. Soft on both sides of the ball and get an owie every time they’re tackled.

  8. Where’s all the packer backers that claimed eddie “glass” lacy was supposed to be so much better than AP?

    2 concussions in 2 years isn’t looking good for his future!

  9. “Can we please stop with this Lacy is better than AD now Pack fans? They are not to be mentioned together EVER. One is a future HOF and the other is nothing yet. Packers 8-8”

    No rational Packers fan would ever let those words leave their lips. Just excited Packers fans who finally are releaved to have a running game after all these years of struggling on the ground.

    But it’s okay. That “future HOF” RB has gotten you WHAT in his 7-8 years in Minnesota?

    Maybe you could commit the same robbery the Cowboys did to you in the 90’s and trade him while his value is still high for draft picks.

  10. I will give Lacy credit..he took Kam Chancellor head on 2 consecutive plays and bounced off him. Even though he got a concussion the guy is tough.

  11. I have a lot of respect for Lacy and the Packer players. Lacy’s story, if you care to hear it, was a struggle as a poor kid in Louisiana who was evacuated and his family had to start all over after Hurricane Katrina. They lost everything that fateful day.

    Some Packer fans should take a page out of Lacy’s book and move on from the past and quite whining.

    Go Hawks!

  12. I said this in the offseason & got 100’s of thumb downs, but, Lacy’s style of play will result in concussions & minor injuries through out his career. No one is denying he’s a beast when he has the rock, but he’ll be nicked up & shooting pain killers all season long.

  13. It sucks that Lacy got hurt but what sucked even more was the lack of hole the Packers line was giving him. Sure is hard to gain yards when you have to push your own linemen out of the way.

  14. The Packers are not a talented team. How the analyst – fan I an understand, but the analyst had this team a contender for the SB is beyond me.
    1. The O line is the worst in the league with or without Belaga.
    2. Lacy is slow and lacks quickness and moves.
    3. Rogers proved he is average only when his receivers fail to get open.
    4. Jordy Nelson lost a step last year and another this year. good time for an extended contract uh Ted?
    5. Cobb ain’t Percy Harvin that’s for sure and no one is terrified of his speed.
    6. Too bad the D only has one Clay Mathews. He and Shields are the defense and its not enough. Even Peppers can’t save them.
    7. Dom Capers has these so called packages and they are designed to fool another team into thinking your defense can pass rush and tackle both and defend the pass. What, Seattle had alost 200 yards rushing against them and the pass defense was non existant for the third year in a row.
    I have this team at 1-5 through the first six games.

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