Gordon hasn’t ruled out litigation

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Browns receiver Josh Gordon has decided not to file suit challenging his one-year suspension from the NFL.  Unless he hasn’t.

Comments from Gordon to ESPN.com are being construed by ESPN.com as Gordon closing the door on litigation.  Per a league source, Gordon has not abandoned plans to sue.

“The whole being in limbo thing, I’m over it,” Gordon said Friday, via ESPN.com. “I’m not waiting on the edge of my seat anymore.”

Without a specific quote from Gordon along the lines of “I’m not suing, now or ever,” Gordon’s explanation could simply reflect his mindset moving forward — that he’s no longer going to let himself fret about the outcome of his situation.

For now, Gordon hopes the NFL and the NFLPA will agree to a new drug policy that includes terms that will reduce or eliminate his suspension.  He has decided to hold off on filing suit until that plays out.Which means that, whether he’s over being in limbo or not, he’s still in limbo.

33 responses to “Gordon hasn’t ruled out litigation

  1. You’re really grasping at straws here. Just let it go. You were wrong it happens. The longer you drag this out the stupider you look.

  2. He has to tread lightly. He still has that “stop” in Ohio with his friend holding, and the DUI in North Carolina. He also has to think about applying for reinstatement next year.

  3. I hope he does file suit, or has some grounds to file suit for being held as a bargaining chip against the NFLPA. I by no means always like unions, but this has become blatantly obvious that the NFL is holding Gordon and now Welker hostage in their pursuit to get their way. I have never been more disgusted with the NFL and how Goodell has handled these situations. Yes, I know the broke the rules, but use them to get what they want is not right.

  4. Let it go man! Selling cars in Cleveland is a better gig than playing WR in Cleveland anyways!

  5. Gordon should be happy he didn’t hurt anyone while out of his skull and that he is not in jail. He is lucky that he has a chance to come back to play football in the NFL in a year or so. He should count his blessings and reassess is own unacceptable actions and realize that had he not made poor choices, he’d not be in the situation he’s in. If he doesn’t see that, then he’ll likely be in the same situation next year.

  6. You aren’t a victim when you’ve been caught three times. Makes you wonder how many times he did not get caught!

  7. And I’ll keep saying it: if the NFL lifts the suspensions of Welker and Gordon it will be a flat out travesty. Star power gets ultimate results. And what about every other suspended player currently? Justin Blackmon? Will Hill? A few others as well. They wouldn’t get their suspensions lifted because they aren’t big names. It’s a complete freaking joke.

  8. Why even have a CBA if players feel the clear wordage doesn’t or shouldn’t apply to them when they get into trouble. Players need to grow up, they get paid obscene amount if money to play a kids game. If I had to choose between millions of dollars and something against the CBA, hands down I pick the money. There is no excuse for suspensions for things like drugs and peds. Don’t do illegal drugs and make sure there isn’t anything banned in prescriptions your about to take.

  9. @riggoo8….. we know that he did not get caught at least 70 times in a row, when he successfully passed tests. His DUI was 0.9 ina state with a 0.8 blood alcohol limit, roughly equivalent to having three beers and getting on the road about 10-15 minutes too soon.
    Please ,people , educate yourselves to the facts before you comment. I`m not excusing his actions,merely pointing out that they`re not nearly as grievous as the press stories make them seem.

  10. @mudmandenny

    I completely agree! On top of that, he did not get caught three times in the NFL. He was placed in stage 2 of the program because of his infractions in college. Details that tend to get left out.

  11. Id love to know what lawyer is advising him that he has a snowballs chance in hades at overturning a legally binding arbitration finding. No judge has ever overturned one, at least not that I can remember.

  12. Passed 70+ tests, all the haters and trolls hope he doesn’t come back. He will be back this season. It is laughable that Bengal fan mocks ANYONE. We have sucked, its true, but we are referred to as the new Bengals. Your organization is synonymous for SUCKS.

  13. @fanofbrowns16

    How many Super Bowls have the browns been in???

    And speaking of franchises, when the bengals had a pot head at wr they let him go. (Jerome Simpson) where as you hang on actually thinking Gordon will come around…… People don’t change, the problem is that Gordon doesn’t take the pride in being a Cleveland brown the same way that you do as a fan. So tell me how can you win with a guy like that?

  14. @coachbeck The browns have own championships in the past while the bengals have basically won nothing. Not very sure you are in any position to talk trash

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