Gordon hasn’t ruled out litigation

Getty Images

Browns receiver Josh Gordon has decided not to file suit challenging his one-year suspension from the NFL.  Unless he hasn’t.

Comments from Gordon to ESPN.com are being construed by ESPN.com as Gordon closing the door on litigation.  Per a league source, Gordon has not abandoned plans to sue.

“The whole being in limbo thing, I’m over it,” Gordon said Friday, via ESPN.com. “I’m not waiting on the edge of my seat anymore.”

Without a specific quote from Gordon along the lines of “I’m not suing, now or ever,” Gordon’s explanation could simply reflect his mindset moving forward — that he’s no longer going to let himself fret about the outcome of his situation.

For now, Gordon hopes the NFL and the NFLPA will agree to a new drug policy that includes terms that will reduce or eliminate his suspension.  He has decided to hold off on filing suit until that plays out.Which means that, whether he’s over being in limbo or not, he’s still in limbo.