Jerry Jones: Josh Brent was suspended a lot longer than I expected

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Cowboys defensive lineman Josh Brent is suspended for the first 10 games of the season for driving drunk and causing the crash that killed teammate Jerry Brown in 2012. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is surprised Brent was given that harsh a punishment.

Asked on his radio show on KRLD-FM about Brent’s suspension, Jones said, “certainly 10 games was a lot more than I thought that it would be.”

Some would say there’s no suspension that’s long enough for an offense as severe as killing another person while driving drunk. However, Brown’s own mother has forgiven Brent, and Brent has already missed 20 games — the last four games of the 2012 season and all of 2013 — because of the crash. Brent has already missed more time for this crash than Donte Stallworth missed when he was suspended a year for killing a pedestrian while driving drunk in 2009, and more time than Leonard Little missed when he was suspended eight games for killing another driver while driving drunk in 1999.

As for Jones, he’s eager to get Brent back on the field, and glad that Brent will be able to practice before he’s eligible to play.

“Well a critical part of the terms of his reinstatement was that he was going to get to have some time in pads with the team earlier than that 10 games mentioned,” Jones said. “That’s a big deal. In this particular case, because of the time of year, we were concerned we were going to [have a problem] because we hadn’t seen him with pads on at about 18 months. First of all, Rod Marinelli hadn’t seen him, so that was going to be problematic. Now we’ll get to see him and get to be involved in watching him get in playing shape. He’s working hard.”

Eventually, Brent will be back on the field, helping Jones’s team win. Jones wishes he didn’t have to wait so long.

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  1. I mean all he did was drive drunk and kill his teammate, right Jerry?

    Brent should have been suspended for at least one full year, and probably for life. There are to many talented guys who act right but don’t get their shot because of fools like Josh Brent.

  2. Maybe he shouldn’t have “retired” in hopes of a softer punishment. The league shouldn’t take in to consideration players leaving on their own terms because most of the time they aren’t leaving on their own, someone else is telling them to do it to try and save face and get a softer suspension.

  3. Let’s all wonder what the punishment would have been if that teammate had been Tony Romo instead of a fringe player. It shouldn’t matter, but of course it does here.

  4. Yeah, don’t really think you can count the games where he wasn’t actually suspended as part of his “suspension”.

  5. First of all, he killed someone which is not so cool. I acknowledge that and I am typing in terms of NFL punishments in general here.

    Disregarding the crime, he could have stayed and played while being investigated and the precedent would have been a 1 year ban (which would be over already). It was pretty well-known that he was doing the league a solid so they didn’t have to deal with it then. From that perspective I can see the argument he should be allowed back now.

  6. I’m starting to think Jerry has had some mini-strokes, or is at the very beginning stages of alzheimers. I am NOT wishing that on him, but there is just no logical way to explain some of his statements in the last year or so.

  7. He’s responsible for someone losing their life and if witness testimony is true, he watched his teammate struggle in a flaming car until someone made him pull the guy out. Then he stood on the sidelines at a Cowboys game laughing like nothing ever happened. He shouldn’t be allowed to play ever.

  8. apparently killing a completely innocent pedestrian is better then a single car accident where the other person also made a bad decision of riding with a drunk driver.

  9. Yeah JJ, because all Brent did was get drunk and kill his teammate. Thank goodness he didn’t smoke marijuana.


  10. Not long enough IMHO. The family’s forgiveness is irrelevant. This is different than Stallworth’s case. The act is the same but the impact with the league is much different. If a friend of yours is drunk and kills some random person that you don’t know, the impact on you is much different than it would be if the person killed was your brother. Throw in the fact that Brent has had issues in the past and I say he should not be in the league at all. I’m all for second chances but he should get that chance somewhere else.

  11. I think the point is being missed here. It is not about what is or isn’t enough punishment. It’s the lack of consistency from this commissioner. You have two guys that were charged with DUI manslaughter. One missed an entire season by suspension. The other missed an entire season by retiring voluntarily which actually makes it much easier on the league. On top of this the league suspends him for 10-games. Overall he will miss at least 26-games. I won’t argue on what is or isn’t enough. You could say these guys deserve a lifetime ban and I wouldn’t disagree. I am not keen on agreeing with Jerrah but I also thought it would be less based on other comparable situations. The fact is the owners and players union should hammer out the rules and the commish should not be allowed to play king.

  12. Donte Stallworth only got 1 month in prison and 1 season. Brent got far more than that… shows what money will get you. Vick got more for killing dogs.

  13. 2 games for knocking a women out on camera.
    1o games for DUI and killing a person.
    16 games for a positive A sample and negative B sample.

    Seems ’bout right.

  14. 1. His suspension has nothing to do with forgiveness
    2. He retired for a year … his choice
    3. 10 games don’t seem too much for being responsible for a death
    4. What happened to being a role model?

  15. It’s NOT 26 games, it’s 10 games. The games he sat out voluntarily don’t count.

    Think about it, Goodell just took a ton of crap for going light on Rice. You think he’s going to let Brent come back with zero punishment from the league? No chance.

  16. His track record is hideous. If he hurt or killed my kid, I’d want him in jail until he rots. The other family’s forgiveness is their own business and, as stated above, completely irrelevant.
    As a sports fan…if one of these DUI guys, women abusers, animal abusers, justice obstructers, rapists, bigots, or otherwise antisocial, alleged criminal types is playing for “my team” and the game is on the line based on what one of these will do, I cannot root for someone like this. I’d rather my team lose, than have one of these miscreants celebrated as a hero. Enough already. I’m not asking for everyone to be a Boy Scout. And please don’t say that so and so has paid his debt to society and deserves to make a living. Go make a living. But don’t wear my team’s laundry and put me in a position where I’m unable to root for my team to win.

  17. he killed ‘someone’…NO…that someone wasn’t an unwilling stranger, that someone was his best friend who knowingly got in the car with him. This is NOT Ray Lewis or an other example you HATERS give…good grief.

  18. You people down voting the argument for a little constancy are so frustrating. Look if the punishment for killing person is a lifetime ban, and maybe it should be, fine, but the article gave three examples of very similar crimes and Brent received a far worse punishment.

  19. Dang Jer.

    And this after you were asked possibly (according to reports) to sign Michael Sam to your practice squad by the NFL.

    That’s gratitude for ya.

  20. 10 games. And this after JJ answered Goodell’s
    call to all owners for some team to put Sam on a PS (according to Peter King in MMQB) after he was cut by St. L.
    Maybe JJ isn’t such a good businessman.

  21. There’s now a statue of Ray Lewis outside of the Raven’s stadium. Where is the outrage? How do you root for a team that employs, highlights and even honors those who would take advantage of others, harm them and, in the extreme, see them die. How important is winning anyway? Let the bad guys make a living – get a job!

  22. Ten games IS a lot… maybe he should have just hit him a few times and dragged him out of an elevator instead of killing him, would have been a LOT more lenient.

    But, at least he didn’t smoke pot or anything. Gotta keep perspective.

  23. Game on the line. He’s the difference maker. Are you rooting for him to win the game for his (your) team? I am not!! Are there more criminals in pro sports one than there used to be? Or is it just better reporting? Is there more autism in the population now, or is there just better diagnosis? Again, I’d rather my team LOSE than have someone like this guy make the play that wins the game.

  24. I really don’t understand what part of this story you I D 10 T’s aren’t getting he was in a vehicle that happened to be carrying not only his teammate but his best friend. He’s done his time, he’s incurred much from this despicable act not to mention the deceased family has forgiven him. What now you…The judge, prosecution and the jury want to see the man hang? Like mentioned in the other this was involuntary manslaughter not voluntary manslaughter like the case of Donte Stallworth or Leonard Little. You people….ill me out!!!

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