Lacy optimistic he’ll be cleared to play in Week Two

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Earlier on Friday, Packers coach Mike McCarthy said running back Eddie Lacy has cleared the first step of the NFL’s concussion protocol.  Per a league source, Lacy is optimistic that, in the next nine days, he’ll clear them all.

Lacy, who suffered a concussion last September and missed the next game because of it, has some extra time to get ready given that the Packers played on the opening Thursday of the season.  On September 14, the PAckers face the Jets.

Still, Lacy has now sustained two concussions in 16 career regular-season games.  The Packers have high aspirations for Lacy in 2014; if he develops a concussion problem, it will be difficult for him to meet those goals.

It’s already going to be difficult to meet those goals, given that Lacy gained only 34 yards rushing on Friday night against the Seahawks.

19 responses to “Lacy optimistic he’ll be cleared to play in Week Two

  1. I drafted CJ Spiller over Jamal Charles last year. Please, fantasy gods do not make Lacy over Lynch a repeat of that.

  2. Just let him heal up properly and let Starks carry the load for a couple weeks for cripes sake; otherwise, 20 years from now he’ll be getting fitted for a new drool cup.

  3. “It’s already going to be difficult to meet those goals, given that Lacy gained only 34 yards rushing on Friday night against the Seahawks.”

    No problem – he plays the vikings and the bears twice – two teams that fought each other all year long for the chance to be labeled the worst defense in the league. He’ll make it up against them.

  4. He’ll be fine. Lacy looked pretty solid against a stout Seattle D. Ask Cam Chancellor f Lacy can play.

  5. Tough break … I wonder if the Packers were in the same division as the 49ers and Seahawks whether would have had 4 concussions last year. The Seahawks and 49ers run defense are stout and the bring it on every play.

  6. Perhaps he should start using the Mark Kelso soft shell helmet that he was wearing in the 90s. It appears in an article that Kelso is part of a business group trying bring a new soft shell helmet to market. They are having a problem overcoming player’s love of aesthetics over safety along with resistance from the NFL and their official helmet suppliers who want to keep their monopoly on player’s equipment and their cozy business relationships intact.

  7. I for one have no idea why anybody would draft Lacy over Lynch in a fantasy league. Forget who is a better back (lynch obviously) but the seahawks rely on their running game much more. I think it has more to do with common sense than the “fantasy gods”.

  8. 15 of those yards were on one run. The rest were 1 and 2 yard gains. He has a 2.8 yard per carry average.

    Lynch, Harvin and Starks have more yards and Lynch, Starks and Wilson have a higher average.

    He is not that special considering he leads with his head and will be sidelined with concussions half the time.

  9. Lacey has a pot belly that Fabienne would envy. Which is why he is so slow to turn a corner. Which means he is not capable of being a featured back. He needs to be part of a committee.

  10. The truth is Lacy’s yardage is a direct result of MM running him up the middle play after play when it clearly was not working. Put this on MM. How many times did Lacy have to stop dead in his tracks immediately after getting the ball because there was a wall of flesh in front of him. If the line can’t open a hole, then do something else with him.

  11. If he needs to sit, give him the extra week. Starks and Harris will be fine against the Jets. Plus, I expect Aaron to have a big game against the Jets, usually bounces back well

  12. here is something to be optimistic about with 18 missed tackles last weak you were only 5 missed tackles away from the leader saints hopefully you can make up the difference this week

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