League made calls regarding potential placement of Sam on practice squad


Some think the Rams did the NFL a favor by using the 249th overall pick in the draft on defensive end Michael Sam.  Now, it appears that the NFL asked multiple teams to do Sam a favor by giving him a job, after the Rams cut him.

Peter King of TheMMQB.com reported during Thursday night’s pregame show on NBC that the NFL contacted multiple teams regarding their potential interest in signing Sam as a practice-squad player.

It’s unclear whether the NFL contacted the Cowboys or whether the Cowboys opted to sign Sam on their own.  Regardless, it will be interesting to see what happens if/when the Cowboys move on from Sam.

The effort to find a job for the NFL’s first openly gay player shows that Sam will indeed be treated differently than other players.  The fact that the Cowboys reportedly called current players to gauge the reaction to adding Sam before doing so underscores that reality.

It shouldn’t be that way.  Hopefully, at some point it won’t be.

101 responses to “League made calls regarding potential placement of Sam on practice squad

  1. Not a fan of the League getting involved just to perpetuate this proverbial media circus. If the guy wasn’t good enough then he wasn’t good enough…no special exceptions whether gay or not gay. What type of message is this sending?

  2. Goodell must have been really busy making calls on behalf of every 7th round draft choice who had been cut.

  3. Should the League be advocating for any one player like that? I don’t care who it is! It seems as though they didn’t want the first openly gay player not to make a squad for fear that his lack of talent or production would anger some folks who don’t have the responsibility to field a competitive team. If I was one of the other rookie or veteran players who got cut last week, I’d be pretty pissed off and asking why the NFL didn’t stand up for me!

  4. I guess I don’t know the definiton of equal opportunity. I don’t believe the hundreds of other roster cuts got a recommendation for a job.

  5. Thought it would be cool if it worked out for this guy, but it doesnt appear that he’s good enough. Now the leaugue is costing someone else their shot in the league which is not cool.

  6. “The effort to find a job for the NFL’s first openly gay player shows that Sam will indeed be treated differently than other players. The fact that the Cowboys reportedly called current players to gauge the reaction to adding Sam before doing so underscores that reality.

    It shouldn’t be that way. Hopefully, at some point it won’t be.”
    And it wouldn’t have been ‘that way’ if Sam hadn’t felt the need to let us know who he preferred in his bed.

  7. It’ll be a non-issue the first time someone comes out and can actually play on an NFL level. Sorta like how the media blames Christianity and distraction on why Tebow can’t get a job. (eyeroll)

  8. ravenswhat says:
    Sep 5, 2014 2:53 PM
    Queue the bigots masking their hatred of gay people as “he’s not a good football player”. I wonder how many bible thumpers post here?
    If he was a good football player then the league wouldn’t have offer kickbacks to teams to put the kid on a practice squad to keep the PR publicity stunt going.

  9. You’re telling me an all pro, all SEC player needs help to get a slot on even a practice squad? and sexual orientation has nothing to do with it? before the media circus they had him going in the 3rd round.

  10. So the NFL seeing more money by having Sam on a team is going too make sure he is, whether he deserves it or not!! Him being gay does not deserve special treatment. If he is good enough, great, if not find another career!!

  11. The thing is that Michael Sam has always said that he didn’t want to be known as a gay football player, just a football player period and didn’t want any special treatment but the next thing you know he was in discussions with Oprah about a business deal based on his life story…how many #249 picks in the history of the NFL have that opportunity??? If he wasn’t the NFL’s 1st openly gay player do you think Oprah would have given pick #249 in the draft even a sniff…I think not! I maintained that from Day 1 when St. Louis drafted him that they were contacted and coerced by the NFL to draft him because this team is loaded on the defensive line and he simply wasn’t the best player available at that point that would possibly fill a team need. If Michael Sam hadn’t been drafted that would have given the NFL a HUGE black eye with all of the media backlash so they HAD to convince SOMEBODY to draft him and avoid that image damaging controversy. Now after Sam was cut by St. Louis, not because he is gay but simply because he wasn’t good enough to make the team the NFL is actively trying to bribe other teams in the league to sign him…again, name me a previous #249 draft pick selection that the NFL has done this for…that’s right, THERE IS NONE!!! If Michael Sam ever wants to be known as just a regular football player and have his true worth measured based on his football abilities alone like every other football player then he needs to put a stop to all of this preferential treatment that he’s receiving at every turn to help him out and let whatever football skills he has do the talking!!!

  12. I am now officially concerned about the long term health of the NFL. Cuban was right. Goodell is going to choke the Golden Goose. Does he also get involved in working with officials to call penalties and make sure he gets the right Super Bowl matchup. The league office contacting teams is so out of bounds I am stunned.

  13. So much for equality.

    Not that it’s Sam’s fault but if this story is true, it is no way to create an atmosphere where a persons sexual preference should be ignored and instead be whether they are a great contributor to a team.

    Sam just wants a chance to play but the media and league is creating a perception he is getting special treatment that will not sit well within a locker room.

  14. This is branding at its finest – calm down. Unless they were offering some incentive other than “this makes us all look bad” then this is no big deal.

  15. If a player wanted to sue the league for preferential treatment towards certains players because of their orientation, I would support it.

  16. Things like this are going hurt him far more than help. People are getting more than a little tired of this politically correct crap.

  17. “tons of people complained about michael vick you smack….there were protests at the games…..”

    they complained because he was a dog killer, they didn’t complain about the league recruiting Tony Dungy to mentor him and get him back in the league.

  18. I don’t fault Michael Sam. He is a puppet in the game just as Britney Griner and Jason Collins are with the WNBA and NBA. With this info, it makes you wonder why a very, very popular and powerful corporations like these and every news media outlet would pushed this and what was their agenda for do so?

  19. Liberals make the weather and then complain about the rain. Guess what Liberals… YOU are the ones that have been obsessing over this person, and then YOU have the nerve to complain about all of the special attention that he receives?

  20. He is certainly treated differently by the media. All of these articles underscore that fact.

    It shouldn’t be that way. Hopefully, at some point it won’t be.

  21. I would be particularly interested in knowing what calls Goodell received ahead of time. I bet one of them had a D.C. area code.

  22. Unless you are gay, you have no idea really how difficult things can be especially based on the bigotry displayed here. I love how people say well off he didn’t tell us he was gay…really ? A lot of you prove the point that you do care and basically should’ve stayed in the closet. You wish you had half the courage of Sam, so save it.

  23. ravenswhat says:
    Sep 5, 2014 2:53 PM
    Queue the bigots masking their hatred of gay people as “he’s not a good football player”. I wonder how many bible thumpers post here?

    We get it. You’re an anti-religious liberal and you want everyone else to know about it.

  24. Rog: Hey Jerry, it’s Rog. I want to speak with you about your phone call with Adrian Peterson. We’re concerned that you may have violated the NFL tampering policy.

    Jer: I don’t know what in the sam-hell you’re talking about.

    Rog: Did you say Sam?

    Jer: I did, by golly. Did I tell you the Dallas Cowboys are planning to sign Michael Sam to our practice squad.

    Rog: Jerry, you are a shining example of what being a great NFL owner should look like. Keep up the great work!

  25. Its called integrity… the same thing every league in the US demands from its officials… the NFL lost some here, if the story is true. Some of u are used to backing people down with calling people racist or bigots, but this is absolutely terrible and thousands of player before Sam probably agree. This type of action doesn’t promote equality, it promotes resentment… for all the ridiculous ramblings that come from the white power movement there is one underlining theme and that is resentment. The NFL is breeding contempt.

  26. time for all the straight players that did not get what Sam got to sue the league for discrimination that they are straight and not gay…its only fair you can not have it one way with out the other

  27. bucrightoff says:
    Sep 5, 2014 2:48 PM
    Goodell is undoubtably going to kill the NFL. Only question is when will it die.

    The NFL is bigger and more popular than it has ever been, players are being paid more than they ever have and it will continue to go up, its charitable reach is enormous, the quality of TV broadcasting is exceptional, yet you feel Goodell and the owners that have made this happen is ruining the league? The ones that feel Goodell is ruining the league are the same ones that feel the players should be allowed to do drugs,drive drunk, beat their spouses and dance like fools for minutes on end after aTD without penalty.
    Goodell has kept this league from going down the social toilet the US is becoming before it was too late.

  28. Freaking A right. Shame on league for making the calls, shame on the teams for letting this get in the way of signing talent. And shame on everyone in the media for attaching the words “first openly gay player” to the end of his name at every turn.

  29. I am now starting to wonder if this was a “hush hush” thing for Jerry and the league…

    Jerry calls Roger…

    Jerry: “Roger, if I give Sam a try and put him on the practice squad, will you forget about the tampering investigation between me and Adrian?”

    Roger: “Jerah. I tell ya what, I screwed up with Ray Rice, so if you take and put Sam on your practice squad, we will just put out there that the NFL doesn’t feel the need to investigate it”

    Jerry: “Gee Roger, thank you, i’ll get him on the practice squad immediately, as soon as he passes the physical. I think I can really capitalize on this one”

    Anyone else wonder if that’s how the conversation went?

  30. How is this story almost off the board and the Andre Ellington story is still near the top? This story cane out at 2:55 and had 49 comments at the time of this post, but the ellington story was at 11 something and had 40 comments?

  31. “Hi, Xavier Grimble calling for Mr. Goodell. I just got cut and I was wondering if he could help me out. No, I’m straight…Hello?”

  32. The NFL looking the other way when Jerry Jones broke the rules when talking to Adrian Peterson about playing for the Cowboys while hes still under contract with the Vikings and Michael Sam finding a new home with Jerry Jones and the Cowboys are just coincidences, right?

  33. This is the single-most damning thing that Goodell has ever done as commissioner. “Good cause” or not, it is just plain shady/wrong and sends the wrong message to everyone. It makes Sam even more of a novelty than he already was. It gives credibility to those that claim he is there for publicity reasons rather than football reasons. It shows favoritism and that is the last thing the league needs. Now, every time a “favored team” gets a controversial call, there is incontrovertible proof that the league cares more about profit than the integrity of the game. If they will coerce teams to get scrub players on a squad, what’s to stop them from coercing the refs so that “the right team wins”? Who is to say they haven’t done that already? Look a bit harder at things like the injury reports and questionable calls that always seem to go to certain teams and it is not that far of a logical jump.

  34. Wow so the league does special favors for gay people.

    If i was cut and didn’t make a practice team and this is true the NFL made calls for Sam and not me, I’d be suing the NFL for sure

  35. Sam was never going to be just a football player because he opened his BIG FAT MOUTH. What deserving player doesn’t get to live his dream because Sam took his spot? Have u ever heard of Affirmative Action?

  36. More idiot commenters going nuts. Sam slid in the draft likely because of his sexual orientation. Non of you whined about that. Now the opposite is happening and the world is coming to an end. When are you going to realize it is all about the money. It has nothing to do with the “game”. The league is figuring out that gay sells just like pink sells in October, just like Tebow sold for 3 years. And they have milked every dollar out of the latter two. So go out an spend $109.95 on that pink team performance fleece for your better half. Your other half will love you, you’ll be supporting a Chinese mogul to the tune of $18.78, helping a Chinese family’s income by 13 cents, adding 9 cents to the world trade market, and donating a whopping $5.40 to breast cancer awareness CEOs, marketing team and research. The NFL gets to pocket the rest in the name of a cause. Gay pride rainbow socks are next. The NFL will keep figuring out how to grow and when it is more profitable to leave the bigots in the dust, they will do that. They don’t care about you, they just want your money.

  37. Makes me laugh … what a mockery liberals and the kow-towing NFL brass have made of a nation which used to pride itself in non-discrimination. NFL is setting itself up for a reverse discrimination fall in this inept attempt to appease the liberal do-gooders.

    As to the idiotic statemen about “their hatred of gay people”, what sails over the heads of the liberals is that the disdain is against those who try to force feed the rest of us via thought-policing.

  38. I am an ally of gay people but the league pushing to land ONE individual player a job while hundreds remain unemployed IS DISCRIMINATION based on sexual orientation.

    It’s wrong.

    I wish Sam the same success as I wish any American kid trying to earn a living. I do NOT wish him extra advantages like this. (and I don’t wish the Cowboys on ANYone)

  39. I’m getting sick of this “politically correct” league we have. What’s wrong with the league of the old days…

    I don’t care what your sexual orientation is. If your good, your on a team, if you stink, your not! Simple as that! It’s not that society has a problem with people of a different sexual orientation or preference. It’s just that society is getting sick and tired of people, businesses, and others giving preference to someone of a different sexual orientation or preference, and the whole media making a big deal about it. For all we know, there could be other players in the league that are gay, who knows, maybe one of our favorite players on our favorite teams. Or one of our childhood idols on a team was or is gay. And we don’t even know about it. Who cares!

    I don’t care if your black, white, red, green, blue. American, Canadian, Spanish, or what. If your a good coach, your coaching. If your not, your not coaching! Simple as that. Shouldn’t have to have this league demanding that you interview a minority candidate first. It’s just a waste of time. Owners and GM’s have a candidate in mind that they want. Doesn’t matter what skin color or nationality they are. Or whether they say what they want to hear or not. The owner and GM are going to select the guy they want.

    I’m so sick of people trying to be “politically correct”….

  40. Most teams seem to be more concerned with the media circus than Sam’s orientation. Maybe if reporters stop obsessing over it and repeating it ad nauseam on a dozen non-story articles, it would die the death it should and we can all focus on football.

  41. He’s just a financial/media revenue puppet for the NFL. Remember everybody, with the NFL, there is never enough ways to make money for them and everything is up for sale, including Teams and Superbowls to other countries.

  42. Why would Dallas do any favors for the NFL? They bend us backwards with that fine for an unwritten rule, over suspend our players. Read between the lines NFL. This was a football move. Sam will make our roster soon and help us get to the promised land and bring back our 6th title.

  43. Wow so apparently this site auto censors posts just for including words, I wonder which ones set them off.

    Not going to waste more of my life typing out my post again that this site censored.

    Hilarious all the hateful lunatics who think being given undeserved special treatment and discriminating against everyone else is “equality”.

    And hateful slandering, labeling, censoring and even arresting of anyone who has a different opinion than the one they have been given is “tolerance and free speech”.

  44. Remember when Art Shell was the first “openly black” head coach? It took the league a year or two…OK, maybe three…to stop introducing him as such.

    I think Sam has what it takes to be a decent journeyman in the NFL; just his bad luck he landed in StL, where they are stacked with D-Line. As far as the league reaching out to teams…yeah, a little questionable. It’ll all depend on whether Jerruh is working an angle, and whether Roger is accommodating him.

  45. Remember when Art Shell was the first “openly black” head coach? It took the league a year or two…OK, maybe three…to stop introducing him as such.

    I think Sam has what it takes to be a decent journeyman in the NFL; just his bad luck he landed in StL, where they are stacked with D-Line. As far as the league reaching out to teams…yeah, a little questionable. It’ll all depend on whether Jerruh is working an angle, and whether Roger is accommodating him.

  46. Looks like the Cowboys are going to make the playoffs … No one will touch Dez or else the flags will fly.

  47. If I am a white straight player that has marginal talent and got cut, I’m wondering why Goodell didn’t get a job for me….Queue the idiots that think all decisions concerning Sam are because of his sexual orientation….

  48. I think that the league wanted to give Michael a second chance. Jerrah was the only one to come forward to help the young man. He’s also promised Michael a bonus for production, kind of like the one offered to Steve Martin in “The Jerk.”

  49. Unbelievable. Per a major study by the CDC, under 3 percent of the population is gay. For the NFL to sneak and give extra advantage to a gay man who created the situation by going along with ‘advisors’ who don’t care about him, just care about their political agenda. So is this the “Goodell Rule,” making sure gay players who might not be good enough, but who play the “gay card” get extra chances?

    What percentage of the NFL players are white? Population just over half. Do we need a rule to ensure white players are given a chance? Especially for defense and wide receiver.

    Look at the league, do we really need the Rooney Rule any more? Let me see, how many head coaches are black. And what is the percentage of head coaches that are black?

    What a farce. Race should be irrelevant, sexual orientation should be irrelevant (yes, I know the media wouldn’t like that.)

  50. If the guy can play then a team will give him a rightful place on their team/practice squad. Special treatment does nothing but make M Sam a pariah.

  51. Who cares if he’s gay or not, if the guy can play football & can help a team out what’s it matter. You nvr know the guy could turn out to be an all time sack leader

  52. I already assumed the NFL would do this and it’s not fair to other guys who didn’t get that kind of help just because they didn’t express their orientation.

    Who knows what they “worked out” with Jerry Jones to find him a home but Josh Brent was reinstated that day and no punishment for the Peterson call.

  53. So the NFL teams had a “You take him” “No, you take him” thing going on like they used to have with the scrawny nerd when we picked football teams in school. Wow. Either the kid can play or he can’t. He is already isn’t showering with the team in hopes of not making anyone feel uncomfortable (as it would make some people uncomfortable PC or not). Give the kid a chance.

  54. “Not a fan of the League getting involved just to perpetuate this proverbial media circus. If the guy wasn’t good enough then he wasn’t good enough…no special exceptions whether gay or not gay. What type of message is this sending?”

    The message it’s sending is the same drum beat that’s been beating for a while now…

    MONEY trumps everything else…

  55. Who in the league made these calls? Please name names.

    Can you also please get a statement from the NFLPA on this? Shouldn’t this be considered tampering?

    Is there a precedent for the league advocating clubs sign a player? I can not ever recall a situation of this nature.

  56. I really hope Dallas didn’t do the NFL a favor after they screwed them and the Redskins with that stupid colluding cap penalty in 2012…maybe king of colluding Mara should have taken Sam.

  57. Again I post….Damned if you do…Damned if you don’t. The media, particularly TV and websites are responsible for this junk….NFL greed?
    Hardly! More like media greed!

  58. Isn’t this all about EQUALity and fair treatment? Doesn’t seem like that’s what happened…

  59. So the cowboys have a rope sucker playing for ’em,whats new.A transgender played for years with the chiefs and falcons and nobody even cared.If I gave a damn about what any of these players did off the field I’d have way too much time on my hands.

  60. How about a story on the bubble D-linemen who DON’T have a job today because the league gave their spot to a guy who doesn’t deserve it?

    If Michael Sam wants to show he is a man– then he should immediately resign from the Cowboys to show he won’t be given preferential treatment.

  61. That’s total B.S., if the league office called teams pushing for someone to sign him. In my opinion he used his um whatever, before the draft and he can flaunt it on TV, yet when another player was offended by it and said so publicly he gets suspended. This type of double standard is wrong and the league should be ashamed and challenged by other players that didn’t make a squad, for what ever the reason. There’s a law suite I’d support.

  62. Jerruh is gonna get “more than he thought’ from this deal too…obviously the multicolored jerseys are gonna be bigger sellers than the PINK Romo jerseys…

  63. Sam is garbage.

    Hes only on the practice squad to appease to the ACLU, LGBT and left wing liberals.

    Hes just not good enough. There were guys drafted in the 4th, 5th and 6th round who didn’t even make the rosters.

    Sam cant even play on special teams which is where usually guys in the 5-7th rounds that make rosters play.

  64. He shouldn’t have come out. He should have done what other gay players did before him. Try to fight for a spot on a team without any of this gay fanfare. If NFL players are to be believed, they know who the gay one(s) among them are. And we do not here no hating towards them. Him “coming out” is like BS on top of a lot of BS.

  65. If true, the NFL’s practice of pressuring teams so that one player can gain employment at the expense of another player would be a huge legal issue, one that the NFL would lose in hands-down in court.

  66. During non-stirke and non-negotiating times, when the Commissioner gets almost as much press as the sport itself, it is time to get a new Commissioner.

    And when an owner …

  67. How does A guy go from SEC defensive player of the year. To not being able to make a practice squad. This was all a big circus to draft him. Just so the great NFL logo wouldn’t get tarnished. If he had waited to come out after the draft. He would already be on a roster.

  68. Can’t imagine anyone’s surprised to learn the NFL called teams on Sam’s behalf. Then again, Goodell also called teams on Tebow’s behalf. The commissioner is a corporate guy and understands how both men could generate positive PR for the league. And in the case of both players, other than mid-range talent, the problem isn’t as much how they get along with their fellow players as the ridiculous media attention that follows them. If the media would leave Sam alone, I doubt there would be a locker-room issue.

  69. So now there’s a rainbow over the star. Jerry craves the limelight, and since his team has been mediocre for ages,he has to do what he can to gain it. I’m sure it will make money for him, and there’s no doubt he is an awesome businessman.

  70. I’m shocked! You mean the NFL thought getting some good publicity out of a 7th round draft pick, a pick no one would normally think twice about, is a good idea? How dare Roger try and do something like that! And real classy to the guys who are calling Sam “garbage.” I guess no one ever, ever tried to take whatever breaks they might get in life to try and get themselves a lucrative career. This is the FIRST time in the history of business anyone ever used a contact, or an inside piece of information or whatever they could to get themselves a job!

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