Marrone’s frustration arises from Orton signing


Yes, Bills coach Doug Marrone recently had a testy exchange with team officials in the earshot of players.  And here’s what caused it, per a league source.

Marrone wasn’t happy with the decision to sign quarterback Kyle Orton so late in the calendar.  Orton’s arrival post-preseason, with the kind of contract that suggests he’ll possibly be playing, potentially shakes starter EJ Manuel’s already fragile confidence.

And for good reason.  If the current front office and coaching staff hope to have the kind of year that will convince the next owner to not fire everyone, Manuel needs to play well.  But it could be harder for Manuel to play well if he’s bracing to be benched.

So while it appears that the coaching staff would prefer to remain all in with Manuel, the front office apparently wants to protect itself with someone who can play if Manuel stumbles.  And if, as it appears, the coaching staff and front office sharply disagree on whether Orton should have been side, each camp has something tangible on which to rely when making the case that the other camp is the one that should be gutted by the new boss.

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  1. You HAVE to be two-deep at every position in this league and the Bills weren’t at QB until Orton signed. If Manuel tanks because of the guy behind him, he shouldn’t be an NFL starter any way. I’m with the front office on this one.

  2. So the front office didn’t talk to the head coach before signing an old backup QB to a $5 million dollar contract? There are just so many things to laugh at here I’m not sure where to start.

  3. Maybe they should do a cradle on the sideline just incase EJ needs a place to take his timeouts when upset.

  4. Who says that Marrone was frustrated with his signing? I see no source for this. Granted Manuel has been trashalicious, he may have been the one pushing for Kyle for all we know

  5. Marrone shouldn’t coddle any player, period. If Manuel can’t handle competition, he shouldn’t be on an NFL roster.

  6. The shouting match La Canfora referenced his article happened on August 22. Orton wasn’t signed until August 31st.
    How could they have been shouting about the Orton signing?

  7. @pjordan

    Right, because Marrone is the first coach in the history of Football, according to some random source, to “coddle” a player. Anybody remember Mark Sanchez? No? How about the Ricky Williams trade? You have a young QB and a talented roster. If the QB fails, you need to find an answer somewhere, and if Orton can be it, you have to pull the trigger. Maybe some time on the bench to sit and watch instead of shouldering the burden of turning a team around is better for Manuel anyways. He is far from ruined, and btw, can we see these guys play a full game and have a legitimate game plan drawn up before we form a mob?

  8. Why would the front office mandate Orton start unless it was a situation Manuel simply couldn’t hack it and they were forced to go with the backup?

    Orton absolutely is not the long-term solution and they will not save their jobs by playing him even if he would happen to play well.

  9. It’s an every man for himself free for all at One Bills Drive. Everybody is so busy trying to save their own jobs that they’re coming across like the Keystone Cops. What a mess.

  10. Gotta go with the front office on this one. Manuel looked terrible in the preseason, and Tuel/Lewis looked even worse.

    The only thing the front office should be faulted for is bringing Orton in sooner.

  11. Short of winning the Super Bowl (which is close to impossible) , everyone is getting fired when the new owner comes in.

  12. This isn’t college anymore Marrone if EJ can;t handle it time to move on or you will be moved..Go Bills

  13. ” potentially shakes starter EJ Manuel’s already fragile confidence.”……….sounds like a babysitter talking about a 5 yr old. If a player is that “fragile”…..what’s he doing playing football??????

  14. The only way Orton starts any game this entire season, is if EJ is in a coma. $5 million is about right for a 9-year veteran backup.

    Three paragraphs of speculation based on guesswork, an Ouija board, and some notes pulled out of Peter King’s wastebasket from the Holiday Inn Express.

    “Oooo-ooohhh!” They had an argu-ment! Dra-ma!


    EJ will start all or most of the games. They’ll win 7 or 8 of them with a strong running attack and a defense that can stop the run. They won’t make the playoffs, but they’ll show enough improvement not to get fired.

    The sun will rise tomorrow, the trains will run on time, and the Cowboys will go 8-8.

  15. Spicymudbugs. Yes and we have been to four SuperBowls and have 8 HOF members. When I was young the Packers and Buccaneers were a joke. It’s been a while but this just in..things change

  16. First, Orton didn’t want to go thru OTA, training camp, or preseason games. He only wanted to sign during the season. Bills were the first one to come calling.

    Second, why in the world would the front office sign a player right before the season start and now have the head coach sign off on the signing? I though only Jerry Jones pulled bonehead moves like that. Makes me wonder who’s calling the shots for the Buffalo Bills?

    Thirdly, I think it depends on how the signing was explained to Manuel. Manuel is the future for Buffalo. At best Orton would only be a stop gap QB.

  17. jpaq68 says:Sep 5, 2014 6:36 PM

    I couldn’t make up stuff this funny if I tried …..
    Save up airfare Jags fan…….remember that old song from The Clash……..London’s Calling.?

  18. Look on the bright side….EJ (and his fans) will have another excuse for why he didn’t get it done.

    “I’m afraid!…Kyle made me scared! That’s why I threw all those interceptions”. Make him go away mommy.

  19. wow.. if they keep this up, then they will be a PERFECT fit for Toronto…They will compliment nicely all those dysfunctional teams up there… Welcome on board!

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