Raiders will spend $1.25 million to settle cheerleader lawsuit

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The Raiders have agreed to spend $1.25 million to settle a lawsuit brought by members of their cheerleading squad.

Lawyers for the Raiders and 90 women who worked for the Raiderettes from 2010 to 2013 announced the settlement on Thursday.

Raiderettes say the Raiders illegally paid them less than minimum wage and forced them to do unpaid work. Now those women will each get about $6,000 for each year they worked between 2010 and 2012 and $2,500 for 2013, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. (The Raiders raised the Raiderettes’ pay for the 2013 season, although members of the Raiderettes say it still worked out to less than minimum wage.)

The Raiders say they have now changed their policies to comply with state law. The Bills, Buccaneers, Bengals and Jets are also facing lawsuits from their cheerleaders.

23 responses to “Raiders will spend $1.25 million to settle cheerleader lawsuit

  1. I don’t pay much heed to these ‘victim’ pleas as they ring hollow. Being a Raider cheerleader has often been a bridge to future fame and fortune for many of these women – which is why a lot chose the gig in the first place. About a half dozen have gone on to become Playboy models. Some have become successful actresses. And as much as Bronco fans may hate it, John Elway’s current wife is an ex-Raiderette.

  2. Here’s an idea. Just save the money and get rid of the “cheerleaders”. I don’t really care if they’re there or not. Yes, they’re nice to look at, but they bring nothing to the game day experience. They’re the classic “wouldn’t notice” if they weren’t there.

  3. I see this as nothing more than extortion by these former cheerleaders. No one forced any of the current or former cheerleaders to cheer for the Bills, Bengals, Raiders, Jets or any other NFL team. They were all fully aware of how much they would be getting in compensation and for them to suddenly decide it wasn’t enough is BS in my book. I hope the Bills never have cheerleaders again.

  4. Having people work below minimum wage for products being made while they’re not volunteers is illegal.

    These cheerleaders are not volunteers legally and thus they have to be paid.

    Neither are they interns and, likely, NFL teams’ work environments would be viewed by the law as unsuitable due to the labor and conditions.

    By the way, these NFL teams make tons of money. Why do we support men in suits because we wear suits, but treat entertainers terribly because we lack talent???

    By the way, I would like to see if minimum wage opponents would support Jimmy Haslam if he denied cheerleaders (and players minimum wage). After all, how unethical is that man???

  5. Funny how half the league’s cheerleaders have suits against their team and not a peep from Goodel. Guess cheerleaders don’t follow under ‘the shield’.

  6. These are not and never were considered full time jobs. They were basically just some fun time and the club put some money in your pocket for your trouble. I know the bengals have a policy that you have to have a job.

    Being a cheerleader is not a full time job. And the fact they are suing is the result some labor attorneys trying to either 1. Scraping the barrel for any lawsuit. Or 2. They want to permanently get rid of cheerleaders on the sidelines.

  7. “Araidersfan”

    Dude it’s a job they need to be paid accordingly. It appears you’re insinuating it’s okay if they are paid lower than minimum wage bc they have a “potential” to make more as a model, possibly, some day?!

    If that’s the case then why is the NFL paying their players so much money? If I were the owners I would say guess what fellas we are going to start paying you just 60-100k a year. I mean, what else are 99% of you going to do outside of football making 60-100k… That’s what i thought, nothing. Take it or leave it.

  8. Yep, I know as well as they do this gig is used purely to advance themselves into acting, dancing, singing and/or some other sort of fame.

    They should pay it and dissolve the squad, problem forever solved. This will get nothing but worse.

  9. Does that include the grandma they had cheering on that team? I heard she was the lone holdover from their last SuperBowl team, when she signed as a rookie.

  10. Only in Jokeland, worst run organization in the history of sports! Hey, SI has you at 2-14. Worst predicted record in the NFL. So like Nation, where are the Suberbowl predictors? Come out, come out where ever you are!

  11. What’s more unAmerican than suggesting people shouldn’t be paid for their work? Suggesting the NFL pull the plug on cheerleaders. Silence commies!

  12. These ladies work hard, represent the team in many off-field functions, and deserve more money and more recognition than this paltry sum. For many organizations, the cheerleaders are an integral part of the fan experience and it is deplorable that they have not been receiving adequate compensation for their efforts.

    Did Al Davis know of this situation? As the owner known for his equality in hiring policies (Shell, Flores, Amy Trask, etc.), I struggle to understand how this could even happen…

  13. To summarize everything the folks on this thread dare getting wrong:
    – Stop making these women out to be victims for the sole purpose of victim blaming them with nonsense comments like, “They could have quit anytime”. These women aren’t victims, they are activists. It’s been made clear in many a long-form article that these women are fighting to be paid fair and legal wages. If you notice, a lot of people are doing that lately.
    – NFL cheerleaders are considered employees, even if they were illegally misclassified by their employer as independent contractors
    – If your employer has you sign a contract that states you will not be paid for all hours worked, the employer is still breaking the law and the contract is invalid
    – Federal “Seasonal Employment” exemptions do not apply to state labor laws (as made clear by the aforementioned settlement) nor do they apply to most NFL teams most years
    – Yes there are worse things in the world & more important things in the world than underpaid cheerleaders. But that doesn’t mean the cheerleaders shouldn’t get the compensation they legally deserve. If anything it means you should be commenting on the “more important” articles instead of trying to convince others that these women don’t matter.
    – Telling women to “just quit” if they don’t like their job doesn’t fix the underlying problem. Labor lawsuits, however, can & did fix the problem.
    – If you believe that NFL cheerleading is demeaning to women, that still doesn’t give employers the right to violate labor laws. If I think your job is demeaning to you, does that mean I can take your paycheck? Equality of the sexes does not mean you get to pick and chose which jobs are suitable for women.
    – All organizations must pay their employees legal wages, the NFL doesn’t get a free pass. That would be unfair & illegal competition, which was mentioned in these lawsuits. When one company breaks the law, it hurts other companies who follow the law.
    – For the reason above, unpaid wages hurts employers and employees alike. And most of all, it harms our economy by taking money out of the pockets of people who would spend it.

    – The argument that cheerleading isn’t a career so therefor underserving of legal wages doesn’t hold any water. Imagine if companies could cut their labor costs just by calling your job a “hobby” or “not a career”. State law determines what constitutes employment and what doesn’t.
    – These lawsuits prove that employers can & should be shamed into following the law, it works and its good for the economy.
    – Don’t believe it when people tell you that if the multi-billion $ organizations have to start paying their employees minimum wage, then jobs will be cut. That has been proven to be false, repeatedly. The 2014 Raiderettes are just one example of this. Don’t believe the threats, employers can afford minimum wage. “Poor Poor NFL!” – Nobody buys that.

  14. Some teams have to pay people to cheer for them.

    Some people will cheer for anyone that pays them.

    Some people just give their cheers away for the fun of doing it.

    Some people hold signs that read “Will cheer for food.”

  15. Sorry, with all due respect, I find this hilarious! For years the Raiders havent been able to put a competitive team on the field and now they cant even manage the cheerleaders??? LMAO. Only in Jokeland!

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