Sam Bradford: “Too soon” to think about future with Rams

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Rams quarterback Sam Bradford was emotional when he met with the media for the first time since tearing an ACL for the second straight season.

Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Bradford was fighting back tears when talking about how hard it was to suffer such a serious injury after rehabbing for nearly a year in order to get back on the field in the first place. It was especially painful for Bradford to miss out on what he calls the most talented team he’s ever been a part of and he said not knowing how it would play out would “eat me up.”

With one year left on his contract at a $13 million base salary and two lost seasons to go with three middling ones, some have suggested that Bradford won’t get another chance to lead the offense in St. Louis. The quarterback said his mind is focused on the injury and the rehab to come right now.

“You know, I can’t focus on that right now,” Bradford said, via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “I think it’s a little too soon. I haven’t even thought that far ahead. It’s still pretty hard to comprehend [the injury] right now.”

The Rams have remained totally devoted to Bradford over the last two years and haven’t brought in serious competition for the starting job. It’s hard to believe that will be the case if Bradford’s back at any price next season.

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  1. i feel bad for him….. but before i could finish the article, i remembered how much he has made for those injuries…. and i don’t feel sorry for him anymore

  2. Sam has been dealt a terrible hand — injuries, numerous coordinators and the talent around him. However, you can’t absorb that kind of cap hit for a marginal QB.

    He’ll get a chance somewhere else. I’m pulling for him.

  3. I doubt if Bradford will ever be a starting quarterback in the NFL again, now that he’s established a reputation of being injury prone.
    But I have a hard time feeling too sorry for him.
    He will have made enough money that he’ll never have to work again in his life if he doesn’t want to.

  4. The money is certainly a consolation – a significant one! – but the prospect of not being able or allowed to do something you love must weigh heavily on him. No one should pity him, but it’s certainly human to feel compassion for him for having something he loves to do taken from him.

  5. Been saying we needed to draft a qb for at least 3 years now..Prob 4! Didn’t want him from day 1. Rams fans blasted me here 2 years ago when I told them to swap pucks with the Colts and give them Bradford and take Luck. I’m not such an idiot now am I?

  6. Wild to consider Sam Bradford was one of the main reasons Jeff Fisher chose the Rams over other teams.

  7. If this guy could just get a full season in, he could really show people what he is capable of.

    He could really be a darn good QB.

    But two torn ACLs have to make you think that the career may be over.

    Its too bad, I am not a Rams fan, but I am a football fan, and I personally don’t like seeing bad things happen to good guys, and Sam is a good guy.

  8. really people ? do you know how painful an ACL tear is ? this guy has had multiple…it’s not like he did it on purpose…

    it’s not his fault that he was drafted and paid all that money…the fault is with the rams not bradford here…they were not prepared for his injury…

  9. I definitely wish him the best. Of course, he is very fortunate in that the NFL is committed to fairness, so I’m sure that if he is cut, League officials will call other teams to try and get him on a roster…

  10. Watch, Hill probably plays too well for the Rams to lose 11 of more games and get a top 10 pick. They miss out on Mariota, Winston, and Hundley and end up bringing back Bradford for the final year of his contract. That would be a very Rams thing to do.

  11. I don’t know, man. I’d say right now would be a very good time to think about your future with the Rams.

    I’d bet the Rams management sure as hell is thinking about it…

  12. Great ramfanz, let’s see if he is willing to sign a one year deal with the Rams for the minimum. If he wants to “succeed bottom line”, he should take an incentive loaded contract so the Rams can keep the OL and DL intact, maybe even sign a FA WR. Ok Sam, the ball is in your court. Please don’t expect me to shed a tear for perhaps the biggest bust in the history of the franchise, including Smith. His failure (albeit not entirely his fault) has cost the franchise years, and a vast amount of cap space. And I was a big Bradford supporter! If there is a FA quarterback out there, I believe they should view the Rams as a “cherry” job.

  13. I would like to see Bradford play when healthy. He has made enough money and if he is serious about playing football then he should restructure his contract for the last year close to a minimum dollar.

  14. I can’t even begin to imagine what Sam is going through! I love Sam Bradford, and am hoping and praying that he can get…and stay…healthy and that his dreams of leading the Rams to the playoffs come true!

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