Seahawks like knowing a team won’t throw to one side


On Thursday night, the Packers put their best two receivers on the side of the field where Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman doesn’t line up.  Thus, while coach Mike McCarthy claims that his team didn’t deliberately avoid Sherman, allowing the team’s best cornerback to cover Green Bay’s No. 3 receiver naturally made Jarrett Boykin a far less attractive target.

“I don’t think you ever make a conscious decision not to throw to one side of the field,” McCarthy said Friday, via  “Frankly, it was more of a decision to put Jordy [Nelson] on the left and see if he would come over and play him. They played their defense and obviously they did a heck of a job. I’m sure they feel good about where they are today.”

It’s already known that Sherman stays on the left side of the defense, covering the receiver aligned to the right.  So the Packers shouldn’t have been surprised that Sherman stayed where he always plays.

“Obviously we liked the matchup on the other side, and if they wanted to bring [Sherman] over we were going to put him in an uncomfortable spot,” Nelson said.  “They stayed with their defense, which I was expecting the whole time.  We made some plays.  I think if we hit the touchdown between Aaron [Rodgers] and I early in the game, it’s a different story.”

Of course, one touchdown wasn’t going to make up a 20-point deficit.  While Green Bay’s strategy to avoid Sherman’s side of the field allowed Nelson and Randall Cobb to get better matchups, the Packers still lost.  And the Seahawks have no problem with a team putting a lesser wideout against Sherman and never throwing that way.

“If the team lets you know they’re not throwing the ball to one side of the field that helps everybody that’s playing pass defense,” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll told reporters on Friday. “If it’s not going over there, it’s going over here.  If they would tell you before the game they were throwing it over here, that helps you.  It’s just simply that.  You know where the ball is going.  We can’t bank on that totally, but after a while in a game it’s pretty clear.”

It’s not yet clear whether other teams will try the same approach.  Some No. 1 receivers won’t want to avoid Sherman.  Some will want to challenge him, especially if multiple weeks go by with Sherman facing off against lesser talents.

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  1. It’s not that they won’t throw to one side, it’s that they won’t throw to one receiver. The Packers actually had a pretty good strategy putting their worst receiver on Sherman’s side. If they had a decent defense they would’ve had a better chance.

  2. Um, why is no one talking about throwing it over the middle? Its not like Sherman is cutting off HALF the field!

  3. DUH! I hate people saying Sherman isn’t that great because he won’t cover the #1 receiver…nah they’re just afraid to put their #1 receiver vs. Sherman.

  4. Byron Maxwell is no slouch on the right side either, as Aaron Rodgers found out yesterday. If the ‘Hawks opponents keep targeting him Maxwell may be the next LoB Pro Bowler. #GoHawks

  5. So, the Seahawks did exactly what you expected, but you still didn’t have an answer for their defense when you have Aaron fricking Rodgers?

    You suck as coaches. Terrible, terrible job.

  6. McCarthy can be a very good offensive mind at times, but this was a perfect example of how he can also be an atrocious one. this was the most basic, predictable, boring game plan for an offense we’ve seen in a while.

    it’s like the Packers grouped together, watched last year’s Super Bowl and said, “hey, let’s play exactly how the Broncos did”.

    they ran to set up the pass initially, and then got away from it. then when they passed, they didn’t challenge Seattle. they put the ball in front of them and allowed them to make plays. when you have Nelson and Cobb, you don’t shy away from Sherman and show your hand so obviously. you take shots and try to take the top off and make the safeties and Sherman actually play. the more they are on their toes, the better odds they mess up. they’re human, too.

    but McCarthy didn’t give his team a chance. not going to Sherman’s side cuts the field in half. just a terrible, terrible strategy with vanilla play calling. we all expected much more from what really is usually a very good Packers offense.

  7. Not sure how much more respect can be given to Sherman knowing a talented, high octane offense, like GB chose to eliminate one side of the backfield by not throwing Sherman’s way one single time.

  8. You have to attack an aggressive corner. Sherman’s inability to switch sides of the field could have been a weakness in the Seattle defense but the Packers played right into it by pretending there was nothing they could do about him.

  9. Also, just because the Packers don’t have a solid WR core outside of the great white hope and Randall Cobb, doesn’t mean guys like my boy Andrew Luck didn’t throw to (and torch) Sherm last year….a couple times.

  10. IMO the Green Bay team is way overrated. A above average QB with little else. Team doesn’t tackle and head coach is living in the past.

  11. sorry Seahawks, when you play the Bears Sherman won’t be covering the 3rd passing option, he’ll be covering the 5th.

  12. No disrespect to Sherman, as clearly he is a very good player, but there needs to be a few times in the game when you put your best receiver on him and challenge him. Use a rub route or flood the zone, if you have to, but you have challenge him a few times a game. You are only doing yourself a disservice if you limit your offense to one side of the field.

  13. Maxwell looked vulnerable last night. His interception was a product of GB not executing rather than Maxwell making a great play.

  14. It reminds me of when teams wouldn’t throw at Deion Sanders. The 49ers and Cowboys would cheat over Merton Hanks, Tim Mcdonald, Darren Woodson and Brock Marion and those guys had career years. Just sprinkle in some pass rush from guys like Charles Haley and force the QB into mistakes.

    Guys like Eric Davis and Larry Brown had career years playing opposite Deion cuz they could jump routes. In fact I think Larry Brown won a Super Bowl MVP and that dude was average at best.

    Their you go youngins, you just learned something.

  15. When the Packers have to game plan away from a player, that should tell Packer fans that this will be a real bad year for Cheese-heads as their Packers lack the team talent and team speed to win.

  16. Queue the “The best Corners follow the #1 WR” crowd.

    Im glad that Pete doesnt listen to the peanut gallery. His defensive scheme seems to be producing pretty amazing results. Why would he change that up to just to appease some folklore tale of a true CB?

    Let teams keep picking on Maxwell. And theyll find out, he’s pretty darn good himself. Guy has 5 INT in the last 6 games.

    Football is a team sport. What a concept.

  17. The other strategy will be o avoid Sherman initially then go to his side in the late 2nd Qtr or after halftime.

    Or attack him right from the start if you have an elite QB

  18. I don’t think Rodgers was happy with that game plan. Basically his coaches told one of the top QB’s in the game to avoid a corner. Sherman’s good, but with all the preseason emphasis on defensive holding and PI calls, you would have thought they would challenge him.

  19. Niners tried a similar tactic during the NFC Championship game: Sherman was targeted only twice all game. He got a penalty on their first target, and we all remember what happened the second time they targeted him.

  20. It only works if the teams top 2 WRs aren’t winning their own battles… Of course the $14M corner is gonna dominate a 3rd wideout but it certainly doesn’t make him he best. If the 1 & 2 are dominating then they would have to switch up their Def….the Seahawks were just fortunate the Packers suck

  21. Listen, the Seahawks were clearly the superior team, but this kind of game plan had me SMH.

    Minimal attempts to go vertical, ignoring one side of the field. Really poor game planning by McCarthy. Might have made no difference anyway, but it sure didn’t help.

  22. I thought it was a mistake. Sherman is good, very good. Probably the best in the game right now. But like was said in the article, if you make it clear you aren’t going to pass to that side of the field at all, you make it easy for the other 10 guys.

    A defense that is already one of, if not the best in the league, and are letting them not have to worry about 1/3 of the field in the passing game. Even if you are only going to go over there a few times, and make them “safe” routes, you still have to at least show it. If they can shade both safeties over to the other side of the field, it’s going to be tough to find much space

    It’s like going into a game with a weak run game, against a team with a great run defense, and just deciding you aren’t going to run at all, because chances are, it won’t work out well. Even if it doesn’t, you have to do it enough to keep the defense honest. Even if you do it and it doesn’t work, you have to do it enough so they still defend against it

  23. I think Green Bays game plan in not at least testing Sherman a couple of times was cowardly. You have supposedly one of the top 3 or 4 QBs in the league with decent receivers and they couldn’t even try a single time to get one by Sherman ?

    The Packers played scared and got the result you would expect. You don’t beat teams like Seattle being wimpy and conservative. You need to take some chances.

  24. ONE man takes away HALF the field, and there are still idiots who say he’s not the best.

    Shutdown corners take away the WR that they cover.

    Sherman just takes away HALF THE FIELD!!!

  25. It’s comforting to know that a team can be so open and honest about what complete wusses they are …

  26. Sherman only covered the opposing teams # 1 receiver like 20 percent of the time last year. I am not saying he is not an elite corner but for being declared the best in the league he sure gets tested very little even though he isn’t covering teams best receivers. Which I guess is why I am so confused as to how people can declare him top dog in the NFL.

    Either teams have to keep that Seattle defense honest and they have to throw at Sherman. Otherwise Seattle will just rotate the safety to help the other corner all game and it will be a wrap.

  27. I know Rodgers missed one play where Adams had Sherman beat with no help on that entire side of the field…instead he tried bombing 60 yards across the field to Nelson.

  28. Obviously GB’s strategy didn’t make enough of a difference to win the game, but it’s a pretty solid idea. A 3-WR set usually draws a nickel D, and it’s best WR against best CB, etc etc. But in this case GB mostly threw out their third WR Boykin as a “decoy” to zero out Sherman. Yes this made it a “10 on 10” game, but it’s a fair trade-off for any offense to “sacrifice” their 3rd WR in order to have their top two WRs work against second amd third corners…

  29. “Some No. 1 receivers won’t want to avoid Sherman.”

    I certainly wouldn’t assume Nelson wanted to avoid him either. This was clearly McCarthy’s call.

    Although I’d be perfectly happy if every other team on the schedule followed his plan.

  30. taking away the right side of the field impacts the game big time because all the QB throws are going to be across the shoulder.

  31. If you know that the passes are never going to one side of the field, that is an incredible advantage for the rest of the DBs. That makes 1 or 2 interceptions almost inevitable because the rest of the corners and safeties can simply take more chances.

  32. Sherman is a solid talent that locks down that side. Let’s not kid ourselves though. The great cb’s this league has seen follow #1s and can actually turn their hips both ways.

  33. McCarthy’s an idiot. Everybody knows how Seattle plays defense. You lining up receivers in different spots isn’t going to dictate how the Seahawks play their corners. And don’t even try to say you weren’t purposely avoiding Sherman. Rodgers not only never threw the ball on his side of the field (except for one broken play) he never even LOOKED over there. Pathetic game plan.

    And Jordy, you want a what if situation? If Wagner hadn’t committed a PI and Earl doesn’t get run into by a defender while fielding a punt, your team would have gotten beat even worse. Just be men and admit that you came in with a horrible game plan, and got outcoached and outplayed by a better team.

  34. If teams want to play on 2/3rds of the field, big advantage Seahawks. I don’t expect other teams will follow the Packers lead though, considering how badly that strategy worked out. It was rather shocking to watch the game’s best QB completely ignore one side of the field,. What coach wouldn’t trust the most accurate QB in the game to make a couple judicious throws in Sherman’s direction, if nothing else to keep the defense honest?

  35. Sherman does not always play one side. He’s followed the other teams top receiver before, like in the 2012 Detroit game where he completely dominated Megatron, or the week 2 2013 SF game where he blanked Boldin. He also used to follow Larry Fitzgerald around but he has so little impact anymore it’s not necessary. So the idea Sherman only plays one side is a myth.

  36. So either McCarthy is lying, Rodgers was afraid or Sherman literally covered his man so good he was never open. I think it was a little bit of all of those. Pundits who cover the NFL make 2 statements that I hate. One is that Sherman should follow the best reciever all over the field. Well for most defenses that is true but not the Seahawks. They have good players everywhere so you don’t have to do that. The other is that Russell Wilson needs to throw it more to be elite. Again why would he do that when they have such a well balanced offense. They do it their way and they do it better than anybody. It’s truly about rings for these guys and if they stay healthy more rings are coming. Get used to the hawks doing it their way and get used to watching a lot of Seahawks games in January.

  37. Thats why the Hawks are so good. Thier conditioned to love playing thier way and thats it. Thus they dictate to other teams to beat them at thier best. Look at all the pics Maxy has had since he started 6 games ago, FIVE. The guy gets tested and wins a lot (see SB48 punch out). The team stays with the formula and last night was simply more of the same. As a 12 I tell you that are not. The Hawks didn’t play all that great last night. This team is scary good even on an off day. Were missing Lane and Simmon on the LOB right now too. Lane 6ft 195LBS and Simmon 6-3 205LBS. Go Hawks. PS the Pack is good thier going to win 10 to 11 games this year.

  38. Coach McCarthy, how many downs in how many quarters did it take to answer your question as to whether Sherman would go over after Nelson?

    All this drug policy fretting had you confused is all, and who can blame you? To clarify, yes, always pass the dutchie to the left hand side; but you’re supposed to pass the ball all over the field to stretch out the defense and keep the other team guessing and adjusting.

  39. Richard Sherman announced a new line of “In-Game Gear” on his site. It’s not stuff worn in-game, it’s stuff he actually makes while covering the left side.

    Sherman’s first item was the cap he wore in his post-game interview…”I knit this myself. What do you think?”

  40. As I said a day before the game in a post, that the cheese heads “ARE IN FOR A RUDE AWAKENING”.

    And I mentioned the fact that since that last game 2 years ago, Pete Carroll has fine tuned the defense that took them to the SB. And I mentioned the fact that with a few players missing, it would take a few games for the coaches to fine tune the defense.

    It was obvious to everyone watching the game, that coach Mike McCarthy showed the Seahawks allot of respect by throwing the ball away from Sherman’s side of the field, WHY? Because he didn’t have enough faith in Rodgers abilities or his WRs talents to compete against the BEST CB in the NFL league and that is a FACT !!!! Coach Mike McCarthy was afraid of losing the game from the get go, and drew-up his game plan in advance to avoid Sherman’s side of the field; hoping he could squeak by and win the game on national TV.

    I am sure there will be other teams who will throw the ball against Sherman BUT those balls will be thrown short, to the under side for 2-5 yard gains; and not thrown deep behind Sherman!!!

    I couldn’t believe the replay that showed Cliff Avril taking out two GB OL men at the line of scrimmage,
    two birds one blow of the hand… LOL. And his side kick, Bennett’s bull rush to strip the ball from Rodger’s hand. These 2 stallions needed this game to get them fined tuned, and up to speed for the road ahead. Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett are the magic that make things happen for the line backers and the CBs picking off passes!!! BOYS WILL B LICKEN THEIR CHOPS, LOOKIN FOR THEIR NEXT MEAL

    The Seahawk defense needed GBs best challenge, in game one, in front of the nation, they needed the conditioning to prepare them for all other teams that will bring their shot at the champs, the SB goes thru Seattle.

    GO HAWKS !!!!!!!

  41. Oh yeah, one more thing, Sherman will have to be content with sitting out on that island all alone, day dreaming how is going to spend all that money. Thats the problem when you are the best CB in the NFL!!!

    GO HAWKS !!!!

  42. Sherman is a great player, but the Packers gave him WAY too much respect. You have to make him earn it and keep the defense as a whole honest. And while he’s described as a shutdown corner, the dude is not infallible. Horrible game plan by McCarthy.

  43. It’s a win-win for SEA defense, throw at Sherman and he’ll make u pay, or avoid his side and Thomas and Chancellor lean heavy on the other side negating whatever advantage you think you have against Maxwell. people who say he should follow the best receiver regardless don’t understand what SEA does to offenses.

  44. I am sure Seattle opponents like knowing that Sherman can only play one side of the field.

    Really minimizes his impact if you know he can only play the one spot.

  45. That was a conscious decision by the Packers. Everyone could see it.

    McCarthy you are a moron to try to back away from a horrific game plan.

    Your game plan will be used all year as a learning tool as what not to do.

    Maybe you could work on your defense not giving up penalties away from the play on third and 4th downs?

    You guys lost in the trenches on both sides of the ball.

  46. What this shows is that Green Bay does not have a solid #2. Or even a true #1…they got rid of their #1 receiver prematurely and 81 yet to replace him.

    Boykin? Dude was never gonna get looks cause he ain’t that good. Period. Nelson puts up numbers but it’s due to an 9 fence that has no other options.
    Cobb is coming of an injury. He’s flashed some brilliance but is kept in the slot.
    Green bay should have never let Jennings go.
    QB us good. Receivers are average, and it’s obvious Rodgers does not trust them.
    Enough with all the 9th error junk.

  47. Brees would throw over there all day. Sherman is all mouth. Easy to say your the best when Schaub and Kaepernick are throwing ducks your way

  48. I would have lined up my biggest, strongest TE across from him and ran the ball right at him. Wear him out all game long then start sending Nelson and Cobb on streak routes.

    No way I just let Sherman dominate half the field by him just sitting and watching.

  49. It sends a sad message to your team when you let one player change your game plan Poor pack, time for a coaching change! How far they’ve fallen!

  50. Packers played scared and deserved to lose. Sherman won’t be near as good now that he won’t be able to hang all over the WR’s without getting a flag thrown on every down. There’s no reason to avoid him this year.

  51. Sherman only fears T Y Hilton. It was the only game where Sherman didn’t run his big mouth. Hilton said Sherman “wouldn’t even look me in my eyes”. But 5 catches for 140 yds. and 2 TD’s will tend to quiet even the loudest of mouths.

  52. Sherman had better not get too complacent. One of these games he’ll get challenged and may get lit up if he’s gotten over confident and lazy, thinking everyone is afraid to throw his way.

  53. It’s poor coaching to put a lesser player on one side and never throw or even look that way. As Pete says, all that does is tell the opposing team you’re going to just throw to the middle and to the other side which makes play calling and game planning much easier.

  54. Yeah, I’m sure no one will throw at Sherman all year.

    Come on. Get over yourself, Seahawks.

  55. Sherman didn’t get to show it, but he is as good as he has ever been right now. I was choked they never tried his side. He will get more chances and you haters will see why he is so good.

    Go Hawks!

  56. I think it’s a mistake to avoid throwing Sherman’s way. With the officials calling it tighter, Sherman could have been good for a couple interference calls.

    Sometimes NFL coaches are guilty of over thinking it and should challenge all 11 defenders.

    The packers made it easy on the defense.

  57. The NFL has purposely asked teams NOT to throw at Sherman. Sherman’s gaping hole in the front of his head (AKA his mouth) would suck in so many footballs if they threw to his side, and the NFL has too much money invested in those expensive pigskins.

    In all seriousness, let’s see what happens when the Seahawks face top-tier O-lines and top-tier receivers (GB’s Cobb and Nelson are good but are not top receivers, and GB’s O-line was mediocre at best on Thursday) match up with the SEA
    D-line and with Sherman. Sherman is one of the best in the NFL, but he can and will be beat.

    Sherman has the luxury of an excellent D-line playing in front of him that has the ability to hurry the QB’s reads and progressions. Run the ball effectively, keep the D honest, protect the QB, and the secondary’s coverage breaks down. Just like any other DB, Sherman can’t cover a WR for very long. SEA is a very good team, but fundamentals are fundamentals, and executing a good strategy based on those fundamentals will equate to winning most games. GB didn’t execute very well at all, and their D broke down way too much on Thursday night.

  58. Haven’t a beast of a defender do nothing covering a guy you wont throw it to is actually a really good idea.

    But to win with the other 10 v 10 you can’t be predictable and so much of good offense is about stretching a defense. Only need to look at what Seattle did with the run game, play action, triple option etc.

    I’d rather give Aaron Rodgers the entire field on some plays than just concede Sherman as unstoppable.

  59. Pete’s just baiting other teams and their QBs. He wants them to test Sherman.

    Last season Sherm picked a staggering 13% of passes thrown at him. That’s insane.

    Pick your poison.

  60. Sherman doesnt follow the #1 wr because seattle plays mostly zone. In fact, in plenty of their schemes if the #1 does line up in front of him but leaves his zone he will pass it off to a safety. Sherman is a great CB in his own right and could likely play any scheme well, but comparing him to corners who play man without deep help and follow the opposing #1 all over the field is like comparing apples to oranges. Its pointless and serves only to expose a lack of understanding regarding the game of football.

  61. Maxwell will have 10+ interceptions this year. He can credit Sherman for sending him the action.

  62. rightwingguy says:Sep 5, 2014 10:32 PM

    Sherman is overrated!


    Sure he is over rated. One of the best qb’s in the league just went an entire game without throwing his way a single time.

    but he’s over rated though.

  63. Don’t get me wrong, Sherman is a great CB. However, he isn’t a world beater either… He got burned, several times, by Jarius Wright last year…of all people.

    Is he arguably one of the best in the NFL? No doubt. However, this was a total overreaction by the packers.

  64. kobesnotmike23 says:Sep 6, 2014 1:32 AM

    Sherman is a solid talent that locks down that side. Let’s not kid ourselves though. The great cb’s this league has seen follow #1s and can actually turn their hips both ways


    Good players also help make their team better.

    Teams are proven to throw Sherms way ALOT less. If at all. So that means the rest of the secondary doesn’t have to account for 1/3 of the field most of the time.

    Can you imagine the advantage a team has when they pretty much know a pass will A. be a check down, or B. Go to a certain area of the field?

    It’s a tremendous advantage.

  65. Roddy White, Atlanta’s #2 receiver, beat him a couple of years ago in a playoff game. Julio would have absolutely destroyed the guy., if Sherman had to cover him all game.

    The same goes for Marshal, Dez Bryant, Victor Cruz. Hell, T.Y Hilton owned him last year.

    Sherman is good, but he is a product of a great defense. That front 7 is just nasty.

    Now Patrick Peterson, that guy just dominates.

  66. All the people in here talking about Bree’s not being afraid have forgotten about both beatdowns last year.

  67. “If the 1 & 2 are dominating then they would have to switch up their Def….the Seahawks were just fortunate the Packers suck”

    I guess the number 1 offense in the history of the NFL sucked too?

    Yes, Aaron Rodgers sucks…*eye roll*

    Haters are funny.

    “Why is Sherman afraid to play the other side?”… Funny stuff.

    Seattle is a TEAM of awesome players. Not one great one with some complimentary guys. They all have an assignment and are succeeding at historical defense levels…and you want them to change? Please.

    Same with RW. You want him to throw 50 times a game to prove something? Please…the Seahawks will do it THEIR way and continue to win, despite what you may THINK you know about football.

  68. Two of the best QB’s in the game, Peyton and Aaron Rodgers both avoided Sherman’s side of the field. It didn’t work.

    10 Seahawk defenders covering 66% of the field is a big advantage. Knowing what your opponent is going to do is awesome. Why do so many people think it’s smart to be predictable??? Pick your poison.

    Oh and Russell Wilson is 6-0 against Brady, Manning, Rodgers and Brees. Those are the 4 top QB’s in the game. And in each game Sherman stayed on his side of the field. Just can’t figure out why so many think he should move around…

  69. “after hearing this for 10 days, Phillip Rivers first pass will be against Sherman”

    And he will get picked off and have it returned for a TD! 🙂

    And that is why, young women and men, for the rest of his NFL career Richard Sherman never had a pass thrown his way!

  70. ketch20too says: Sep 5, 2014 11:02 PM

    Maxwell looked vulnerable last night. His interception was a product of GB not executing rather than Maxwell making a great play.


    Actually, Maxwell displayed the same vulnerability in the SB…Denver continued to place their best receiver on him….you may recall Denver’s only score came off of that matchup….and you’ll recall Maxwell evening the score by making that receiver fumble deep in Seattle territory.

    Hawks are vulnerable on that side and with the nickel back…Hawks know it…they’re not a perfect team….bnt who is?

  71. Was a little uncomfortable withe the amount of hate coming my hawks way at first. Not used to it…

    Now I love it. I understand that it means…that WE are on top!

    Have a problem with me saying “we”? I have a number(12) with my name on the back(fan). My number is retired.

    12s are seahawks too. We actively help win games at home and in the Superbowl. You hate it…and I love that.

    Born in 70 in Seattle. Met Curt Warner, loved Cortez etc etc but this is the sweetest time to be a hawks fan ever. Enjoy it 12s!

  72. McCarthy and Rodgers need to have some guts. Sure, Sherman is one of the top 3 corners in the league. But he makes mistakes occasionally. You have a big, strong, fast receiver in Jordy Nelson and a fast, average sized guy in Cobb. Let them blow by Sherm once or twice, just to keep the defense honest. By letting Sherman dictate an entire half of the field, McCarthy let the Seahawks take away a large part of his playbook. Not very smart, in my less-than-informed opinion.

    The brilliance of sticking Sherman on the defensive left consistently is that this is the offensive right, where most right-handed QBs naturally want to throw. Rodgers has pretty good arm strength to throw the other way, but some QBs with less are left in the quandary of throwing either across their body or towards Sherman, neither being a particularly good option. That being said, perhaps Sherman should be switched over when facing a really good left-handed QB.

  73. You haters just need to cut the crap Rodgers is considered the best but didn’t try sherm IMO Brady’s the best and sherm got him to test the best and what happened PICK say what you want SHERMAN is best corner in the game PERIOD #GO HAWKS!!!!

  74. If a team is going to beat the hawks they will need to attack.

    Problem is, we have no weaknesses on defense. We’ll stop the run or the pass, whichever you choose.

    Its almost unfair at this point, like we need to spot the other team 14 points

  75. LOL! Sherman is fun to watch! Too bad Green Bay was too gutless to throw to him.

    And there was talk of Green Bay getting to the SuperBowl this year….I think we all saw the end to that idea.

    You have to play the best to beat the best, let alone BE the best. If you’re afraid to face Sherman, you aren’t going to stand a chance!

    Go LIONS 🙂

  76. Nobody said you have to like the truth. But it’s probably best, for your own sake, that you acknowledge it.

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