Brandon admits Marrone was involved in argument at practice


CBS supplied it.  Doug Marrone denied it.

And now Bills CEO Russ Brandon admits the truth is somewhere in the middle.

According to Tim Graham of the Buffalo News, the man who is de facto running the show until a new owner politely (or otherwise) asks for the keys says that the head coach recently got into an argument with team officials at practice.  However, Brandon contends that the CBS-reported primary target of Marrone’s mad-ness (player personnel director Jim Monos) wasn’t even present.

Brandon tells Graham that Marrone argued with G.M. Doug Whaley and Brandon at practice.  But Brandon naturally downplays the notion that the argument had a negative impact on the situation in Buffalo.

“This is the best working relationship I have seen, to be honest, between a coach and a G.M.,” Brandon said. “They’re great competitors and communicators.”

On Friday afternoon, PFT reported that Marrone’s frustrations arise from the twelfth-hour decision to throw eight figures over two years at quarterback Kyle Orton, who managed to stay away from all of training camp and the preseason before getting paid handsomely (as opposed to being paid neck-beardedly).  Marrone believes that Orton’s arrival threatens to shake the confidence of an already not-so-confident starter, EJ Manuel.

It’s predictable that Marrone would deny having any argument and that Brandon, while acknowledging an argument and necessarily contradicting Marrone, would vouch for the quality of the working relationship.  The next owner will be inclined to fire everyone; they need to create the perception that everything is going so smoothly that it would be a mistake to do that.

The best way to remain employed, of course, will be to win a lot of football games, starting tomorrow in Chicago.

Or maybe starting in Week Two.

64 responses to “Brandon admits Marrone was involved in argument at practice

  1. Not everythings a perfect working relationship. People dont see eye to eye in every profession. Not a big deal as they are making it .

  2. The Bills are becoming like some kind if soap opera right before our eyes – “The Dumb & the Clueless”

  3. The Bills always seem to be headed in the right direction … then they panic and end up in the dumpster. Rinse and repeat.

  4. Can’t blame Marrone for being upset at what they paid Orton. $3MM signing bonus?? Didn’t do training camp either. This guy is worth maybe $1.5MM per season as a backup.

    Sorry to say it but this is why the Bills are such an unsuccessful franchise.

  5. Moving them isn’t long overdue, anyone who says so is a misinformed dunce. They are a terribly run organization though. A new local owner and a complete flushing of this front office and coaching staff is needed.

  6. As long as the Bills win who really cares, what office personnel don’t have a rift once in awhile..Go Bills

  7. EJ Manuel is fragile. He should have never been a 1st round pick. It will be years before Watkins has someone good throwing him the ball

  8. The Kyle Orton signing will be very good for the Bills. He will outplay EJ Manuel and lead this team to some wins….. or ….. his presence will stoke the fire under Manuel and HE will lead the team to some wins. I suspect the former.

  9. Like Parcell’s , Jimmy Johnson or most head coaches didn’t have any disagreements with GM’s or management (bickering Bills come to mind). Lets wait until mid season to evaluate. when a new owner in place and the team is terrible or a playoff contender.

  10. .
    The disparity between the AFC East teams originates in the respective front offices. New England arguably has the best GM in the NFL in Bill Belichick. He’s held the position since 2000. Meanwhile the Bills, Dolphins and Jets have had a cadre of coaches and GM’s. Each has their own philosophy. Each is anxious to jettison players from the previous regime.

    The battle for the AFC East was over in May, after the Patriots supplemented their acquisition of Darrelle Revis with a solid depth draft.

  11. jpaq68 says:Sep 6, 2014 10:25 AM

    The Bills are becoming like some kind if soap opera right before our eyes – “The Dumb & the Clueless”
    Hey Jags fan:

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  12. Hey, a little revolution is a good thing. Families fight from time to time, it just shows people care. I remember when the Bickering Bills were scrapping and it was because they are cared about winning and it got them to be very successful. Let’s hope the same thing comes of it.

  13. Wow, the Pats cutting Logan Mankins seems pretty timid to this goat rodeo. I feel sorry for Bills fans and suspect new ownership will manage the organization with a clean sweep broom at the end of the season.

    Since they’ll be out of the playoff hunt early; maybe, they can start their HC search in December.

  14. Keep it coming. Everyone saying were gonna fall apart and get pounded by the Bears. Fact the Bills new D coordinator held the Bears to 19 points the second game they played with a lions D that has far less talent on the back end. The Bears had the 2nd worst defense in the NFL last season. They added a bunch of pieces that are really no better then what they had last season. The league has tape on Trestmans O now. The Bears offensive line may be a little better but still have quite a way to go. My prediction the Bills will apply enough pressure on Cutler to get him to do what he always does when pressured, force throws and turn over the ball.
    The Bills don’t need EJ to throw for 300 and 2. They need him to make a few good throws and not turn the ball over. And just let the #2 run offense in the league last season control the pace of play.

    Bills 24- Bears 20..everyone will be shocked except true Bills fans.

  15. Why is it anyones business if the Coach and the GM had an argument. Isn’t that an every day occurence on every team? Have you seen Draft Day yet? Who cares what they said to eachother, it was probably good for the team.

  16. He is a QB coach, so I think he knows what he is talking about. Outside of that, there is no hope for EJ. It will be a masterful job if Marrone can do it, even with the idiots that run the team trying to intervene.

  17. Wow, billswillnevermoveoutoflastplace, all this news about the Bills imploding must have really hit a nerve for you to type that much into one post

  18. Orton is better than a shaky manuel, better late than never. At least Orton has a week to get ready and help. So what if it was a late decision, it was the right one. A few years ago the browns cut their starting QB after first game, Orton now brings some stability.

  19. Just as jtrysnicky said, This team reminds me of the Bickering Bills… That is nothing to be worried about…
    Hell, they can argue and fight as much as they please if they produce anywhere near what the team did in the early 90’s! Argue away Bills!!

  20. Obviously Bills fans are going to defend the organization but it’s extremely unprofessional & distracting to a team to have your HC arguing with the GM & CEO on the practice field. It doesn’t matter what the reason for the argument is, this is clearly a sign of dysfunction.

    If there is frustration & disagreement than those conversations need to be held in closed doors away from the players & the media.

  21. the Bills are going to shock the world and beat the Bears tomorrow.

    Wouldn’t shock me.

    The Bears aren’t exactly world beaters.

  22. This is awful for the Bills.

    Not only are their coaches and front office in screaming matches but now they can’t get 1 story straight to prevent the media from blowing up the issue.

  23. These “news reports” and their details… Nevermind that this argument happened well over a week before they signed Kyle Orton. Doug Marrone must be one heck of a psychic to know about Orton like 9 days before he agreed to sign.
    This argument happened weeks ago and is old news. It may have had something to do with signing Jordan Palmer, but not Orton.
    Marrone wanted an upgrade at the QB position! I’d be much more inclined to believe that this argument had to do with NOT addressing the QB position in the offseason than it had to do with bringing in a QB and shaking EJ’s confidence.

  24. The season hasn’t even started yet?!? It seems stupid to have all this gloom and doom before a meaningful game has even been played. Now If the Bills get blown out Sunday, let the virotrol flow, but its stupid to dump on a team before they have done anything one way or another. 1999 St. Louis Rams were in disaster mode and they won a SuperBowl. Every year a team makes the playoffs that everyone said was gonna suck. The Bills are a bad matchup for the Bears if anyone hast noticed. They can run the ball well, and really get after the QB.

  25. Lol looks like the Bills are already part of MLSE.
    Losing team – check
    Inept management – check
    No improvement in sight – check
    Delusional local supporters – check.

  26. Bills fans are funny. Saying this is a non story cuz it happened over a week ago. Lol who cares when it happened as long as it really happened. Sure employees argue all the time but they don’t do it on the field in front of players n media is the difference. EJ is mentally fragile by his simple actions of not taking responsibility for his bad play in his press conference. Its awkward how he won’t own up when the media asks him how he played when it was obvious he played bad. He just says he did a good job no matter how bad be was. It’s definitely some kind of insecurity. I’m sure the Orton signing wont effect him @ all LOL. Bills brass is obviously panicking after EJ’s poor pre season with their jobs on the line, why else would they pay him 5 million.

  27. Alert! Alert! Two snakes in the grass, pretending to be NFL Front Office Executives, are crawling around hunting for meaningful employment. If Joe Bummer or Mike Dumbturdi are linked to the new ownership take the easy way out and ride a barrel over the falls!

  28. The only winner (in Buffalo or Dallas) is Kyle Orton, who got a $3 million signing bonus for doing absolutely nothing this offseason. This guy is brilliant.

  29. This used to be the seahawks dont worry Bill’s fans you will have your day in the sun and then everyone will be jealous and make false accusations say what a horrible fan base you have an you will look back at times this and laugh as they call you bandwagon with no idea about your franchise that you finally get your reward for being loyal so stick with your team! It will pay off I promise!

  30. I’ve watched this team for 44 years. The last ten years were pathetic. No coach, manager, or player worth his meddle wants anything to do with Western New York sports. Incompetent from one sport to the other. Only thing Buffalo has going right now is a Billionaire named Pegula who seems to like to waste his money. He owns the Sabres and wants the Bills. Neither team is going anywhere now or in the next 5 decades. Take that to the bank.

  31. If they aren’t going anywhere geographically, what’s the likelihood they aren’t going anywhere athletically as well?

  32. Orton showed up in KC after thanksgiving after being released by the broncos and promptly helped put the Chiefs in serious contention for a playoff spot and played. He helped Romeo Crennel get the HC job there full time before the GM decided to go back to Cassel the next season and get everyone fired . So Orton missing camp is not that big of a deal as smart veteran Qbs can learn the offense game plan by game plan .

    Orton can help Manuel in the film room ,has played in several different types of offenses ,and is very studious in his pregame preparation . He’s a great mentor to have and if needed he can play as well.

    Should the Bills have kept Jordan Palmer ? This stuff is a no brainer why do fans cry over other peoples money ?

  33. Big Doug is probably regretful of the decision to not draft Ryan Nassib in the later rounds at this point. He’s shown promise backing up Eli in NY and could have been had cheaper than Orton had they not put all their chips on EJ.

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