New NFL drug testing policy could come at any time


We could be moments away from the NFL and its players agreeing to a new policy on drug testing.

A league source tells PFT that momentum keeps building for the new policy to get done. The source added, “I’m expecting an announcement at any time.”

Publicly, the players’ union has been very cautious, noting that a deal isn’t done until it’s formally agreed upon by both sides. And it’s still possible that some unforeseen snag could come up to derail the whole thing.

But there’s encouraging progress on a new policy that would finally begin the process of using blood tests to check players for human growth hormone, in addition to changing other aspects of the policy including raising the level of marijuana that would trigger a positive test, and making the offseason use of amphetamines a violation of the substance-abuse policy, rather than the performance-enhancing substance policy.

Those two changes may still come in time to help Browns receiver Josh Gordon and Broncos receiver Wes Welker, both of whom are suspended based on the current policy, but would not be suspended under the proposed new policy.

Stay tuned.

67 responses to “New NFL drug testing policy could come at any time

  1. So let’s wrap the offseason up with one big headline that tells the whole story:

    “NFL Changes Drug Testing Policy as Pope Applauds; Impressed Manziel Vows to Become Monk After NFL Career, As Mike Sam Makes Surprise Move to Become Next NFL Commish.”

    That should pretty much do it. Now can we PLEASE focus on football?

  2. Why would this help them? They were suspended under the rules at that time. What kinda business are they running where they can go back and change things willy nilly?

  3. “But there’s encouraging progress on a new policy that would … in addition to changing other aspects of the policy including raising the level of marijuana that would trigger a positive test”

    When did PFT become an advocate for Cannabis Law Reform?

  4. Hearing Florio talk about all this on NBC Thursday night was the reason I stashed Josh Gordon on my Fantasy team. Gordon’s suspension gets overturned I might buy Florio a beer!

  5. I did the same as all the other risk takers and took a flyer on stashing Gordon, but this would be hilarious if this was the biggest fantasy football troll of all time.

  6. Are THEY saying the rule would be retroactive and free up guys like Welker and Gordon or is that PFT’s opinion/speculation?

  7. Wes Welker got suspended for 4 games and that’s when they decide to change the rules, AND include Welker so he doesn’t have to serve his suspension?? He should man up, and do the suspension like every other player has had to do. I find it extraordinary how the league bends over backwards for Megahead, so he can get his binky back on the field.

  8. Stiller43 you sound scared that with Gordon back the Browns will beat you. Its a smart move by the NFL because they need HGH testing and in order to get it they have to give the union something. No one cares that players smoke weed. Does it make you hate baseball or basketball, sports where they don’t test?

  9. I will always believe that Gordon and Welker were used by Roger Goodell in an attempt to gain an advantage at the bargaining table.

    Where do Gordon and Welker go to repair the damage done to their reputations?

    Roger Goodell lied…

  10. Hey guys, please come to a deal before noon tomorrow. Fantasy players everywhere are begging you.

  11. When I picked up Gordon in my ESPN Fantasy League Thursday Night he was owned by 4.1 percent of players. I just looked now and he is owned by 19.1 percent of players.

  12. Why would this change the suspensions that were accrued under the rules that were in effect at the time of the infraction. To allow these players to appeal would be wrong.

  13. Wonder where this leaves a guy like Tanard Jackson. Dude’s missed the past 2 seasons, in the middle of his prime, and might have a right to be slightly upset…

  14. Better late than never.
    It’s a good thing the practice squads expanded because a lot of players will be suspended when this business official.

  15. Yet another lifeline thrown to Peyton Manning.

    The league stepped in to help Manning back in 2004 after the Patriots embarrassed him and his high-flying Colts’ offense.

    The league stepped in again this year after the Seahawks embarrased him and his high-flying Broncos’ offense.

    Manning loses Welker for four games for violating the PED policy and suddenly (4 years after the CBA was signed and HGH testing was agreed to but never implemented) the league is going to jump in and fix it — retroactively so Welker can resume playing.

    If it were only Josh Gordon’s and the Browns’ season on the line, Goodell wouldn’t even blink.

  16. Steeler fans are hilarious. They defend a rapist all day long, but want the book thrown at a guy who had ONE BILLIONTH OF A GRAM too much THC in his system, after paaaing numerous pee tests for almost a year.

    Or could it be that you just want him to sit out TOMORROW’S GAME ONLY?

  17. Welker, huh? Notice a pattern? When something displeases Peyton Manning… rules change. Color me shocked.

  18. Every fantasy football owner should be worried. No one knows how many or who might come up positive for HGH. I just hope they aren’t on my team fantasy or reality.

  19. Cool, let’s make it easier to cheat and easier to use recreational drugs. Nothing like falling for the victim mentality. Maybe they’ll expand that to the military and police force as well. (sarcasm)

  20. This is all about how the league bends over for
    Peyton Manning, as usual. Get Wes Welker back
    for Manning. Screw them. Break the law do the
    time. Yeah, its an old school thought.

  21. if josh gordon is cleve’s savior, that team is screwed. they still have qb issues.

    and denv, with or without welker, still has issues on defense — integrating lotsa prima donna new faces into a cohesive unit.

  22. Josh may not want to come back, just this past week he’s sold an Escalade, a Corolla with rust protection and a 97 jeep wagoneer they’ve been trying to unload for months. He’s in the running for salesman of the month.

  23. As someone who drafted Welker (before he was suspended) and picked up Gordon on Thursday night, I’d like to commend both the NFL and the players for their progress on this issue.

    Get ‘r done, gentlemen.

  24. Usually any time there is a rule that adversly affects Peyton Manning they wait until the offseason to change it to benefit him

    With him Manning getting older they now don’t even wait – change it immediately so he can get his best WR back immediately

    Josh Gordon is probably the one who slipped Welker the Molly just to change the drug policy!

  25. This just another stupid thing about the NFL and a Union, Just let them smoke pot, or what ever they want. Pretty soon their will be guys dropping dead in the middle of the field. Dont stop testing, Just keep a log of what these morons are putting in their body. Make the players sign a waver before every game that if they die because of some drug that they decided to put in their body, they and their family cannot sue anyone.
    I loved watching Alzado tear people up. I was sad when he died, but when I heard that it was from steroids I could only think about how stupid he was.

  26. I never saw the League change a rule for players on other teams this fast, or even discuss it. If it was a fringe player on a “lesser” team, this wouldn’t be addressed at all. The League is doing everything possible to help the Broncos make it to the Super Bowl again, it’s all about getting golden boy his ring and all the marketing money.

  27. A lot of Raider fans commenting I see. Who else would comment about preferential treatment for Manning? Go Broncos!

  28. They should spend some money trying to figure out whatever it is that the Seahawks are taking that enables them to play with such focus and see the game so clearly, quickly, and with such great anticipation, and then start testing for it.

    Which sounds further fetched to you: that the Seahawks are that much better than the rest of the league, or that they’re using some sort of chemical cheat?

  29. I don’t see how or why a rule change would retroactively reduce a suspension, unless it was part of the agreement. And if that’s the case that’s a joke. The rules that were collectively bargained were violated and the appropriate punishment was issued, appealed, and upheld. By this logic ray rices suspension should be upped to the new standard.

  30. NO. Please.. No. Am I the only one who doesn’t mind the steroid monsters we currently have in NFL? Your favorite player can’t rehab nearly as quickly as soon as they strike this stupid agreement. Stop all drug testing. Jeez. NFL, stop.

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