New NFL drug testing policy could come at any time


We could be moments away from the NFL and its players agreeing to a new policy on drug testing.

A league source tells PFT that momentum keeps building for the new policy to get done. The source added, “I’m expecting an announcement at any time.”

Publicly, the players’ union has been very cautious, noting that a deal isn’t done until it’s formally agreed upon by both sides. And it’s still possible that some unforeseen snag could come up to derail the whole thing.

But there’s encouraging progress on a new policy that would finally begin the process of using blood tests to check players for human growth hormone, in addition to changing other aspects of the policy including raising the level of marijuana that would trigger a positive test, and making the offseason use of amphetamines a violation of the substance-abuse policy, rather than the performance-enhancing substance policy.

Those two changes may still come in time to help Browns receiver Josh Gordon and Broncos receiver Wes Welker, both of whom are suspended based on the current policy, but would not be suspended under the proposed new policy.

Stay tuned.