Harbaugh watch begins in Ann Arbor

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With 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh having two years left on his contract and with the coach and the team shelving until 2015 negotiations that have gone nowhere, other teams that could eventually be looking for coaches could begin looking to Harbaugh.

After his alma mater absorbed a 31-0 defeat in the last scheduled game of the Notre Dame rivalry, it could be time for Michigan fans to start thinking about bringing Harbaugh back home.

USC and Texas reportedly had interest in Harbaugh last year, who had no interest at the time in leaving the 49ers.  Harbaugh may feel differently after the coming campaign, especially if Michigan offers Harbaugh high-end money and the kind of autonomy that NFL coaches rarely enjoy.

It’s unknown whether Harbaugh wants to leave San Francisco or to return to Michigan.  But with no new contract in place and no plan to try to work one out until after the season, Michigan could opt to chase Harbaugh, who could opt to move on before the time even comes to try to work out a new contract with the 49ers.

The 49ers’ position on Harbaugh has been that, if he wants to take a college job, they won’t stop him.  That reality could start the rumors linking Harbaugh to Ann Arbor, sooner than later.

81 responses to “Harbaugh watch begins in Ann Arbor

  1. Noooooooooo!!!!! The 49ers are a sinking ship and I need to watch him sink with them. If he leaves I’ll miss out on watching him throw his childish tantrums on the sidelines and I’ll miss his interviews where he pouts and acts like a little baby. Him and krapernick deserve each other and I deserve to watch it.

  2. Why would he want to go back to college? I bet barely anyone he knows is still there and the NFL is a much better gig than any college team. I doubt he’d give up after getting so close to the Super Bowl the last few years.

  3. The Niners are done for. Too many wrong-footed hubristic moves at the very short peak of their reign of dominance. It’s all down hill from here. I expect a Wild Card round loss this year, and then no more playoffs for a few years.

  4. Or maybe the Raiders, Harbaugh’s ex-employer in need of a new stadium, will land him.

    He’d rather coach the Raiders than Michigan because there is no move like how there would be with Ann Arbor.

  5. He played for Bo and for Ditka, so I think that that he would bring the toughness and credibility that Michigan football has been missing. That in my opinion, has been the norm since Rodriguez came and radically diluted the culture. Saying this, I still believe that the administration cannot be impulsive here; let’s see how it holds up against the conference schedule…Ohio State got rolled today too, so if Michigan can get itself together, it can still make some noise.

  6. I’m sorry, I must have missed that 49ers “reign of dominance.” Last time I checked Harbaugh has never won a championship at any level, as a player or coach.

    Unlike Pete Carroll.

  7. I guess michigan fans and niner fans are happy with being second best. That’s all Harbaugh got you. That’s a true statement. At least you don’t have to worry about losing the big game anymore since you’ll never be in it again with this team. Maybe 20 more years. 1995 was a long time ago.

  8. How did Harbaugh’s agent get this plant inserted into PFT for contract leverage. Free kibble for Florio’s ComcastDog? Nerf water cannons for the ComcastKids? Hire that agent, Footsie Ryan– you’ll need him soon.

  9. if harbaugh can coach the Santa Clara 49ers which is full of criminals into a winning team, just think what he could do with a team full of young innocent men

  10. u would think the odds are against the Niners to make a run…3 straight NFC title games sandwiched in a Super Bowl and the what ever is going on…that said it’s still them and Sea in the NFC I think anyways

  11. This guy reminds me of Rex ryan, he made a big splash when he entered the league, but eventually his act is wearing thing. Difference is Rex’s players like him.

  12. Iowa almost lost their last two games, is the Chuck Long watch officially on in Iowa city?

  13. Everyone saying he won’t go back to college. Wu tang made a song you know. C. R. E. A. M.

  14. Seahawks fans love the 49ers so much they can’t stop talking about them. I love it…they were so insignificant for soooooo long they are gorging themselves on every last minute of their moment in the sun. I think it’s awesome to see a fan base so starved for relevance…so desperate for recognition that in every waking moment they find new and creative ways to blast every possible aspect of the organization they whole heartedly envied for the last 13 years. The desperation to climb out of the garbage heap and get a shred of legitimacy and respect just fills my heart with pride…You were our redheaded step child for soo long…enjoy your moment, something tells me it will be as fleeting as you fear.

  15. I’m sitting here in Bengalland wondering how youd get rid of a coach of a team that made the NFC Championship last year and the Super Bowl the year before.

    Like….we hold onto coaches with a decade of 0 playoff victories. And you let someone like that….who is kinda just getting started….you let them leave?

    its so sad in bengalland

  16. He is a 49er for life ! Why would he go to Michigan when he left a program(Stanford) he made from scratch into Power house team in NCAA?

  17. Harbaugh is a top tier coach, and frankly Michigan doesnt’ deserve him, nor does it appear the 9ers do…

    The 49ers brass will find a way to further alienate him and they will be back to the singletary days…

  18. Clayton said on a sports radio program a few weeks ago that coach Jim Harbaugh is a very intense type of guy. He never last longer than 4 years with any organization, because he burns them out. So his track record shows that this could be his last year with the 49ers?

  19. People saying he wouldn’t go back to Michigan because college is a step down and he’s amazing are laughable. Two problems with that statement:
    1. College coaching at it’s highest levels is a lateral move not a step down. And one some coaches prefer. Look at guys like Saban. Do you think he’s a step down from Doug Marrone? Fact is college coaches get young hungry players willing to listen and do whatever it takes to win. NFL coaches get divas who whine about practice and can’t stay out of trouble. Sure the pay may be slightly better but it’s less stress and a better environment than the NFL.
    2. Harbaughs results are not indicative of his success. Anybody who is aware of the NFL works should realize this. If you look at the construction of this roster outside of Kaepernick this is all Balke and the previous coaches team still. Those before him put all of the pieces together and handed Jim the keys. I for one stand my ground that had the 9ers kept Alex Smith over Kaep they’d have a ring by now. But this is typical. Usually not until the 4th year does a coach have his own team truly in place. Most holdovers are gone and the coach can show his true worth. Look at Mike Tomlin for example. He won a SB… With Cowher’s team. Not his own. Since he’s passed the 4 year mark he’s made the playoffs once. So this season should show a lot for Harbaugh. If he can fight through the adversity and injuries and everything else and come out on top (I have serious doubts and think they finish 9-7) then he’s proven himself. If not? Call up Michigan. There’s no shame in returning to college. Ask Pete Carroll.

  20. Baloney. Harbaugh has zero interest in going back to recruiting high school kids and sucking up to their parents.

  21. No way CashMoney Brandon (UM AD) brings in Harbaugh (right or wrong).. there isn’t nearly enough room in the Big House for both of their incredibly huge, self-inflated egos. I hope the university’s new president was watching with an open mind, and not with boosters breathing down his neck. Hoke is not the answer- he’s a recruiter and position coach. And just because Angry Jim is another (in Bo’s voice..) “Michigan Man”, doesn’t mean he is the answer, either.

  22. What is the “bad” history he has with Michigan fans and administration? My guess is that it is just Harbaugh being Harbaugh.

  23. I would really miss the guy. Its no mystery that SB48 was the NFC title game and thus a strong Niners team makes for a strong Seahawks team along with the Rams and Cards pushing. As a 12 this rivalry has been such a blast and to not be able to hate on Capt Comeback anymore would suck. I say go Niners, be relevant, lets make turkey day worth something.

  24. Jimmy we need you back bad, look at Stanford they’re basically running the old Michigan offense and who built that? Thats right, Jim Harbaugh. Now’s the time to bring back the glory days, your not wanted in San Fran so come on back to MAIZE AND BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Harbaugh has always been about moving forward. He started at Oakland as a lowky assistant, took over the head coaching gig at San Diego State, turned that program around, took over as head coach at Stanford, turned that program around, took over as head coach of the 49ers, turned that team around and now they are poised to be highly competitive for at least the next few years.

    I can’t really see him going backwards, especially not with his brother having won a Superbowl. Harbaugh is intensely competitive and when is the last time an actually successful head coach went back to college. Like him or not, he is one if the best coaches in the NFL today.

  26. Go to Michigan for a few years while they bring back Singletary to build him another team. Then come back for another glory run off the work of others.

  27. Michigan got shut out by a young ND defense. Shut out. It will take a small miracle for them to “get it together” against any credible opponent. Hoke will be gone after this year and then when Harbaugh is available they will only be one year into the new coaches tenure so they wont fire him.

  28. Michigan and the Big 10 are a diluted conference because there are fewer kids in the Midwest to recruit. The demographics are against the conference, and Harbaugh would be silly to go to Michigan, even if it is his alma mater.

    I predict Niners will have a down year, Harbaugh will leave, take a year off and then comes back to the NFL.

  29. The fact that the 49ers will probably go 7-9 this year may accelerate Harbaugh moving on to his next job.

  30. Why would anyone actually think there is a chance he would go back to college? Not going to happen until he has worn out his welcome with every pro team that would even consider hiring him. And right now, there are a number that would give it serious thought.

  31. The Big 10 already has 1 too many jerks with Urban Meyer at OSU. Only way they should allow UM to hire Harbaugh is if the 49er’s hire Meyer to replace him

  32. Ohio State and all affiliated personnel whole-heartedly endorse Hoke. The man only needs another decade or so to get his program up and running. Please be patient with him.

  33. Like his counterpart in seattle, they inherited teams with a solid base that were a few players away from being competitive and they filled those holes. Mainly with QB’s who could play and defensive linemen who could pass rush.

    When I look back over the years at the so called great coaches the one thing that stands out: they could recruit the best players. Having the best talent made coaching and winning a lot easier.

    Take the current Ohio State coach. He walked onto a number three team and brought his recruiting staff with him and all his Florida and Alabama connections to the best players as well. Gee that’s hard to fail under those instances.

    Brady Hoke inherited a mess, brought in some talent but not enough to really make a difference. Michigan is no longer one of the top recruitment places anymore because they can’t promise the big stage to the best players.

  34. His parents still live in Ann Arbor and this might be a nice way to finish out his coaching career. Don’t think he would consider it until he has a super bowl ring. That’s what he is coaching for and would not give up without it.

  35. Look what Harbaugh did with baalke/Singletary team. Look how he turned Alex into a top tier QB. He reminds me of Deion Sanders; he’s the type if person that annoys the crap out of you if he’s on the other team, but the kind of guy whose antics you love when he’s on your team. A lot of the great ones are like that. Pay the man Jed, and keep this power franchise rolling.

  36. My son hates Harbaugh but is a huge Michigan fan so he is very confused.. He would love to have Harbaugh coach his team because he is a fantastic coach and could be legendary at a college like Michigan but he still hates his guts.

  37. Jim Harbaugh can’t last more that four years per place? Nevermind that each one of his HC jobs has been a step up . . . University of San Diego to Stanford to the NFL and the 49ers. But oh yeah . . . he can’t last.

  38. I just can’t wait for the Seahawks to come back down to earth. The team and their fans (just look above) are so unused to winning that they have zero ability to handle it with any sort of grace or perspective.

    They look good this year but they have been lucky with injuries. When the Seahawks start sucking again, every team in the league that plays them is just going to so enjoy beating them, yelling you mad bro, and offering fake sportsmanship handshakes after the game. That team is so, so ripe for a huge comeuppance and I hope Harbaugh is the guy who hands it to them. Imagine the Seahawks looking so dominant and then playing a resurging 49ers squad in the playoffs and losing. The look on Cheat Caroll’s face and Richard Sherman’s would be soooo fantastic!

  39. Brady (I look like Chris Christie) is so hoke.

    Can someone get more miles outta Les?

    Maybe Charlie ain’t so strong after all? Looked like his team got run over by a Mack truck, not that he was supposedly repairing a supposedly defective one…

  40. Chip Kelly’s NCAA “show cause” penalty expires in January. Expect the chorus of where will he go back to the college game at to start any day now…

  41. johnnyfreakinfootball says:
    Sep 7, 2014 1:21 AM
    Regardless of whom it is, why would anyone leave the NFL to go coach college football? It must be hard being that stupid Florio.

    It worked pretty well for Nick Saban. Maybe you should have thought of that before you bashed someone else.

  42. Why is taking a college job considered a “demotion”? Because the players aren’t as good? It can actually be a “promotion” depending on the program. The pay at big programs is better, the job security is better, and those coaches have more control.

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