Native American group protests before Redskins opener


As the Washington Redskins start their season today, they’ll see something in Houston that they should expect to see in other towns they visit as well: Protesters denouncing their team name.

A Native American group in Houston is currently protesting outside NRG Stadium, holding up signs decrying the term “Redskins” as a slur that should not be used.

Chance Landry, who owns the Southern Apache Museum in Houston, told the Houston Chronicle that Native Americans feel the NFL isn’t showing them respect.

It’s a very derogatory term,” Landry said. “We don’t want our children and grandchildren to have to live with this any longer.”

Anyone who thought this was an offseason story that would go away once the season started was incorrect. This controversy is not going away.

26 responses to “Native American group protests before Redskins opener

  1. Must be 12 people there, when you protest and all of 12 people show up the protesters become the joke just as the entire Redskins name change movement has become.

  2. The guy in the pic asking why Washington’s logo is okay and those others are not represents everything that is wrong with this country. You can find the term “Redskins” offensive. That’s ok. But if you cannot see a distinction between those pics on that sign then you are an ignoramus. Native Americans are a proud people and that pic represents that well even if the team name does not. I must ask though……where was all this fervor 5 years ago?

  3. I think there’s a minimum number required for something to be officially referred to as a “protest”; this clearly doesn’t appear to meet that criteria. Another made up story…

  4. There going to be missing some good games today. Of course I’m guessing once they were done parading around they headed to their Redskin season ticket seats.

  5. snyder and mouthbreathing washington fans need to accept the fact that their name is changing.

  6. Are you going to also write an article about the “protest” against Michael Sam’s signing to the Dallas practice squad that was apparently going on outside of Cowboys Stadium? They’re both just as “worthy” of being reported–and just as ridiculous. Enough already.

  7. Way more people showed up to in Dallas to protest Michael Sam than the 2 people who showed up to protest the Redskins mame in Houston. Both protests are stupid regardless.

  8. Spend the better part of the creation of this country either killing off or kicking out the natives, then spend the next part of it asking why there’s so few Natives around to complain about it. White logic.

  9. So many comments here are ridiculously ignorant. Shows how much things have changed…at least President Obama is expressing his opinion of how wrong he believes it is.

    Change the name! Change the caricatures too!

  10. chiron4321 says “Hate to tell you this, but 73% of people don’t want the name changed.”

    If every single Native American in the country showed up that would only equal 1% of the population of the country. It is still an important issue. Show some respect.

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