NFL, NFLPA move farther apart on drug policy

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For weeks, the NFL and NFLPA quietly negotiated what would be a comprehensive new drug policy.  On Wednesday night, word of significant progress trickled out.  Since then, the reports have intensified, with plenty of corroboration and details and intriguing possibilities like lifted suspensions for Wes Welker and Josh Gordon.

The negotiations have remained in flux, with signs of progress balanced by evidence of a retreat.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the two sides moved farther apart on Saturday night.

Currently, a deal isn’t close.  Which makes sense, given that the window for putting suspended players back on the field for Week One has closed.  Look for the talks to continue and a deal to remain possible unless and until one side or the other completely shuts down the negotiation process.

As PFT reported on Saturday, the earliest anything could happen is Monday or Tuesday, given that a deal would have to be approved by the board of player representatives.  Given that most of them are, you know, playing football today, it’ll be hard to expedite the process.

16 responses to “NFL, NFLPA move farther apart on drug policy

  1. NFLPA doesn’t want any increased drug testing regardless of what they say publicly. Their sole purpose is to prevent players from losing money even if it means they are cheating or harming their long term health.

  2. Any clue what the sticking points are? Of the two usually mentioned (independent appeals and no suspension for a DUI arrest) it’s hard not to take the players side in both cases.


  3. I’d rather both sides take their time and get it right, than push through what looks like a minor compromise that one side then proceed to abuse for the next 4-5 years.

  4. The NFLPA will do everything in its power to keep the hgh testing out of the league. They will try to protect a significant portion of the members, regardless of the costs to a minority of the players. When the rest of the players have access to the designer drug that Pete Carroll brought with him to the Seahawks from Los Angeles, hgh testing will be approved.

  5. Come on guys. Quit waiting until “the last minute” when 3 of your own (Gordon, Welker, Scanbrick) hang in the balance.

    Last night, the last big sticking point was DUI punishment. Here’s a compromise based on what both sides want:

    NFL, drop the automatic one game deactivation when arrested (not convicted)for DUI.

    NFLPA, give the NFL a 2-game suspension AFTER a DUI conviction, as it currently is not a suspension, just a fine.

    The NFL gets stiffer DUI penalties and the players get due process. Sounds fair (and constitutional, since, you know, every American is afforded due process).

  6. With the probable high number of players currently using HGH, I doubt they’d be willing to stop taking or chance being caught during the season. In my opinion there will be no agreement immanent, only in the off-season, unless the league office gave up dramatic concessions to the players. Which will not happen, the players need time to “get their ducks in a row”.

  7. Good to see that this information is coming from a source not under the espn umbrella. Could it be that leak to them has been temporarily plugged? Hope so. Go get em Florio.

  8. Welker lost every last shred of credibility (on this issue) when his early defense was, “Gee, what’s a Molly? See, I’ve never even heard that term!”

    Obviously any paperwork involving a suspension is going to use the technical names, not street slang, and describe exactly what chemicals tests showed.

    Having said that, I hope he’s on the field for Week 3; we want to know we beat Denver at full strength especially after the embarrassing azz-kicking they put on us in the pre-season opener.

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