Ravens’ Chykie Brown takes the blame for A.J. Green TD


Ravens cornerback Chykie Brown says he deserves any blame he’s getting for the 77-yard touchdown pass the Ravens’ defense allowed Bengals receiver A.J. Green to score late in the fourth quarter today.

Brown says he allowed Green to get past him, and that makes the play his fault.

I blame it on me. I put that on me,” Brown told ESPN. “I was looking for the deep ball, but I have to play better technique. I have to stay on top of the man and that didn’t happen.”

Ravens coach John Harbaugh, however, was more forgiving. Harbaugh noted that Brown was close enough on the play to get a hand on the ball, and unfortunately Green just made a great play to catch it after Brown tipped it.

“The coverage was there,” Harbaugh added. “It’s a matter of a great player that got a step behind us and made a great play. Chykie got a hand in the air; he was beat by a step, though. He should stay on top there and he knows that.”

Today’s game marked the second straight season that Green scored a late touchdown off a Ravens deflection. When the Ravens and Bengals meet again in Week Eight, the Ravens’ defensive backs would be wise to knock passes down, not tip them up into the air.

28 responses to “Ravens’ Chykie Brown takes the blame for A.J. Green TD

  1. If you’re going to blame anyone, blame the Ravens Defensive Coordinator who decided it was a good idea to play single coverage against AJ Green. That poor kid didn’t stand a chance. Who Dey.

  2. Jimmy Smith should have been on Green, but the offense sleepwalked through the first half.

    Baltimore just played poorly…plain and simple.

  3. Green beats Brown.

    Now the question becomes… will Steve Smith admit that he ‘stiff-armed’ Adam Jones by grabbing the face mask?

  4. Great throw from Andy Dalton from the 15 yard line to A.J. Green on the 30 yard line.

    That’s Andy Dalton when Kyle Cook and Clint Boling aren’t letting defensive players through the gaps.

    ROOKIE Center Russell Bodine played a pretty good game (for a rookie).

  5. Baltimore didn’t show up in the 2 1/2 quarters. You have to play the whole game if you expect to win.

    Hats off to Cincy and Dalton for not panicking and closing out a game after Baltimore put up 16 unanswered points.

    It will be really interesting to see how Baltimore responds in Pittsburgh on Thursday. It will probably be decided by 3 points or less.

  6. I think the kid played ok. He’ll learn from this. When you’re going against the best WRs, Joe Hadden said “don’t sleep on AJ.”
    Brown will be fine. I know he said earlier that Green wasnt going to be a challenge. Well, he’ll learn from trash talking too.
    Good win, very very physical AFCN game. Enjoyed it, enjoyed Baltimore this weekend. Beautiful M and T Stadium. Back to Cincy

  7. Yup the AFC North clearly goes through Cincinnati. Who can compete with 5 field goals and a juggled Hail Mary?

    The Ravens looked like total garbage. Going to be a long season for Raven fans.

  8. No lie…. Would have been shutout if Burfict didn’t go out. That’s what a game changer her his and if NFL fans don’t know that yet you will!

  9. Flacco is terrible…maybe Tebow is available, he sure knows how to beat the Steelers.

  10. I’m not sure why people are hitting the panic button on the Ravens. They are playing in an entirely new offense. There will be growing pains. Dalton relying on his kicker all game would concern me if I was a bengals fan.

  11. Just goes to show why the Bengals paid Burfict. When he was out of the game, it was a COMPLETELY different defense. Crazy how one guy can change the entire tone of the D. Just hope Burfict is ok the rest of the year. The man cannot be replaced. Good win today fellas. Now let’s stop calling run plays for Dalton and actually score a TD in the first half next week.

  12. Pees was at fault as much as Chykie. There is NO REASON AT ALL to have your #4 CB on the 2nd best WR in the NFL in single coverage. No excuse. I called that from my seat, as did half of the stadium. Explain to me how 40 thousand average fans can see that mismatch, the Bengals can see that mismatch, and Pees couldn’t? And it wasn’t a one time deal. They had targeted Brown all game long.

    He makes me miss Frank Walker…

  13. 1. Perfect throw by Dalton. 2. Amazing juggling catch by Green of a tipped ball. 3. Some unbelievable juking by Green around Darian Stewart, who before the game said A.J. Green wasn’t much of a challenge.

  14. where was saftey help? you dont leave Green one on one at that point of game.Ravens shot self in foot,could have very easily won that game.

  15. Secondary was my #1 concern, I knew it was going to be that big deep play that sealed the deal and sure enough Mr. Green comes up big. Quick turnaround for Thursday, this whole team needs a gut check after that.

  16. That;s a blow out if the bengals dont lost Atkins, Burfict and Leon Hall in the second Half

    Bengals are obviously the best team in AFC North… but injuries in week 1 are concerning.

  17. Good team win for the Bengals.
    Hope the Burfict concussion doesnt turn into a recurring problem for him. THat Cicny TE elbow injury was gross.
    Ravens just didnt make plays when they had to. But the fact that they were still leading late in the game before that flukey play was promising.
    Ravens defense was pretty good, bend don’t break. Offense needs to get some rhythem

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