Report: Colt Lyerla arrested in Oregon

Colt Lyerla’s circuitous path to an NFL roster has suddenly become a bit more convoluted.

According to the Oregonian, tight end Colt Lyerla was arrested in Oregon for during under the influence of intoxicants.  Lyerla was reportedly suspected of being “high on either illegal drugs or prescription medication” when he was pulled over.

Lyerla recently received an injury settlement from the Packers, due to a knee injury suffered during camp.  He’ll be paid by the Packers through Week Eight.

Undrafted not due to talent but due to a variety of off-field issues, Lyerla has the talent.  But he may not get a chance to display that talent any time soon.

23 responses to “Report: Colt Lyerla arrested in Oregon

  1. Arrested for “during under the influence?”

    Never heard of such a thing.

    Damn him though, soooo much talent that is being completely wasted to poop. #Sad

  2. Makes sense he would be pumped full of prescription painkillers, given his knee injury. But not that he was driving.

  3. This is minor compared to what he could be doing knowing that he’s under contract with the pakcers after the drubbing they took the other night.

  4. Vikes in first, only because the Lions haven’t played yet. The NFL is upside down. No need to worry, the Vikes will be the Vikes after a couple games.

  5. Shortly before the arrest, Colt tried to get paid for giving an interview with the local sports columnist. This kid had a tough upbringing, but unlike many others who have a tough home life, he had tons of adults sincerely trying to help him. He is 21 now and still blaming everybody else for his problems. At some point, he needs to grow up, accept responsibility and either spend his life whining about his tough breaks, or move on from them. He has unbelievable talent that will never take him anywhere unless he gets his head and heart squared away…..and nobody can do that part but him.

  6. His talent is overrated. He should save his money, but he won’t, he’ll waste it on drugs, and he’ll eventually get clean, and get a manual labor-type job, and live his ordinary life, with better-than-average stories. The End.

  7. I’m really, really rooting for this kid. It isn’t about talent or NFL Ability or what he can do on the field, this kid just needs a strong and stable support system around him. Forget the money, the contracts, he just needs the right people around him. I feel for this keep and hope he gets on the right track, regardless of what team he ends up with.

  8. Could see something like this coming at least a month ago. The only thing the kid was worried about was getting some sort of settlement from the Pack. Time to put Colt out to pasture.

  9. Character matters. For sure, it’s both a nature and nurture thing. He had a terrible upbringing, which is true of many who end up doing time in the clink. So he was set on a bad path from the get-go. But while that may help to explain why someone would screw up over and over as Lyerla has done, it does not justify it. As I’ve witnessed with some of the ex-cons who’ve been truly rehabilitated and go on to be law-abiding citizens leading productive lives, none of us are helpless to set ourselves on a good path. Lyerla has been given many ‘second chances’–the Packers being the latest donors. He’s pissed them all away. He has immense talent, but the problem is he knows it. Yet I refuse to believe that anyone is a lost cause, including him. Yet he needs a heavier dose of medicine than going to small town Green Bay. If he is to be securely set on a good path, he needs a long period of jail time, with a discerning counselor who reads through the bull, if not also a prison chaplain to break him down and build him back up the right way.

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