Report: No tampering charges for Cowboys over Peterson call


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was fined $100,000 for talking about CBA negotiations when he shouldn’t have been, and his team lost $10 million in cap space for treating the 2010 uncapped year as if it were actually uncapped.  (Go figure.)  But Jones reportedly won’t be disciplined for an apparent violation of the league’s tampering policy.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that the Cowboys won’t face tampering charges as a result of a phone call between Jones and Vikings running back Adrian Peterson.  Although Peterson reportedly told Jones that Peterson would like to play for the Cowboys at some point and Jones failed to immediately report the call to the Vikings, no action will be taken.

Per Mortensen, Jones asked his general counsel, Jason Cohen, to call the Vikings after the story emerged.  (Which probably is a better duty than cleaning Jerry’s glasses.)

The story emerged because a writer for ESPN The Magazine was present for the call, and because ESPN made a huge deal about the conversation.  It’s fitting that ESPN would ultimately be the outlet to report that the thing ESPN painted as a really big deal wasn’t.

8 responses to “Report: No tampering charges for Cowboys over Peterson call

  1. Jones and every other owner in pro sports are too busy scrubbing their inboxes from 2009 today, to make sure they haven’t said something in the teams marketing plan about real life demographics of their fan base that the rabid PC’ers will cast hell on them for and shame them into selling their team, like Atlanta.

  2. Yeah, thank goodness espn is the only media outlet that makes a big deal out of nothing. It would get old really quickly to keep clicking on non and embellished stories.

  3. groundpounder95 says:
    Sep 7, 2014 2:35 PM
    Who cares….get rid of the floating pop up on your app. It’s annoying.
    So is the dumb “You may like…” links between the stories and the comments. Bad for us but makes them money. Shame.

  4. I put more blame on AD than Jones. Why is AD calling another team’s owner? If I am the owner or GM of the Vikings . I call AD into the facility for a sit down. If he still wants to go talk with other teams I say trade him.

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