Dannell Ellerbe to IR, Dolphins sign Kelvin Sheppard


The Dolphins kept their starting linebackers from last season, but moved them around to a new configuration that had Koa Misi in the middle flanked by Dannell Ellerbe and Philip Wheeler.

They’ll never get to see that alignment in a regular season game. Wheeler missed the opener with a thumb injury and Ellerbe suffered a hip injury during the win over the Patriots that will bring his season to a very early end.

Coach Joe Philbin announced Monday that Ellerbe is headed to injured reserve. Philbin also announced that the team has signed linebacker Kelvin Sheppard to fill the roster spot. Sheppard played 15 games for the Colts last year after being acquired from Buffalo in a trade for Jerry Hughes. That deal worked out much better for the Bills as Sheppard didn’t make the Colts out of camp this year, but he should get a chance to earn some time in Miami. Chris McCain, who had a sack and a blocked punt Sunday, Jason Trusnik and Jelani Jenkins are other options in Miami.

Ellerbe wasn’t effective in the middle last year and he may not get a chance to show what he can do outside for an extended period of time in Miami. With most of the guaranteed money on the five-year deal he signed last season paid out, the Dolphins could opt to save some money by moving on after two years.

23 responses to “Dannell Ellerbe to IR, Dolphins sign Kelvin Sheppard

  1. Addition by subtraction…

    The only starting LB for the Fins worth anything is Koa Misi. The 2nd stringers actually looked to be an upgrade over Wheeler and Ellerbe.

    Another great move by Ireland. Cut Dansby who had a career year w/ the Cards only to overpay Ellerbe because he had 4 or 5 good games on the way to the Superbowl.

  2. This sounds like a case of “we will put him on injured reserve because we don’t want to pay him as an ex-player.”

    All of Jeff Ireland’s contracts were bad before they got worse because the Fins fixed something that wasn’t broken and that is always a disaster. Plus, guys like ellerbe, clabo, and wheeler have been too bad to back after one year.

  3. Wow he was going have a good season. I really don’t understand why Ireland Tried to replace Burnett and dansby with two line backs who played in3-4 systems

  4. I think they are moving on. They put him on IR while they could and it does not looked like they designated him for return. Yesterday, Misi wasn’t sure if he would be able to play soon (this week) but Ellerbe was confident he would play next week. Ellerbe has been a disappointment and when the starters were all out yesterday the tackling was better and defenders were converging on the ball. The team seemed to play better, ike a team rather than individuals.

  5. Clabo was just a stop gap learn what you’re talking about…… And a lot of teams went after both players. They took and money and I guess hope to play at the same level in a new system. Ellebre wasn’t even a starter with the ravens he just played very good during the post season. Wheeler had one good yea with the raiders but didn’t do much with the colts the reason they cut him. I still think both goods can have good careers in the right system

  6. I understood the logic behind replacing Burnett and Dansby. But you replaced them with less talented players for marginally less money. That’s where this plan failed. Hopefully Hickey doesn’t make the same mistake.

    Thankfully, Chris McCain is playing like a diamond in the rough. It’s still very apparent that we need to invest some early draft picks into the LB’s next year though.

  7. You ppl expect players to play great in the first season off learning a new system and position they never played. This isn’t madden…….. But I do think both will get cut because hickey has no ties to the. Our starting lbs should be dion, misi and McCain. I hope they also resign chris clemons

  8. Thankfully, Chris McCain is playing like a diamond in the rough. It’s still very apparent that we need to invest some early draft picks into the LB’s next year though.
    Maybe. I wouldn’t mind seeing Jordan and McCain on the outside and Tripp as MLB next year. Tripp needs to bulk up and he is not very fast but he reacts quickly and has good instincts and tackles really well–similar to how ZT was.

  9. Not gonna lie Bills fans, guys like Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller scare me vs the Fins current LB core. It won’t be an easy matchup. And Watkins vs Grimes doesn’t exactly help me sleep easy either. I think we’ll have a few tricks up our sleeve though.

  10. This hurts cause Ellerbe was coming along well and had high hopes to becoming a house hold name! Maybe a underrated linebacker as they were in this league. Get well #59 and become that monster I know you can be.

  11. Oh boy, I can’t wait to see him in coverage next week trying to cover Spiller!!! Lmfao!

    This is hilarious…the Dolphins sign a guy who the Bills traded, when they were desperate for middle linebackers!!!

    From Kelvin Sheppard, Nick Barnett and converted safety Bryan Scott…to Brandon Spikes, Nigel Bradham, and Kiko Alonso?

    You have to admit, that’s impressive.

    Sheppard is the only guy left standing out of that old group…what a turnaround.

    That’s why Doug Whaley deserves to stay in Buffalo, when a new owner comes in.

  12. Bills have good RBs but they better hope Fins don’t get a lead. The d line will be taken off the chain and that won’t be good for EJ.

  13. Ellerbe: Good, the backups are better.

    Shepard: they aren’t signing him to be the center-point of the defense, they are signing him for depth, an extra body.

    TO: p8riotdynastylives says: Sep 8, 2014 1:46 PM

    Give Miami credit…. they won one game……move on…….its a long season …..Patriots will rebound


    Really your fanbase is so unbothered by one game that even a day later you guys can’t wait to jump onto any post about Miami on the web(even when no one is discussing the game) and proclaim how it was only one game….yeah, you’re right it was and we’ve moved on.

  14. The fins held the pats to under 90 yards total rushing yards. That’s pretty strong considering the pats finished in the top 10 in rushing last year. Bill’s fans, you’re going to see a different Dolphins team this time.

  15. Ellerbe is as good as gone. Smart move to put him on IR.
    Wheeler too unless he has a breakout year
    McCain gets his chance to win a starting spot, and so far so good.
    Tripp inactive yesterday, definitely tells a story.
    Sheppard adds decent depth this year behind Misi, Wheeler, Jordan, McCain, Trusnik and Jenkins.
    Definitely will address this position in the draft

  16. Trusnik and Jenkins are very underrated. They did a heck of a job blowing up the running game and shutting down the tight end. Trusnik is no stranger to making solid tackles and reading defenses. Jenkins was one of the best Linebackers UF produced. Injuries kept him from being highly rated coming out of college. Picking up Sheppard provides solid depth. He led LSU’s defense for 3 seasons, and was named SEC player of the week several times. Duffner can develop him. The 5-2 Defense for the Dolphins is doable because Vernon and Wake have solid linebacker backgrounds too.

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