If Ray Rice knockout video is news to NFL, things could change


Whenever they approach a gray area, the NFL likes to keep things as vague as possible.

So with the world waking up this morning to video of Ray Rice punching his wife in the face in an elevator, we still aren’t sure whether the league saw the video before their initial two-game punishment.

This video is sufficiently shocking that the league would almost certainly re-open its investigation if they didn’t see it before. But we don’t know whether they have or not.

In August, the league didn’t specify whether they had seen the then-rumored-to-exist video of what happened inside the elevator.

While it seems like the thing a thorough criminal investigation woud have reasonably overturned, the possibility exists that Roger Goodell didn’t see the one-punch knockout before slapping Rice on the wrist with a two-game suspension.

Likewise, when Goodell recognized his mistake and enacted a much tougher policy on domestic violence, the league was careful to say nothing about how it applied to Rice.

Wiggle room is a valuable thing to have when dealing with a potentially damaging situation, and the NFL has made sure to maintain some throughout this process.

But at some point, and soon, Goodell will have to answer whether or when he saw the video of the punch, and whether or when it might impact Rice.

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83 responses to “If Ray Rice knockout video is news to NFL, things could change

  1. If the league didn’t see the video, then they are joke.

    Rice better get booed hard, if he ever returns to the field, and every time.

    A very disgraced Ravens fan

  2. That’s not really the issue. The better question is: Why did it take so long for this video to come out?

  3. Disgusting. That piece of garabage should be banned from the NFL. I can’t see how the NFL, who seems to have the investigative power the CIA, didn’t see this video. If they did see it, and only suspended him for 2 games it is outrageous. I’m far from the activist type, but I’ve already emailed the commissioner’s office. What a despicable “person” Ray Rice is.

  4. Let’s get something straight here. Not every Ravens fan is defending this guy. I am a season ticket holder and I am flat out embarrassed this morning. The organization has a lot of explaining to do. I am seriously thinking about not going to the game on Thursday night, but there are other members of this team that are stand-up individuals that deserve our support as well… Torrey Smith, Flacco, Pitta, etc. in the meantime I’ll be waiting for a statement from Steve Biscotti. This video is disgusting. Like if you are a Ravens fan and agree.

  5. There’s no way they didn’t see this video. If he’s dragging his then fiance out of an elevator, the FIRST thing you ask for is footage from inside. You don’t conclude the investigation without it. Just makes Roger look even worse that he saw this and only suspended him 2 games. I wonder how his wife thinks about it now. Hopefully she has seen this and realizes Roger thought nothing of it.

  6. What he did is inexcusable. No matter what she did….. That being said, the punishment has been handed out, it wouldn’t be right to go back and extend the suspension. If the league didn’t see this then it’s on the league for not doing the work.

    personally my feeling is that this is a crime that we as a society do not have harsher penalties. We should dial these and axe crimes up and dial down drug crimes.

  7. The suspension should have been 8 games at least
    The Ravens should have cut him
    She should have dumped him

    And yet none of those things happened. Unbelievable.

  8. Knockout punch to ur wife 2 games. Helmet to helmet hit playing football 2 games. Makes sense to me

  9. If Goodell saw this video and still gave Rice a paltry two game suspension, then he should suspend himself for the entire year. This is outrageous!

  10. I think the NFL will come out and say they never saw this evidence, and then they will re-evaluate his punishment. He’ll be out for a year.

  11. Their was no Video of Icognito harrassing J.Martin and he lost his career. You can’t use the Text messages because both of them wrote some fine prose. This Commissioner represents nothing but money over morals, like all CEO’s these days. In our country, they are Kings and higher than Judges and Politicians. Simply because the latter two can be bought using the King’s money.

  12. If only Josh Gordon had punched a woman in the face, knocked her out and dragged her out of an elevator, he would be back in time to face Ray Rice and the Ravens in two weeks.

    That roar you hear is Marc Cuban laughing…..

  13. No No No. They need to do something whether or not they saw the video. Roger Goodell has to address this TONIGHT on Monday Night Football like Adam Silver did with the NBA. As Adam Schefter said this morning, this is the biggest black eye the NFL has ever had. They need to get it right and fast.

    By the way who cares if this video was just released to the public today. You think it’s a coincidence that TMZ released this video the day after the NFL’s opening weekend, I think not. This video has been around for a while, just not released to the public.

  14. How could the league not have seen this? Goodell, a control freak to the T, wouldn’t have made sure to request and receive the video of the actual incident? I find that incredibly hard to believe. He is either going to come of as embarrassing if he did see it, or incompetent if he claims he didn’t. As for Rice, he was a disgrace prior to the video, so this changes nothing other than the lunatics who were attempting to defend him really have nothing left to say at this point.

  15. Here,s a loophole—So maybe Goodell can give Rice 2 games for the punch and 14 more for spitting on her…or did everyone miss that at the beginning of the video?

  16. Any of these NFL players that have had to witness domestic violence in their own home growing up should speak up about it. Create awareness, raise some money, and dole out some shaming.

    And, of course, players should make it open season on Rice when he makes a short catch or is coming down the middle. How bad is the NFL going to punish players for a few crown of the helmet hits against a guy that they let off the hook knowing what he did.

  17. Let’s be realistic here.. Roger got word that the video was about to be released or that someone had it, and did a complete reversal and changed the league policy, and then admitted he was wrong on his judgement.. This is what he does, he’s nothing more than a well paid puppet of the owners. The timing of his statement and the release of the video is not coincidental..

  18. Not saying it couldn’t happen. But w/ all the power of the NFL and former legal people they have, I find it hard to believe they didn’t see it. If they did, I want to hear it from the commissioner himself. He has an accountability to the fans as well.

  19. The league is screwed. Even if they alter the suspension, they look horrible for not taking it seriously in the first place. The Ravens look awful for not taking it seriously, either. If I were Rice, I’d take an indefinite leave of absence and not return until counseling is completed.

  20. If Goodell saw this video before he handed out his lame penalty, he should be severely criticized. But in any event, Goodell and the NFL brass can see the video now. Rice blasted his fiancé in the jaw and knocked her out. It didn’t look like she was trying to attack him.

    This looks really REALLY bad for the NFL. If Goodell wants to do the right thing, Goodell should adjust the penalty now and Rice should be suspended for a year.

  21. Hmmm, and to think he got the same suspension as Brandon Merriweather…somethings not right, one gets paid to hit other players and is suspended on a questionable call even admitted by a former official and gets two games, and Rice goes Mike Tyson on his girl and gets two games for something that is against the law Domestic Violence? Come on GOD del, there’s some serious injustice here.

  22. Indefensible. There is no excuse for this. I am a husband and a father to a daughters and all of us are huge Ravens fans. We are absolutely disgusted by this. If the NFL has not seen this – they need to re-open the investigation into this matter. To my beloved Ravens – and I am appealing this directly to the owner Mr.B – you should enforce the maximum penalty within your powers to punish this man. This was a failure from the NJ prosecution, through the NFL & team discipline. Nothing in this video supports a lenient punishment. Nothing.

  23. That slime ball goodell is really up the creek now. The nfl has every high priced lawyer in the world so he can’t say he didn’t see it if some cheesy gossip site could get it. But, if he saw it, then no excuse for 2 games. When will people stop defending this dope??? He can’t go 1 day without ruining an unruinable game. It’s nuts!

  24. The fact is even if the nfl stuck with the 2 game suspension there shouldn’t be a nfl team that would pay this guy to play for them. I’m no ravens fan but if they do the right thing and boot him off the team they will earn a lot of respect from me.

  25. Pathetic, horrendous, or whatever adjective one might want to use to describe the Rice situation probably won’t do it justice. As a life long Baltimore sports fan, I am thoroughly disgusted by Rice’s actions, those of the Ravens and especially those of the league.

    This kind of thing just can’t happen without immediate and firm repercussions. No excusing Rice by any stretch as the two #27 jerseys in my household will be burned when I return from work this afternoon, but the cover-up perpetrated by the Ravens and the league needs to be addressed.

    They all had to know what was on that video and yet, they chose to play down the situation in the hopes that the casino wouldn’t release the video. Then, upon knowing the video would be released (and you know it would be released as soon as the casino announced it was going under), IMO, the league makes a monumental, yet transparent, stand against domestic violence to try and help THEIR OWN image. Why else would the narcissist, Goodell, admit an error on the league’s part?

    I know it won’t happen, mostly because they don’t have to nor is it “salary cap friendly”, but the Ravens should release Ray Rice immediately and let the chips fall where they may. It’s a pipedream, for sure, but it would be a good step in the right direction that should never have gotten this far.

  26. She attacked him? Really? So what!! – I’ve been attacked by a woman, and I’m not a pro-athlete. I was able to grab the woman and hold her under she calmed down.

  27. Bountygate…Ray Rice…Gordon…all examples of Roger Goodell applying his idea of fairness.

    First, Goodell should not be allowed to sit in judgement of any new drug policy…and second, if anyone else exhibited this degree of inept judgement…you or I would be fired!

    So, why should Goodell continue as commissioner of the NFL?

  28. Even if the Commish has seen the video, he’s not on record as saying that he has. He could release a statement that his meeting with Ray and his wife (why the hell was she allowed in that meeting?) told a different story than the video and he could save face by increasing this punishment. Unless of course he saw the video and Ray Rice knows he saw it, in which case his 2 game punishment is even more appalling.
    Just guessing, but he will probably hit her again (this is not usually a one time thing). It probably won’t be on video next time, but if she reports it I hope he’s done in the NFL.

  29. Actually, Goodell doesn’t have to answer the question if he saw the video.
    He can simply defer comment as it was an HR matter or a closed case…
    No liking it, but that’s probably what he’ll say.

  30. I just watched it again & again… I didn’t realize the first punch/push that Ray delivered before the knockout blow. I mean, he has to live with this in the public eye for the rest of his life… If Goodell was wrong, he will still face mad punishment every time he steps on an opposing field.

  31. Goodell is a joke. He gets paid big bucks by the owners though to be a giant joke on their behalf. Goodell should be fired but owners need to demand a better commish with the longer term interest of the league in mind.

  32. This video will only serve to give Roger and the NFL a way out of the mess.
    We all saw the aftermath. That should have been more than enough to suspend this creep for the entire season.

  33. He won’t get suspended by the Ravens any further and he sure as hell won’t be cut because of how talented he is and his ability to help them win games. They’ll point to the ruling and claim the NFL decided two games was enough and that’s good enough for them. And it’s total garbage.

    I don’t care if she swung at him, kicked him, got in his face or what. You don’t EVER put your hands on a woman and the lack of concern he showed after she went down is sick. He should absolutely be done for the year and not only that, he should be in jail for assault. If Goodell stands behind this ruling and refuses to throw the max suspension at him after seeing this, then the league sends out the message that doing that is okay, but you better not be taking hormones to get your wife pregnant or smoking weed because those are such serious offenses. Disgusting

  34. I can’t imagine the NFL execs on Park Ave didn’t see this video. They just didn’t think it would get out. Lawyerly Scum!!!

  35. NFL spokesman Greg Aiello says the NFL had not seen the video of Ray Rice knocking out his then-fiancee in a New Jersey elevator when it suspended Rice two games for domestic violence.


    Boom. Things could get very interesting in the next few hours..

  36. The Cops at the casino saw this video and they allowed thm to leave the casino together and they initially charged her with assult as well…
    The DA saw this tape and said ‘This is minor’ and he can get special treatment and not go to jail…
    The Ravens saw this video and said’Rays a good guy’…
    The NFL saw this video and said 2 games suspension…

    Is there something wrong with my eyes????

  37. Now the “We didn’t see the video defense” being put out there for an escape.
    We really do live in a fantasy world filled with conjecture and diversion.

  38. Ray Price plead Not Guilty, there will be no trial since he entered a “program” and so no conviction, which to the Harbaughs and 49er fan base means he should go scott free.
    No Conviction, No Foul!

  39. There is nothing stopping the Ravens from deactivating Rice for a few weeks after he serves his suspension. Then again, that’s not how Harbaugh runs his team. If you’re good enough the Ravens will overlook your disgusting behavior.

    I’m amazed at how mistreating a woman is not frowned upon by the players. There is no talk about the players seeking their own justice. Riley Cooper says the n-word one time and Vick had to step in to make sure none of their teammates did anything to Cooper. Rice knocks out his defenseless fiancé and not one player says anything. According to the actions and words of the players the following is ok with them:
    -hitting women
    -not paying child support
    -drug use
    Do anything you want, just don’t ever say the n-word if you are not African American .

  40. If the NFL didn’t have the elevator video, and if Ray Rice lied to the NFL about what happened in the elevator (like claiming self-defense), and that lie is now proven false by the video, could the NFL suspend him for lying to them?

    Anthony Hargrove got an 8 game suspension for lying about the Saints bounty program.

  41. time start discussing how many games Goodell should be suspended, – how about it owners? You’re customers are looking for some action here.

  42. Goodell serves at the pleasure of the league. He works for the 32 owners. Everything he does is a reflection on them. If you want to blame him, fine, but you also need to blame Harbaugh, Newsome and Biscotti as well. They had as much or more knowledge of and control over this situation as Goodell.

  43. Come on now hasn;’t everyone seen enough of what’s been going on under Goodell’s rule now? Can the owners FINALLLY show that it’s NOT all about the bottom line and FIRE this guy.

  44. The people of Baltimore must be so proud. (If I were among the Ravens fans, I’d be marching on the team offices en masse and demanding that Rice be kicked off the team immediately.) The abuse of women cannot and must not be tolerated in a civilized society. Savages like Ray Rice need to be shown the door and told not to come back. There’s no place anywhere for the kind of behavior he demonstrated. Football be damned–this is about something much more important.

  45. I guess they originally only showed video of him dragging her out of the elevator by the hair of her head…which is waaaaay less offensive and shocking right?????

    Jesus crimity..what’s the world coming too. this guy should have a lifetime ban.

  46. Contrary to popular belief, not every Ravens fan is in support of Ray Rice. When was the last time the general masses were correct? Seeing Darin Gantt blast both Baltimore fans and the city itself is really disheartening. It is way easier to generalize than to actually write good sports news. He should at least try to sound unbiased.

  47. Why should “visual evidence” warrant a more stern look? Shouldn’t the punishment have been stern to begin with? Ray practically admitted to it, there was enough evidence of her being dragged on the floor. If the NFL needs to hold out until they finally “see the punch” to finally drop the hammer on this guy, then their moral compass is a bit screwed up.

  48. People blast Baltimore fans because they gave him a standing ovation immediately after the incident when he ran on the field in preseason !!!!

  49. Marc Cuban was spot on about the NFL

    Goodell … get that PR guy writing how you’ve never seen that video. We believe you….. or did you try to burn this one like you did the Patriots cheating tapes?

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