John Harbaugh scheduled to address media at 8 p.m. Eastern Monday

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The Ravens, embroiled in controversy once again, have released their media schedule for Monday.

Head coach John Harbaugh is slated to meet reporters around 8 p.m. on Monday after the club completes practice, the team’s media relations staff said in a press release. The club is having a late practice on Monday, perhaps because the team plays Thursday night.

Harbaugh will be the first Ravens official to speak in a press conference setting after today’s release of video showing suspended tailback Ray Rice hitting his now-wife in February.

The Ravens, who lost their season opener against the Bengals on Sunday, will host the Steelers in three days.

But Harbaugh doesn’t figure to be facing many football questions this evening.

49 responses to “John Harbaugh scheduled to address media at 8 p.m. Eastern Monday

  1. After what his brother said, and this video coming out, and how silly and foolish the Ravens look – it will be a travesty if he doesn’t announce Rice has been cut.

  2. A prime time news conference. I bet this gets higher ratings in Baltimore than the president’s speech on Wednesday.

  3. His brother Jim says they won’t tolerate those guilty of domestic abuse on the 49ers, well you don’t get any more guilty than what that video shows. C’mon John, do the right thing and announce that this puke has been cut from your team.

  4. I don’t know which is worse…that he hit her like that or that she is still with him!

    I mean, she sat with this man up there while he did his “mea culpa”…I’d hate to think he’s her gravy train but she’s lucky she could walk away from that.

    Watching her sitting there groggy is hard to stomach.

  5. There are really no words to express how sick that video made me feel. It seems most Ravens fans want him gone. Kudos to all of you. I’m sure most of the Ravens’ players feel the same way.

  6. FTA- “John Harbaugh scheduled to address media at 8 p.m. Eastern Monday”

    So, they’re going to have a press conference in the middle of MNF, eh? How nice…..

  7. My guess is the Ravens will purport to take a “strong stand” and “in light of the ‘newly’ obtained evidence” (that was already perfectly evident ALL along) — we announce a team penalty of 6-8 games. They will insist that they don’t condone this or that … when really they do, and are only responding to the enormous public outcry.

    It it will be somber, serious and full of b.s. and damage control. How in the hell did you think you she got knocked out cold and was dragged out like a lifeless corpse? You don’t need a “newly” released video to connect the dots.

  8. My guess is that he’ll go with a no comment.

    “I’m here to talk about our game on Thursday and our active players. I’m not going to talk about anything else and our players will unite to rise above the distraction…” or some such hogwash.

  9. He’s going to tell us again how proud he is of Ray Rice in his handling of the situation and how the Team/City of Baltimore support him in these trying times.

  10. Ah yes, 8pmEST. National news will be done for the day, fans will be watching football/baseball/etc., John probably thinks he’ll have an easy presser. Assuming he even takes questions. Media, have at him.

  11. Why is Harbaugh speaking? This situation calls for no less than Ozzie Newsome to address it. Where’s he hiding at?

  12. why is this a story? the issue was resolved over a month ago. The video confirms what everyone already knew. Does slapping your wife across the face ever look good?

    If NJ doesn’t re-open the case, which it can’t, then there’s nothing else to be done. He’s still a scum bag but the NFL is full of em.

  13. I really don’t see a way that the Ravens can come back from this from a PR standpoint without straight up cutting him.

    It’s on the front page of every major news outlet right now. Even non football fans know who Ray Rice is and exactly what he did.

  14. She traded taking a beating for a lifetime mealticket, if they do anything more to Ray it devalues her trade, Ray needs to play to pay her.

    Anything done now hurts her more than Ray

  15. Was it awful that he hit her? Yes it was and 2 games wasn’t enough punishment. Is everyone commenting on this story perfect? Apparently so.

  16. The NFL, the team and the players must do what’s right here! As a professional athlete, you are a role model to many, for someone who’s constantly in the public eye, you have to be held to a higher standard. Personally speaking, my suggestion is to the sponsors to the NFL; pull back your funding, make a statement and maybe the NFL will finally stand accountable for not only the product they put on the field but the product representing them off the field. Sponsors, rather than support an organization that continues to employee such people, invest your millions upon millions of dollars to those organizations which without fan-far offer support to those effected by these type of crime.

  17. Kudos to what appears to be the heavy majority of Ravens fan for not making any excuses for this crap. Time to fire Goodell and the prosecutor who chose not to pursue this.

  18. Was it awful that he hit her? Yes it was and 2 games wasn’t enough punishment. Is everyone commenting on this story perfect? Apparently so.

    You don’t have to be perfect to know that you shouldn’t knock out your fiancee with a punch to the face.

  19. THEN he dragged her out by the hair…

    It seems the Raven’s owner should be the one holding the press conference. If Rice or his representatives lied to the team, Rice should be cut. If the team knew, and supported him like this, the front office should be emptied out.

    If I recall correctly, Arthur Blank took a pretty tough stand when he found out Vick had lied to him.

  20. They have a statue of a man who very probably commited murder or he knows who did commit murder in front of their stadium . So that’s their standards for their heros . Harbaugh’s brother in SF slams every other team in the league when their players get in trouble then talks about being above reproach while his own guys continue to discover new levels of stupid …

    Ah , the Harbaughs . I’m sure John will have some equally idiotic statement later today . This should be interesting .

  21. He should double down on Ray’s victim shaming, if you get knocked down you should get back up non-apology and have Harbaugh talk more about how great of a guy Ray Ray is….amp it up! Deny deny deny, obfuscate, victim attack change the narrative…


    James Carville.

  22. “So John, what is it that you thought made Ray such a ‘nice guy’? Was it his off the field activities or his left cross?”.

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