Mike Pettine: There are no moral victories


The Browns came into Heinz Field on Sunday well aware of the organization’s dismal history at the home of the Steelers.

After a poor first half, the Browns came close to getting a better result. They scored 24 straight points to tie the game at 27 in the fourth quarter, but the Steelers were able to drive for a winning field goal that sent the Browns to their 10th straight season opening loss. After the game, coach Mike Pettine said he was happy to see his team rally but wanted the players to keep their focus on the result because there’s no such thing as losing well in the NFL.

“I told the team afterwards this is a pass-fail league,” Pettine said, via the team. “We failed. I’m proud of the effort in the second half but it’s a valuable lesson to learn. You’re behind 24 points at halftime. I don’t know what the percentages are of coming back and winning. I guarantee it’s probably right around one. There are no moral victories in this league, but I was proud of the resolve and the character that showed up.”

The Browns had success going with a higher tempo offense in the second half as they kicked up the urgency in light of the score. Getting that urgency level where it needs to be at the opening kickoff should be a top priority this week because the Browns may have wound up with a win had they shown up from the outset.

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  1. Had the defense lived up to billing, CLE wins this game. Hoyer and the run game did enough to win.

    I just got sick of the Manziel ISO cam, but no one need ask why. Now with Cameron out, they need to find a new target.

    Crowell will get carries. He has juice. Pettine’s just trying to be a hard a**. He should be pumping up his team for what they did, in coming back. Instead a coach who hasn’t won anything, is talking like he’s the greatest.

    So today he will dwell on the negative and gloss over what they did right.

  2. I don’t care who you are, what the Browns did was impressive. Sure, they came up short, but still exceeded expectations. Them dawgs have some fight.

  3. Hmm, wonder if Josh Gordon would have made a 3 point difference? He only went for over 200 yards last time they played.

  4. Pettine should address whatever happened with that Defense. I think Big Ben had close to 300 yards at half and they couldn’t stop anything. Steelers first punt came close to the end of the 3rd quarter. Can’t have that. Our defense was supposed to be the strength of the team. I was impressed with Hoyer and the rest of the team after half but you can’t spot a team like this 24 points and expect to win.

  5. I few posters are failing to understand, that even after the scRAMS undressed the Brownies in game #3 of the preseason in CLE, that it was DEFENSE and the investment in that defense that was put forth that would carry this team. And for them to cough up as many points and yardage to a pretty vanilla offense (e.g. H. Miller and A. Brown who are the only weapons of any consequence to Rothlisberger), was flat out disappointing. Most posters got it though… Dansby, Mingo, Haden, Krueger and the rest of the defense should have made stops. The offense did its part in the second half… now let’s hope for next Sunday that Pettine can get ALL 53-players to play 60 minutes and not just 30 when they want to.

  6. I think Pettine has the right take on this. He said he’s “proud of the resolve and character” and it’s good that he did. But no one should feel good about losing. He obviously doesn’t, and he’s not giving permission to anyone on the team to either.

    On to next week! Go Browns!

  7. our DBs sucked outside haden otheer then that GILBERT the other 1st rounder was getting burned alot he was goin for I-N-T-S instead of batting down the ball and making tackles WE NEED WR’s badly ugh can randy moss come out retirement?

  8. 3 things to take away …

    1) Hoyer looked like the best QB in a long time

    2) We actually have a coach who made real half time adjustments.

    3) If we game plan what we adjusted to in the 2nd half we coould win 7 games or more this year

  9. There’s not gonna be a lot of actual victories either. Watch him go stab his GM in the back through the media, like he did to Rex Ryan for so long, as soon as they’re in a hole. What a snake.

  10. Hard to believe people agree with Pettine, that his guys did nothing right. Had Luck or Manziel engineered such a comeback, they’d erect a statue outside the stadium.

    He should use the carrot and compliment what they did right.

  11. The factory of sadness should trade Johnny can’t play Football to Jerruh and the Cowboys. Romo is finished and Skeletor is desperate. His glasses were so fogged up he couldn’t even see his stadium was overrun by Niners fans yesterday. They could fleece the Cowgirls and build up some draft picks.

  12. Browns forum has an ongoing watch on the Bills for their draft spot.
    Typical Factory outlook.

    I think you better watch your own spot, which will probably be the 1st overall, and the Bills in the low 20s..

  13. I don’t know what Pettine said to the Browns at half time, but I want some. If they do that for an entire game, they will start winning.

  14. Meanwhile the Bills, who the Browns fans have been trashing the last few weeks, have learned how to win these types of games…..good luck Brownies….

  15. Pettine made halftime adjustments, and had great success, although not enough to win. The guy can coach. The Browns have a chance. Not a Browns fan, but I liked what I saw from them in the 2nd half.

  16. I still don’t understand why shanahan changed his offensive approach on that last series. They were pinned back against their goal line and needed to either eat time off the clock to force OT or gain some field position. That was a horrible series and that wide receiver screen doesn’t work when everyone is in the box. Yet he still called it.

  17. Honestly how many people (non Browns fans) saw a Josh Gordon-less Browns put up any points let alone 27 against an extremely over hyped Pittsburgh defense? On top of that despite the talking heads on TV saying the opposite so far no one is screaming for Johnny Football (and Joe Thomas saying Hoyer is like Tom Brady almost looks like an insult as Brady wished he played like Hoyer yesterday).

    On top of that all rumors point to Josh Gordon being back in time for game 3 and Justin Gilberts’ role being reduced.

    If the defense is taken care of this team might be for real which begs the question of what happens to Johnny Football if Hoyer continues to outplay the Andrew Lucks of the world.

  18. “Mike Tomlin looks like the Chef from South Park especially when he wears sun glasses”

    Now that’s funny!

    Now teach some Ravens fans how to take some jabs.

    Steelers fan here who admits we were lucky to escape & be exposed NOW rather than later.


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