NFL suspends Ray Rice indefinitely


Ray Rice won’t be playing for the Ravens again after the team released him on Monday.

He won’t be eligible to resume his playing career a week from now either. NFL spokesman Greg Aiello announced on Twitter that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has suspended the veteran running back indefinitely.

“Roger Goodell has announced that based on new video evidence that became available today he has indefinitely suspended Ray Rice,” Aiello wrote.

It’s the least you’d expect from the league based on the video released on TMZ on Monday that shows Rice knocking his then-fiance (and current wife) out with a left hand to the face. It left the league looking clueless, at best, about the nature of Rice’s crime, something they admitted when they announced they had never viewed the video from inside the elevator before deciding that Rice’s conduct warranted a two-game suspension.

The league deserves no great praise for extending a suspension they already admitted was too short by changing the league’s policy on domestic violence. They do deserve a lot of questions about the way the Rice investigation was handled and how they’ll handle such cases in the future.

As for Rice, it’s hard to see him playing in the league again this season. Beyond that, he’ll be 28 and two years removed from an awful season so it’s not unthinkable that he’s played his final down.

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291 responses to “NFL suspends Ray Rice indefinitely

  1. From 2 games to suspended indefinitely. I’m glad it happened but this is trying so hard to save face. Ole’ Rog is probably shaking in his boots.

  2. This is completely ridiculous. Even if the Ravens and the NFL didn’t see the video, what do they think happened in the elevator.

    Completely disingenuous.

  3. Thank God. Great Job Ravens. (Ray McDonald, please pick up the white phone…Ray McDonald…”)

    Now it’s up to Roger Goodell to personally call every team and ask them to sign Rice to their practice squad.

  4. I would guess she got a prenup agreement from him that says if he ever strikes her again she gets EVERYTHING. Hopefully she was smart enough to do so.

  5. TOO LATE ROGER!!! WTF did you think happened in that elevator?? Even IF Rice and his wife claimed he was ‘defending’ himself…there is NEVER a time a man has the right to beat ANY woman. So you gave this monster TWO games and NOW, after seeing him actually punching his wife, you grow balls and suspend him indef.? GODell must lose his job now, too.

  6. I’m still having a hard time believing this was new to Roger…covering his tracks at best. Really wondering about the future state of the league!

  7. Shouldn’t it only be 6 games based on Goodell’s new DV policy??? I agree with the indefinite suspension but just pointing out the hypocrisy and arbitrary nature of this dopey commissioner.

  8. Of course it is the right move. Question? Why after the video was released? What did they think a guy knocking a woman out would look like? Looks exactly as you would imagine. NFL and Godell have to feel ashamed of themselves right about now

  9. I personally would have cut Ray Rice and suspended him from football for 6 games soon after this all happened. What is going on right now is now about the woman. This is the NFL having an internal battle between wanting to win games and put a good product on the field vs. the NFL fearing the loss of money and the bad image from an emotional mob of people who just saw a video. Nobody in the NFL or with the Ravens cares about the woman. MONEY IS WHAT IT IS

  10. 1st they fix the Rice suspension. Next the drug policy will be fixed and Gordon will be back on the field by week 5 at the latest. At least they’re admitting their mistakes for once…

  11. The NFL saw the video before. More than a few reporters ran tweets from NFL sources citing that the league had seen the tape. A few also tweeted about contents of that tape (again, via NFL sources) that match perfectly with what came out today. Go check out Deadspin.

    The NFL is lying. And Goodell should not get off the hook here.

  12. i bet she regrets marrying him now. the whole marriage was a sham to minimize his punishment and to start making money again. she can’t get half of everything if he is unemployed…

  13. The NFL and the Ravens have saved a smidgen of face with their actions today, but I’m never going to buy the idea that neither organization saw this video today. They were just hoping it would never see the light of day.

  14. Wonder how long the woman he treated as a punching bag will stay with him now that he’ll never see another NFL paycheck….

  15. Roger Goodell must have called in sick today so somebody else is handing out realistic punishments.

  16. One thing we do know about old Roger…do not lie to him. he will lower the hammer if you lie to him. most likely Rice and his wife lied at their meeting and downplayed what happened in the elevator. and now Roger knows what happened and he is gone

  17. If the local prosecutors told the NFL they saw the video and that it supported Ray’s “she started it” mantra then I can maybe see why they didn’t push harder to see it. When the locals do not charge it is tough to think there is this much evidence against the guy. Good move even if too late.

  18. And all it took was the video that TMZ published that the NFL said they never saw…Hmmm….

  19. Given the new video evidence ….


    What exactly did they think happened in that elevator?

  20. Heads should roll at NFL Headquarters for this one. SOMEBODY there saw this video before now. Goodell might want to polish up his resume.

  21. This is a crossroads for his life – hope he really now odes get the help he needs because the person on that video has deep issues that would have never gone away with the Ravens and John Hairball’s boot licking. I feel sorry for the girl – and pray she will be allright and not get in the cross hairs of further rage..

  22. If he were still an all pro both the NFL & Ravens would have weathered the storm. Declining/bad players always get the boot, studs stay just look at A. Smith.

  23. Double Jeopardy?

    you can’t get punished twice for the same crime.
    This will be litigated and Rice will win.

    They had enough details and enough time to make a better decision the first time around.

    The fact that they are simply reacting to public outcry is shameful to say the least.

    tisk tisk Roger.

  24. This doesn’t make sense to me. First he is suspended for two games. Then public backlash comes and Goodell admits he made a mistake and makes future incidents more costly. Now there is new video along with public outrage and he suspends him indefinitely. If he knew he made a mistake then why not fix it back then? Does he need to revisit the 6 game policy now? It does not seem smart to change everything based on public opinion when emotions are still high.

  25. He’ll be back.

    Stallowerth and Brent were reenstated to the league after killing people, Michael Vick was welcomed back with open arms, and Ray Lewis is going to be in the hall of fame on the first ballot. The only reason that Rice might not make it back into the league is his declining level of play.

  26. Can the constituents within the DA’s jurisdiction suspend him/her indefinitely as well?

  27. So what did they see that they were not expecting? Did they previously think she tripped and fell into his fist?

    The only thing I saw that I was not expecting to see was his fiance walking towards him like she was going to hit him (right before he hit her). Obviously that still doesn’t justify any punch to her face, but again, what was seen in this video that the NFL was not expecting?

    This was to completely save face.

  28. The first thing I thought of when I saw the video of him dragging her out of the elevator was, “where is the elevator video?” It’s hard to believe anyone in the NFL league not thinking the same thing.

    Either they saw this and are lieing through their teeth now, or they willfully ran a shoddy investigation into the matter in the first place.

    Not a. Good situation on either front.

  29. Goodell: “We never realized until we saw the video that he actually hit her.”

    So now we go from two game suspension, to six game suspension, to indefinite suspension. Way to keep backpedaling, Roger. Eventually you’ll get it right.

  30. Hopefully this piece of trash never plays in the NFL again. He doesn’t deserve the privilege!

    While the Ravens did the right thing by terminating hos contract, too bad they are taking a cap hit for the next couple years of 14+ million. Maybe ol Rog will wave his magic wand and not impose the cap penalty

  31. Again, Goodell should be fired with him.

    It’s completely unbelievable that they didn’t see the video. If it’s true then they did a very poor job of investigating and he should be fired for that instead.

    Also, I suspect the DA will be fired shortly, as he or she should be.

    All you Ravens’ fans who cheered him and the organization should hide your collective heads in shame. You didn’t know what happened in the elevator because you choose willful ignorance.

  32. So it’s 6 games unless the public gets really really mad. Got it.

    Definitely NOT supporting any of what Rice did, and an indefinite suspension seems appropriate. I just want some consistency.

  33. Roger Goodell needs to lose his job over this.

    The NFL’s domestic violence approach:

    Step 1: Trivialize it and blame the victim.

    Step 2: Give a slap on the wrist and proclaim that you take it seriously but are bound by precedent. When that doesn’t satisfy the masses, announce a new policy that has so many holes in it that it is not really a change from the old policy.

    Step 3: Try your best to hide the evidence.

    Step 4: When you finally get caught, claim that you never saw the evidence.

    Step 5: Make everyone dress in pink for a month to show that you care about women.

  34. It’s what should’ve happened from the beginning and any people that supported Ray Rice before should be ashamed of yourselves. Terrible, absolutely disgusting.

  35. I predict his wife leaves him too. And takes him to the cleaners. If you make that kind of money. You have to stay in control of yourself at all times. You lose control you lose everything else along the way.

  36. Ray Rice punches wife contract terminated and suspended indefinite. Ray Lewis kills a man and got contact extension and goes to ESPN and hall of fame

  37. Let the law suits commence.

    I don’t understand how you can hand out a punishment, create new rules, then break their own rules by suspending Rice indefinitely. It’s a lawsuit in the making. NFL has only compounded thier screw up even more than they did by suspending him for two games.

  38. Yeah the video explains so much more? No the facts were there before… and you blew the ruling. Admit the fault that this should have been done initially.

  39. You have got to be kidding me. . Dude made a horrible mistake and it looks really bad, however, if we are talking about banning this man for life, then two wrongs do not make a right.
    This league is littered with players and executives that have recordable offensives or a rap sheet thT are still involved with the NFL. OJ still draws his 25,000 per month pension from the league.
    I agree with the Ravens suspending his contract but the league expanding his suspension? I disagree with that unless Ray lied about what happened and the video tells a different story.

  40. He won’t be able to find a job washing dishes. To his now wife–divorce him now, save yourself a lifetime of abuse and get half of his money because it wont last long.

  41. Obviously Goodell either saw the video or knew of it’s existance and buried his head in the sand. Either way, that sort of action/inaction and subsequent total lack of common sense cries for the commissioner’s resignation as well.

  42. So slapping your wife around is OK as long as no one see it? Excellent!

    And her punishment is losing that 7-figure baller salary? Excellent!

  43. Somehow this frustrates me even more. Didn’t they just draw up a rule that specifically says this is a 6 game suspension?
    So beating your wife isn’t THAT big of a deal unless it’s on video?

  44. So, now the wife has to claim that she married him because she could not remember what happened in the elevator due to being knocked out and she simply went along with Ray’s explanation. But now, in light of the footage, she realizes not only is he an abuser but a liar and she can proceed to get a divorce and take him to the cleaners, an act that will have even more impact now that he is no longer drawing an NFL income.

  45. I guess later is better than never….

    But honestly, Goodell, what did you think the video looked like. This now reeks of PR maneuvering instead of doing what’s right to begin with.

    He knocked her out… the fact that you see it now, doesn’t make it any worse that he knocked her out.

    They should have done this from the get go and not just waited until the PR nightmare forced their hand.

  46. ctiggs says:
    Sep 8, 2014 2:58 PM
    double jeopardy


    Are you even aware of what double jeopardy is?

    It is a concept that applies SOLELY to criminal proceedings; nothing else.

    We all live in multiple jurisdictions and are accountable for our actions in a variety of ways. I am glad to see that Ray Rice is finally having to face some real accountability for his actions.

    The NFL hollowly asserts it is trying to “protect the shield” when in actuality it is trying to protect the purse.

  47. Wow, that got ugly fast. But like everyone else, how in blue blazes did they think she ended up unconscious. Wasn’t a love tap and anyone with a shred of common sense would know that….

  48. I agree… cynic in me on Goodell not understanding the punch !

    AND… sorry… not only did Ray Rice get his day in court with a slap on the wrist.. the Justice served but NFL ruled also.

    Now they suspend him… i think its like , tried twice for the same crime.

    like it not, OJ beat his trial on murder… Did not Ray Lewis settle his out of court… paid off the accusers ?

    And yet a statue outside the Stadium…

    Wow…. yet in every major city in America, cops got to homes and maybe arrest a low percent of …domestic violence cases…

    I say let it pan out on the field and behind closed doors with the Mrs

  49. “Coach Harbaugh offers up a vigorous defense of Ray”.

    Only the names have been changed to protect the not so innocent. Ray McDonald’s address was visited previous to the latest incident according to local police.

  50. Now suspend Goddell for an extreme mishandling of this and most other discipline issues. Then when he returns, take away his executive power over discipline.

  51. Guess we will hear from the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton soon. Oh wait, scratch that. Probably not…

  52. good ! The ravens andthe NFL finally got it right. i thought this piece of trash was going to get away with caving his wifes face in. im glad his NFL days are over.

  53. Nice try to save face, we know you lied, we know you tried to protect one of your stars and you tried to sweep this entire thing under the rug.

    No one with an ounce of intelligence believes the NFL didn’t see, or couldn’t obtain a copy of a video tape that TMZ was able to.

  54. I feel bad for his wife, especially today. I don’t think I would want to be near Ray today as I think this is likely to happen again and again if it hasn’t already.

  55. the only way he’ll ever get hired again is if he can convince a team he’s worth the PR nightmare and that he is 100% to get reinstated in a reasonable about of time…

    no way that happens… he’s done for life

  56. “Don’t worry Ray, we will get you through this thing, we know you are a great person who just made a bad decision”…….wonder how Ray Rice feels toward Goodell and Newsome now??? I am thinking about like how Saddam Hussein felt towards Donald Rumsfeld when he was just about to be hung….this was done to bury the narrative of the NFL and Goodell claiming they never knew of or saw this video before today. Liars.

  57. Which goes against their new policy of 4 games then a ban.

    This is what the Raiders are banking on to get him for week 5.

  58. Witch hunt and mob mentality. I don’t like it. Calm down people. Yes, the original punishment should have been longer but he should not be banned for life. In addition, if he was a superstar he would have never been cut from the Ravens.

  59. As a precaution, I would urge his wife to leave the house until Rice’s state of mind is determined.

  60. Welcome to the first week of the 2014 season.

    The NFL Hall of Shame committee selects:

    * Ray Rice
    * Roger Goodell & staff
    * Ravens ownership
    * Ravens management
    * Ravens headcoach Jim Hairball
    * Prosecutor’s office giving him a very lenient plea deal
    * Ravens fans who supported him
    * Ravens fans who applauded him
    * Ray Rice’s fiancee/wife

  61. I visit this site for news that is occurring with the NFL.

    Please stop making articles like this and write more about really important issues like the name of the Washington team… you know the Redskins.

    You know the name that was assigned to honor Indians.

  62. completefan says:

    But because he is released from his contract with the Ravens, he is eligible to play in the CFL.

    Unlikely. If you have a felony record in the US the generally will not allow you into Canada. While he was not convicted of a felony in this case, the video will take precedence in their eyes no doubt and I think there’s about a 99.99% chance they will deny him a work visa if he tries this.

  63. sad thing is..

    he will take the year off. Someone always needs a RB. He will sign with someone.

  64. So what exactly did this video show that wasn’t known before? This is pretty much exactly how I imagined this event happened based on what was already released.

  65. I know one person who is absolutely against his release & suspension …. his wife, Janay Palmer

  66. Devil’s Advocate: What exactly is on the video that the Ravens, the NFL, the DA in New Jersey …literally EVERYBODY didn’t already know?

    Greg Hardy, convicted of a worse crime…played yesterday. Josh Brent killed a man and then violated his paroled (and the drug policy) multiple times and got 10 games. But neither is a TMZ-generated viral story on social media on the NFL’s opening week.

    Pretty hard to feel bad for Rice, but the inconsistency and double standards are pretty maddening. IMO this entire episode is at least as damning for Goodell as it is for Rice.

  67. TMZ reports that the NFL saw this video before they gave the initial suspension. If it is shown to be correct that the NFL had this, regardless of whether they chose to actually look at it or not, Goodell should resign or be fired.

  68. What does a woman do, when she rushes to marry her athlete fiancé so she doesn’t have to testify against him, and to attain part of his wealth, only to later find out that he is unemployed?

  69. KIR says:
    Sep 8, 2014 3:11 PM

    Witch hunt and mob mentality. I don’t like it. Calm down people. Yes, the original punishment should have been longer but he should not be banned for life. In addition, if he was a superstar he would have never been cut from the Ravens.


    He is a superstar. He was cut.

  70. This additional ruling by the NFL sets such a dangerous precedent under the player conduct policy. By no means do I condone Rice’s actions (I believe should already have been banned from the NFL), but his case was reviewed by the league and a ruling was made on his punishment (no matter how laughable that ruling was). Why did we need to see a video of Rice attacking his wife for them to bring the additional punishment? Did they think he tickled her unconscious? This does feel like double jeopardy; what now keeps Goddell from layering on sanctions against players already serving suspensions?

  71. Those Harbaugh boys sure drag their feet when it comes to getting tough with woman beaters, huh?

  72. Haha. I had Rice stashed away on my bench on one of my fantasy teams. Just went to dump him. 50,033 others had dropped him.

    I think the Ratbirds and Harbaugh are going to have a press conference at 8:00 p.m. I can already hear the back tracking!!

  73. Wrong on all counts. Too short before, too long now. A total overreaction of what we already knew to begin with. He does not deserve to be suspended indefinitely. Six to eight games was appropriate to begin with. More bullcrap!

  74. It seemed very obvious to me that he knocked out his wife with a punch from day one. There were reports of what the other video showed and she was clearly unconscious after coming out of the elevator with him. This new video certainly creates even more outrage, but I feel like the facts were already the same. The NFL will need to be held accountable now to why they did not suspend indefinitely from the very first instance.

  75. I’m certainly not supporting a (ugh, distasteful retch) woman beater, but that couple seriously needs help. Talk about a dysfunctional relationship, and Ray needs more than just “relationship counseling.” For goodness sake, that was a full-on shot to the chops, probably drop almost anyone. Shamey, Ray, shamey!

  76. I think the NFL should also punish/ban/suspend players who have sexual intercourse outside of marriage – regardless of whether the player is single or married.

    Off-topic I know, I just wanted to vent.

  77. Rice should’ve been suspended at least 6 games anyway, but I think it is totally unfair for the league now to suspend the guy indefinitely. A little too late and double jeopardy.

  78. never a wrong time to do the right thing. Kudos to the press for keeping pressure on the NFL in a very obvious case of domestic violence. Hopefully this continues through all levels of the sport

  79. Now, Goodell just needs a good story to explain why the league was telling reporters off the record that they’d already seen this “new” video and that it showed the victim had largely been at fault. Goodell is not going to be able to clean his hands of this. Not only did the league lie, they threw the victim under the bus to justify the short 2-game suspension.

  80. Why shouldn’t he be allowed to play again? Vick killed dogs. Some guy ran over a pedestrian in a crosswalk. Some other guy killed his teammate. All is eventually forgiven. And we all know this.

  81. As much as I’m appalled for what Ray has done, I’m sure he can appeals this because in the law, and in the NFL you cannot penalize someone twice for the same altercation. That is known as double jeopardy. Especially since the Ravens already played game 1, which means he served 50% of his current punishment. Needless to say, if this sticks I will applaud the decision, even though there shouldn’t have been a punishment until all the evidence had been revealed. Like the Irsay punishment, and the future punishment of Ray McDonald.

  82. harryspudder says:

    I say the NFL leaked the tape to TMZ to get themselves out of this…


    That isn’t too far fetched. Goodell sends out statement last week saying he screwed up. They change policy knowing they can’t apply it to Rice. Peter King and others reported they saw this video a while back. To save face they leak it to TMZ to now have an excuse to toss him out. This case holds water!

  83. The NFL gets exposed more every day for the criminal organization that it is. Lies upon lies upon lies. Someone inside the NFL is going to start leaking info and it is going to get even more ugly.
    Great job, Roger!

  84. we all know that domestic violence happens all the time in the NFL behind closed doors. but to be dumb enough or do it regularly enough to do it in public is ridiculous. also the definition of indefinitely is an unspecified or unlimited amount of time. this dude should be done!

  85. If he goes the Chris Brown route the next step to take is to get a tattoo of his wife looking beaten and bruised on his neck. Classy.

  86. It’s not praising the commissioner to say the indefinite suspension was correct route to go.

    Came much later than it should have? Absolutely.

    But he didn’t punch a woman.

    Like most people, I wanted Ray Rice disciplined further. But now I think being a leader means taking the arrows while tempers run hottest. Then make a thoughtful unemotional decision.

  87. Jim Harbaugh, coach of the San Francisco 49ers is arguavly the biggest hypocrite in the NFL. The NFL needs to act on that front, since SF is obviously suspect and possibly, illegitimate.

  88. BWAAAHHHHAAAHHHAAHHAA! Poetic justice for that little prick! He got his..just as he should have in the first place. Besides, the Ravens don’t need him. they can lose on Sunday just as easily without him!

  89. You realize the 49ers Harbaugh would still have Rice on the active roster because “due process” hasn’t convicted Rice.

    I’m just kidding, he already has 3 players that have committed domestic violence on his roster.

  90. Ask his wife if she’s glad he just lost his job and salary. Lost his job and any chance of working without a trial. Nice. Why let the law handle it when it’s more fun to be vigilantes?

  91. So Roger Goodell stuck to his new spousal abuse policy for what, a week?

    Goodell looks foolish being (no pun intended) beaten to the punch by the Ravens.

  92. This is beyond lame. I hope Ray Rice sues the NFL. Unless Ray lied, the video doesn’t change anything.

  93. So what about all the who shoulda done what.
    The scales of justice are now balanced. It took time and a lot of posturing but now its fair.

    And as far as all you ravens fans who support his scum no sense backing off now. Take him home and introduce him to your daughter if hes the second coming like you all claim him to be.

  94. Ray McDonald…..your on the clock.

    How ironic…Ray Rice (aka wifebeater) coached by John Harbaugh.

    Ray McDonald….(aka wifebeater) coached by Jim Harbaugh.


  95. I’m curious if the suspension holds up on appeal. The CBA says that the league can’t punish a player twice for the same offense. The league will clearly argue that they didn’t know the extent of what Rice did but an arbiter may rule that not doing your due diligence is not a viable excuse as to why the league should get a second bite at the apple.

  96. Time for Goodell to step down, this has been bungled from the start. While your at it, lets handle the Josh Brent situation and get him out of the league too. There is absolutely no consistency. Rice gets the ban for hitting his wife (deservedly so) then I think KILLING a guy should get the same treatment? But that’s none of my business…

  97. You know the NFL saw that elevator video. If they didn’t they did not want to. TMZ got it.
    Glad Rice is gone. Hope Roger will be gone too!!

  98. Before this latest video was released, how did people assume that she was knocked unconscious? Did you honestly think it was a love tap or a spanking?

  99. Whats being overlooked in all this is that it took a video for us (society) to become outraged over this. But on honest evaluation, did the video really change anything? We all knew he hit her hard enough to knock her out.

    But somehow most people weren’t upset enough to call for an indefinite suspension. At least not with the volume and frequency we’ve seen in the last 24 hrs. Domestic violence is very real, whether it’s on video or not, and the image of Ray Rice dragging her out of the elevator should have been enough. Better late than never I suppose, but let’s all examine ourselves and why we weren’t this upset initially as well as criticizing Ray Rice, because I think we can all agree he’s an idiot.

  100. “You realize the 49ers Harbaugh would still have Rice on the active roster because “due process” hasn’t convicted Rice.”


    He plead guilty to the charges and was sentenced to probation and counseling. “Due process” came and went already.

    But nice try trying to turn a story about Ray Rice into a a dig on a different team’s coach…

  101. Now the cover up is starting. Peter King reported in SI in July that the he knew that the NFL had seen this video. Now he is pulling that back, looks like he is getting pressure from his primary source of income…

  102. Goodell makes sh!t up as he goes. Rice should have been suspended indefinitely from the beginning and the two game suspension was pathetic. Having said that, if the new, more strict penalty for DV is 6 game, how can he get more than that?

    Wasn’t it reported from the beginning that there was a video from inside the elevator?

    I’m curious to find out what Goodell says next about this.

  103. No way the NFL under the leadership of God-del and the Baltimore and their leadership will ever get the mustard off their face. How did they not know a tape would not come out and you let a player pull the wool over you eyes with all the means you have at your fingertips is unacceptable and now the knee jerk after not being able to hide under the excuse she provoked the HIT is out the window.

  104. voiceofrealism says:
    Sep 8, 2014 3:38 PM

    Ask his wife if she’s glad he just lost his job and salary. Lost his job and any chance of working without a trial. Nice. Why let the law handle it when it’s more fun to be vigilantes?


    Ray Rice salary and bonuses for 2012

    2012 5 Million
    2013 5.75 Million

    Money hopefully will not be an issue for them ever.

  105. Goodell’s punishment is he should be hit just as hard as Ray Rice’s girlfriend (at the time) was.

  106. restorativejusticeprogram says: Sep 8, 2014 3:11 PM

    Two views on the NFL:

    1. They saw the video and are lying; or

    2. They KNEW what video would show and chose not to watch it or obtain it.

    One of the two above is the truth.
    Great post. I would add an addendum to #2: They DIDN’T WANT TO KNOW what the video would show and chose not to watch it or obtain it.

    Either way, Goodell and the NFL aren’t looking too good right now.

  107. John Harbaugh is probably pissed at his brother for not keeping the lid on that video longer.

    Now the pressure is on him regarding Ray McDonald.

    We all saw that “due process” with Ray Rice didn’t result in a legal conviction. John was hoping to do the same for his Ray.

  108. scene right out of casablanca:

    ray rice: how can you shut me down, for what reason?

    inspector renault goodell: i’m shocked, shocked to hear of wife beating going on by nfl players….

  109. This ranks up there with the IRS saying that a hard drive crash erased emails.

    So, we are to believe that this video was produced out of thin air…months after it happened and only TMZ was able to obtain it?

    What a crock. The hotel security camera recorded the whole incident. The NFL, or some other law enforcement agency, decided to edit the video to make what happened in the elevator unclear. Now the NFL is trying to cover their butt.

  110. The NFL and the Ravens finally got it right. His career is OVER immediately and permanently.

  111. What did Pittsburgh do when Big Ben got charged with rape then later admitted to having sex with a barely legal student in a dive bar bathroom ? Oh….while PA state troopers stood guard by the entranceway ?

  112. That woman must have a plan. She married this dude after getting knocked the flock out. That aint’ love, that’s a master plan. Ray better be careful and check his life insurance plan.

  113. 9er fan here. If Ray McDonald ends up getting convicted, he better get the same treatment. Damn all the 6 games nonsense, get these turds out of the league.

  114. Ray Lewis, Ray Rice one a double murderer the other a woman beater. The Ravens should be very proud. So happy they gave Rice the boot. They should have done the same to Lewis but too late for that now since he has retired.

  115. What did Pittsburgh do when Big Ben got charged with rape then later admitted to having sex with a barely legal student in a dive bar bathroom ?
    Roethlisberger’s never been arrested or charged with any crime. He never admitted having sex with the 20-year-old woman in question, whose rape kit showed she didn’t have intercourse with anyone during the time frame in question. That’s why the prosecutor announced there was not even probable cause that a crime had occurred. Very different situation. Nevertheless, Roethlisberger served a four-game suspension just for being an idiot.

  116. Countdown until the divorce papers are filed. Gonna lose 1/2 of everything with no immediate prospects for getting any of it back. This guy has take a nose-dive of epic proportions.

  117. I hate the NFL for this nonsense. It is nothing more than the A-rod scandal for he NFL. I hope RR sues the pants of the NFL and the PA has to eat their pride. Nothing more than a face saving suspension.

  118. myeaglescantwin says:
    “Double Jeopardy?

    you can’t get punished twice for the same crime.”

    Slow down there Matlock. Double Jeopardy applies to our legal system, not an employer.

    The NFL is well within their rights to suspend him.

  119. In watching this video, it appears that Janay slaps Rice before they get into the elevator. Then she elbows him in the face before he pops her the first time.

    Certainly, men shouldn’t hit women.

    What Ray should have done was walked her to the room, given her a kiss goodnight, taken a cab to the airport, flown home to Baltimore and dumped her junk on the lawn.

    He hit a woman. He will pay for that. But I’ll bet Janay wishes she hadn’t hit him first. His reaction to that is going to cost them both dearly.

  120. So much for the speculation. Ray Rice has been busted right on camera and the proof is there for everyone to see. How embarrassing for him and his ex team. Take up boxing Ray. Just try not to hit a women next time especially your future wife.

  121. It’s about time the NFL makes it crystal clear that playing in the league is a PRIVILEGE.

    Rank all the possible felony charges in order…maybe make the bottom 1/4 a 1 year suspension….but the rest result in a lifetime ban.

    Enough of the subjectivity of the fines and penalties. Make a clear that the NFL won’t stand for it. You will gain a lot of integrity…it will only improve your product (and audience)…and it will possibly make these players accountable as people and citizens.

  122. Roethlisberger’s never been arrested or charged with any crime. He never admitted having sex with the 20-year-old woman in question, whose rape kit showed she didn’t have intercourse with anyone during the time frame in question. That’s why the prosecutor announced there was not even probable cause that a crime had occurred. Very different situation. Nevertheless, Roethlisberger served a four-game suspension just for being an idiot.

    Nor had Ray.

  123. CFL commissioner announced that CFL teams will honor the suspension of Ray Rice.

    Ray better looking for a job at a car washer, but I’d rather choose a weed smoker than a woman-beater.

  124. Not sure why he’s being suspended. After all, we’ve all heard from Obama, Holder, Jackson and Sharpton that this is AOK by them.

  125. Witchrunner,

    I could live with you post being totally untrue if it were a little bit funny or original.

    But you make these Obama comments 90% of the time.

    How do you get a rubber stamp to work on a post?

  126. iccrmkd,

    I’m pretty sure the bible doesn’t say anything about slugging your woman being a sin. I think it’s just against the law.

  127. Okay, I’ve stayed shut but I feel compelled to comment now with the “lynch mob mentality” in full force here.

    Let me start by saying that I am a former battered wife, so I have a dog in this hunt so to speak.

    The video changes nothing except to entice the masses and cause a lynch mob against Rice. He admitted previously that he had punched his wife and she was knocked unconscious. He expressed his remorse, apologized. His wife accepted that apology but yet people who don’t even know him are passing judgement, why? Because they got to “see” what he already told them. How does this change the facts in anyway whatsoever?

    Was his original punishment not stiff enough, I might agree with that. But he was punished (NFL decided how that would take place, not HIM), and the police are doing their due diligence.

    So why are we trying to erase this guy off the face of the earth for a mistake and bad judgement? No prior record of anything of this sort, he’s taken responsibility and what was dealt out (whether it was enough or not), so what is the real issue here?

    The NFL didn’t mete out the correct punishment the FIRST time, so let’s get another bite at the apple? Stinks to me.

    Didn’t his wife put her hands on him first? Since when is it okay for a woman to put her hands on a man, but it’s totally uncalled for when a man puts his hands on her in return? Double-standard if I ever saw one. Is she charged with assault also? If not, she should be. It’s not right in either direction.

    As a battered wife, I forgave my husband the FIRST time. After the SECOND time, it was a problem and I got out. Everyone makes a mistake. People lash out in anger all the time. Doesn’t make it right, but since when are we, as people, willing to jump on the bandwagon and erase this guy from the earth as though he never existed.

    Even God forgives sinners, should we do any less?

    – A Former Battered Wife

  128. Didn’t the last guy who got suspended indefinitely (Gregg Williams) get a job a year later? I personally don’t think rice should get another chance but we live in a forgive and forget world. Or is it forget and forgive? Either way this will eventually blow over and we’ll be talking about Michael Sam again…

  129. great post kimbo,
    People see stuff and immediately jump on board the “right side” and try to make sure everybody knows it. The media are the worst culprits. Then they make general statements like “under no circumstances should a man ever hit a woman”. Nobody would dare to dispute them because of the scorn that would follow. They think they are righteous or clever but in reality they are myopic and shallow. The league’s indefinite suspension based on the video is just plain dumb. The policy is still 6 games for the next guy, right? What do they expect it to look like? Like I said, myopic. They also never bothered to think about the power they have given the players’ wives/GFs. If you pay attention at all, you know several of them are flat out crazy and many would use the policy as a way to abuse the player. There is no way a social issue like that can be governed by a zero tolerance directive where all situations are boxed together. To try to erase history as Rutgers is attempting is a bogus PR campaign. Normal people do not blame Rutgers or even the NFL for his behavior.

  130. Let this be a lesson to you Ray Rice. Never ever put your hands on a woman. Be man enough to walk away. Otherwise hitting a woman does not make you a man. It makes you a coward!

  131. Looks like Josh Gordon is still gonna have some NFL competition this season after all. Ray Rice will need to take a job selling cars in Baltimore soon, and he and Gordon can have a bet to see who sells more.

  132. Honestly I don’t see how they were able to do this? They already looked into it and finished their investigation and thought that 2 games was good… then now once this video has came out now it’s a life time ban? Where is the new policy that they put into the place saying that the first offence (which this wouldn’t even be that since all of this happened BEFORE that rule came out) would be a 6 month suspension… I don’t see how they went from 2 games to basically a lifetime ban for the EXACT SAME OFFENCE!! It’s not like this happened a second time, it was the EXACT same thing that got him his 2 game suspension. We have Big Ben who rapes women and he’s still a starting QB and is fine now, we have Mike Vick who fights dogs, gets locked up in PRISON for it and once he got out he’s right back into the spot light and a starting QB and making millions again!! I’m not saying that what Ray Rice did was ok at all but I am saying that there are MANY other guys out there doing as bad or worse offences and they are still stars and no one thinks twice about it and this guy basically gets double jepordy for something that was already in his past. This would be just like if he murdered someone and they went to trial for it and they were found guilty of a lesser charge and did his time but then all the sudden there was video of the murder that came out, they couldn’t then put him on trial again for murder! They should have gotten all the evidance against him before ever giving him his 2 game suspension!! And like I’ve seen many other people say in the comments WHAT DID THEY THINK HAPPENED in there?? They knew exactly what happened in there and they felt that a 2 game suspension was fair and just and now all the sudden when this NEVER before seen video comes out of no where it’s a lifetime ban pretty much?? They are trying to over do it because they got so much heat for going to easy on him the first time, now they are going WAY over board according to their OWN rules and policies to try and save face but in my book they need to rethink this… Like I said what he did was NOT ok but they already gave him a 2 game suspension they shouldn’t be able to come back out later and make it worse just because of this “new” video showing what EVERYONE KNEW happened in there. They should have just left it alone and left it at his 2 game suspension, everyone knows what he did and it’s not like it’s not going to happen again… anyone who could hit a woman like that and not think twice about it will end up doing it again and again until they get help with it which he will not do… Give me a ton of thumbs down if you want but this was an unfair and unjustified ban!!!!

  133. Agreed with above about gutless eff’s in the NFL. “Like I said what he did was NOT ok but they already gave him a 2 game suspension they shouldn’t be able to come back out later and make it worse just because of this “new” video showing what EVERYONE KNEW happened in there.” Did they really think he brushed against her cheek going to push the down elevator button? Of course he smashed her. Hard. They knew it had to be a vicious hit without the video. Then they take the pious high road and kick him out for good saying “man that was really bad” when it is confirmed, and they look totally stupid doing it. Granted the guy is a loose cannon. With our our secretary here formerly married to a former NFL linebacker who used her for a punching bag and told of others, it seems to be not too uncommon.

    I also agree with the Roethlisberger/Vick comment. Rice, like any other criminal, also deserves a change to go straight and be productive, tho in the court of popular opinion, he made never have gotten another change and that’s on him and his actions. (btw.. the linebacker went on to be a judge. Not saying he hasn’t amended his ways…) Rice could be a start to change football culture.

    Something wrong with this country when we put illegals who are murders back on the streets or make a professor out of a former domestic terrorist who admittedly was involved in murdering, yet we feel smug when we trounce a guy who actions were condemnable, but who says he wants to work hard to overcome his problem.

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