NFL: We didn’t see Ray Rice video until today

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How could the NFL only suspend Ray Rice for two games despite the video showing him punching his wife? The NFL says the answer is simple: They didn’t know about it.

The league’s PR department said this morning, hours after TMZ published the video, that no one in the NFL office had seen the video before.

“We requested from law enforcement any and all information about the incident, including the video from inside the elevator. That video was not made available to us and no one in our office has seen it until today,” the league said in its statement.

That raises some obvious follow-up questions. For starters, why didn’t NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell demand that Rice give him access to the tape? Rice and his lawyer had access to the tape, and the league could have said that Rice allowing the league to see the tape was a requirement of Rice being allowed to play in the NFL.

The other obvious follow-up is, Will the NFL now re-open the case against Rice, and consider a harsher discipline than just the two-game suspension he is currently serving?

The Ray Rice case has been such terrible PR for the NFL that it’s hard to imagine the league will allow him to return to the Ravens in a week. Now that the league has seen the Rice video, it’s time for the league to lengthen Rice’s suspension.

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232 responses to “NFL: We didn’t see Ray Rice video until today

  1. If we find out the NFL did see the video – do we start worrying about integrity of the league office?

  2. Wow! How does the legal department of the NFL not push to get this video? I’m sorry but if an NFL player is dragging his fiance’s lifeless body from an elevator, I’m demanding the video from inside. I don’t stop until I get it. Just goes to show how much the NFL didn’t want to see it so they could use this excuse after a light punishment. They wanted to make the punishment as light as possible and hope to god the video never made it to public viewing. I can’t even believe I’m reading this right now. Just made yourself look even worse Roger.

  3. never saw the tape…..sure….WHAT???

    who are these people and surely the NJ prosecutor saw the tape and he still let the little weasel off the hook…..Fire Roger….Fire Little Ray and Fire that NJ Prosecutor….this stinks to high heaven!!!

    I wonder what HardHead has to say now about his little darling???

  4. Well the obvious answer is that contrary to PFT’s thinking, the NFL is not the legal system. They cannot just demand to see something that the police or legal system has not made readily available…

    Everything is not always as simple as the TV shows make it out to be. For goodness sakes…

  5. An employee from the hotel says that the NFL saw the video but the NFL says that they did not see it. It is more likely that the NFL is trying to go back and make things right.

  6. His career needs to be ended at this point IMHO. Any “man” that does that sort of thing has no business being a role model to any kids that supported him. He needs to get a real job, maybe bagging groceries or shoveling animal excrement!

  7. The real question is whether the version Ray Rice reported to Goodell matched up with what was seen on the video….. If Rice lied to the commissioner, then Rice might not be getting back to the team for many, many weeks.

  8. Well, assuming we believe you, now that you saw it, what are you going to do about it, Goodell? Right now, the NFL and the Ravens have a HUGE BLACK EYE because of this. Rice blasted his fiancé and knocked her out with one punch and without her attacking him first.

    You better correct this mistake you made on the penalty, and do it quickly. One year suspension.

  9. So the NFL is admitting TMZ does a better job investigating domestic violence than it does? Not sure I’d be coping to that. Or their lying, whichever you’d prefer.

  10. I call complete BS on the NFL not seeing this video. That is Hotel elevator video. Their investigation would have asked for their cameras first. How would they only see one hotel video but this this (obviously the most important angle). I feel that they saw this, but saw how only the other one was leaked so tried to suppress this absolutely disgusting video. Now they have a bigger issue to deal with.

  11. The NFL has to lengthen this suspension. The NFLPA wouldn’t dare to argue against it. I don’t see how they couldn’t have seen this video but that’s all irrelevant now. Rice needs to be gone for long time.

  12. Welp, I learned today that the NFL’s gigantic outreach pales into comparison of that of TMZ.

  13. Good Lord, the NJ State’s Attorney, Roger Goodell, and the Ravens all screwed this up. They’re of course lying about never having seen this tape, but man if this is what it takes to actually lengthen the suspension to what it should be, better late than never. He cannot be on an NFL field in 13 days.
    Famous last words, but the vibe in Baltimore is different this morning. The people will let their disgust be heard. I hope I’m not wrong.

  14. … this is DUMB…

    Either you turned a blind eye and ignored the fact it existed


    You really have no idea what is going on in your league, despite mass media attention.

    Either way… way to go Goodell.

  15. Sorry but this no excuse. And if this is there stance then they need to revisit his punishment. If they are going to let Josh Gordon and Wes Welker penalties slide then they need to make an example out of the garbage that is ray rice!

  16. Saying that they never saw the video is almost as bad as saying they saw it and gave a light punishment. Both scenarios look bad for the league.

    How can you have an investigation in which you know there is video of the incident and not look at the video?

    Trust me. There’s nothing on it.

  17. Go ahead and apply the 8 game rule right now.

    That was insane. I assumed that he got a light punishment because the NFL had seen the tape and she was attacking him and he defended himself and in the process knocked her out.

    That was horrible. Anyone, especially a women, wearing a Ray Rice jersey in Baltimore should be ashamed of themselves.

  18. Don’t worry….the good people of Baltimore supported a murderer like Ray Lewis, you know they got the back of a women beater like Ray Rice. Those are just the facts..

  19. Scumbag liars. NFL just got caught with their pants down. Gooddell is beholden to his billionaire team-owners, and he ran the risk of alienation if he suspended of those team-owners’ $20+ million workhorses. Can you say “conflict of interest”?

    Now that the Rice situation has shamed the NFL deeply, and on multiple levels, expect the shield to “adjust” its punishment on Rice.

    I’ll be expecting a news flash just before the first game tonight, when the league has its largest audience, in front of which, it can pat its own back for a job well done.

  20. Then they need to step up and do the right thing TODAY… this is not double jeopardy… this is not a criminal court case… this is the privlidge of being a member of an NFL team… Rice has abussed that privlidge…

    NFL do the right thing NOW !!!
    Ravens do the right thing NOW!!!

  21. MDS the answer to your question is that this is called damage control. They saw the video and didn’t care. I guarantee that one. Hopefully they step up and suspend him longer but even more so, hopefully the Ravens step up and cut him.

  22. Yeah, I’m sure that TMZ had access to the video and the NFL did not. Once found out that the league indeed did see the video, there should be a full scaled effort to have Goodell step down. This will get interesting and anyone that has money can inquire to TMZ about who had access to the video.

  23. I’m not buying this for a second.

    The NFL was hoping to sweep this under the rug and it has now bitten them in the behind.

    Rice should have been suspended for a year – minimum. And the Ravens should have been allowed to opt out of his contract.
    I just don’t see Rice playing another down in the NFL.

  24. Before you guys get all high & mighty on this I still haven’t seen a follow-up story about Wes Welker who has since denied taking Ecstsy or Molly or MDMA or whatever. So what is the deal here?

  25. The unfortunate thing about all this is that there is a 99.9999999% chance this wasn’t the first time. Rey just got caught. Which is why he’s remorseful. If he didn’t, he’d still beating her as he probably has been doing their whole relationship. You just don’t punch your girlfriend like that in an elevator and it be the first time ever you reacted like that. Rey has problems. But cheer on Raven fan.

  26. Every party in this matter looks like a big steaming pile of cow manure, from Rice to the local legal authorities to the Ravens to the NFL.

  27. This is a horrible betrayel by Ray Rice to all the fans of the Ravens and the NFL.

    If this was Tomlinson I would have burned by jerseys. Maybe it shouldnt be about off field behavior. But I have a daughter.

  28. CYA from Goodell. It’s somebody else’s fault for not giving them the video. Sorry, Rog, nobody is going to buy that one. Better start talking 18-game schedule and London to change the topic.

    Most likely scenario: The league thought the video would never get out. And the suspension needed to be short because the PR dept told Goodell is would look bad if the announcers were still talking about the suspension well into the season. Because that’s how Goodell’s league runs: It never has anything to do with right or wrong, just in how the shield will be perceived in the short term.

  29. Generally speaking employers fire employees who fail drug tests. Second point in this Billion dollar Industry Image is everything as it comes to revenue moving upward. So this gives “The League” power to police it’s employees to a different standard when it comes to social issues. This is also standard practice amount law enforcement officials and other people who hold positions of power over te general public.

  30. They’re lying. I remember Roger Goodell being asked about it specifically, and he said “It was as bad as or worse than anythinganyone could imagine.” But now, they haven’t seen it. Okay, yea right.

  31. This is an outright lie. Not only did they see the video, they are the ones responsible as to why it was not leaked (at least until the casino that had the video went out of business)

    The NFL will always do what is best for business. In this case: The video not being shown to the public and the criminal getting a slap on the wrist from law enforcement and the league.

    The NFL tried to control this story and had enough of a narrative going that fans and Baltimore stood and cheered for this fool. This video getting to public changes everything, and shows just how out of touch the NFL, specifically Goodell is.

    There is no way the NFL did not see this video, and it is not believable that it took this long to get the public without a major cover up by the NFL.

  32. Seriously?… Did TMZ just obtain the video?… I find it ironic how they found this video on week #1 of the regular season…

    That’s pretty incredible timing!

  33. I didn’t see the inside the elevator video until today either.

    But even without seeing it I could tell you what happened. Ray Rice beat a woman unconscious.

    What did Goodell think happened that was so drastically different than what is shown on the video?

  34. Absolutely cannot believe they hadn’t seen it. Or at least that they didn’t have access to it. If they hadn’t seen it to this point, it’s because they didn’t want to. That way they could hand down a slap on the wrist, sit back and see if it gets out, and then act appalled at what the video reveals like the rest of us. I’m just as disappointed in the league today as I am Rice.

    Oh and what the hell is that woman thinking? She obviously didn’t deserve anything that happened to her in the video, but after this happened, she married the guy?! No one deserves to be treated that way

  35. Note to Goodell: if your investigative branch can’t find a copy of a video then you need a new investigative branch.

  36. They track players down on vacation to drug test them but they didn’t see the video? Gimme a break. The NFL is corrupt. It’s official. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Liars.

  37. So let’s say they honestly didn’t, that means they were totally okay with handing down that pathetic suspension with out knowing all the facts. Totally pathetic on the part of the NFL.

  38. Roger thought he had solved the problem by burning the tape like he did the Spygate tapes.

    The NFL underestimated the tenacity of the TMZ!

  39. You reap what you sow, Goodell. Enjoy the Thursday Night Prime Time game starring the Ravens this week – – I’m sure the viewership will be huge!

  40. I would dearly love to see all this anger and frustration directed at Godell and the NFL (who deserve every bit of it) also be directed at the prosecutor who did nothing to Rice and we KNOW seen the video.

  41. Paying this guy to promote violence like this is sickening, Roger you need to step down & go back to Buffalo / WNY, then you might learn some manners.

  42. If the suspended players who are out for drug usage get reinstated soon, because of a new policy, this is a good time for the NFL to throw the book at Rice and make it a clean sweep. They would gain positive credibility all the way around.

  43. He pulled her unconscious from the elevator and was charged with assault , so what was so surprising in the video ? Personally I think the league should have banned him for 1 year from the start but why all the surprise at the video ? He was charged with hitting her and the video shows him hitting her . This is what an assault looks like , I don’t need a video to alter my opinion

  44. The real question is how could Rice and his lawyer actually say it was in self-defense while knowing that this video could be released at some point and make their claim look absolutely pathetic. And the other question is how could law enforcement not have a harsher punishment for Rice if they were in possession of this video.

    Before we make the NFL/Goodell the bad guy in this, let’s not forget who the person is that caused all of this – Ray Rice.

    Also, for those actually defending this guy and video, you probably should just shut up and keep your comments to yourself at this point.

  45. Goddell lost all credibility when he made an example of the Patriots and protected other teams by burning the “Spygate” tapes after leaking the footage to his wife at Fox. He was more concerned with espn, $$ and a potential anti trust lawsuit.

  46. Just watched the video, and can’t stop thinking “how could she marry this guy after this event happened”?

    I just don’t understand it.

  47. Yeah, NFL – that is plausible. LOL.

    Let’s face it — you realized after-the-fact that you pooped your pants on the wrist slap … and are now trying to claim you had no idea how it actually went down. Even the earlier video the world saw, he was dragging what looked like a lifeless corpse out of an elevator only the two of them were in. How did you think it happened? You think they were eskimo-kissing, and she was concussed by it???

    Goodell, please go away you overpaid sanctimonious judge/jury/executioner hypocrite.

  48. Is anyone really naïve enough to think this is the ONLY time he has ever hit a woman (as was claimed). The first time you hit a woman is not going to be so hard that it knocks her out cold all just because they are yelling at you. No doubt in my mind this was a common occurance in the Rice household.

  49. Now the “We did not see the video defense” being put out there for an escape.
    We really do live in a fantasy world filled with conjecture and diversion.

  50. This statement also shows just what the NFL thinks of their fans as well.

    You are either dumb enough to believe them, or stupid enough to support them while they lie through their teeth.

    This entire way this has been handled – for that matter all of the slaps on the wrists that all NFL players receive when they break the law – really has my interest in football waning. I love the game, but I’m sick of watching privileged criminals.

  51. Knock out your wife = 2 Games for player

    Orchestrated ‘Bounty’ B.S. = Entire 2012 season for Saints’ fanbase and not one person was hurt.

    Way to go Goodell, Fair as fair can be and he’s making $40 mill to mess everything up..

  52. It shouldn’t matter anymore… It’s just like double jeopardy. The punishment is what it is & the NFL admitted their mistake… They will just take their anger out on the next violator with a 6 game suspension. I just don’t think it’s fair to change the punishment after the fact. Once found not guilty of a heinous crime like murder, you can’t come back a week later & say… oh we have the murder weapon now & re-try a person for the same crime.

  53. If only Goodell had “bellichecked” the evidence the nfl wouldn’t look so bad today. He is getting sloppy as his powers grow. He should grow a set and ban rice for life but he won’t

  54. hahahahahahahaha. The NFL doesn’t have the pull to get this video yet TMZ does? hahahahahaha. The lies the NFL are putting out are embarrassing.

  55. Goodell will now be forced to give Rice the new mandatory 6 game suspension for this dirtbag. If he wants to make this “right” that’s the least he should do.

  56. Hold on, has the prosecutor even seen this video? What the hell is going on here? Is everybody lying or just plain dumb?

  57. HE said they never saw it, not that they didn’t have it and didn’t watch it. Apparently, the league that will follow a player to Hawaii on his honeymoon to drug test him couldn’t find a video tape.

  58. Ever watch the news or heard of YOUTUBE? Goodell just wanted this to go away. I wonder what made them admit it now, someone must have threatened to bust them for a coverup.

  59. Don’t understand how this changes anything. What did people think the video was going to show? I wish people had as much righteous indignation over Ray McDonald playing yesterday after hitting a PREGNANT woman last week or Greg Hardy playing yesterday after a CONVICTION for domestic violence in July. Ray Rice did a horrible think and is paying his price. But I feel that the public is being too harsh on him and not harsh enough on others just because there is a video of Ray Rice.

  60. What makes it even more sad is how he walk away like “oh, this happens all the time…she’ll come around”. It was other people there who showed concern for her? Geez, what a stand up guy.

  61. tcostant says:
    Sep 8, 2014 10:46 AM
    Just watched the video, and can’t stop thinking “how could she marry this guy after this event happened”?

    I just don’t understand it.
    Gold Diggers are hard to understand sometimes

  62. Disgusting. The NFL, the Commissioner, the Ravens owner, GM, president and John Harbaugh need to take some accountability and do the right thing. Get rid of this piece of garbage.

    What Mike Vick did was heinous and he was punished severely and swiftly. Ray Rice does to women what Vick did to dogs. Time to end his career.

  63. Look, I think Rice deserved far worse than he got… but what difference does the video make? There was never any question as to whether or not he knocked the girl out. The video doesn’t change anything.

  64. A wise person said “pick the hill which you are going to die upon.” If they are telling the truth that is one thing. But if they are lying, the truth will come out and this Goodell will be forced to resign.

    Personally, I think this is such a load a crap and to take it a step further. Why didn’t the police get access to the video and press more serious charges? I can’t believe he got away with this.

  65. This might be worse than if the NFL had seen this video…

    …this means that either Goodell did not ask Rice and his lawyer if they could see the video…or that Goodell handed out a very lenient punishment even though Rice did not cooperate.

    Again, this is a reflection upon Goodell’s lack of basic common sense…he is either very inept or very biased, willing to help certain franchises.

    Goodell has to be fired…

  66. Why does anyone need to see the tape?

    She was KNOCKED OUT in an elevator.

    The video showing him actually punches her makes it worse now?


  67. Should employers have stricter policing and punishment than law enforcement agencies in America??


    You have certain rights as an American citizen. You’re innocent until proven guilty.

    You do not have a RIGHT to employment. You earn the job based on merit, luck, connections, whatever…
    Go to YOUR employers Employee Handbook and she what it says about personal conduct.

  68. Occam’s Razor should tell you this is incompetence, not conspiracy. If Rice lied to the NFL, they can extend the suspension, but he probably already admitted to hitting her – “how hard” is irrelevant. If Rice is truly remorseful, he and the Ravens will work out an agreeable extension but that doesn’t solve the commish issue. As soon as the new drug test policy is announced, he HAS to go. No owner would want to be associated with this decision making.

  69. How come I heard Cris Carter on Mike & Mike this morning say he saw the video prior to this morning. So CC can see it, but the NFL can’t “get their hands on it”. Come on NFL, do you really expect this explanation to fly. For C’ sakes, Goddell is a laywer by trade!

  70. In all seriousness– The NFL may have to suspend/hold out Ray Rice for HIS OWN safety… There might be a few players on opposing (or even the same) team wanting a big piece of him now.

    Maybe society would be better served getting him on the field sooner?… And let Justice get served in a different manner?

  71. As NFL fans, we know the players on the teams we love don’t in any way reflect on us. With that being said, I feel bad for the Ravens fans whose morals would never condone this action. You cheer your “Ray Rice up the middle” chant and a year later he is the embarrassment of professional sports.

  72. You mean the long haired blonde dude on TMZ did a better job investigating this than the league office?

  73. The NFL never saw the tape? I doubt that’s the case. However, the NFL knows everyone else has seen it now so they’re forced to increase the suspension. The entire year at minimum should be the result.

  74. Let’s remember who we should really be upset with first here. Rice himself, obviously is scum. But the DA/prosecutors in that area. Are you kidding me? If they do their job correctly, this isn’t even in the NFL’s hands to make a decision. Citizens of that area need a recall election ASAP.

  75. They’re not liars. They knew what they would see if they bothered to get the video and look at it, so they made sure that didn’t happen. Classic political ploy.

  76. Find it interesting that everyone is demonizing the NFL when the real bad guy is Ray Rice. It’s a societal epidemic.

  77. Ok then. New evidence should equal longer suspension.

    Why was Rice suspended at all NFL never saw this video? He never was convicted of anything and the only thing the NFL has stated that they have seen was Rice pulling his then fiance off an elevator. Why was he suspended for anything?

    Gotta call BS on you Goodell.

  78. Yeah, NFL – that is plausible. LOL.

    Let’s face it — you realized after-the-fact that you pooped your pants on the wrist slap … and are now trying to claim you had no idea how it actually went down. Even the earlier video the world saw, he was dragging what looked like a lifeless corpse out of an elevator only the two of them were in. How did you think it happened? You think they were eskimo-kissing, and she was concussed by it???

    Goodell, please go away you overpaid sanctimonious judge/jury/executioner hypocrite.

  79. Take a fertility drug (that isn’t even a PED, just masks other drugs) get a 4 game suspension.

    Knock your wife unconscious with a hard left hook for yelling at you, 2 games.

    Even if it were 6 games, as is the new policy, that would be nowhere near enough. Generally, I am ok with the new policy of 6 games for a 1st offense, but some cases are so egregious, more needs to be done. This is one of those cases.

    In the history of bad behavior by NFL players (that have been proven) the only two I remember being worse than this are Rae Carruth and Leonard Little. I’m sure there are some rapes/sexual assaults that were never reported or proven (here’s looking at you Ben), that are worse, but I can’t remember any that have been proven.

  80. No one believes this lie. Goodell is a lawyer and has talked like one from day one. This is a national disgrace and embarrassment for the entire league. Goodell has to go, look for a petition calling for his resignation. I have been watching the NFL for the last 35 years, his becoming commissioner is slowly ruining the game I love, the game built up from better men than he. I have never heard a pro league commissioner tell a more insulting lie than this. Liar, coward=lawyer.

  81. Are the fans from Baltimore ashamed this morning for supporting this guy with a standing ovation? They should be.

  82. That is one cold mofo. On TMZ, the punch happened at the :23 second mark. Then another 3 minutes of him not going anything to help the “women he loves”. Did you see how he let her head smack the floor after he dragged her out of the elevation face down. Cold, cold, cold…..

  83. I think the NFL was fighting very hard for this tape to NEVER be released.
    They saw this video there is no doubt about it.

    The wife beater is done in the NFL there will be so much heat over this the Ravens will have to cut him because the NFL has already made there STRONG ruling.

  84. There is nothing Goodell can do here. The only ones who can “fix it” are the Ravens. Either Ozzie or preferably Bisciotti can say that after seeing the video they can no longer allow Rice to be on the team. Nothing else will work. They cannot add games and neither can Goodell. To do so would get the “due process”/”double jeopardy” critics riled up. The only fix is for the team to release him and have the memory fade with time.

  85. Oh well I thought according to ravens fans it wasn’t what it looked like in the elevator? Or she attacked him first? There’s really no excuse for beating your wife senseless like that, he’s a piece of garbage

  86. If the NFL didn’t have the elevator video, and if Ray Rice lied to the NFL about what happened in the elevator (like claiming self-defense), and that lie is now proven false by the video, could the NFL suspend him for lying to them?

    Anthony Hargrove got an 8 game suspension for lying about the Saints bounty program.

  87. Settle down everyone! Ray did get a 2 game suspension and no one knows what will become of this video footage. However, let’s not forget that we have no idea how much violence Ray was subjected to by this woman in his relationship before this elevator incident. She is the one coming at him in the elevator, try to remember this. Ray was trapped in an elevator, he couldn’t leave, I’m sure he would have. He defended himself from what looked like an attack. I’m sure he didn’t mean to knock her out, was just defending himself. The metal bar is what knocked her out, not his fist, the video proves this.
    His reaction of the aftermath looks like a guy who had simply had enough from an abusive woman for a very long time. For all we know, he is still in an abusive relationship and is getting things thrown at him daily, being beaten and threatened.
    I watched my father get abused by my mother for years. It’s simply not fair that we live in a world where men are not allowed to defend themselves from abusive women because they are women and “it’s hands off”. Evil women know this and it only furthers their abuse because they know they are protected by this. Truly sad world we live in.
    Ray is suspended for defending himself and will probably get more games added to it. Try to remember this people and chill out.

  88. Why is everyone upset? We already knew he knocked her out? How did everyone think he did it? With feathers? Seeing this video should change nothing. If you are upset now, then shame on you for not being upset prior.

  89. Whether it is true or not.. It could turn into a positive since it’d give the NFL an excuse to make right what they did wrong in handling the whole situation.

  90. Although the outrage toward the NFL office and Gooddell is justified, IMO they are down the list on who we should be angry at.

    My order:

    1. Ray Rice – obviously
    2. Prosecutors – the pre-trial diversion program to get the charges dismissed is total BS.
    3. Ravens organization – your obligation to your fan base has to be a little more than just winning games.
    4. Anyone that supports him by saying “he’s a good guy, he just made one bad mistake”. BS – this is not the first time.
    5. NFL/Gooddell

  91. Roger Goodell is a liar and an absolute coward. And Ray Rice? He should be in jail, not just suspended from the league.

    The Ravens just replaced the Steelers as biggest piece of $hit team in the NFL. How they can employ a punk that acts like that is unacceptable. Wow. Guess it’s the ‘Rat Bird Way’. Losers.

  92. Roger pursued Due Diligence in his expansion efforts into Europe . . . wish he would have done the same in this case. Man, I wish Pete Rozelle was still Commissioner.

  93. It wasn’t worse because it was caught on video and we all have seen it. The suspension should have been longer period. I think a full season. It was a fact that he knocked her out and it was just as terrible the first day everyone heard about it as it is now the public has seen the video.

    The NFL should extend the suspension now… Not because they saw the video, but because they were wrong.

  94. Yeah, NFL – that is plausible. LOL.

    Let’s face it — you realized after-the-fact that you pooped your pants on the wrist slap … and are now trying to claim you had no idea how it actually went down. Even the earlier video the world saw, he was dragging what looked like a lifeless corpse out of an elevator only the two of them were in.

    How did you think it happened? You think they were eskimo-kissing, and she was concussed by it???

    Goodell, please go away you overpaid sanctimonious judge/jury/executioner hypocrite.

  95. As a Ravens fan, please get out in front of this, this morning. Cut him loose before the league has to do anything!

  96. Hey Rog, I see that you have twin daughters…Would you let Ray babysit them or better yet date one of them? No? Be a man and stand up for what is right. Fire his a**!!! No respect for you after watching that video.

  97. More evidence of how utterly clueless Goddell is. The NFL gave Rice a tiny suspension without fully investigating the incident. I’m quite sure the NFL could have got all the facts if it wanted to.

  98. Prater did more than drink a few beers if he was at that point in the program. We just don’t have the video on it.

  99. People keep wondering why its different now that we’ve seen the video. Even though we already knew he knocked her out. Its different because we were led to believe that there were “extenuating circumstances”. His own wife apologized as if she did something to deserve being knocked unconscious. The video shows us we were all misled if not outright lied to. Yes the punch is graphic. But thats not why its different for us now that we’ve seen it.

  100. Let’s hope this is a big enough PR black eye to get Goodell fired in the near future. He’s been a disaster for the perfect game he inherited from Tagliabue to begin with. Something good at least might come out of this if that happens.

  101. Yeah, NFL – that is plausible. LOL.

    Let’s face it — you realized after-the-fact that you pooped your pants on the wrist slap … and are now trying to claim you had no idea how it actually went down. Even the earlier video the world saw, he was dragging what looked like a lifeless corpse out of an elevator only the two of them were in.

    How did you think it happened? You think they were eskimo-kissing, and she was concussed by it???

    Goodell, please go away you overpaid sanctimonious judge/jury/executioner hypocrite.

  102. The video that was released on Ray Rice showed him dragging an unconscious woman from the elevator. That alone should have been enough for at least a four-game suspension. And it’s difficult to believe the former federal law enforcement officers in the league’s investigative branch couldn’t persuade local law enforcement to give them access to this video.

    On the other hand … the rape kit from Roethlisberger’s Georgia accuser showed she didn’t have intercourse with anyone in the time frame for which she accused the QB of rape. The NFL investigation confirmed Ben was guilty of poor judgment and bad behavior but not sexual assault. Goodell’s letter to Roethlisberger stated clearly that the league had found nothing to contradict the Georgia Bureau of Investigation findings. But Goodell still suspended Roethlisberger for six games.

    Goodell dropped the hammer on Roethlisberger regardless of the investigative findings because the QB was a marquee name and the public wanted blood. He suspended Rice for only two because he underestimated public interest in the case and was trying to make it go away. Everything Goodell does is for PR value. This time, he guessed wrong.

  103. Cris Carter on Mike & Mike this morning said that the NFL had seen the video, and that he had seen the video, too. Don’t know why they’re lying about it now.

  104. The NFL either did see the video and are lying or the NFL are complete morons as they knew a video existed of Rice completely knocking out his wife and must have known that the video would eventually be released to the public and still only suspended him 2 games. Major screw up. Goodell is getting fired over this.

  105. I believe it was Mr. Florio and certainly others who said that if the NFL WANTED to see the video, they could have easily gotten it from Ray’s attorney’s.

    The NFL CHOSE to NOT view it…

    They were thinking that this would make them sound better when they told us this later on… like now.

    That backfired too. This whole thing has been very poorly handled and managed.

  106. Didn’t Rodolfo Brown (or whatever his name is) on that shameful Mike & Mike interview say the NFL have viewed all the relevant evidence as it pertains to this incident.

    Does the NFL not consider that video relevant?

  107. Umm…maybe the hotel thought that were giving the video to the NFL, but they were actually giving it to Ray Rice’s agent/lawyer? Yeah, I’ve got nothing.

  108. What did everyone think knocking out a woman would look like? We knew what he did .. that was common knowledge. He should have been given a longer suspension to begin with, but I my opinion on he whole matter is no different today than it was from the beginning.

  109. My guess….Ray Rice, his lawyer, his medical team all produced documented evidence to Goodell that states concussions sustained while being employed in the NFL have resulted in severe brain trauma. Symptoms can include and are not limited to violence, rage, depression, anxiety.

    Goodell thinking he would get sued unless he went light might explain the punishment.

    His GF’s head pinballing off his fist, railing and floor may be the reason she decided not to press charges and marry him.

    Next time someone asks you what you were thinking blame a concussion.

  110. Roger Goodell and the Baltimore Ravens should be EMBARRASSED for how they handled this situation. No Way they can rationalize the 2 game suspension now. Next time they may want to make sure they review all the video before handing down punishment.

  111. If Goodell didn’t see the video, he should lose his job for gross and willful negligence. If he did, he should lose it for gross and willful incompetence.

  112. If the NFL wanted to see it, they could have asked the Hotel.

    Lets say Rice gets a few more games this season on the back of this video. Should his wife find out she has some kind of brain damage next year, do the NFL then give him a few more?

    Where does it end?

  113. This is Goodell’s Donald Sterling moment. Goodell should be ashamed of himself and his management team.

    How do Goodell & the NFL justify doling out punishment and NOT SEEING THE VIDEO?!

    * Ray Rice – banned from the NFL
    * Roger Goodell – donate half his $44million/year to domestic abuse charities
    * Prosecutors office – fired (everyone involved in giving this wife beater the plea deal)

  114. Does anyone think that Rays story actually matched what the video showed? Lying to the Commish about what happened is cause to reopen the case. I will bet that Ray is going down. No pun intended.

  115. Between Bountygate and now this, it is time for Goodell to lose his job. And that bum of a prosecutor who refused to prosecute needs to lose his job as well.

  116. Two points here. One, most of those commenting here should be ashamed of themselves for not demonstrating this level of outrage over spousal abuse all the time, make a donation today to a local women’s shelter. Two, if you are a parent and naive enough to allow your children to treat sports figures as role models then you have bigger issues. A role model is someone they see everyday, if you choose to allow them to idolize sports figures for their performance on the field, I guess that’s your business, but role models in sports are few and far between.

  117. A good start for the league would be to say, “We’re sorry, pot smokers… we know weed smokers tend to be nonviolent, so come on back in with open arms!”

  118. The NfL should not have had to take action. Why the hell did the district attorney let this guy off with a slap on the wrist? People should be more mad at our justice system than the NFL.

  119. If we thought the NFL was scared of video after burning the Patriots spygate tape, imagine what they would have done with this THIS surveillence tape if they had gotten it before TMZ did.

  120. If no one else gets fired for this – and, since Roger Goddell is to the NFL what Vladamir Putin is to Russia, it’s likely no one will – at *least* the people responsible for supposedly doing the “due diligence” investigation for the league should be let go because if TMZ can find this relatively easily obtained elevator video then the NFL sure should have. This just makes me sick.

  121. goodell and the league also said they had indisputable evidence against many members of the saints…. which they didn’t.

    obviously goodell’s letter was in anticipation of the release of this video…

    lies and the lying liars that tell them….

  122. Josh Gordon gets suspended for a year for smoking weed. Meanwhile this guy gets 2 games. Yeah that sounds about right.

  123. people amaze me. WHAT did you think happened in that elevator? when this story first broke, i said to myself best case scenario for Rice is he punched her one time and that was it. worst case scenario for Rice is that he pummeled on her for an extended period of time. either way, it is bad. But I guess we lack imagination and seeing is believing…

  124. Conspiracy theory:

    NFL to TMZ “Hey guys, we really screwed up this Ray Rice thing, we have new laws in place now, but we really need to keep him off the field. Can you release this for us and we will act like it is new evidence to increase his punishment.”

    TMZ “Sure we’ll glorify anything that give us a few page hits”

  125. Conspiracy theory:

    NFL to TMZ “Hey guys, we really screwed up this Ray Rice thing, we have new laws in place now, but we really need to keep him off the field. Can you release this for us and we will act like it is new evidence to increase his punishment.”

    TMZ “Sure we’ll glorify anything that give us a few page hits”

  126. Men should only be able to hit women when they become equal. That is, earn the same wage as a man, can be promiscuous without judgment, and get contraceptives as easily as viagra. then and only then will women truly be equal and men can beat on them without punishment.

    wait…there is that thing about men being physically stronger. looks like men shouldn’t hit women after all…DUH! Obviously you can defend yourself in certain situations. This is not one of those times.

    if you didn’t pick up on it, the first part of this post is sarcasm.

  127. Quoting ghost26:
    “Before you guys get all high & mighty on this I still haven’t seen a follow-up story about Wes Welker who has since denied taking Ecstsy or Molly or MDMA or whatever. So what is the deal here?”
    So much damage done to you it’s hard to tell where to start, but just a few:

    1. How do you consider “high and mighty”speaking out against a man punching his fiance unconscious?

    2. What do Welker’s and Gordon’s alleged drug use have anything whatsoever to do with Rice beating his woman?

    3. Why do you seek out increasingly lower standards to justify excusing violent crime? Far too many like you think that because an issue is poorly handled, all future issues should be addressed equally poorly.

    Try looking UP for your life direction, not looking down. Try developing a value system and standing up for honorable behavior, rather than eagerly seeking a faster trip to the bottom of society.
    Lead by example; don’t follow by cowardice.

  128. WE all saw a woman was punched unconscious when Rice pulled her out of the elevator.

    What did you expect to see from the video inside the elevator other than a woman being punched unconscious?

  129. The NFL’s latest black eye, just another in a long string. Then again, the NFL welcomed Ray Lewis and Michael Vick back, and others for fairly violent crimes or situations, so I’m sure Ray Rice will find his way back to the NFL in time too!

  130. Fumbling attempt at plausible deniability by the league. A business with that money and power neglected to do its full due diligence? There really are idiots in the front office if they thought that tape would never see the light of day.

  131. Wow and I thought that I told the worst lie ever with I didn’t inhale.


    Bill Clinton

  132. At first, you would think that, indeed, the nfl hadn’t seen this video. You would want to believe a giant business like the nfl would do the right thing if it had seen this video. you think it would just be common sense. They were so quick to suspend rice indefinitely today, you would think this was indeed the first time they had seen the video.

    Then you think…why in the damn hell would the nfl, ravens, and any lawyer not see this video? And then you know the answer: they wanted to bury the video of one of their star athletes upper cutting a woman. Imagine the pr nightmare if that video were to get out…better to just bury that evidence like they did with the patriots spy gate tapes.

    It is impossible for the nfl to have not seen this tape or know of it’s contents. Impossible.

  133. How are people just now realizing Goodell’s NFL lies about, fabricates and destroys evidence they don’t like? He’s been doing this his entire imperial reign. Now he gets to be the fall guy and it’s far past time for it to happen.

    Bye Ginger. I’d say it’s been great but it really sucked.

  134. Ironically enough, Rice told them exactly what was on the video.

    There was no new information on it they didn’t already know….and they still deemed its content worth only a 2 game suspension.

    The Shield is only trying to do more damage control now because, in this case, a picture’s worth more than 1,000 words and they couldn’t stop it from getting out.

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