Players speaking out against Ray Rice after knockout video


It didn’t take long for the video of Ray Rice punching his wife in the face to elicit strong reactions.

And that’s not just within the media, lest we be accused of stirring a controversial topic because it’s good for business.

NFL players and prominent former players are beginning to speak out, with the same kind of outrage others have.

That man should be thrown out the the nfl and thrown into jail,” Broncos defensive tackle Terrance Knighton tweeted a few moments ago. “Shame on those deciding his punishment. Smh.”

Knighton continued, calling his fellow players to action.

“As players we must speak up,” he wrote. “Stand up for what’s right. I don’t give a damn who u are or how much money you make. No place for this.

Longtime linebacker Scott Fujita, a former vice president of the NFLPA’s executive committee, had equally harsh words.

I’m glad no one this morning seems to care about yesterday’s games,” Fujita wrote. “This piece of s— needs to be out of the league. Period.”

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  1. All players should refuse to sign FA contracts with Baltimore if they don’t cut him ASAP. The NFL deserves a ton of blame for the weak suspension, but the Ravens organization deserves the most heat for trying to protect Rice.

  2. I just hope he doesn’t say something mean about one of his teammates – surely THAT would get him kicked out of the league!

  3. Kudos to these guys for speaking out against this. Unfortunately, most players won’t do it. Ray is “their boy”. All players need to be contacting Goodell and saying they refuse to play on the same field as him. Or saying, if we do play on the same field, we can’t control some (un)regretable action that may include knocking Ray Rice out. Who cares if it’s a threat. Rice shouldn’t see the field for this year, at the very least. And all players should stand up against him and show they care about domestic violence and ending it.

  4. NFL players make me laugh.

    Everyone knew that he knocked her out.
    Everyone saw the video of him dragging her from the elevator.

    Other than the graphic video to put pictures to the words everything was known.

    Rice was praised for the way he handled the investigation.
    Ravens fans applauded Ray Rice.

    Now it’s a surprise to see knocking someone out in an elevator actually looks like?

    It’s the players agents telling the players that they can get some free pub by speaking out.

  5. Yeah…what Scott Fujita said. Ray Rice needs a good ol’ fashioned, locker room ass-whuppin’, before he is thrown out the door…

  6. The owners should hold a vote of confidence on Goodell and then have him ousted. The Ravens should immediately cut Rice and should donate what would have been his salary to benefit domestic violence shelters and programs. I’d love to know what his teammates are thinking…

  7. Pot Roast just gained a new fan here.

    And never been a fan of Fujita and his agenda, but very well said!

  8. This will certainly be talked about at every practice facility today. Will be very interesting to see if any current Baltimore players speak out.
    Quoth the Rayvens never more.

  9. I find it crazy that many ppl are attacking the nfl but what about law enforcement? That’s where the punishment really should’ve came from. The nfl is his job so it’s not completely their responsibility to hand out the complete punishment. This should be more of a legal matter than a nfl matter. But then again law enforcement is allowed to get away with wateva they want really without ppl causing an uproar

  10. To borrow a phrase from Rex Ryan, it’ll be interesting to see which defensive players try to pour a little hot sauce on Ray Rice after his return

  11. Hey folks- where’s the outrage about Hardy from the Panthers? He actually played in week one! He was actually convicted! Oh wait, there’s no video? So if you don’t see it.. .it’s almost like it never happened and you could care less? Got it.

  12. I don’t need the NFL or it’s union or it’s players to tell me right from wrong… Although I applaud this dude for speaking his mind… My old man taught me this long ago..he is absolutely 100 percent correct, there is no need for this..kick his ass out of the league… And do it NOW

  13. I say it in the other Ray Ray thread and I’ll say it again – everybody knew that Rice knocked his fiancee out cold in the elevator, but many (including most Ravens fans) didn’t care until they saw this video. Well how the hell did you think he knocked out cold? Where was the outrage when this story first came out?

  14. Some people deserve to lose their jobs over this. The DA is in for a long week before he is forced to quit.
    The Owner and Coach (you know they saw the video a long time ago) are going to have the PR department working overtime to protect them.
    The commissioner is being exposed for the biased fool we thought he was.
    Ray Rice is not the only one who should lose his job over this but, he is the first one who should!

  15. “I’m glad no one this morning seems to care about yesterday’s games,” Fujita wrote. “This piece of s— needs to be out of the league. Period.”

    Fujita took the words right out of my mouth. Can this turd ASAP, if not sooner.

  16. For people saying the Ravens should cut him, thats not logical. They don’t have the cap room to cut him, and they’d need to cut at least 6 million dollars in other players salaries to do so. Why should other people be fired just to punish Rice?

    Realistically, they’d probably give him a team mandated 4 game suspension and then deactivate him the rest of the season.

  17. it would be funny if goodell gave him more game suspensions from 2 to 16 games.but will he do it after making the mistake of not giving him more than 2 games the 1st time?i think the commish don’t have the bolas to give him 16.

  18. Some of these players should watch out for throwing rocks in glass houses. How many others have anger/women issues? I’ll guess a high percentage.

    Also, players seem to attract crazy women who suddenly reverse their story when they realize their man’s paycheck can be impacted by these events.

  19. Big Ravens fan here but I am totally onboard with Fujitas assesment with this. There is no words to even begin to defend his cowardly actions. If the Ravens don’t do something about this I will be done as a fan. This little piece of crap needs gone from the Ravens and the NFL !!!!!

  20. A Vikings assistant coach was suspended longer then Rice for saying something offensive to one person in a potentially joking way.

  21. This vid shows nothing that can exonerate RR but step off your biased pulpit and call it what it was…. A vid that shows both were in the wrong with physical touching and RR took it to far by open handed smacking his women. I don’t condone that but it’s not the fuel some of you are wishing for with a “knockout punch”, she clearly hit her head on the rail and that resulted in her being knocked out.

    He still did wrong and has owned up to it. No charges were filed because I bet there is more to the story than just this vid.

  22. The worst part about this is that after the incident, the Raven held him up as some kind of hero, to the point that he did a victory lap at a preseason game, to a standing ovation from the Baltimore fans. Just shameful. The interesting thing will be seeing what John Harbaugh will do in light of the supposed hardline against domestic violence that his brother has taken — however phony that might be, in itself. As an ex-Eagle coach, I’ve always pulled for John, but both brothers look pretty bad right now.

  23. Someone should be kicked out of the league?

    Jaguars defensive tackle Terrance Knighton wasn’t arrested following an incident at a Jacksonville nightclub early Sunday morning which resulted in a serious eye injury that required surgery. Based on the contents of a police report, it appears Knighton is still at some risk for discipline.

    The report surfaced Tuesday and explains that Knighton was kicked out of Pure Nightclub after getting in a fight that resulted in cuts to his eye and the back of his head. An officer wrote that Knighton and a friend “repeatedly made threats to shoot people.

  24. I wonder if SHE’s seen the video. I doubt she remembers how hard she was hit, or how she crushed her head against the wall. Seriously, he could have killed her.

  25. Alright NFL players, if and when this bum gets back to the field. Hit him…and hit him hard.

  26. Why is the new policy against domestic violence ONLY a policy against DOMESTIC violence? So players can still assault women unless they’re in a familial or romantic relationship? Why not just make a general policy on violence against women? Oh, because the NFL doesn’t actually care, it’s just another example of their knee-jerk reactive rules fueled by bad PR. Gotcha.

  27. My jaw dropped this AM as I listened to Cris Carter defending Goodell’s 2-game suspension on Mike and Mike. ESPN sure has it’s share of clown commentators.

  28. I don’t see why the outrage is so much more now. People can’t connect the dots between woman walking into elevator, then getting dragged out unconscious by fiancée 25 seconds later? Obviously he hit her/punched her in the face. Am I one of the few that was able to connect those dots?

    “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!” -Mugatu

  29. What he did was dead wrong for sure and yes he should get punished more harshly(suspended 1 year), but should we ruin someones life over one mistake.

  30. Just noticed Scott Fujita has an opinion on who should be out of the league. Mr. Knee Diver himself who tried to end many of careers now has some morals, go figure.

  31. I’ve had girlfriends get upset with me over the years, slap me, punch me, scream at me, yet I never felt the need to hammer them like Rice did.

  32. if he gets cut,watch and see the teams that try and pick him up.they can say all they want but it’s all about winning…wonder how many more wife beaters are in the league but nave not got caught?[not defending it,but just wondering]

  33. I have to disagree w/Fujita. NFL Network ran NFLAM w/o mentioning it, they only talked about yestetday’s games. Typical of the unofficial P.R. arm of the NFL. Hope PFT decides to mention it.

  34. It’s nice to know there’s players who play this game that have more integrity than the NFL front offices do.

    So Ray Rice wasn’t not punished nor were his actions fully investigated.

    It’s time to fire Roger Goodell. Roger needs to be branded with the same justice he talks about laying upon the players.

    He failed the NFL, he failed the fans, he failed Ray Rice. Roger Goodell failed to do his job.

  35. Wait, is there anyone on the planet that thought he DIDN’T Knock her out, and now are enlightened to find out he did? Did we think she passed out chocking on food or something?

    The NFL admitted they handled dom. violence poorly when they changed the policy going fwd. This new video adds shock value, but no facts that shouldn’t have been inferred. NFL are idiots for admitting they hadn’t seen this video. Either they had, or they are horribly inept investigators.

    NO ONE in the league office said “Hey, let’s see the IN-elevator tape and not just the hallway one?” haha yyyyeah right.

  36. The whole thing is ridiculous. Rice has made a huge mistake that he will regret for his whole life. His wife has forgiven him and is standing by him. By all accounts it was way out of character. He has been a good citizen and a positive figure in the community for years.

    If Rice was one of your family members, you would stand by him.

  37. Fire Goodell! There is a petition on change-dot-org to get him gone! Ray did what he did, and yes he deserves harsher punishment, but Goodell is the one who lied and did his best to sweep this all under the rug. It’s an international embarrassment. We are sick of his lying and ruining the game we all love. Find the petition and sign it, then share it.

  38. That dude is cold. Punch came at the :23 second mark of TMZ video and then 3 minutes of him doing nothing to help her. No remorse. He kind of kicks at her to see if she is breathing. Drags her face first out of the elevator and lets her head smack the ground. That is cold, cold, cold.
    Rice is done this season (no thanks to the Ravens) because the public outcry and more importantly, the Networks will not/cannot take the heat that is about to happen.

  39. This has to be revisited and taken care of swiftly, NFL. It has to go away. The longer you wait to do the right thing the worse it looks on your multi-billion dollar business. As for the Ravens, you need to react immediately.

  40. The NFL and the justice system failed on this one. NFL preaches “Protect The Shield” and they only embarassed it. Justice system should have prosecuted Rice….this was a crime.

  41. As a Ravens fan, I’m embarassed. As a man, I’m appalled he did this and also SMH why the NJ DA would let this go so lightly. Biscotti needs to exercise his ownership and leadership of the organization and hold a press conference announcing the release of Ray Rice from his team. This is not for Ozzie or Harbs to have any say on the matter! Cut Ray Rice along with the check for the rest of the money due him. Damn the cap hit or potential lawsuit from the NFLPA. NFL = Not For Long, thus his time is up. Next Man Up and Play Like a Raven!

  42. The real story is that Ozzie and the Ravens pay top dollar on a “fixer” who was engaged to minimize the damage and period of suspension. Their masterpiece was Ray Lewis but in this case they got the result that they were after – 2 games.
    Initially we heard a constant stream about Ray Rice being a high character guy and his good community work. Then there was the quick marriage to the victim, Janay and then her plea to the Commissioner for mercy. They also did an incredible job in hiding this video until now.
    There is a great story behind the scenes but it is probably well hidden. No team sanitizes it’s snafus like the Ravens.

  43. There has to be are a lot of players who would love to dish out some vigilante justice on the field with this one.

    I think it’s best for Rice if he doesn’t step on the field for a while.

  44. Smoking gun here should be used as tool to make sure players think twice about doing negative things.

  45. So as bad as this is, and I want him to have the book thrown at him.

    Is the outcry because there’s a video of the actual incident? There have been players accused of the same, and worse, but without the supporting video evidence have had it pretty much swept under the rug. Did people actually expect this to be a non-violent altercation or to be not as “bad” of a hit as is shown in the footage?

    I agree with everything that is being said by Fujita et. al, but I’m shaking my head just as hard today as I was when I first heard the report earlier this year.

    Shame on all involved.

  46. The best part is how some (not all) Ravens fans have been tripping over themselves to make excuses for this guy. Like if he couldn’t run well with a football, or was third on the depth chart they would be saying the same thing. Ridiculous.

  47. As much as I love the game of football, the NFL is doing a lot to cause me to re-think my status as a fan. For Ray Rice to play at all this year is absurd. They can save face by stating with “the new evidence”, the suspension is being readdressed.

  48. Some raven’s fans are STILL supporting this criminal with excuses…his coach thinks he’s “a great guy.” Ozzie Gruesome has done nothing, as well. CUT HIM!!! As long as the team does nothing to the guy, the fans just follow along like sheep. Not all, but some. I bet this isn’t the first time he’s hit a woman, it certainly won’t be the last. That video was just sickening.

  49. If Ray Rice’s then fiance would have pressed charges, this whole situation would be different.

    Prosecution should be able to press charges, they have video evidence.

  50. this is on rice’s wife more than anything else. she asked goddell for leniency towards him. her decision is based on business. it’s clear that she’d rather be an abused wife of a millionaire nfl player than a non abused wife of some regular guy making $50,000 a year. i think most women would make take that trade off.

  51. If the league won’t take further action against Rice, the Ravens’ ownership had better. And it had better not be something like a slap on the wrist. He’d better be suspended for at least a year, if not for life. And if that doesn’t happen, the fans should bombard the Ravens’ office and the NFL offices. Advertisers should pull out of their contracts based on violation of the morals clause. And the NFL should be hit in the pocketbook, which is apparently the only thing it cares about.

  52. “Why did she marry him AFTER this? Seriously.”

    Because if women had 2 choices:

    1)be married to a millionaire pro athlete who will abuse her.

    2) be married to a regular guy making $60,000/year who won’t abuse her but might one day.

    Most women would choose option 1.

  53. “Anyone who sticks up for him is equally as low as him.”

    Well, then his wife is pretty low. She not only went on to marry him after it happened, she pleaded with Goodell for leniency.

  54. After 6 games, a guy will kill the woman to prevent the second trigger of a lifetime suspension and millions of dollars down the drain. For the sake of Mrs. Rice, I hope they don’t cut him. But from now on, any event like this should be nothing less than a lifetime ban. If a woman is toxic in your relationship, leave permanently. Staying married knowing that their event terminated a million dollar contract is not wise, for her.

    And what is Roger’s penalty for his screw ups. A dog abuser got worse.

  55. Culliver Hits a cyclist no suspension–Rice hits a woman 2 games suspension–Aldon Smith hits a tree 9 game suspension–Gordon hits a blunt 16 game suspension..NFL has it twisted

    Watch McDonald aint going get suspended because there’s no video

  56. Roger Goodell, the Ravens organization, and especially the Ravens FANS (those who cheered Ray) are an absolute disgrace. The NFL is a very public image conscious organization and this was a PR disaster handled extremely poorly. They deserve all the criticism they get.

  57. I agree the ravens ownership should do something about this. Let him stand on the sidelines and hold a clipboard on Sundays and do community service the rest of the week. We all knew what happened, but seeing it should make your skin crawl. The NFL dropped the ball, now the ravens ownership has a chance to correct the nfl’s mistake.

  58. Sorry, but it’s not the player’s, the media’s or the NFL’s job to punish him for his crime. He should go to jail for a period of time. But then what? His life is over for hitting her? I agree it’s horrible that he did that. But is this a football league or a vigilante league?

  59. All the people who are disliking these posts sicken me. I hope you don’t have any children so you can’t pass on your ignorance .

  60. What does Steven A. Smith say now? Turd. Still think women should know better? Well Stevie? Get on your soap box and share some more knowledge with us

  61. For those that want to keep talking about the Redskins team name, THIS is the free market at work. Ray Rice will eventually have a greater punishment than 2 games because the free market is demanding it, not some waste of space politician.

  62. “Hey folks- where’s the outrage about Hardy from the Panthers? He actually played in week one! He was actually convicted! Oh wait, there’s no video? So if you don’t see it.. .it’s almost like it never happened and you could care less? Got it.”

    It’s the same reason a jury is always shown the video in a violent crime by the prosecution if possible. It has a way of putting the person watching it, there first person. Shows exactly what happened and in this case leaves no “benefit of doubt”.

    Right….. Stephen A. Smith

  63. Maybe Rice just pulled a Kobe Bryant and gave his wife and huge diamond ring to get her to change her mind about divorce or pressing charges. Does that say more about Rice or his wife?

  64. Roger Goodell made $44M last year. FORTY FOUR MILLION DOLLARS. I.e., twice as much as Brees or Rodgers or any other player made for their on-the-field contributions. Instead of possessing superhuman physical skills, practicing and working out all hours of the day and depriving himself, and exposing himself to hits from 350-lb behemoths (and an increased risk of Alzheimer’s, ALS, etc.), Roger sits on leather conference chairs in air-conditioned rooms and attends meetings. And it turns out he can’t even do that very well; if he’d bother to be awake through them, he’d probably have perked up a little when he saw the footage of Rice giving his woman the Glass Joe treatment.

    How is this guy employed? There are MILLIONS of Americans who could step in and do his job in a heartbeat, do it better, and do it for literally ONE PERCENT of what he makes. What reader here wouldn’t happily attend meetings for $440,000/year?

    This guy makes Gary Bettman look like Einstein. The league owners who hired and continue to retain his services are equally deplorable.

  65. Looks like RR spit on her.. Not the other way around! He spit she hit him for it & he Knocked her out for stepping to him after the 1st hit.. Ray shouldn’t be playing anytime soon.. Hearing about it & seeing it is 2 different things.. You could have had doubt until this..

  66. yes Rice should be kicked out of the league…

    but the coverup should be dealt with….. this is like Watergate…. which is worse, the crime, and this was a crime, or the coverup by the league (and police)?

    Goodell should be forced to resign for his role here…..

    very happy to see players begin to speak up… guys like this demean them all and they should not tolerate this stuff

  67. The NFL has some issues it has to work through to earn back the respect of fans from all walks of life in my opinion.
    The NFL’s big problem centers around its priorites. The NFL wants to do whatever in the short term it can do to satisfy majority opinion, and to avoid legislation and attention for negative issues.

    Long term and progressive thinking is only forced upon the NFL. Look at the Redskins name fiasco. For years, there were groups protesting that the name should be changed, as it was offensive to many. Still, the NFL didn’t think the issue was important. It would and still will only act if the court of public opinion swings in strong favor of changing the name, and people starting boycotting games. Then, the league would issue some statment trying to make it sound like this was a hot button issue to them all along.
    Same thing with the suspensions of players. Rodger Godell wants to use his power to justify the league’s reputation, solidfying that above all else is his priority. Godell and the decision makers that be obviously thought this was okay. And i’m sure they saw the video, and still thought it was only worthy of a 2 game suspension. Now they have a mess on their hands, and not one they can easily clean up.

  68. Tim Tebow praying: too much of a distraction
    Michael Sam gay: too much of a distraction

    Ray Rice: Protected and Respected??


  69. Seen the video.. Incident could have been avoided by both parties involved. First off Rice didn’t punch her.. He slapped the hell out of her & her head hit the railing in the elevator which caused the knockout.. Secondly there were two ppl involved in the altercation here with Jenay elbowing Rice in the face & then charging after him after he slapped her the first time which resulted in a harder slap which lifted her off her feet which caused her head to hit the rail.. Jenay if punched by Rice would of suffered broken bones in her face & severe bruising by a fist! In the video Rice hand was clearly open.. He’s wrong for retaliation after she elbowed him in the face & she’s wrong for starting the damn incident by putting her hands/elbow on Rice which escalated to something much more severe.. They both were wrong in the ordeal but the media is acting like this woman had no wrongdoing in the altercation & Rice just beat the hell out of her. Jenay knew she caused what happened & that’s why she married him after the fact. Both of them need to grow the hell up & keep their hands to themselves!

  70. This is not a defense of Ray Rice, becuase I agree he should be cut immediately, but for all of these players to show this outrage now is extremely hypocritical. It’s especially so for a member of the Broncos to be speaking out about this. Since 2004, Sam Brandon of the Broncos was arrested twice for Domestic violence. Willie Middlebrooks was arrested for domestic violence. Brandon Marshall was arrested 4 times as a member of the Broncos. 3 of them were for domestic violence. He finally got a 1 game suspension after his third arrest, but then all was forgiven and he is still a member of the league and no one talks about it anymore. Perris Cox was arrested for sexual assault and Kevin Alexander was arrested for Assualt and battery in a domestic violence case. David Kircus was arrested for felony assualt. There have been over 100 domestic violence arrests in the NFL since 2000. The NFL has been complicit in allowing domestic violence for years. All of these players who are now outraged should look in the mirror and ask where this outrage has been for the last 20 years while this has been going on.

  71. Roger Godell needs to resign. His conduct in this matter has been appalling from the start. To protect the Shield he needs to be gone.

    Ray Rice needs to be suspended for at minimum a year if not for life. Yes, he made a mistake, a serious one and there are consequences. It is NEVER ok to strike a woman, not ever!

    The Baltimore Ravens need to take action now or they should also be punished for not upholding the moral guidelines of the NFL and common decency. Their actions should also have consequences, especially if they are too corrupt to do the right thing.

    ALL NFL players need to speak out. Where is Peyton and Tom and Aaron and JJ and all the other leaders? Stand up for what’s right. If you can’t take a stand on this then what is worth taking a stand about?

  72. I really want to see the study that correlates co-ed sports and domestic violence. I mean, we’re supposed to let little girls play little league, right? We’re supposed to throw fastballs at them, block and tackle them, box them out and block their shots, right? I mean, they’re no different than boys and we should treat them the same, right? Well if one of my boys got up in my face, I’d give him a swift left hook. That’s what I learned in my co-ed little league!

  73. I’m not standing up for him but why are they so hard on him cuz theirs a video of the incident………. Theirs a whole bunch of players who do the same crime.

  74. Hypothetically speaking, and I do mean hypothetically here…. Vegas might tape everywhere, Goodell. Even inside elevators. Hypothetically you could send someone to look inside the elevator and see if they could find a camera. Hypothetically, you could have predicted a tape would show up and demonstrate to the players, and the world, how good and appropriate your punishments are. Hypothetically, you could be exposed to your players as a great leader. Hypothetically, of course.

  75. How on earth does anyone defend this guy? Goodell is a total moron. I wonder if he’d stick with the 2 game suspension if Ray Rice hit knocked HIS wife out, Jane Skinner? Rice should be suspended for life for this.

  76. So that’s one player no one knows and one former player but you are using them to represent what everyone is thinking.

  77. For those sticking up for this guy and talking about family: Imagine that was your daughter getting knocked out by her NFL boyfriend. Would his status as a star player still matter to you, or would you still be calling for forgiveness for the misunderstood player?

  78. I don’t get the people saying there was no outrage before the video. There has been huge outrage about the lenient punishment all along but now that the video is out the outrage has more fuel added to it once again.

    The league looks awful for this and owners need to get together and do something proactive about it. Sure, Roger has helped them make billions of dollars but it isn’t as if someone else wouldn’t be just as capable while also not screwing up so badly so often. Fire him.

  79. He did what to dogs? He’s out of the league, in jail, etc. He punched a woman’s lights out, 2 game suspension see you in the starting lineup week 3. NFL – SMH 🙁

  80. It’s a shame that Goodell is getting more attention about this than Rice. Goodell completed mishandled this situation, but Rice is an awful, awful person and the spotlight should be on him.

  81. Goodell should not have been given sole discretion to assign punishments, which the players handed him as part of the last collective bargaining agreement. His fines and suspensions have never been fair or logical because–other than the punishments for banned substances–there’s no written guidelines. And some of those guidelines are over-the-top.

    Yes, now the league has now imposed guidelines for assault incidents, but they’ve already proved problematic. Do you act after an accusation or wait until a player is convicted? And what happens when a victim refuses to press charges–as Rice’s now wife did?

    The owners need to rethink how they intend to handle all these issue.

  82. Of course people have a more visceral reaction after seeing the video. Yes, people knew she was knocked out, but they didn’t see how vicious it actually was. The NFL should’ve seen this video before handing down the punishment. If they didn’t, then they are incompetent and if they did they are incompetent.

    Rice needs to be suspended for at least a year (I would ban him forever) and Goodell needs to resign.

  83. Eutaw’s Finest says:
    Sep 8, 2014 11:34 AM
    Hey folks- where’s the outrage about Hardy from the Panthers? He actually played in week one! He was actually convicted! Oh wait, there’s no video? So if you don’t see it.. .it’s almost like it never happened and you could care less? Got it.


    Excellent point. Let’s face it… 99% of us are sheep who only believe what we see or are told on TV.

  84. The NFL’s Monday Night Football theme for many years is to the tune of Joan Jett’s I Hate Myself For Loving You,” about hating the crappy way the song’s subject’s man treats her, including a few yelps of “OW!” to get the point across. What does that tell you about NFL’s position on domestic violence?

    Quoting armanistumor:
    “…but it’s not the fuel some of you are wishing for with a “knockout punch”, she clearly hit her head on the rail and that resulted in her being knocked out.”
    Do you realize how hard you’d have to deck someone, causing her to hit her head on a rail forcefully enough to be knocked out cold by the secondary impact?
    Never mind, reading your words, you apparently know all too well.

  85. It’s the law’s responsibility to pass judgement on crime, not ones employer. Regardless of the crime, the man deserves to make a living, he was a model citizen before this incident.

  86. durant0s says:
    Sep 8, 2014 11:24 AM
    Goodell looks bad unless he does something more.

    Goodell looks bad anyway because he is lying when he says he hadn’t seen the video, or he HAD been told what was on the video and then rfeused to watch so that he could later claim ignorance like cowards always do.

    Goodeel needs to either RESGING or be FIRED.

  87. Who cares if they didn’t see the video, they knew what happened!

    I like the fact that players are speaking out but they need to get to the heart of the problem and that is that the players and certain owners (Jerry Jones) have no respect for women. The money, the groupies, it’s a different lifestyle but you have to have respect for yourself before you can earnestly respect someone else.

  88. im sick of all the PC people here saying he should be banned from the league so they can look good white knighting it in front of everyone

    dante stallworth KILLED somebody and was let back into the league

    the courts dindn’t find ray rice guilty of a crime because they take of the PC glasses and look things objectively through the lens of the written law

    if janay rice didn’t want to get KOd maybe she should have kept her hands to herself and not escalated the situation to a violent one. ray rice simply defended himself against an attacker and now hes being put on blast cause his attacker was female??

    i thought women wanted equality?

  89. “Why is the new policy against domestic violence ONLY a policy against DOMESTIC violence?”

    It’s actually not. It cover all assaults. Maybe the one good thing that might come out of this.

  90. The Ravens should release him right away after that video. If no one in authority saw that before today, shame on you for your investigation into this. He doesn’t deserve to wear and NFL uniform again, it’s horrible. Ravens fans should be ashamed of themselves cheering him too.

  91. Not for Rice, absolutely do not condone a man beating a woman… I grew up watching my mom get beat weekly…. I wholeheartedly agree that 2 games was too little, life is too much. I think at least 1/2 a season would have sufficed and agreement to attend a set number of domestic violence counseling sessions during that period as well as donation to domestic violence charity and some domestic violence awareness promotions. I take into account his lack of previous history of violence and his character leading up to this instance.

    This coming from a STEELERS fan.

  92. Proud of Pot Roast, and grateful he’s a Bronco.

    The shame of Ray Rice extends far beyond Baltimore. We all own that. And if Goodell does not do right by our daughters, wives, sisters and mothers… his league stands to lose more fans then he can imagine.

    It has to mean more than just pink ribbons and jerseys.

  93. while I agree with the outrage here all the way around, I feel sad that it takes a video of a multi-millionaire and a bad botch by a multi-billion dollar industry to bring attention to a swept-under-the-rug, mostly-ignored and lightly-punished problem that has been around for decades.

    for people who are outraged now to think that perpetrators of this crime are only recently getting away with it is really a black eye on our society.

  94. people are foolish if they think the ravens will release this man. the ravens should suspend him 4 games,but people are out of their minds if they think the team will release him just so some other team can sign him.that just ain’t happening boys and girls!

  95. It’s only a matter of time now until the Ravens erect a statue of him outside the stadium.

  96. As Richard Nixon learned, don’t make the mistake of having your misdeeds taped

    The burst of outrage now is shameful – the video released months ago showed Rice dragging his unconscious victim out of the elevator – how did anyone think that happened – slipped on a bar of soap in the elevator

  97. If the Ravens want to salvage any kind of respect in this league, they need to cut him. People will never forget it if they don’t.

  98. Before seeing this video there was a possibility that she came at him with a weapon of some sort or she was continuously beating on him or kicked him in the place it hurts most. There was some possibility that she got him to a place where he was so angry that he he could no longer control it. The fact that she married him and took some of the blame and that both were arrested for domestic violence added to that possibility. Since Rice didn’t get jail time or a large fine added to the idea that it wasn’t as bad as the speculators made it out to be. Now that you actually see what happened, there is no more speculation. It didn’t take much from her to make him act out in that way and his life wasn’t being threatened by a weapon, so now there is no defense for him. He was absolutely in the wrong. The NFL should add to his suspension in light of this new evidence. Maybe he will get cut and nobody will sign him and it won’t matter. Who knows, but there is no longer need for speculation to convict him as people were doing before, we know exactly what he did and under what circumstances he did it. That is why more and more people are no longer defending him.

  99. Oh My God! The horror, the outrage…this is a prime example of what is wrong with America. What did everyone think had happened in that elevator?

    The lack of outrage before we saw the actual punch and the slap on the wrist that Rice received were laughable. Are we that naïve as a society that we need conclusive video evidence to overturn a farce of a ruling? I for one am sick of living in a TMZ society, and it will only be getting worse. Excuse me while I go Skype my wedding day.

  100. ctiggs says:
    Sep 8, 2014 11:43 AM
    What he did was dead wrong for sure and yes he should get punished more harshly(suspended 1 year), but should we ruin someones life over one mistake.
    Yep, it was just one “mistake,” because that’s probably the only time Rice ever hit her–on camera that is. And people need to stop referring to this as a “mistake.” A mistake is wearing a plaid shirt with striped pants. A mistake is turning right when Siri is telling you to turn left. A mistake is adding 2 tablespoons of salt to a recipe calling for 2 teaspoons. What Rice did was not a “mistake”; it was a cowardly, bullying, and criminal action.

  101. This is typical band wagon mentality of our nation. Yes, Rice was wrong, yes the punishment was too light.

    But banning his from the NFL???? R U kidding me? We got murders, ppl who drove drunk and killed people, players involved in domestic violence and let’s not forget the dog whisperer.

    As always all you morons are overreaching now and tomorrow you will forget about it. At least until your team plays the ravens.

  102. At this point, Rice better hope the NFL increases his punishment. The only way anyone moves on is if he serves some sort of suspension that people feel fits the crime. Then he can claim he learned and is reformed. This 2 game crap does nothing.

  103. So, his wife forgave and law enforcement isn’t doing anything. Must we, as employers, have to take action that law enforcement will not take??

    I haven’t heard ANY response to this question.

  104. For the last few weeks, the radio has been inundated with fools. Fools saying they didn’t know what happened.

    Where are you fools?


    You now know, beyond any doubt, he’s exactly who we all KNEW he was.

    Interesting laws in New Jersey, I guess. He didn’t ever get to wear adjoining bracelets for this?

  105. So, I’m a woman and I watched the video expecting to be outraged and honestly…I’m not that outraged. I feel dirty somewhat defending him…but here is what I observed and my thoughts:

    From what I can see, he spit on her outside of the elevator, she half heartedly backhanded him, inside the elevator it looks like he spit on her again (his head moves quickly towards her before she elbows him) and she hit him again then went to hit him some more and that’s when he knocked her out.

    Rice is definitely the instigator and it’s disgusting that he would spit on her and that itself deserves some punishment…but she definitely engaged in the physical dispute and started the hitting.

    She shouldn’t have to put up with being spit on, but she was in no physical danger from it…there is no reason for her to start the hitting. If I hit someone, I expect to be hit back and you can be sure I wouldn’t hit a guy, especially one that big and strong, unless it was self defense (i.e he hit me first and my physical well being was compromised).

    He does seem oddly calm about the whole thing so you can surmise he’s done it before to other women at least…but if she had been hit by him before I don’t think she would have hit him at all or charged him like that. She was definitely acting like he wouldn’t do anything to her.

    In some ways I can understand her asking for leniency (thought I can’t understand her marrying him or staying with him at all…that relationship is obviously toxic)…she *did* start the hitting and while he shouldn’t have hit her so hard and should have just restrained her…I understand her accepting some guilt.

    With that said…I feel like I need a shower…

  106. mrright1963 September 8, 2014, 12:23 PM CDT

    people are foolish if they think the ravens will release this man. the ravens should suspend him 4 games,but people are out of their minds if they think the team will release him just so some other team can sign him.that just ain’t happening boys and girls!
    well mrright, looks like u were wrong on this statement because that is exactly what they did. then the NFL suspends him indefinitely. so how do u feel about that?

  107. The Ravens should be stripped of their first round draft picks for the next 3 years (for the press conference fiasco, tweeting support for him, trotting the woman up there and saying she was sorry too).

  108. There is a BENGALS FAN saying other teams should refuse to take the field against the Ravens. A BENGALS FAN, everyone. The Bengals have 6 domestic violence arrests since 2000. Hypocrisy everywhere.

  109. Makes you wonder if there was ever video evidence on Ray Lewis. Anyway, this is also the same franchise that suckered the entire city of Baltimore to pay 100% for M&T bank stadium. The Ravens franchise has a HUGE image problem..

  110. Too bad the NFL and Ravens taking action didn’t happen over the Ray Lewis encounter in Atlanta. The Ravens will probably add Ray Rice’s statue outside the stadium next season.

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