Ravens, NFL easily could have gotten Ray Rice video

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I believe that the NFL didn’t see the Ray Rice video before imposing a two-game suspension on him.  But I can’t believe that the league didn’t see it.

When the question of whether the league saw the video first crystallized in August, PFT reported that the league had indeed not seen the video.  Previously, many assumed that the league had seen the video.  The notion that the NFL, with its vast resources and connections, couldn’t or wouldn’t have obtained the video before passing judgment on Rice flew in the face of anything and everything perceived and believed about the league’s in-house justice system.

The best evidence that the NFL hadn’t seen the video comes from the fact that the league suspended Rice for only two games.  Surely, the punishment would have been far more swift and far more severe if Commissioner Roger Goodell had seen the video as part of his review of the case.

But Goodell should have seen the video.  He didn’t, because those responsible for getting the video failed to do so.

The Ravens fumbled the ball in the first instance.  With $25 million invested in the player over two seasons and the entire organization wired to believe the version of the events shared by Rice and his wife, someone with a law degree should have said, “Video of what happened in the elevator exists, Ray’s lawyer in the criminal case surely has it, and we should insist that Ray produce it.”

Instead, the Ravens accepted at face value characterizations of what happened.  Characterizations that ultimately were incorrect.  Whispers emerged of extreme provocation from Janay Palmer Rice, culminating in the then-future Mrs. Rice spitting in Ray’s face.  In the aftermath of the Rice punishment, weeks after the suspension had been resolved, one member of the Ravens organization privately advised caution when describing the contact from Ray to Janay as a punch.

Maybe that person meant to say that caution should be exercised when describing it only as a punch.

It’s no surprise that the Ravens bought Rice’s story.  They wanted to believe him.  They needed to believe him.  And with Janay Palmer Rice apparently supporting his version of the events (in part by apologizing at a press conference for her role in the situation) and prosecutors allowing (inexplicably, in hindsight) Rice to enter a diversionary program, the Ravens opted to give Rice, otherwise a model citizen, the benefit of the doubt.

But that’s when someone with the education and experience and an understanding of the criminal justice system should have explained to the folks in the organization without those skills and abilities:  (1) the importance of corroborating Rice’s version by watching the tape; and (2) the ease with which the tape could have been gotten.

Rice’s criminal defense lawyer had the tape.  He was entitled to the tape as part of the discovery process in the criminal prosecution.  Rice, by virtue of the fact that the lawyer works ultimately for Rice, needed only to direct the lawyer to forward the tape to Rice, so that he could in turn give it to the Ravens.

It possible that Rice or his lawyer would have resisted.  And that’s where the Ravens had to be willing to say to Rice, “Ray, you’re not putting on a helmet until we see the tape.”

The NFL compounded the error by not engaging in a similar analysis.  Undoubtedly influenced by the prosecution’s willingness to give Rice the rough equivalent of a pass and by the team’s convenient and self-serving acceptance of his version of the events, the NFL opted not to insist on seeing the tape.

How could the league office not have been curious about viewing a piece of video that was destined to be leaked?  Assuming that such basic curiosity existed, how did the league not realize that, despite the lack of subpoena power or similar authority to obtain the tape, they needed to simply go to the man whose lawyer already had the tape?

In some respects, Rice’s failure to volunteer the tape to the team or the league justifies the predicament he now faces.  He opted for a don’t ask/don’t tell approach regarding the tape, embellishing the facts at best and lying about them at worst.  While the league has yet to explain that Rice hasn’t been punished a second time for the assault but a first time for essentially obstructing justice by not telling the truth about the incident, that’s the logical conclusion to draw from Monday’s events.

So, no, the NFL didn’t see the tape.  And, yes, the NFL definitely should have.  If the league had, plenty of criticism could have and would have been avoided.

At a time when the Commissioner is facing tough questions about whether he saw the tape before today, he needs to be asking some tough questions regarding why he didn’t.

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  1. I call for a Roger Goodell resignation. Dude needs to go. The only reason they suspended him indefinitely is to cover there own rearends. I wouldn’t doubt if they saw the video beforehand.

  2. I wonder if Rice is done. If he was sentenced to jail and did his time, he would have been back by next year. Now? I am not so sure.

  3. If Goodell didn’t see it, it was because he didn’t want to. The guy is incompetent and hopefully this is the end of his reign.

  4. Ray Rice’s NFL career should be over.

    Somehow, however, I get the feeling that when he applies (and is granted reinstatement) someone will sign him.

    I really hope I’m wrong.

  5. I saw that video on a local Seattle news station months ago. The NFL had to have seen it.

  6. Resign Goodell. Do the right thing. If Goodell is so inept not to get his hands on this video before TMZ, his due diligence in this matter was not performed and he should not be running a multi-billion dollar organization.

  7. Video or no video. They all knew he hit her. Not sure where this belated outrage is coming from.


    Just questioning why everyone is just NOW getting worked up about it. This should have happened from the BEGINNING.

    The Commish and NFL are bunch of idiots.

  8. If Michael Vick can return with his myriad off the field issues, then so should Ray Rice. A lot of immature machismo being thrown about by you commenters for punching some woman out, happens all the time but y’all who want him gone forever only say that because she’s a beautiful woman & you gots some kinda extra spite for the dude ‘cos he didn’t treat her right. Spit happens, his 2 games was enough & Ray should be re-instated this year for a RB hungry team. Time to move on.

  9. Much like the James Harrison domestic violence charge in 08 and the Roethlisberger accusations this will be swept quickly under the rug to save face for the NFL. They have disgracefully ignored the violent acts of players for a long time with no punishment. If you want to punish the commish, as you should, the ravens (rice), steelers (Harrison, Big Ben), Bears (Marshall) are just a few teams also just as guilty. You can even look in history at the legendary Jim Brown as a disgusting woman beater who is now glorified in the NFL Make sure you look in your own backyard before placing blame on one person or team. You’ll find there is a culture of this in the NFL.

  10. I believe that the NFL didn’t see the Ray Rice video before imposing a two-game suspension on him.  But I can’t believe that the league didn’t see it.
    Huh? Isn’t the NFL and the league the same thing?

  11. If the NFL decided on punishing Rice without first seeing this video, they fail for poor investigative work and therefore Goodell should resign.

    If the NFL’s first punishment came after seeing the video, they fail for not making the punishment greater and being naive enough to think it wouldn’t come out later and Goodell should resign.

    If the NFL saw this video and they leaked it to TMZ to help further discipline Rice after the fact, they fail for being crooks and Goodell should resign.

    All outcomes point to Goodell should resign. He cannot be trusted to do his job any longer.

  12. Goodell needs to go. I’ve lost a lot of faith in the NFL over the past couple of years as blackeye after blackeye tarnishes and takes away from the enjoyment of the game. Today, we seem to talk a lot more about criminal acts committed by NFL players than stat lines, highlights, and matters of the game. Is it any surprise that the NFL wants a drug deal? It has less to do with cleaning up the game, but reducing the number of noisy drug suspensions that seem to happen week after week.

    But this is actually much worse. Does the NFL really want us to believe that nobody saw the tape? Nobody asked for the tape? They took the lobby video at face value and never questioned what happened inside the elevator?

    There is only one scenario here:

    The NFL wanted to sweep this under the rug and corroborated stories with Ray, Janay, and the Ravens to make this go away

    There is no believable scenario where nobody sees the tape.

    Goodell needs to resign tonight. Or the NFL owners need to fire him tomorrow.

  13. Goodell is a scumbag who makes 44 mil a year (mb more) n benefits from decisions to keep the revenue flow going in the NFL. Ever since this two faced money hording liar became the commish the league has taken steps back.

    Lemme ask you one question, Mr. Goodell: what does the NFL stand for???????????????

  14. While I do not condone Ray Rice’s actions,the state of NJ gave him a slap on the wrist,done and over with–yet the league office/Ravens want to drop the hammer on him,now,like what did they think happened in that elevator,seriously……

  15. First of all ANY news organization could have gotten the tape, including NBC and Pro Football talk, under an FOI request through the court. However, Ray Rice’s lawyer did him no favors..he legally could have blocked any FOI request under the domestic family matters clause, which keep them sealed from public view. It happens all the time in divorce cases. This is a lose, lose situation all around. Ray Rice and his wife lose, the nfl loses, the ravens lose. The only upside is everybody learns from this, especially young people who can learn from others failures.

  16. briscocountyjr says:
    Sep 8, 2014 8:45 PM
    They uncovered all of Belichick’s illegal tapes, they definitely had this one.
    “They” asked Belichick if he had other tapes, and if so, to turn them over. I believe the Pats were given a time deadline to have them delivered, to which they complied.

  17. “I believe that the NFL didn’t see the Ray Rice video before imposing a two-game suspension on him. But I can’t believe that the league didn’t see it.”

    What? Do you mean that you can believe that NFL did not see the video but the team did?

  18. “At a time when the Commissioner is facing tough questions about whether he saw the tape before today, he needs to be asking some tough questions regarding why he didn’t.”
    The point of this piece feels to be; “he had’t seen the video, and that wasn’t his fault”
    The first time I saw the Lobby video, I immediately thought ” I’d like to see the elevator video.”
    You are telling me that a team of executives mulling the situation over for a couple months didn’t once wonder the same thing?

    No one frim the team, no one from the league, even though it was used as evidence for the criminal proceedings several weeks ago?

    The DA thought of getting the elevator video pretty quickly.

    Did no one from the league or team speak to the prosecutor, or even hotel security?

    Did no one from the team or league attend any of the criminal proceedings?

    If not, they aren’t very good investigators. I don’t believe that to be true.

    Goodell had seen the video. We all know that. This mis-direction post alleging that Goodell should be angry at his people is nothing more than protecting the golden egg and is flat out insulting.

    Roger said he amended Ray’s punishment because he got it wrong t first time . The only thing he got wrong was not destroying ALL of the tapes, like he did with spygate.

    Roger is in a position of “Stupid or liar” and he is choosing to appeae “stupid” instead of admitting he’s a liar.

  19. Ray Rice needed a long suspension in the first place. He’s as overrated as the Seahawks are when they play away from that cheat of a stadium.

  20. agree that they should have seen the video sooner. Big thing to me is the cover-up here and in the Jim Irsay case by the district attorneys. How can you see that video and let a guy off the hook with probation and potentially expunge the charge after a counseling program? How can you grab a guy in a DWI, $29,000 cash, and prescriptions written for other people and let him off with 1 misdemeanor???

    Any other guy in these situations gets jail time. Who are Rice and Irsay paying off or pressuring to get these ridiculous plea bargains?

  21. Can he sue the NFL for penalizing him further even though he was already punished for a despicable mistake??

    Roger could have prevented this. After reading a piece from Michael McCann on si.com I actually do feel a judge in Philadelphia or Minneapolis could help Rice if he sues the NFL.

  22. If Ray Rice is being punished for obstruction then the Ravens (Newsome and Harbaugh) should be punished for creating a culture that promotes such behavior-going all the way back to Ray Lewis, and the NFL (Goodell) should be fired for overseeing a flawed investigation, which has caused this issue to fester for months.

  23. Whatever…..if the judicial system did the job…then the nfl wouldnt have to worry about suspensions and everything else…..people are too stupid to not blame these high dollar attorneys/politicians representing, convicting, and judging…..they get retainer fees and everybody makes money but yet the media still goes after the nfl……people are so stupid……ray rice committed a crime and should have been put in jail and none of this would have mattered….how about that

  24. Florio, you were/are an attorney, no? “It possible that Rice or his lawyer would have resisted. And that’s where the Ravens had to be willing to say to Rice, “Ray, you’re not putting on a helmet until we see the tape.”” Isn’t that a textbook example of extortion? Maybe, as you say, “someone with the education and experience and an understanding of the criminal justice system” did explain that it would be fairly easy to obtain but the process needed to obtain it would be unethical and actually illegal.

  25. The NFL didn’t see the video because THEY DIDN’T WANT TO SEE THE VIDEO !
    (they were hoping this was just all going to go away).
    Kudos to TMZ.
    When this story first broke I was like …. ok … where is what happened IN the elevator.
    His slap isn’t what really hurt her… it was when her head hit the handrail in the back of the elevator box.
    He can Thank God she wasn’t killed because the lights went out for her.
    I think we need to hear FROM HER !

  26. democratsarestupid, please tell me what Big Ben did. Being accused if something is not a crime, it was up to the states(Nevada and Georgia I believe)to gather evidence and charge with a crime and in both cases there was no evidence.

    Harrison admitted to slapping his girlfriend, wife, or baby momma. Altho I firmly believe one should never hit a woman, that is something that goes both ways tho, charges were eventually dropped.

  27. Only two possible good things can come from this:

    1) The country starts taking domestic violence seriously

    2) It’s the beginning of the end of Roger Goodell’s term as commissioner. I hate the NFL a little more every year he’s in charge.

  28. Should make for an interesting Thanksgiving at the Rice household. Both sets of parents should be proud.

  29. ialwayswantedtobeabanker says:
    Sep 8, 2014 8:48 PM
    (1) they (Ravens and NFL) had the video, viewed the video, determined a 2-game suspension was all that was required — and then the Ravens talked up how great of a human being Ray Rice is, blah, blah, blah.

    (2) even assuming they had not, how did they think a woman dragged out of an elevator like a lifeless corpse got that way? No one from the League or the Ravens ever seems to want to answer that one straightforward question. Just what did the video prove that we didn’t ALREADY know?

    This whole “We just learned the truth” and it “changes everything” line of crap is implausible as it gets.

  30. Learning that Rice’s people concocted a story about the victim spitting in his face–a story she apparently supported–might make it a little easier to understand why his team took his side and looked no further. But the league is supposed to remain objective.

    Knowing the legal braintrust advising the NFL as well as the law-enforcement experience of NFL security and their history of playing hardball, it’s difficult to excuse Goodell for not getting that tape. If nothing else, the NFL could have afforded to pay a source for it just as TMZ probably did.

  31. LOL…oh Roger….sure you didn’t see it.

    Oh the irony: Saints get blasted with suspensions and fines for simply talking about hurting opposing teams……..this guy punches a girl, Video One shows her unconscious….and Rice get’s two games? What did they THINK happened?

    But hey, let’s get more playoff games and the NFL into Europe!

    GREED …..Mark Cuban was right.

  32. Look all you armchair lawyers, and you too florio, if Rice said “no your not seeing the tape” and the casino obliged Rices request to not show it there is nothing that could be done about it. Nothing. A FOI would not do it since it was never entered as evidence in the case. Now if the defense team had it, the prosecutors should have had it thru discovery, which means they saw it and still gave him a wet willie instead of any kind of real punishment. The DA office is the only ones who legally could have seen that tape. Now obviously TMZ was just the highest bidder to get the tape and I’m sure the casino will be seeing a lawsuit real soon. Where’s Jack McCoy when you need him. As far as Riger Goodell resigning or getting fired, do you idiots even understand what his job is? He is tasked with growing revenue for the owners, and he has done that at a record setting pace every single year. When he first started football was second to baseball in popularity, now it’s not even a contest. Unless he has a donald sterling type situation, the man isn’t going anywhere.

  33. ialwayswantedtobeabanker says:
    Sep 8, 2014 9:43 PM
    ialwayswantedtobeabanker says:
    Sep 8, 2014 8:48 PM
    (1) they (Ravens and NFL) had the video, viewed the video, determined a 2-game suspension was all that was required — and then the Ravens talked up how great of a human being Ray Rice is, blah, blah, blah.

    (2) even assuming they had not, how did they think a woman dragged out of an elevator like a lifeless corpse got that way? No one from the League or the Ravens ever seems to want to answer that one straightforward question. Just what did the video prove that we didn’t ALREADY know?

    This whole “We just learned the truth” and it “changes everything” line of crap is implausible as it gets.

  34. Way to stoke the Goodell hate Florio. The NFL was supposed to keep digging after there was a court agreement and his wife took partial blame? The union would have called it a witch hunt. Is it going to be his fault when the suspension goes to arbitration as well?

  35. So the media can dig up stuff from Mitt Romney’s high school days, but can’t get a video from a hotel?

  36. To all asking for Goodell to resign, I dont disagree, but lets be fair, Ozzie Newsome, John Harbaugh, and Steve Biscotti would all need to go as well, because they all failed to properly investigate and handle this situation. Worse yet the Ravens spoke out in support of his character.

  37. to democratsarestupid:

    where did Ben ever strike a woman??? Nevada was a money grab and Georgia showed absolutely no proof whatsoever. Both claims were investigated and there was no evidence to support it.

    As far as James Harrison, he should have been punished.

    The issue at stake here is this:

    A clearly defined set of rules that apply to the entire NFL is needed. Spelled out, so that when an infraction is incurred, the player knows what the punishment is. The fact that Goddell plays God and decides what to give whom is ridiculous. You are at the mercy of ONE MAN to decide upon the punishment. Clearly bias comes in to play . . .

    Roethlisberger was suspended for SIX GAMES for an accusation . . . no arrest, no conviction, simply an accusation that was proven to be unfounded.

    Rice was suspended for TWO GAMES and a VIDEO of the INCIDENT was shown and available for the NFL to view.

    It is time for the NFL to relieve Roger Goddell of his duties and bring someone in who is ready to clean up the image of the NFL.

  38. Everyone calling for Goodell to resign over this might want to take a moment and envision Condoleeza Rice as NFL Commissioner.

    Thats what I thought.

  39. This was a reprehensible act, plain and simple. Its always been a disgusting act. What I would like to know is where were all you media pawns every time this stuff happened the last five years? Little and Stallworth killed people while drinking and driving, yet y’all were no where to be found. Bunch of sheep. Also, what makes anyone think the next guy won’t be a Goodell clone? It amazes me how simple people really are to just jump into any mob or any bandwagon, and act like they are these great thinkers of the world cause they write a few not so clever lines. Here’s an idea, donate your time or money to the House of Ruth. Oh wait, that would actually require some wisdom.

  40. Of course they could have gotten it. Instead the covered their eyes with their hands and stood there for weeks shouting LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA so that they could claim they were unable to get it and hadn’t seen it.

  41. If NFL had demanded rice’s attorney provide the tape to be able to put the helmet on, Florio would have been crying that the NFL did not have the right to make the demand pursuant to the CBA.

  42. I still wonder if she remembers any of this. She probably didn’t even know how hard he hit her or how hard she fell. Seriously, he could have killed her or cause permanent damage.

  43. In July, Chris Mortensen said:
    “We saw the TMZ video of what happened outside—when he was dragging her out unconscious—but inside, I’m told from those who have seen the video, it wasn’t pretty. In fact, she attacks him—we don’t know the reason why—and he strikes her, strikes her hard. And her head—according to the sources I’ve spoken to—struck the rail inside the elevator and she was unconscious.”

    And that’s exactly what the video shows. Peter King also reported back in July that the NFL and Ravens officials saw the video on the inside of the elevator. These are two of the best-connected guys in NFL journalism. SOMEBODY in the league office saw the tape at one point.

    It’s unbelievable that all these rich and powerful people would put so much at risk to cover up for a guy who knocked out his wife. Just crazy.

  44. Who in the Ravens front office was responsible for the cover up? Was it Ozzie Gruesome or that polecat John Hairball?? Who should be fired??

  45. taintedsaints2009 says:
    Sep 8, 2014 9:57 PM
    It wasn’t the break-in that caused nixon to resign…it was the coverup.
    Too bad the current policy is to cover everything up and pretend it never existed and wait until the next election. At least Nixon recognized he was wrong

  46. understand that the video is gruesome, and the outrage all the way around is well deserved, but all the attention to this problem of domestic violence feels decades late.

    i was sitting in lectures 20 years ago about the ridiculous statistics of women who are abused in relationships, and believe me the numbers were shocking back then, and now 20 years of no attention later, a sensational video like this involving a celebrity athlete in a multibillion dollar glamour industry finally brings much deserved attention, but i just feel sad for all the victims who have been ignored until now.

    hopefully some good can come of this.

  47. It’s very simple, if Goodell saw the tape he needs to go. If he didn’t see the tape, he’s a total idiot for not getting it, so he needs to go. I don’t understand how the morons in charge of the NFL could screw this up so royally.

  48. Goodell isn’t gonna resign. What he needs to do is suspend himself and donate three months of his salary to some charity that supports victims of domestic abuse. It’s the only way he can attempt to make this right.

  49. Why doesn’t Goodell just hire the crack investigators at TMZ?

    We’re supposed to believe that a lame TV entertainment program has better investigators than the NFL – when all Goodell needed to do was demand Rice and his attorneys hand over the tape????

    He didn’t see it because he didn’t want to see it.

    This guy will throw good coaches under the bus because he values good PR over logic and truth.

    Seeing as Goodell himself has caused such a firestorm, he must fire himself to preserve “the integrity of the game”

  50. jonahfalcon says:

    Guess what? TMZ is going to reveal tomorrow (Tuesday) that the NFL saw the video.


    In his defense, Goodell probably didn’t see the video that proves he saw the video

  51. Let me see if I have this correct. Every news organization legitimate or not has an investigative reporter, including NBC. Some grease the palms of people in the know for information. Any one of those organizations would have struck gold to get their hands on this tape and yet not one had been able to get it until monday. Yet you believe that because the NFL is some grand organization, above the law, that they either saw it or should have gotten their hands on the tape before groups who have a legitamate reason to file an open records request to the police for it ? That would be like you commiting a crime and your employer being allowed to look at evidence so they can make a decision to fire you. If the NFL has that kind of power, to be granted exclusive access to evidence from police or prosecutors, that is the bigger story.

  52. Florio, thank you!!! I’ve been saying this to myself all day. If the NFL saw this tape and still gave Rice 2 games, shame on them; if they DIDN’T see the tape and gave Rice 2 games, shame on them.

  53. democratsarestupid, please tell me what Big Ben did. Being accused if something is not a crime, it was up to the states(Nevada and Georgia I believe)to gather evidence and charge with a crime and in both cases there was no evidence.

    I bet Ben paying off the victim didn’t make it harder to “gather evidence” huh?

    Glass Houses Steeler fan, Glass Houses………..

    Go Hawks!

  54. Hahahaha so much babbling and apologizing for the NFL, here’s your article:

    1. The league is owned by a bunch of money grubbers.

    2. If a crappy player gets arrested for knocking out his girlfriend he gets cut.

    3. If a player your money grubber has a lot of coins invested in gets arrested they try to smooth things over unless it becomes such a problem that it hurts the flow of coins be hoarded.

  55. Mike Florio, just a thought but perhaps the league and the Ravens didn’t pressure him to give them the video because the video could be used in his criminal and potentially civil proceedings that might have resulted. It might be legally challenging for his employer to attempt to force him to surrender evidence to them, as I doubt they could legally compel him to do so. And I would imagine that the CBA does not permit them to suspend him indefinitely for refusing to surrender defense evidence in a criminal and/or civil proceeding.

  56. There was a witness in front of the elevator, as Rice was dragging this unconscious woman out of the elevator, yet we have heard nothing from this man. What does that say about our society and how the rich can literally get away with rape, torture, kidnapping and murder, if the price is right?
    This whole society has gone to hell.

  57. How many careers will be tarnished/destroyed by this debacle? Rice is done. Goodell will forever be defined by this. Harbaugh and his “heck of a guy” comment won’t be soon forgotten, either.

    But what about Peter King? His career may as well be over. His explanation wasn’t that the NFL lied to him but, crazily, that he passed gossip along branded as the truth without bothering to check it out. His employer is Sports Illustrated. Can they really let that sort of admitted lapse in journalistic ethics slide? Particularly when it seems fairly likely that King is lying to cover the NFL’s behind?

    Because, don’t forget, King wasn’t the only reporter who repeated the story that the NFL had already seen the second tape and that the victim was somehow to blame for the incident. Doubtful all the rest will follow King’s lead and say it was all their fault. King may well have painted himself into a corner where there will be no escape. Because when your business is passing along stories from unnamed sources, you’re done the instant your word is no longer good.

  58. Of course God-ell seen the tape. Like Rice, he should be suspended indefinitely himself. Terrible commish that needs to resign! Ravens organization must be hanging there head real low these days.

  59. I wonder if they will keep this post up? She needs to leave him immediately, because someone like this usually, when caught and with his dreams crumbling before him, usually attempts suicide and in this case of abuse over another will likely take her with him.
    He and his lawyers knowingly obstructed justice, because they did not fully disclose all of the information pertinent to this crime in the “discovery” process, which is attorney malfeasance and depending on how many times this corrupt lawyer may have done this, must result in anywhere from a $500.00 fine to disbarment .
    I can’t imagine what her parents are going through, having seen what this monster did to their daughter, and then seeing her defend him after the fact. This is a very hopeless feeling that I would not wish on any parent. It’s continuously nerve-racking and draining. No man or abusive woman is worth this sacrifice of your “self”.

  60. Why did they need the video?

    Why did The commish and the Ravens think a punch that knocked a human being out cold looked like?

  61. Chris Mortensen had seen it when this incident was first reported, feared a lengthy suspension due to the violence there. Yet I don’t know how the revelation of this footage makes matters worse. She wasn’t knocked unconscious by a mild slap in the first place.

  62. If Goodell can suspend Sean Payton for what “he should have known” about a bounty program that produced no injuries, then Goodell should be fired for what he “should have known”! It happened on “his watch”!

  63. That’s a good story Mike, but it sounds highly unlikely.

    The NFL is all about control.
    Its just way too hard to believe that the World saw what the outcome was after the elevator doors opened, but nobody inside the image conscious NFL HQ was even remotely interested in how it got that way? And they took the word of the player?

    Sorry, but I don’t think anybody is buying that.

  64. What a great message the Shield is sending to the youths of this country and others. If you’re gonna hit a woman, make sure there’s no video. Disgusting, absolutely disgusting.

    Should Goodell be gone? Absolutely. Let’s not forget that the bigger turd in the bowl is still Ray Rice.

  65. I don’t see *anyone* in the right on this situation:

    Why couldn’t the league get the video?

    Why couldn’t the Ravens get the video?

    Why did TMZ wait until now to release the video?

    If Ray Rice’s lawyer had the video, why didn’t they release it immediately and deal with all the consequences at once?

    Nobody wins on this one.

  66. The league absolutely KNEW the tape existed when they gave him the light punishment of 2 game suspension.
    1st; the security force for the NFL are retired FBI agents that get reports on anything related to the league; in all liklyhood they had a copy of this tape before prosecutors did.
    2nd, the tape of Rice dragging his then girlfriend from the elevator did not make out a case for assault, by it’s self and there had to be other evidence to sustain the charge and it was widely reported that the State Prosecutor had, in it’s possession a tape of what occurred in the elevator just prior to the dragging incident.
    It absolutely amazes me that an organization as large as the NFL can be run by such bumbling fools. What are the chances that a ‘megalomaniac’ like Roger Goodell didn’t know of this tape?…….NONE!

  67. Do we really believe that this whole thing was not an orchestrated play behind the scenes to justify the small sanctions against Irsay? If we do, we have never been involved in high level decision making in the public eye. In MHO, a handful of men knew of the video, still issued a light punishment in advance of Irsay’s light punishment, then responded to the video they knew would come out. Just wait. Some reporter will ferret this out.

  68. I can’t decide what is more disgusting, The Ravens and NFL being caught trying to cover up another criminal act by a sub-human, or Ray Lewis running his mouth how he tried to mentor and teach Rice. Great job all around, people.

  69. The NFL is full of weathy hypocrites and liars. this is why i don’t have an interest in some pro sports. Goddell had all the tapes, lied and now wants to execute Ray Rice to save his ass.

  70. The NFL should stick to sports and not try to be Social Workers. It is between him and his wife. Let her family deal with it, or Let her go to the police, or to a lawyer. She has the means and the press needs to butt out.

  71. Goodell is a prick. That being said, he shouldn’t have to be baby sitting these grown men! All of you who are up in arms over one dude hitting his girl, for reasons unknown to us, are ridiculous. Spousal and child abuse happens on a daily basis, but I bet you skip those articles in the news because it doesn’t relate to the NFL.

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