Ravens release running back Ray Rice after video emerges


That didn’t take long.

After months of backing, it only took a few hours of backlash from the video of Baltimore running back Ray Rice punching his wife in the face for the team to draw the line.

The Ravens announced they had terminated the contract of the star running back, who still had one game of suspension left.

That became a moot point this morning, when Rice’s pariah status was cemented by the video of him punching his wife in the elevator.

We knew she was unconscious when she left the elevator already, but the video was a visceral and evocative image, one the Ravens have finally chosen to step away from.

The NFL suspended Rice indefinitely shortly after the Ravens’ move.

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342 responses to “Ravens release running back Ray Rice after video emerges

  1. Yes, good move. If Ray MacDonald is found guilty, he’s next…and I’ve always thought he’s a good DE. But if you hit a woman/child, you’re just a wuss!

  2. It’s more acceptable to drive under the influence and kill a man then it is to punch a woman in the face.

    Although both a disgustingly inhumane, the NFL’s priority’s are so out of wack it’s insane.

  3. Interesting how it happened right after the week one game, making his salary for 2014 fully guaranteed (minus the 2 game suspension without pay).

  4. Wonder who, if anyone, picks him up. Have to think he’ll be in the league by next year and be “reformed”.

    HEY! Something to distract from the ‘Skins name for once.

  5. Hope his career is over. Still think Ravens should have acted on this from the get-go. NFL and B’more look like fools…

  6. This is bad all around. Lots of egg-on-face for everyone involved (NFL, Ravens, Rice, etc.)

    I have ten bucks that says Rice and his wife are divorced by the end of the year. Watch.

  7. Wait to do the “right thing” Bmore. It only took TMZ and public outcry to get you to backtrack on your cover-up, blame-shifting, and “Rice is a heckuva guy” campaign.

    Bmore = Franchise for Criminal Heroes

  8. Given that Ray lied to his teammates and Ozzie Newsome about what happened, this is no surprise. But part of me thinks that the Ravens had to have seen this video earlier, and that they are only doing this to save PR face.

  9. Does anyone truly believe the Ravens hadnt already seen this video?

    This is a PR move, max damage control.

    They coulda/shoulda have done this before. No one should be applauding them at this point. They may have finally done the right thing, but not for the right reasons.

  10. If he had brought that kind of fight rushing the ball last year he would have averaged more than 3.1 yards a carry. Good luck getting a gig now, buddy outside of sweeping floors. Gonna be broke, penniless and still stupid. Ride’s over Ray…

  11. I really did not think they had it in them. Especially after abetting Lewis for as long as they did. Now lets see who decides to pick up this loser.

  12. So much for “No big deal”, huh Harbs? Go ahead and defend some more criminals Bmore. What a bunch of turds. Keep giving him standing Os though losers.

  13. It’s pretty pathetic in my opinion that it took a video of the crime being released for them to do this. It was obvious what happened when the video of him dragging her out of the elevator was released. And to me “she was attacking me” is not a valid excuse. If a woman is acting crazy attacking you then you restrain her and have her arrested. You don’t need to knock her out cold when you are physically MUCH stronger than her and perfectly capable of restraining her.

  14. It’s about time, the Ravens are pathetic, they only released him because of the huge wave of bad PR, not because u know, he actually knocked a chick out.

  15. My question is, why did it take video evidence before anyone took it seriously?! We all knew that the woman did not just faint in an elevator while having an argument with R. Rice.

  16. Doesn’t this get filed under “too little, too late”? The ultimate move would have been to do this from the beginning instead of that embarrassing “Ray is our guy” nonsense. The only difference is that there’s a video now.

    Whatever, at least it finally happened. Keep your hands off of them ladies and remain a real man.

  17. he’s a “vested veteran” on the roster for the first game of the season, so isn’t his contract guaranteed? they’re paying him either way, right?

    just want to be clear on that. not a ravens fan, and not a ray rice fan either.

  18. WOOOOOW! Didn’t see that coming! Just that quick, a person is public enemy number 1! How powerful videos are! He has a long road back to the top

  19. I applaud the Ravens for doing today What they Should have done in the first place. Now Lets see if Goodell does the right thing.

  20. That’s a solid move on the part of the Ravens. I’ve never liked them, but credit where credit is due – they sacked up and did what needed to be done.

  21. Come down to Miami. I’ll take him idc what he did to the girl. Who is his wife now, so this means the 49ers are also going to cut ray McDonald?????

  22. Did not see that coming. The video looks bad – he clearly hits her in the face, but it looks like the fall against the wall is what knocked her out. Not sure it is any different than how he described it – she was moving toward him, who knows what she was saying.

    At least he didn’t lie to the owner about the incident.

  23. Now Goodell needs to resign. How didn’t he see this video before the punishment? Willful ignorance.

  24. Props to the Ravens for doing the right thing! Hopefully the other teams will do the right thing and they won’t pick him up!

  25. Should have happened the moment he was through the court system. Still, better late than never.

    Just not a lot better.

  26. OMG…I don’t believe it. I can’t wait to see what team signs him & I guarantee it won’t be the Dolphins.

  27. Any team that signs him after his suspension deserves to be boycotted. But Godell COULD make the point moot if he suspends him FOREVER. Ball’s in your court, Roger.

    Oh, and congrats to those Raven fans who gave Rice a standing ovation when he hit the training camp field for the first time. Hope your skin is crawling.

  28. Just goes to show you the Ravens organization has more class than the NFL front office and definitely more self-respect than Mrs. Rice

    Now the only question I want to know is how soon she divorces him now that she’s not taking punches for being married to a man with money and celebrity.

  29. Clearly looks like they are washing their hands of him. Gotta protect the bottom line. Amazing how the video changed the organization’s perception of the act. Get real! This should have been done from the get!

  30. Too little, too late. They should have never supported this guy regardless of whether they saw the video. That goes for the NFL, too. Goodell should submit his letter of resignation TODAY.

  31. Let this be a lesson to any NFL employee — there ARE real consequences to domestic violence, as long as considerably damning video evidence is made public.

  32. It didn’t take long but it should have happened sooner.

    I still believe what I said earlier, in this league some team will sign him. A contending team loses their starting RB a few weeks from now and they’ll grab him up. He would, unfortunately, not be the first, last or only player in the NFL with domestic violence on his resume.

  33. As it turns out John Harbaugh IS related to Jim Harbaugh. Laying hands on a woman, especially in this unprovoked situation is unacceptable.

    The NFL and Ravens mishandled this unfortunate event from the start. On the bright side, it should lead to a new era of intolerance toward domestic violence.

  34. Is it ironic that they just honored Ray Lewis on Sunday? So murder = OK domestic assault = not OK? Just want to make sure I’m keeping score…

  35. Coverup worse than the crime?

    Maybe its because he lied & said he was defending himself

  36. Should’ve been released a long time ago. His skills on the field have diminished each year. This just made it easier for them. Great Move to drop this BUM.

  37. Good. No room for someone who feels the need or feels that they can beat a woman with no consequences.

  38. The Ravens made the right decision to get rid of Rice but I can see the Patriots signing him. But they shouldn’t he should be banned from the NFL for this horrible action he did.

  39. Ravens pretty much had to do this. Good move, but too late.

    Now, will this cause Goodell to be next? Does anyone actually believe that today is the first time he saw this video?

  40. Had to be done. If not the league, then the team. Just like the NFL did a “better late than never” in setting stiff domestic violence penalties, the Ravens did a “better late than never” in cutting Rice.

  41. Should Roger Goodell be fired?? He only makes about 45 million bucks a year…you expect more from him? $45,000,000 of your hard earned dollars funnel to him every year.

  42. I have a hard time believing that the video wasn’t seen before. It wouldn’t surprise me if sometime down the road we find out the NFL/Ravens paid to “try” to hide that video. Good job TMZ even though I don’t care for what you do!

  43. She’s got another beating coming now that she cost him his career. This is a lose-lose situation no matter how you look at it. I feel bad for Janay

  44. Is anyone else curious like I am why it took so long of the video of him punching her to be shown?

  45. Ravens fan here. I apologize for having defended that RR made a mistake. Many of us bought into the idea he snapped and that she was all over him (this was the rumor that was circulated from unofficial sources). The video couldn’t be more damning.

    There was nothing of the sort, of her being on him. I am big enough to admit I was wrong. Way wrong.

    More important than football is RR and his wife getting help, if such a thing is possible.

    Next game, who cares. This is a big “Charlie Foxtrot” for the Ravens organization. My guess is that athletes have always been scumbags. There’s just more opportunities to catch them in today’s world. smh…time for the team to focus on football.

  46. As a Ravens season ticket holder: “Thank you Ravens!”. There was no excuse for his actions and Ray’s career may be over. I can’t imagine another team picking him up.

  47. How embarrassing this must be for the NFL. They give Rice 2 games, but it’s the team that does the dirty work by cutting him.

    Goodell looks like a fool from this.

  48. Who is gonna get him if the NFL doesn’t increase his suspension? Or are we pretending someone won’t?

  49. All the same, I don’t have any respect for the Ravens. I’d be shocked if they hadn’t already seen the video (ditto for the NFL). They’re only acting because of the spike in the backlash (people tend to get more emotional when they get a first hand perspective vs words in a report). They knew what hey did, they should have released him the minute they saw the video.

  50. The Ravens Are pathetic. Don’t get me wrong they needed to release him. But to wait until a video was released to do so is pathetic. Do you not know what a punch looks like? And you can’t tell me TMZ has the capability to get the video but the NFL and ravens don’t. They saw it and are only releasing him to save face.

  51. This doesn’t excuse Roger from having to answer about why his punishment wasn’t worse. Time to be a man Roger Dodger.

  52. This was a no-brainer today… Who signs him is now the story of the year. How long is he out of football before some owner/GM/coach (Jerra) comes forward and says he’s paid his dues.

    You know there are team leaders talking with PR people right now to see when they’ll be best served to sign him. Bring in the lawyers to make it all look “good”.

    The NFL has criminals of all types. This guy’s actions were disgusting, and so are a lot of others. I love my football…just wish it came with a little less 90210

  53. This still shouldn’t let Goodell off the hook. He either saw the video and has absolutely horrible judgment, or he purposefully refused to watch the video so he could use it as an out to clear himself of blame. Goodell is unfit to be commissioner of a major professional sports league, and should be canned.

  54. You say “pariah”, I say there are people in Baltimore who would hold a parade for him tomorrow.

  55. Two things. vick can now have a roommate.
    Time to take the statue of the other ray down and throw it in the garbage where it belongs.

  56. I’d say that no team would touch Ray Rice w/ a 10ft pole, but…it’s the NFL, I’m sure some owner will give him a chance sometime next year.

  57. pastorfootball says: Sep 8, 2014 2:26 PM

    What took them so long?
    Depending on your level of cynicism, either Rice lied to them about what really happened or they knew about it and did nothing and just prayed that it would never be made public.

  58. Is his career over? Probably for now, right?

    How does waivers even work after Week 1? Which 0-1 team is the bottom team in the league?

  59. I dont understand how the Ravens could release a stand up good guy like Ray Rice. I mean nothing has changed since earlier this year.

  60. I still have zero respect for the garbage ravens fans cheering him. But i have more respect again for the orginization doing the right thing.

  61. Actually, Since he was not on the active roster for game 1, his salary is not guaranteed, but he will be a big cap hit. It now explains them clearing the 7 million in cap space by restructuring Webbie. His hit may take all of that.
    I really don’t think the Ravens organization and ownership had seen this video or he would have more than likely been cut immediately.

  62. Wanna give him a standing ovation now scumbag Ravens fan?

    What makes me sick is that we needed to see it to get outraged. We already knew what was on the tape, why the hell does it matter if you saw it or not.

    This whole thing makes me sick.

  63. Just a matter of time until Baltimore builds a statue of Ray Rice next to the Ray Lewis statue. And the two statues will be high fiving each other.

  64. No one’s gonna pick him up……they wouldn’t want repercussions that they condone that kind of behavio/crime. He’s done in the NFL. SCUMBAG

  65. so, if I have this right:
    2nd weed offence = Season suspension
    Alleged rape (no charges) 6 games
    Molly= 4 games
    Domestic Violence = 2 games
    Video evidence = cut from team


  66. Wow, and she Married him after that left hook, Now that he’s lost his job wonder how long the marriage will Last……….NFL Not For Long

  67. Don’t construe this to be the Ravens doing what is right. They don’t want this hovering over the organization. It just got uglier and harder for them to excuse today.

  68. Only when indisputable evidence presented do Ravens do the honorable thing. Pathetic.
    The equally pathetic Whiners now have to step up and do the honorable thing for their Ray Ray

  69. salary cap handled its a 7 mil hit,thats why they re did webbs contract.they knew this was comming.Its over know worry about which player from you team will be next.i asure you he is not the only player hitting on his girl friend in the league……

  70. This just goes to show how stupid most people really are. The attack happened months ago, but people are more upset today because they saw a video. What did people think was going to be on the video? There are only so many ways a person can walk into an elevator and be carried out unconscious.

    Ray Rice should not have been released today. He should have been released in Febuary of he should still be on the team.

  71. The only player on the Raiders to be arrested recently was Janikowski and that was for a bar fight. Our players don’t hit women but will participate in a bar brawl. He’d fit with the Niners though.

  72. kchristainsen says: Sep 8, 2014 2:33 PM

    Cowards they only do this after the video came out and not before

    If every NFL Player was released every time some person accused them of something, we wouldn’t have enough players for a league. Everyone from Ravens fans to the organization were under the notion that Rice acted in defense, even if that’s bad considering he’s a football player, it’s not illegal. However, this video proves he wasn’t acting in self defense. He lost my support as soon as I saw the video, and I’m very pleased that the Ravens felt the same and handled this so quickly.

  73. Mr. Rice….Jim Harbaugh is on line #1

    Jim Harbaugh is on line #1

    Due process…above approach

  74. By cutting Rice the ravens are going to take a $9.5 million cap hit in 2015. Ouch. That’s a lot of dead money but they pretty much had no choice.

  75. “OK, who is gonna pick him up — Dallas or the Raiders?”

    Neither. Ray is a perfect fit for that sleezeball Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers.

    “above reproach” what a joke Hairball is.

  76. Wasn’t there a video previously released of her being dragged out of the elevator unconscious? What did they actually think had happened inside the elevator? The “I didn’t see this video” excuse is really no defense.

  77. Let’s be clear. The Ravens did not do this because of Rice’s actions, they did this because the public finally knew the full extent of his actions. I don’t believe for a second that Ravens management just now saw that video.

    This should not end this matter. Roger Goodell should either resign or be fired over this.

  78. That Harvey guy from TMZ is gonna be able to buy the 64oz Big Gulp after this one…

  79. He says she attacked him… He shoved her she came at him and he throws a KO blow. I mean come on man your a freaking NFL running back even if she did hit him he’s used to 300+ pounds men trying to kill him. Just come on no place for that

  80. I’m not sure if it’s legally considered ‘collusion’ and/or what the cap impact of it is, but I’d bet Goodell got every GM/owner in the league to agree NOT to sign him.

  81. This incident was bad but spygate was 1000000X worse. I am outraged that a 6th round weakling like Brady can get a hot supermodel wife when he and his coach cheated at their jobs.

    Wussies need to know their place in life…for me to beat them up at school.


  82. I saw the video and as bad as the punch was casually dragging his wife like a rag doll and moving her body with his leg like she was an animal was worse. His football career is over. Based on what he did I ‘d be shocked if he was even allowed to coach football

  83. The Ravens only cut Rice, because this video went public and was incendiary — and left them with no choice.

    Prior to the public release of this video, the Ravens opted to talk about what a good guy Rice is, about how Rice is one “heck of a guy” — and were pleased to accept the two game suspension.

    But my question is, why did the earth need to see the punch — to understand how the woman got KO’d. When you see her corpse-like body being casually dragged out of an elevator — we can all connect the dots, right?

    My point is the Ravens didn’t release Rice by reason of good conscience or class — they initially tried to sweep it under the carpet, and only subsequently pulled the plug on Rice purely because the video got out now for everyone to view, and they were left without any other choice.

    No tip of the cap here to the Ravens. No sir. They should have cut the cord weeks ago.

  84. This is hypocritical.

    The Ravens, most their fans, Goodell, etc. all thought Ray was such a nice guy and made a mistake.

    Anyone with half a brain knew what happened. Whether she “attacked him” or not you don’t knock out a woman.

    It was obvious from the hall view that he had ZERO concern for her condition. What we saw in the elevator is what any thinking person KNEW happened.

    All those Raven fans who supported him should be ashamed.

    And Goodell should be fired immediately. Either he did a very poor job of investigating or he’s got mental issues.

    I suspect it’s the latter.

  85. I dont fully get what is different between now and then. they knew he punched her and knocked her out. did they think it just magically happened before they saw this video?

    I think everyone realized the mistake they made only suspending him two games and they used this to correct that mistake

  86. Thank God. Great Job Ravens. (Ray McDonald, please pick up the white phone…Ray McDonald…”)

    Now it’s up to Roger Goodell to personally call every team and ask them to sign Rice to their practice squad.

  87. It’s finally good to see that the Ravens are capable of making the right decision. Erecting a statue for Ray Lewis who copped a plea to obstruction of a murder investigation in exchange for his testimony against 2 friends was shameful.

  88. Now that the paychecks will stop, at least his wife can end the publicity sham of their marriage.

  89. what a bunch of hypocrites…they knew this happened and stood behind him 100%…just because people can see what everyone knew he did the Ravens organization suddenly “cares”? …

  90. wonder if the other pro leagues will change their stance on domestic violence after the nfl has made so many mistakes here

  91. I don’t care about the $9.5m cap hit. This is bigger than football or money – so be it. As I life-long Ravens fan this was the right thing to do and I support the organization in doing it.

  92. The Ravens are a classless organization and this is sickening that it took a video and the ensuing backlash to release him. They supported this guy after he admitted to hitting her and made her look like a fool and Rice the victim in the worst press conference ever and ensuing tweets. The NFL and the Ravens should be ashamed of themselves for trying to cover this up and leaking false info to a gullible and naïve public.

  93. What a joke ! The Ravens built a statue for a guy that beat a murder rap & charges of beating women .. including a pregnant woman. Now they want to look good for wanting no part of being associated with undesirables. Hope they bought him a plane ticket to Oakland which is the scrap heap of the NFL.

  94. I’m awaiting the press conference from Jim Harbaugh once they sign Ray Rice later this week.

  95. Good… the fans that gave this guy a standing ovation in the pre-season need to be ashamed of themselves.

    It is pitiful that Incognito was suspended more games from the Phins for his incident last year, Than what Rice currently needs to serve, how can the NFL be worried about “bullying” then try to sweep this under the rug.

    Unless the NFL does something like appeal his suspension than give him more, but I am confident that isn’t how it works.

  96. From a football standpoint I’m still disappointed in the league! This guy should have been banned or at least suspended for a year, the Ravens shouldn’t have to take the cap hit, or pay this disgusting human a penny because they did the right thing.

  97. They didn’t release him when they knew he was a wife-beater, my guess is the video caught him in some sort of lie he told the Ravens organization.

  98. What I wouldn’t give to be in the Rice household now.. Just listening to how it all unfolded, how he was told and what was said as soon as the phone call took place. You have to feel for his wife..

  99. TMZ can get a copy of that but the NFL can’t? They didn’t see it until today?

    The truly sad part is the ravens would still be defending rice had this videonot come out. Then John Harbaugh says he’s proud of him. Harbaugh and Rice wouldn’t have any class if you could buy it in the store.

  100. His wife forgave him and gave him a second chance, so should society.

    I DO NOT condone spousal abuse of abuse of any nature, but the idea that this man career is jeopardy over a lynch mob mentality is repulsive.

    Don’t we all deserve a second chance?

  101. Sad day for everyone involved. Hoping Mr. & Mrs. Rice get the treatment/counseling they need. As to the cap, doesn’t matter. The Ravens did the right thing. No team will sign him. His days of carrying the rock are over.

  102. I dont fully get what is different between now and then. they knew he punched her and knocked her out. did they think it just magically happened before they saw this video?

    I think everyone realized the mistake they made only suspending him two games and they used this to correct that mistake


    meaning they wanted to bury this and forget about it. meaning they havent learned a thing other thing being able to make the right PR move

  103. chawkup – I agree, and what about the District Attorney who allowed him to get off without penalty. This whole situation is disgusting, and I agree with an earlier poster who said the outrage is because of the video, this same outrage should be against other players who have been convicted of similar crimes against women!

  104. Quoting mrpresident50
    “It’s more acceptable to drive under the influence and kill a man then it is to punch a woman in the face.

    Although both a disgustingly inhumane, the NFL’s priority’s are so out of wack it’s insane.”

    Why do you want the new lower standard to be an appallingly poor decision from more than five years ago, on a completely unrelated incident?
    Do you ever want to try to do better?

  105. Rice is all done for the season, no way any team is that desperate to pick him up. The Ravens had no choice in the matter.

    He will get another chance in the NFL next year to try and make someones roster. Right now, he is black listed.

  106. Now ESPN will probably hire Rice to be on its NFL Countdown shows next his buddy Ray Lewis.

    Funny how ESPN can wag its finger over the Ray Rice mess while employing Ray Lewis.

  107. The ravens will take a $9.5 million cap hit next year for cutting rice. That is completely due to his signing bonus. None of the salary remaining on his contract was guaranteed, so the ravens will not pay him another penny. the $9.5 million is just what is left on his prorated signing bonus.

  108. Interested to hear Ray Lewis comments tonight now that he’s tranformed himself into an upstanding citizen.

  109. Where are all those Raven fans defending Rice? They were trying to say that it’s alright to hit a woman. Hell, they gave him a standing ovation. Nothing that ever happened in NYC or Philly or ANYWHERE was ever near a bad as these fans. Just no class.

  110. “Don’t we all deserve a second chance?”

    Not when your salary is paid by the fans, some of whom are/were victims of domestic violence and or spousal abuse.

  111. I’m not trying to hate on the Ravens but to me, when they could have done something, they didn’t. When they HAD to do something they finally did. Not so sure how classy of a move that is by this organization.

  112. Baltimore…..what a town!! Lewis, now Rice. Wonder if OJ spent any time in this hick town???

  113. Ray McDonald better be next. And Jim Harbaugh for relieving himself on our legs and telling us it was rain, when they are doing the same thing the Ravens had done prior to this video release to the public.

  114. mrpresident50 says:Sep 8, 2014 2:25 PM

    It’s more acceptable to drive under the influence and kill a man then it is to punch a woman in the face.

    Although both a disgustingly inhumane, the NFL’s priority’s are so out of wack it’s insane.

    Ever heard of the word rationalization? Try it, it will assist you in comprending the difference between the 2 incidents. You are referring to a an individual who made a poor decision to drive while being intoxicated and ACCIDENTALLY killed another person as opposed to Ray Rice who INTENTIALLY punched his wife and knocked her out. In addition, he displayed no remorse or concerned for he well-being. Irrespective, people deserve a second chance, but that drew the line for me with what he did.

  115. Darin, are you done bashing Ravens fans and the organization for the actions of one idiot now? Get off your high horse… you are literally the laziest journalist on the planet. What really shows your true colors is the cowardice you show by filtering my comments. You like riding the waves of the emotions of the masses??? Does it make you feel good inside?? Pathetic. I’d expect the same tactics and couth from a writer at TMZ. Good luck to you with your career.

  116. Kudo’s to the Ravens organization. This was the right thing to do. Ray Rice tried to mislead the team, the league and the fans as to the facts of this case. You ar,e no longer welcome here. Your jersey will be used for rags in my house. If he lied to the New Jersey authorities I hope he gets criminal charges as well.

  117. For all you simpleton making snarky comments about whatever team picking him u, now that he’s suspended indefinitely, go back to your meaningless lives.
    And for the race-baiter that made the comment about Jackson and Sharpton, don’t scream playing the race card the next time you are accused of being a racist.

  118. Someone will welcome him back next year. Everybody is usually given a 2nd chance and after a year of Rice being out of sight and out of mind, he will be forgiven and maybe even back with the Ravens.

    We’ve had two players kill others in drinking and driving accidents, dog abuse, etc. and they were allowed back in the league. Not saying it’s right, just stating the facts and trends of the NFL.

  119. I personally hope this piece of garbage never plays another down in the NFL, but hasn’t the league painted themselves into a corner here with their new domestic abuse policy? Isn’t it a six game ban for first time offenders, and lifetime ban thereafter? How can they suspense him indefinitely? I would think the most they can give him is six games.

  120. The Ravens get no respect for FINALLY doing the right thing, because this was nothing more than trying to save face after the blind support they gave to this criminal.

    The city and the franchise are a perfect match of pathetic behavior.

  121. Why didn’t the Ravens cut him when this all started? Take or no tape, he still knocked his fiance out. We all see right through this shameful Ravens organization n those fans who cheered for him at Training Camp can eat some of this too. Things have gotten bad in the NFL.

  122. This doesn’t solve anything. Did the NFL see that video when they made their original decision? Did the Ravens? Were they hoping it never came out?

  123. If Ray was in the British navy, he’d be FLOGGED for this. In Baltimore, they tweeted support for him and gave him a standing ovation.

  124. why do we have to hate on the great ray lewis, whenever something about another ravens player comes out?

  125. The NFL and the Ravens only caved in due to massive public outctry instead of doing the right thing in the first place. The power of numbers trumps weak people cowered by lawyers.

  126. keithg1976 says:
    Sep 8, 2014 4:08 PM
    why do we have to hate on the great ray lewis, whenever something about another ravens player comes out?

    Because he’s a filthy murderer?

  127. When do the NFL owners demand Roger Godell’s resignation? He always talks about protecting the shield. His incompetence on this issue alone is reason enough for his job to be in jeopardy. The silence from the NFL owners is deafening.

  128. I don’t understand how reading “Ray Rice knocks fiance out in elevator” didn’t spark an outrage but seeing a video does?

    Do we have a literacy problem in this country? (for those of you who are reading this but don’t know what literacy is then you answered my question)

    “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”

  129. I don’t understand this shift by the Ravens and the League.

    They knew he hit her, and that was sort of ok.

    Now that they know how hard he hit her, the shiite hits the fan.

    What a sham. They should just openly admit they blew it the first time around.

  130. Why is no one mentioning that the ravens and goodell BOTH saw this video back on July 28th. Chris Mortenson reported an insider describing his g/f lunging at him, then him punching her and her head hitting the railing in the elevator. If no one saw the video, how did they know those details back in July?

  131. BTW, who are the pieces of crap thumbing down comments against Rice?

    You really defend or have no problem with what he did? I think your life card should be inspected for competency.

  132. I just do not believe the nfl, ravens, or any lawyer in this case didn’t see this video. It be the first thing on the list to get. A video could prove somebody’s innocence, so I would want to get it if I believed in ray rices innocence…but they all knew what the video would show, and just tried to bury that evidence without ever actually watching it…because they didn’t want to see the evidence. That’s nice to have for deniability if the video were to emerge. Now they are saying, we didn’t see the video. How convenient.

    To me, the nfl could face the biggest sports scandal in all of sports history with this cover up. Fans will boycott. I guarantee you. I was one of those who always said innocent until proven guilty, giving rice the benefit of any doubt…but now I have the proof. I always try to believe the good in people, and rice had me fooled. It’s impossible for a billion dollar business like the nfl and the ravens to have not seen this video, or know of this videos contents. Absolutely impossible. This is a major cover up, and it will destroy the NFLs reputation.

  133. briddes says:
    Sep 8, 2014 3:39 PM
    My second team is the Ravens. They could’ve tried to ride this out but they had the guts to cut him. Thank you Ravens.


    Your second team?

    You are the reason there is a halftime show at the Super Bowl….not a fan at all….

  134. Where was all this outrage from you posters, on ProFootballTalk, 2 years ago in 2012 when Terrell Suggs was accused of the same thing (domestic violence) on multiple occasions, and he too married the woman who accused him of domestic violence. Nobody on here was posting things like, ban him, he needs to be in jail, or anything remotely close to what you have been posting about Ray Rice.

    Bunch of Hypocrites!

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