Video from inside elevator shows Ray Rice punching wife

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Some defenders of Ray Rice have been clinging to the fact that we hadn’t seen the video of what happened inside the Atlantic City casino elevator that precipitated his wife becoming unconscious, such that it mattered.

Now that we’ve seen it, nothing changes the fact his two-game suspension was so light that the league realized its tremendous error and changed the policy immediately.

TMZ has obtained the video from inside the elevator, and it shows what most expected.

Janay Rice and her now-husband were clearly having some degree of argument. She turned and appeared to be saying something, took a step his direction and he laid her out with a quick left to the face.

It certainly does not appear that she was about to inflict harm on him in the moments before she was knocked unconscious, and later dragged out of the elevator.

The visual is stark and troubling, and a chilling reminder of how egregious Roger Goodell’s initial mistake was.

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301 responses to “Video from inside elevator shows Ray Rice punching wife

  1. Initial? This man is a criminal! He should be in jail. Not playing in the NFL for 14 games or 10 games. 0 games.

    What a loser.

  2. Is there any way the NFL can suspend him again? This piece of crap should be suspended for a year, if not indefinitely. Watching the Ravens lose yesterday and hearing their fans boo was the greatest part of opening day.

  3. Bad 24hrs for Mr. Rice, video comes out and Forsett looked good.

    This was bad and clearly not the first time a physical altercation took place between these two. Making that “one-time” incident statement they released laughable.

  4. Absolute disgusting. Remember when Goodell first came in and handed out suspension after suspension to make a point? He needs to do this here. Suspend this piece of trash for life for all I care.

    Josh Gordon smokes some weed and gets a year. Ray Rice does this and gets 2 games? Respect lost for Roger Goodell, way to “protect” the shield.

  5. There goes the Raven’s fans claims that she hit him first.

    This 2 day suspension is a travesty.

  6. I hope that the Ravens do the right thing and cut this guy.

    She didn’t deserve that but he deserves to never play a down in the NFL again.

    What a shame, I used to really like him.

  7. Five knuckles = two games… Ray, your trash. Roger, you’re having a hard the whole commish/suspension thing aren’t you?

  8. Damn, thought the light penalty was because the video was going to be more embarrassing for his wife. She did nothing. You can’t even say the little slap outside the elevator warranted any of that. He hit her twice. That is some coward bs. Not really sure what the right thing to do here would be, lots of people need to answer to that video, and none being his wife. That was awful.

  9. Just a horrible human being.
    I wonder if he will start yapping hia mouth to the media like Brandon Marshall, another person who beat up a daddys little girl.

  10. Curiously, she claimed some responsibility in this. What could she have said to him to cause him to snap? Or was she taking responsibility to try to save his tail? Probably the latter. So much for those defending him based on the “she hit first” theory.

  11. So what’s John Harbaughs stance on Domestic Violence? This is sickening and the NFL should be ashamed with only 2 games.

  12. Free Josh Gordon!
    The league really stepped in it now. This battery is very severe. How in the hell is he not in jail! That prosecutor is a front to all abused women.
    And the dumb chick still married him.

  13. Stephen A…you have the floor! Absolutely disgusting. Her parents should be so proud that she stuck with such a loser. Ray Rice, what a piece of garbage.

  14. Disgusting….. Typical of those ravens fans to welcome him back with open arms and no questions asked. I mean, at least their murderer could still play…..

  15. OK all you Ray Rice and Ravens apologists, talk your way out of this. The video clearly shows him connecting with a left cross to her chin leaving her unconscious. Pathetic, despicable coward. Pure coward. Ravens should actually cut him.

    NFL really blew it suspending him only 2 games.

  16. Again Ray Rice is a dirt ball on a team full of dirt balls!

    And did you see JUMP BALL JOE yesterday what a horrible excuse for a QB.


  17. Rice should be sitting in a jail cell right now. Still giving him standing ovations Ravens fans? Maybe a statue?

  18. “It certainly does not appear that she was about to inflict harm on him in the moments before she was knocked unconscious”

    How do you know what she may or may not have been about to do? I’m not defending Rice’s actions, but she definitely rushed at him, and since he knocked her out we’ll not know what she could have done.

  19. The offensive coordinator wouldn’t dare bench Rice for a fumble (like he did for Pierce) because Rice would lay him out and Harbaugh would have him in the next play.

  20. The NFL is instituting a new drug policy which will probably allow current DRUG suspended players….ie….Josh Gordon, Wes Welker and others to reduce their suspensions …..AFTER THE FACT….If the NFL allows this….Ray Rice should get a longer suspension because the NFL installed a new Domestic Violence Policy….AFTER THE FACT……
    The NFL Players Association is worthless….DeMaurice Smith and the NFLPA needs to assume some responsibility here also…..NOW…..And quit blaming Roger Goodell.

  21. Damn… she was out cold before she hit the floor…and I didn’t see her do anything to warrant getting punched.

    Then the spitting…if anything, it looked like he was spitting at her as she walked by him going to the elevator and then again as she was selecting the floor level…then she walks across the elevator toward him …and hits her.

    If Roger Goodell saw this and only gave Rice two games…Goodell should be fired…really.

    It is very obvious that Goodell’s judgement is very flawed and every time he asks for more authority to impose his own personal judgement, the players should worry, imo.

  22. Let it go already. He should’ve been banned for the whole year, but he wasn’t. It sucks but she married the idiot, so they are perfect together. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb. Move on.

  23. I don’t care that she didn’t want him locked up-there is no way this dude shouldn’t be behind bars. I’ve got a daughter, and my biggest fear for her is that some moron is going to do the same.

    As men, it’s our job to stand up and stop this from happening. The league, the ravens, and the tv networks that air his games will hear from me. I hope they hear from you.

    If I had a Rice jersey, I’d burn it. This punk has no right to wear an NFL jersey.

  24. As a Ravens fan I am embarrassed. How could they not come down hard on him as soon as they saw this?

  25. If Goodell saw this prior to him giving Rice just two games, he should resign. This is pathetic. He gives pot smockers four fames and a a player who hits women two?!?!? Goodell has to go. This is beyond shameful.

  26. When was the video released, after the season started? Was it not allowed to be released before the season started? The NFL probably paid the hotel not to release until the actual games would be a distraction. Shameful!

  27. AND NOW WE KNOW: The ACPD, Prosecutor’s Office, Roger Goodell must have been out of their freaking minds. Shame on everyone who knew what was on the video.

  28. Maybe if someone had bitch-punched Goodell like that he would have had a better understanding of the vicious crime committed by Ray Rice? What I cannot understand is why there was no jail time assessed by the courts. Shameful Ray!

  29. Now that I’ve seen the video of what actually happened, he needs to go. The Ravens need to step up and suspend him for the season. There’s no place for this kind of behavior

    -Ravens Fan

  30. He is a sorry pos. He didn’t even flinch after he hit her, and then looked annoyed having to drag her out? She’s stupid for marrying him after that, and Ravens fans who support him should be ashamed. Oh and Good job Goodell.

  31. Hi, big Ravens fan here. Still unclear why anyone thinks the suspension was too light. He didn’t need any suspension. He should be IN JAIL. For long enough that a suspension is a moot point. The legal system completely failed. Why doesn’t anyone care about that?

  32. Well at the very least this should quiet all the Ravens homers that said”nobody knows what happened in the elevator”

    Now you do. He punched her like she was a man.

  33. Ray and Roger should both be ashamed of themselves. But, as long as Ray plays a game well, all of this will just disappear. Shameful and embarrassing. Somehow, Ravens fans love supporting their criminals…

  34. When played on the jumbotron at M&T stadium Ray receives a standing ovation.
    Standing ovation.

  35. If they decide to change suspensions of players under the drug policy, they need to go back and give this wife beater more than 2 games

  36. Meanwhile Goodell is more worried about sitting guys like Josh Gordon for the year for smoking weed. Oh yea, and “cleaning” up the hand fighting by defensive backs and ruining the game. It’s your bed “Roger”, lie in it.

  37. At what point does Ozzie Newsome stop waiting for Goodell to manage punishment and suspend his player on his own? Punishment doesn’t HAVE to come from the league office, does it?

  38. Well, I guess all you Rice/Ravens fans can finally stop pretending that she drank too much and had a tumble. That video DOES show the female aggression (despite what this report says), but his reaction was COMPLETELY unnecessary. He escalated that from a light shove to a full-on sucker punch to the female he was engaged to, in less than a second. Didn’t even hesitate. He is clearly out of control, and the ease with which he was willing to punch not just a woman, but the one he supposedly loves more than anyone in the world, makes me think he’s done this before.

  39. How in the world did anyone think Goodell would be a great leader for the NFL? If they knew of this video and didn’t think it would eventually surface then he needs to be fined or fired.. this isn’t the same as Joe Paterno ignoring kids getting raped.. but its not far off

  40. If the NFL made their decision without seeing this video they need to re evaluate their decision and ban this wife beater for life. Disgusting.

  41. Heck of a left hook. Video makes him look worse than he already did. Now I wonder what they were arguing about?

  42. Un*F*#^(*^&%ING believable! Nice job, Goodell! I hope someone beats you unconscious in an elevator soon, just so you can experience a real crime.

    Or you can choose to have someone exhale pot in your face. Yea, that’s much worse!

  43. Well done Goodell, and to think he was defending his decision after his punishment, only when he realized he might lose corporate dollars did he change his stance…..PATHETIC!

  44. Wow, the NFL made a huge mistake, and yet Vick got like 2 years for ALLEGEDLY having a connection with a dog fighting ring. The NFL needs to get its’ priorities straight. Guys get bigger suspensions for smoking weed.

    Baltimore really has strange standards for their players, Lewis, a suspected killer got himself a statue while a man who hit his girlfriend(which is never acceptable at any circumstance) got a standing ovation after his clearly scripted apology letter(by professional writers) to the fans.

  45. I can’t wait to hear from all of the Rice apologist. I’m sure you’ll all have some rational justification for his left hook.

    Couple questions:

    Did the NFL have this video when determining the suspension for Rice? If so, how could they think two games was sufficient and why would they think this wouldn’t get released to the public?

  46. And for all those Jim Harbaugh haters out there…his brother is 10 times worse! Obviously John saw this video before us – the general public – did. It’s disgusting and nearly OJ worthy…well, that’s what’ll happen a few years from now.

    How can any of the supposedly “upstanding” coaches even look this d-bag in the face, let alone coach him? Ravens 2-14 this year has a fantastic ring to it.

  47. Looks like he shouts at her before they get on the elevator (when she walks by him, almost likes he spits at her) and then strikes her twice on the elevator. He wasn’t defending himself…he was clearly the aggressor. Ugly

  48. Now that I see the video, 2 games totally justified(sarcasm does not carry over to text at all). Roger completely got this 1 wrong and if Gordon and Welker get the suspensions lifted Rice should get his extended to fit the new policy.

  49. Hopefully this video being released now causes the NFL to give in and agree to that new drug testing policy. That might allow them to save a little face.
    Because right now, they aren’t looking to good.

  50. Even with video of the incident, there will still be people whose greatest concern is how Rice’s 2 game suspension affects their fantasy football team. Rice and Goodell both could hardly be more despicable in their actions and reactions.

  51. Pathetic, horrendous, or whatever adjective one might want to use to describe the Rice situation probably won’t do it justice. As a life long Baltimore sports fan, I am thoroughly disgusted by Rice’s actions, those of the Ravens and especially those of the league.

    This kind of thing just can’t happen without immediate and firm repercussions. No excusing Rice by any stretch as the two #27 jerseys in my household will be burned when I return from work this afternoon, but the cover-up perpetrated by the Ravens and the league needs to be addressed.

    They all had to know what was on that video and yet, they chose to play down the situation in the hopes that the casino wouldn’t release the video. Then, upon knowing the video would be released (and you know it would be released as soon as the casino announced it was going under), IMO, the league makes a monumental, yet transparent, stand against domestic violence to try and help THEIR OWN image. Why else would the narcissist, Goodell, admit an error on the league’s part?

    I know it won’t happen, mostly because they don’t have to nor is it “salary cap friendly”, but the Ravens should release Ray Rice immediately and let the chips fall where they may. It’s a pipedream, for sure, but it would be a good step in the right direction that should never have gotten this far.

  52. Congrats, that’s the guy you gave a standing ovation Raven fan!!

    The organizations two most high profile players are a murderer and a wife beater. You and your team are garbage.

  53. So TMZ apparently put the commish on notice, leading to his so-called apology.

    Got it.

    You have to question Goodell’s character. You really do. This is sick.

  54. Count me as a person who said “We haven’t seen the video”. Now that I have, I think that the Ravens should release Rice. You can’t endorse what he did by having him in your uniform and paying him millions. SMH.

  55. I feel sorry for all the women who supported Ray Rice during this incident because they support domestic violence. He should be in jail and not playing football. No excuses to clock a woman and then drag her as such without a care. I hope she takes all his money and then divorce him.

  56. As a Ravens fan I have been expecting this. All I can say is the team and the NFL got this wrong. He should have been immediately cut, regardless of his contract, and possibly banned from the league. There was no excuse for him to do this.

  57. Can’t wait to hear what all of the apologists have to say now. Oh he was defending himself right? Wrong! Let’s see how big the standing O is for Ray at the next game. Considering they worshipped a murderer there, they’ll probably be throwing roses on the field for this guy. Start his statue now!

  58. Just appalling. I can’t believe he got 2 games for that when people smoking pot get 4-16, unreal and disgusting.

  59. The good news is that the NFL is teaching those good for nothing weed smokers a thing or two!

  60. My apologies to all the Rice critics out there. When this all first hit the fan, Rice’s attorney had let on like Ranay had attacked Ray and was hitting him first repeatedly. However, that appears to have been a massive lie.

    Gordon gets 16 games for just barely smoking weed.
    Big Ben got 4 games for being innocent and never charged with anything.
    Rice got just TWO GAMES for that? Wow.

    Thumbs up if Goodell sucks.

  61. Wait…..the NFL saw this….and onnly gave him 2 games?

    And im a Ravens fans!

    This squad has bad Heebie Jeebie juices on us…we need Ray Lewis to come quote a bible scripture for us or something.

  62. Any Ravin fans or anybody else still want to defend Ray Rice? He’s a coward. He should be arrested.
    Is it okay to hit a woman? Please tell me why.

  63. As a Ravens fan….

    Kick Rice out of the league. What an abominable human being. Shame on the NFL for ever trying to hide this and play this off as a “first offense”. Domestic Violence should be a last offense and the idea that they tried to hide this video is an insult to anyone who has ever been a victim of Domestic Violence. I have never knowingly witnessed a greater PR disaster and failure as I have than this in sports. Every party involved should be absolutely ashamed of themselves and Rice needs to never set foot on a football field again.

  64. Wow! Worst than I thought. An argument and shouting match leading to being pushed away and getting injured is one thing but a straight left to the face like he’s punching a man???? I won’t be attending any games as long as he is on the team this season!

  65. This video is unreal. It looks like something from Mike Tyson punch out! How this clown got 2 games and guys who smoke weed got a season is way beyond me……

  66. …Waiting for the same Baltimorons that defended him before the vid leaked to speak up now. Their argument was idiotic to begin with, but wondering how loud they will stand and cheer after seeing this.

  67. In what world is smoking pot or taking a PED worse that what happened on this video. He knocked her out cold and showed no remorse at all.

  68. 2 games. That’s it….. It is absolutely disgusting when you see what he did. I cannot get over the fact that he flat out hit her so hard she was KO’d instantly and then hit the handrail on the way down. Any man, I don’t care how drunk/inebriated you are, should NEVER hit a woman.

    The only reason I would think that she is still with him is because of the money. I really don’t know what else it could be. If I EVER touched my wife in a spiteful manor, I would NEVER expect her to stay with me. This is just appalling.

    Good job Goodell.

  69. Since the NFL did not do the right thing in this case, I certainly hope that the Judge/Jury in this case sticks it to him, I used to have a lot of respect for Rice but now I believe he is nothing but a coward and a sniveling punk. He needs to get the max penalty on this since the NFL didn’t do their job. Shame on you Baltimore fans that stood up and cheered this piece of s**t onto the field. So I guess Baltimore fans would be all right if their daughter had this happen to them, they would all stand up and cheer him on. What a bunch a screwed up values you folks have. You have now surpassed Philadelphia as the worst fans in the NFL, but what can you expect they put a statue of a murderer out in front of their stadium.

  70. Not excusing what he did of course, but if by “doesn’t” look like she was about to inflict harm, you mean ‘does’, then you’re right. She was clearly moving aggressively (lunging?) towards him, and he punched her before she could reach (hit?) him.

    That all being said, apart from that little slap/punch she hit him with before getting in the elevator, I wonder why she was arrested? Most of Ray’s defenders assumed she wilded out on him in the elevator, but it doesn’t even look like he gave her a chance to.

  71. Let’s be fair, it probably wasn’t his fist that caused her to blackout. It was when her face and temple hit the elevator wall. Glad he’s finally been vindicated. Week 3 let’s go!

  72. If Roger saw that video and only gave him 2 games he should be fired, if he is seeing for the first time today, he should suspend him for the year.

    If the DA saw that video and let him get off the way he did he should be fired as well.

    If the Raven’s want to set an example, they should susspend him.

  73. How about those fans who keep propping him up?

    They are just as bad, if not worse than Roger.

    Roger has to worry about CBA, the legal system and the like. And he did get it wrong but the fans – they don’t and yet they made him out to be a hero.

    The legal system failed too because you don’t have to worry about a 2 game suspension if the DA’s office had put him away for a year like they would you or me.

  74. Roger gets it wrong and he does not get punished. I would imagine that he saw this video before he made his wrist slapping decision. If I were head of the Players Union I think I would work on getting the dictatorship out of Goodell’s hands. For the good of the players and the league. The NFL owners have not even chimed in on how BAD of a job did here. I understand that they are suppose to support him but …..REALLY??

  75. One more thing. John Harbaugh and the rest of the Ravens front office is just as bad for supporting this tool. Wouldn’t take this guy on my team even if he offered to play for free.

  76. You can’t defend this, he’s a POS. I just feel sorry for the girl that she settled for this bum. No wonder why Roger is second guessing… At least Josh Gordon is banned for smoking weed… Good job genius!!

  77. Well. I wouldn’t say that it was exactly what I was suspecting. It was much worse.

    I’m done with him. Cut him ravens. No one else sign him. Sure you paid him millions but all NFL teams have lost that much over something much less important over the years.

  78. Would love to hear from all of the apologists who stuck for the piece of trash as well as Harbaugh. What does that say about the city of Baltimore and the standing ovation given to Rice? Just messed up.

  79. That’s Goodell justice for you. He suspends a guy for an entire year for smoking a little weed, and gives a slap on the wrist for a guy who beats women.

  80. Goodell….You are just as bad.
    2 games? After seeing that tape? You should step down.
    I honestly don’t understand what you could have been thinking.

  81. I’ve been one of the few Ravens fans that has never liked Ray Rice. I’ve met him and he came off as ignorant and extremely arrogant. Now that this came out, I think his roster spot should most certainly be in jeopardy and you “fans” that have defended him should be ashamed of yourselves. Saying that Roger Goodell got the suspension right? Give me a G-D break! You need to go with Mr. Rice and get the hell out of Baltimore.

  82. This is so awful. I know comments are going to pop up about what an idiot she is etc in normal victim blaming fashion but there’s a whole different mindset when you’re in an abusive relationship, you really are not thinking straight. I feel so bad for her because I know this will happen again, that was clearly not the first time.

  83. This is absolutely unacceptable , for Goodell to say he got this wrong is a massive understatement. Ray rice should never see the field again after what he has done. To hit a women like he did , there is no excuse. He should never see the field in my opinion. Guys have gotten more for smoking weed. The excuse used is they play a violent sport , we’ll I’m a military veteran and I have never been in a situation where hitting my wife would be warranted. In light of the new video posted the situation has to be revisited. Players get suspended for way less such as owning more guns than the nfl thinks is necessary. I’m shocked and upset that this issue has not gotten more attention , as he should he should be banned until he proves he can handle himself around women. There should be anger management classes and all sorts of preventative measures taken against him. Look at what has happened to players for abusing other men by use of words ????

  84. If it can be shown that Goodell saw that video and still thought only a two game suspension was in order then I think the team owners ought to strongly consider whether Roger should step down from his 40 million plus job. Clearly he doesn’t have a clue on what is in the best interest of the sport.

    Let the chant begin: “Goodell must go”

  85. Many (folks in Baltimore mainly) are saying “hey who hasn’t made a mistake that we are not proud of!”
    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, so to speak….
    Well we are all human and we have all goofed up at one time or another, I know I have…
    the difference is that those times when I goofed up real bad, I paid a price…
    Rice did not… 2 games is a joke and not a ha ha joke

  86. He’s a disgrace. NFL definitely dropped the ball. This is gonna be a major pr hit. Roger.. Roger.. Roger… You have some answering to do. Grab your popcorn and take a seat cuz this is gonna be one of those.. Oh boy!

  87. After watching this video my comment is:

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? This poor excuse of a man only got a two game suspension for that???? I didn’t care what kind of community service this jerk is supposedly known for – this showed what goes on behind closed doors in the house of “Ray Rice”. The fact that he showed no remorse or sympathy or even tried to assist her after assaulting her is a testament to the kind of low life he is.

    Goodall, you are every bit as much of a piece of crap as Ray Rice is for being so lenient with the punishment. Imagine that was one of your daughters with him in that elevator. IMAGINE IT!!!!!

    You both make me sick!

  88. Fire that coward! Oh wait it’s the NFL…The National Felony League…Where you can murder, have domestic violence, snort coke, and kill dogs AND still hold a job!

  89. Hopefully he blows out both knees on his first play from scrimmage and they get flagged for a false start.

  90. The ravens should be embarrassed this piece of crap is allowed to be on their team What kind of fans are in Baltimore? They cheer this guy? Wow. The NFL is a privilege not a right. If you can not act like a human being then you shod be out of there and not be taking a roster spot. It’s crazy how some announcers will not say Redskins but they will still say this guys name when he is in the field. How about boycotting the Ravens while he is on the team. They shod not get any prime time games while he is on the team. This is an embarrassment to the league the team.

  91. So if they’re saying Welker and Gordon could have reduced suspensions if they adopt a new drug policy, why hasn’t Rice faced a stiffer suspension based on their new domestic violence policy?

  92. I still haven’t seen the video. Domestic violence OF ANY KIND is wrong. I don’t defend what Rice did. I don’t think these guys should be facing lifetime bans for second offenses. There are many millionaires in the workforce that will NEVER lose a day of work, unless they are imprisoned. The NFL players have a job like any one else, and anytime you make millions, it is a privilege. NOT just in sports. 6 games I agree with. But lifetime ban is over the top. If he was a lawyer, he wouldn’t be looking at a lifetime ban. If he was a doctor, he wouldn’t be told he had to give up 6 weeks pay. If he was a high level manager at Coca Cola, would we be protesting and demanding Coca Cola give him six weeks off? Why are athletes held to a higher standard than any other person that happens to make more than 250k a year? Why?

  93. Two games and a standing ovation at training camp. My favorite team may have just lost to Carolina’s second string QB, but at least it doesn’t employ this human piece of garbage.

  94. 2 games for that? His girlfriend was clearly threatening Rice and he protected himself.

    Signed every Ravens fan.

    Seriously, Roger Goodell had to have had Rice in a keeper league. Suspending Rice only 2 games may be worse than Ray actually landing that left cross to her face.

  95. I don’t smoke the green but I think its beyond stupid that Gordon gets suspended for a year for getting high and eating lots of tasty food, and Ray Rice get suspended for only 2 games for punching his girl in the face.. what a joke.

  96. “The visual is stark and troubling, and a chilling reminder of how egregious Roger Goodell’s initial mistake was.”

    Mr. Goodell’s mistake was terrible.

    So was law enforcement’s and our nations laws with respect to domestic abuse.

    The actions of the Ravens organization were troubling when the press conference with Mr. and Mrs. Rice on stage together and she apologized for her role in the incident.

    This entire incident, from beginning to end left many with dirty hands.

    Folks, if you know of any abuse going on, please report.

  97. Maybe the Ravens will someday put a statue of Ray Rice along side the one of Ray Lewis someday. That way they’ll have a wife beater, a charged murderer and will only need a statue of a rapist to complete the trifecta…

  98. But I am sure as Ray Rice said this is the only time this ever happened. Because I am positive the first time he punched a woman square in the face it just so happened to be caught on camera in a Casino.

    I was on a plane yesterday and saw a Ravens’ fan wearing a Ray Rice jersey and I have to admit I was sort of shocked by that.

  99. Ray Rice is a bum…… plain and simple.He should have been suspended for a year…….. Josh Gordon 2 games.

  100. I always respected Ray Rice. Not anymore. He can’t even claim self-defense. She didn’t lay a hand on him. He’s just a punk. Goodell really messed this one up big time. Two game suspension was FAR too little.

  101. I was wrong, big time on this. Unbelievable that the state and the league saw this video and gave him the punishment that he received. Given their responses, I assumed that the video was not as bad as the general public assumed.

    IF the Ravens leadership saw this video, shame on them. I am personally done with Ray Rice, and there is no bigger Ravens fan. Disgusting.

  102. Wow this is disgusting to watch. I have to say that there is no indication of his wife starting the fight At all. She didn’t hit him at any point. I wonder if goodwill has seen this video. If he has how does he sleep at night knowing that such barbaric behavior by one of his players has been caught on camera? This man should not be allowed anywhere near a football stadium for a year. Sickening.

  103. Goodell bought his condiments defence…

    Oh honey, you got some ketchup on your face, let me HELP you with that.

  104. I’m sure you Ravens fans are proud of yourselves for giving him a standing O at training camp. Hopefully pressure will be put on Goodell to resign for such a light suspension. Call somebody a f!g and that gets you a 3 game suspension(Minnesota coach).
    I’m sure this isn’t the first time he spit and hit her. What a piece of trash Rice is!

  105. Let me start off by saying that I am a Ravens fan (duh). This should count as Rice’s 1st offense according to the new rule. And he should get the 6 games now. I held me judgement until the last press conference he had a I knew it was bad but not this bad. But go Ravens.

  106. And Raven fans gave him a standing ovation in the preseason….hope they feel good about themselves.

  107. I have not yet seen the video. I do not wish to start my morning and my week with these images floating around in my mind. For now, I will take your description of it as being accurate in terms of what happened in the elevator.

    The elevator episode is something I and many of us readers are familiar with. Domestic violence and physical abuse is often in the news. We all know that as humans we must not behave in these ways.

    In light of this, Roger Goodell must be ashamed of himself and his organization for the cavalier and casual way he has dealt with this. He has shown himself to less than knowledgeable about human organizations and how humans must treat each other.

    If there is any one thing on account of which he must resign, it is this one.

  108. WOW! Just WOW! That video doesn’t make him look good at all! He should serious sit himself out for 4 more games. Just maybe people will start to forgive him then.

  109. Look at Ray’s reaction when she hits the ground and his casual attitude in “dealing” with her limp body. This is routine. He has done this before. Probably several times. Fire Goodell.

  110. both the nfl (roger) and the ravens had this tape. ( it’s an hotel security tape.) what’s that tell you?

  111. She slipped and hit her head on the hand rail……

    right after she took a Mike Tyson quick left to the chops.

    I blame her faulty footwear. – RR

  112. Seeing that, I’m not sure who’s more sick–Ray Rice or a “leader” like John Harbaugh who wants us (and his players) to think that’s no big deal.

    John Harbaugh used to be one of the coaches I respected most. USED to be.

    – Titans Fan

  113. This just makes me sick to my stomach. This is not a 2 game or 6 game suspension. This should be a full year with required counseling. Violence against women has to stop and strong messages have to be sent.

    In many of the reports I have been reading the the police gave the NFL both videos and Roger Goodell has seen them. Roger needs to be taken to task for this and should be suspended himself. I don’t care if they have redone the policy. He made a huge error and he should be punished as well.

  114. I have to think Goodell is wishing he could’ve burned this video like the Spygate tapes which will never see the light of day

    Not that I want to rehash Spygate, but the precedent has been set by the league to destroy anything damning. Nixon would be proud

  115. What did you expect? You know he didn’t hit her with a feather. He should be suspended the whole year.

  116. Now that there is actual evidence instead of speculation, the Ravens should suspend him for at least half a season, let him show that he has learned something by spending time in a real public service, then apply for reinstatement and require other people to attest to his work.

    Don’t be weak and enabling like other teams, such as those that honor a player who admitting hitting his baby momma but never suffered any consequence.

  117. I hope when he plays entire crowds stand up and turn their back to the field when the Ravens are on offense. This dude should not be able to play in the NFL… go flip burgers you f’n loser.

  118. Let’s give this man a standing ovation!!! right,Ratbird fans.
    Ratbird fans can not talk trash to anyone when you got this piece of garbage on your roster.
    You gave him a standing ovation at training camp!!!!!

  119. To be clear the Ravens fans did not give Ray Rice a standing O during the preseason, they were already standing while all the players were being introduced.

    HOWEVER, when Ray Rice returns, if the team does introduce the offense individually, the fans of Baltimore need to BOO him or be COMPLETELY silent. I would even suggest everyone turning their back toward him.

    This is an awful blemish on my favorite team and I am disgraced.

  120. I believe the Gordon case is but another example Roger Goodell’s extremely poor judgement.

    Goodell should not be a Commissioner of the NFL…especially the NFL.

    Goodell is not capable of “common sense” judgement.

    I’ve seen it before, extremely intelligent people who lack the ability to have simple “common sense”. Roger Goodell is one of those and he is in a position where he has no business being…he has the power to judge cases such as Bountygate, Ray Rice’s case along with Welker and Gordon cases…all examples of Goodell’s extremely poor judgement.

    The owner’s need to get it together and take Roger Goodell’s power to set in judgement of the players, away from Roger.

    Goodell should resign or be fired.

  121. Okay. I was totally wrong. I thought that maybe Ray pushed her after he attacked her & maybe she hit her head. Ray should be out half the season.

  122. ..and now they’re married.
    She just couldn’t bring herself to walk away from all that money even if it means tolerating physical abuse.
    She’s just biding her time until half of his money is hers.

  123. In reading through the comments, I see some people are calling for Goodell to be fired or resign. Very good call.

    I challenge all 32 owners to investigate Goodell and and hold him responsible for tarnishing the shield in this serious lapse of judgement. He is not fit to lead this organization. He has basically condoned violence against women. What next? Abuse of children??

    And to the poster comparing this to Spygate: you are a tool! You must be a Ravens fan.

  124. That was a 1,000 times worse than I assumed it was going to be.

    Total disgrace to the shield, as is Goodell for the suspension (or lack thereof) he handed out in this case.

    I have no problem boycotting this entire season over this, this is a real problem, and it is more important than a game.

  125. Casino employee (likely, but not factually) leaked the video to TMZ for the cash. Couldn’t do it before for fear to lose his job. Casino closing so no need to worry about the job, so take the cash while it’s still worth something.

  126. Let’s get something straight here. Not every Ravens fan is defending this guy. I am a season ticket holder and I am flat out embarrassed this morning. The organization has a lot of explaining to do. I am seriously thinking about not going to the game on Thursday night, but there are other members of this team that are stand-up individuals that deserve our support as well… Torrey Smith, Flacco, Pitta, etc. in the meantime I’ll be waiting for a statement from Steve Biscotti. This video is disgusting. Like if you are a Ravens fan and agree.

  127. To those saying she moved ‘aggressively’ towards him, it sure looks like he spits on her to trigger that.

    This guy’s quite the scumbag. Colossal f-up by Goodell.

  128. If you enjoy a PLANT which is legal in 2 NFL states (both Conference Champ’s states ironically) and you are subject to a full season ban.

    However you can knock out your wife in a public place and only get 2 games.

    You can even kill a man via negligent manslaughter and only get 10 games.

    Using a Plant that hurts no one else = Full Season
    Beating your wife on video = 2 games
    Negligent Manslaught via DUI = 10 games

    No amount of twist and spin can explain that disparity. It’s a sign of the backwards, archaic mindset that still permeates this country.

    Pretty sick stuff. If the NFL doesn’t act it will be interesting to see if the Ravens do (I wouldn’t bet on that).


  129. Knowing Ravens fans, they will use that video on the M&T Bank Stadium scoreboard to get pumped up before home games.

  130. Remember, Roger Goodell determined that smoking weed a few times is EIGHT times worse than what you saw in this video.

  131. Ravens fans are large leaf size bags of scum for cheering this guy at camp. I hope we destroy them thursday. No class fans.

  132. Josh Gordon craziness, aside, in what world is it sane that you can a team punish a player for “conduct detrimental to the team” if he is late for a meeting, but 2 games is appropriate for attacking a woman.

    Harbaugh needs to man up and right what Goodell got wrong. Even if he is handcuffed by the players union/cba – Rice should never see the field again. Money well spent to see him dressed and sitting on the bench for the rest of the year.

  133. I remember the day that if you showed this video to a group of men he would have gotten a “Man Lesson” from his teammates

  134. Wow that video was brutal. He literally knocked her out cold. I know that’s not exactly news, but seeing it makes it that much worse.

    I’m not a Ravens fan, but I expected news of the video to be exaggerated a little bit, or that maybe it was kinda hard to make out what exactly happened due to possibly grainy footage.

    Nope: it was crystal clear and horribly disturbing

  135. So can we all agree that the NFL saw this video prior to issuing the 2 game suspension? That is why it took as long as it did to actually issue any suspension. Roger was waiting to see if the video got leaked (which the non-profit organization that is the NFL most likely paid top dollar to ensure it did not leak) If it leaked – and we saw this prior to punishment, he would have had to come down hard. But their cover up worked, probably better than they expected, so Roger maximizes his and Baltimore’s profit by only suspending Rice 2 games.

    But really – in 2014, why did it take so long for this video to get to the public? That casino got paid off well by the NFL, and when it closed up last week, they finally had nothing keeping someone from selling it to TMZ.

  136. Please put Ray Rice on punt coverage so Antonio Brown and drop kick him IN THE FACE

  137. I’d suspend him for the year to “appease the whiners.” But if you don’t think she was lunging at him to hit him again(she already hit him outside of the elevator)… You’re just blind.

  138. Pressure must be put on the NFl the NFLPA and the Ravens to fire this turd.

    He must never see the field again.

  139. So many things wrong with that video — just so many levels of vile.

    One of those elements is just how icy cold, calm, entirely devoid of compassion or sympathy.

    This cool detachment following an event like that establishes that this is not the first time for an event of that nature, or even the second time. This suggests it’s just business as usual in the Ray Rice world — only this time, there was a camera he was unaware of recording the event.

    Not cool. For Goodell to have seen this, and given Rice a wrist slap – and Harbaugh/Newsome to say what a good guy Rice is who “just made a mistake/we all make mistakes” b.s. is absurd.

    Meanwhile, Goodell tries to slam Roethlisberger for 6 games (reduced to 4) when he was not even charged with a crime, let alone convicted. And he’s got Josh Gordon selling cars for A WHOLE YEAR for a tiny barely discernible amount of traceable weed in his system. Weed.

    Someone who makes $40+ MILL a year should learn to get their priorities straight.

  140. This is also why athletes rarely get the benefit of the doubt in the court of public opinion.

    The truth is usually worse than what we get told. The Ravens fans and coach both applauded Ray Rice and pointed to the lack of video evidence.

    The lawyers spun it that it wasn’t his fault.

    If it wasn’t for TMZ, the issue would be buried and the Ravens would be building a statue of him.

  141. This video doesn’t show me anything that I didn’t imagine already. He’s a scumball, and should be removed from the league…end of story.

    But just to play devil’s advocate for a moment: can you really tell if he 1) Punched her so hard that he knocked her out OR 2) Slapped her hard, she fell, and knocked herself out on the elevator handrail.

    Either way, it’s an assault against a woman and not to be tolerated…I’m just curious as to whether there’s some other video out there that is less grainy. I tried to go slow-mo on the video numerous times, and still can’t tell whether it was open or closed fist. Big difference in my opionio, only because it points to intent.

  142. u can clearly see her hit him in the face once outside the elevator, and again once inside. after the second time he popped her.
    does that justify hitting her back? certainly not in my opinion.

  143. Meh. We don’t know what happened before they got there. For all you know she had been berating him and taking little whacks at him for the past 10 minutes.

  144. donny1rodriguez says:Sep 8, 2014 6:25 AM

    It’s worth mentioning she required no medical attention and had no injuries.

    That’s worth mentioning if you are an idiot. Unreal. If someone punched your mother in the face and she didn’t require medical attention would that be acceptable? Get a clue.

  145. dirtymcgirty says: Sep 8, 2014 8:23 AM

    Not excusing what he did of course, but if by “doesn’t” look like she was about to inflict harm, you mean ‘does’, then you’re right. She was clearly moving aggressively (lunging?) towards him, and he punched her before she could reach (hit?) him.

    That all being said, apart from that little slap/punch she hit him with before getting in the elevator, I wonder why she was arrested?

    he had already spit on her outside the elevator and then punched her twice in the elevator. I think she is an idiot for apologizing and then marrying him. obviously for the money. Goodell and Rice need to go away for good. Goodell’s credibility is finally trashed.

  146. Look carefully. [once in the elevator] He leans over into her personal space essentially pinning her to the wall in an aggressive manner. She raises her elbow to back him off – and he slaps her. As he steps back she goes at him [I’m sure] saying don’t ever do that – WHAM he knocks her out.

    He needs to be out for at least the season. If not facing a judge.

    Sad she still married him. Guess the opptnty for wealth played into that decision.

  147. That’s messed up. As someone who has never seen something like that in person or on tape, that really puts a face on what domestic violence can be.

  148. Who cares about the length of the suspension.

    This is a criminal matter. It shouldn’t require the victim to be willing to press charges.

    There is plenty of evidence without her testimony.

  149. That video made me ill. Especially when you think about her apologizing for it and Jon Harbaugh calling it “no big deal”. Rice should be banned for life. Coward.

  150. What video are you people watching, she back handed him in the elevator and he pushed her and backed away and then she charged him. Tell me if a guy did that to you what would you do? I get it if I was in that situation I would just take my lumps from her and walk away once the doors open, but don’t lie and try to change the facts for your agenda. -not a ravens fan

  151. macjacmccoy….taught my boys that you do not hit a woman, period. ( if being attacked, different). She did not charge him…she walked towards him and really? If she was, he couldn’t have just put his hand out and stopped her?

    One of the most troubling aspects of the video for me is that it was not until 3 : 18 seconds, after someone else attempted to console her and comfort her and get her up, that he made any effort to help her. He watched her lay down unconscious for minutes and then watched her struggle to sit up.

    The fact that you think he was defending himself???? unbelievable.

  152. This Ravens fan/season ticket holder finds this video appalling. I was in the camp of “let’s wait and see what the elevator video showed before I passed judgement”. I’ve seen it and hope the Ravens impose a strict punishment and/or cut him. There is no excuse.
    I also don’t understand the posts attacking Ravens fans. A few people cheered for him at training camp but that’s hardly a stadium of people giving him a standing ovation. I don’t see any posts on here defending him.
    Guess what? The Ravens terminated his contract. Strong enough statement?

  153. The video is so grainy I could not tell if he exactly punched her, he definitely hit her, but no one knows if he exactly punched her!

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