Bengals selling Devon Still jerseys for cancer research

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The Cowboys quickly denied a report last week that they were going to sell jerseys of practice squad defensive end Michael Sam.

But the Bengals are now offering the jersey of one of their practice squaders, for all the right reasons.

The Bengals website features an offer for Devon Still game jerseys for $100, with all proceeds going to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and pediatric cancer care and research.

We told you last week about their noble gesture of letting Still stay on the practice squad to maintain a salary and health benefits, while his 4-year-old daughter battles cancer.

He admitted he couldn’t devote his full attention to football, so they’re helping him through this difficult time, doing the right thing by their 2012 second-round pick.

And they’re helping their community at the same time.

36 responses to “Bengals selling Devon Still jerseys for cancer research

  1. Unlike Baltimore, this is an organization that is doing it right, from the get go. Good job Cincy and good luck to the Stills!!!

  2. I’ll never wear any jersey, nor play madden. , nor have a fantasy team, but I will gladly give up my beer money for such a cause… Thanks for the info.. Step up fellas

  3. As a Steelers fan and a family member of a survivor who has seen the medical bills of cancer personally, this story just blows my mind….so awesome that cincy is doing this!!!

  4. With all of the crap that goes on in the NFL like the Ray Rice situation, its nice to see a story like this of human beings actually helping each other.

    Way to go Bengals!!

  5. I have to say, I am becoming more and more impressed with Mike Brown and Katie Blackburn. They’re doing all the right things…finally. I can finally say (and not feel like I’m going to be attacked) that I’m proud to be a Bengals fan!

  6. As a Bengals fan, I know the Bengals have been the butt of many jokes, but this makes me proud. When I’m in the hospital, I’m there a lot, I’m known as the Bengals guy since I always where my hat. I feel really proud of them doing this for Still. I love football but Cancer and Kids are two words I never want to see again. I’m getting a new jersey.

  7. Great move by the Bengals organization. It’s just a shame that this wont be reported on ESPN or NFL Network, but you’ll hear about Ray Rice for the next two weeks.

  8. That is a class act and obviously a well run organization. That is the kind of employer you want to work for and work hard for.

    My prayers to the Stills and best wishes for his daughter. I will have to begin rooting for Cincinnati. Shame on ESPN and NFL for NOT talking about this.

  9. Steelers’ fan here. Proud of the Bengals for doing this. Wish the NFL would follow the lead and go gold in September for Pediatric Cancer Awareness where only pennies of the cancer dollar go towards the number one killer of our kids.

  10. I’ve always been a Bengals fan, but hearing things like this make me proud to be one! People can say what they want about Mike Brown and the Bengals, but he has one of the biggest hearts there is. He didn’t have to do this, he had no ties to Still whatsoever. Could have very well cut ties and sent him down the road. He did it because it was the RIGHT thing to do. The Ravens organization could learn a few things from Mike in that regard!

    God Bless Devon Stills daughter! I’ll definitely pray for her and their family!

  11. If you feel down that there are bad men in the NFL like Ray Rice, take heart in the good men in the NFL like Devon Still and William Gay. Take inspiration from Devon Still and William Gay. Make yourself a better person by looking out even more than you may already do for your family, friends and community. I’m inspired to be a better person by their great example.

  12. I’m ordering mine now. PFT readers, let’s make this the number one selling jersey! It’s for a great cause.

  13. I used to live in Cincinnati and seeing how Mike Brown’s only concern was how to make money and not caring about wins and losses (before Marvin Lewis) I was shocked to hear this. This is absolutely the best news in the NFL so far this year and it’s something desperately needed after hearing about Mr. Wife-beater. Well done Mike Brown.

  14. Lots to be proud of if you’re a Cincy fan! I am a Niners fan but when I heard about this, well let’s say it’s a feel-good story. I have young children myself so a pro organization doing this for his daughter is a very classy move. Now I’ll have to wait until my next payday to buy his jersey.

  15. I hate to be a cynicist here….but….no Team would do this for a mid-late round pick… BTW marijuana extract has cured cancer in lab rats…just sayin..

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