Bruce Arians: Targeting a specific receiver is “interceptions waiting to happen”

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After Monday night’s 18-17 Cardinals win, Larry Fitzgerald Sr. tweeted that we had just seen “the politics and business of football” at work.

That’s presumably in reference to his son seeing four targets from Carson Palmer during Arizona’s win, something that Palmer said the younger Fitzgerald didn’t seem bothered by while the game was unfolding. Palmer said he didn’t want to force balls to Fitzgerald when he was covered and coach Bruce Arians said that such decisions are left up to Palmer because he doesn’t care about “anybody’s numbers other than the ‘Ws.'”

“You have to ask the quarterback,” Arians said, via the team’s website. “[Larry] is going out for a pass every time. I don’t look at that. We don’t design plays for guys to get the ball. That’s interceptions waiting to happen.”

Arians and Palmer each referenced instances last season when Palmer forced balls in Fitzgerald’s direction that were intercepted by the opposition, something that should make them think twice about doing that again. There were also six games last season when Fitzgerald was targeted four times or fewer, according to the Elias Sports Bureau. He wound up with 82 catches on 136 targets as the Cards won 10 games, so things wound up working out pretty well for all involved.

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  1. He is right. Only fantasy football geeks (and selfish players) care about how many “touches” Fitz gets. Palmer said after the game Fitz was doubled teamed most of the game. Also when the idiot Berman and Dilfer where questioning why Fitz was NOT targeted until late in the 3rd quarter, funny how not ONE replay was shown with him open???

    As a Cards fan I only want Palmer to throw to the open guy, and don’t care if Fitz ever gets targeted.

  2. It amazes me that Kaepernick can stare down one receiver….throw the ball…and NOBODY is around the guy. I can tell you as soon as the ball is snapped what receiver he is going to throw to.
    Try it…it’s comical. Maybe Dallas is so bad that they can’t adjust and pick that up….but I would think that 30 other teams might be able to.

  3. larry fitzgerald and his family don’t want the team to win.

    They want ‘their team’ to win.

  4. Yea Cards want to pay $12 mill to not target him…get real. There are no politics involved. I was at the game Larry is doubled and safety bracketed every play. By the way how about the victory…good win. It’s a team game Larry Sr. Winning not stats is what matters.

  5. Carson… Locking on and forcing the ball to a single receiver–because he gets paid the most–creating an interception in the process?? Noooo… Never….

  6. a seahawks troll on a cardinals article commenting about the niners, now THATS comical

  7. …unless his name is Calvin Johnson…yeah, unless he’s Megatron.

    Seriously, though, if you have a True #1 (Dez, AJ, Julio, Larry, Demaryius, CALVIN…) you find a way to get that guy the ball.

  8. Shouldn’t even dignify old man Fitz’ comments. He’s been a whiner his entire life. Somebody needs to break it to him that Fitz isn’t the player he used to be, careers don’t last forever, and they might be a better team if they get the TE’s, John Brown, and a running game established.

  9. The only opinion that matters on this subject is Fitzgerald’s and I haven’t heard a peep from him. Who cares what his old man thinks?

  10. I guess he believes every nfl fan is an idiot and wont see right through this lie. Maybe he’s right about half the fans but not everyone e is that uniformed.

    Every single pass concept has a primary receiver. The qb will look that way first then go through his progressions from there. So when a play is called in essence it is a drawn up play for that primary receiver . So unless Palmer picks the route combinations on every play it is Arians who chooses who the focus the play will be on.

    Now of course if Fitz is the primary and is covered Palmer will go somewhere, but don’t believe Arians lies that he can’t or doesnt draw up plays to get certain players the ball.

  11. Nah, Bruce–it’s just that your reputation as an offensive genius is highly overrated. You found a way to get the ball to Ted Ginn twice–a guy who can’t catch a cold and who runs some of the worst routes in football–but you just can’t figure out to involve one of the premier receivers in the league? That’s on you, plain and simple.

  12. dude, this is the dad who twitted this crap. Larry Fritz is cool with the “w”. so let’s put the dad to shut his mouth and move on. nothing on larry fritz himself. Cheers!

  13. Uh, Fitz Sr.

    you’re son has already gotten paid…

    you’re son is already known as a fantastic receiver…

    you’re son is respected in the game and folks know of his talents and abilities…

    It’s ONLY about the W’s…

  14. Tough to argue with the statement in that headline, yet highly paid professional football players do it all the time. Romo had little success going against that philosophy, while Stafford blew it up.

  15. Cut Larry Sr. a little slack. He lives in Minnesota, so he’s become used to seeing Christian Ponder lock in on one receiver and throw it to him regardless of who else may come open. He’ll begin to understand more as he sees more of Cassel and Bridgewater.

  16. beardinals says:
    Sep 9, 2014 5:31 PM
    Good job PFT leaving the headline open to all the Palmer haters. Have at it, people.

    Well since you want people to rip Palmer I ‘ll just call him what he is. A quiter.

  17. What do Larry Fitzgerald Sr, Giselle Bunchden, Greg Jennings sister, and Marcus Vick all have in common?

  18. Let me get a few things out of the way. First, Bruce Arians is a great coach. I wanted the Chargers to get him, but my guess is the Cardinals just seemed a little more seasoned than the Chargers, so I can see why he’s with them. Second, Fitz is a great receiver, but there was a rookie named Jason Verrett all over him last night. In fact, it is one of the few positive aspects of the game from a Chargers fan perspective that I saw last night.

    Palmer was wise not to thrown in Fitzs direction, and the Cardinals won for that reason, though the Cards defense did look pretty good last night.

  19. Larry Fitzgerald is a class act, a pro’s pro. Clearly, his humility and class came from his mother.

    His dad and his brother, Marcus? Classless, gravy-training whiners. True to past form, they were both on Twitter last night crying – entirely oblivious that a win is a win.

    I’ll be seriously bummed the day that Fitz has to move along from the Cardinals either because of diminishing skills, age or (more than likely) an unworkable contract for the Cardinals. And then I’ll remember there will be no more insufferable tweets from Sr. and his wannabe brother. Scoreboard.

  20. Fitz was covered a lot but the one confusion I had last night was, why was Palmer throwing fads in the end zone to 5’10 Brown when he has Fitz and Floyd? Even if Fitz is doubled he is the kind of receiver who can go up and get the ball and if he was doubled then Floyd should of been left in a one on one situation so at least throw the fade to him.

    Overall Palmer looked very inaccurate with the over the shoulder fades in the red zone.

  21. What no one dares to say at this moment in time is the 2014 version of Fitz can be defensed all game long by a rookie with double team help whereas the Fitz from the Kurt Warner years would have shredded the double team bracketing and schooled Verrett all game long.

    Even for Fitz, getting old and slow is happening now. Father Time is one tough adversary no one ever beats. Just ask Adrian Wilson.

    Papa Fitz should know how the careers of star athletes go and love his son enough to let Larry Jr exit the center stage era of his career with some grace and dignity instead of throwing spoiled brat tantrums all over the media. For shame, Papa Fitz, for shame.

  22. Targeting a specific receiver is “interceptions waiting to happen”

    Is that why Floyd and Brown were targeted all night?!?!
    When Warner was QB Fitz and Boldin, Fitz played outside and played lights out!
    Now BA comes along and moves Fitz to the inside.
    Hey BA here’s an idea, lets break something that works!
    And why was John Brown targeted in the endzone? They should have had a bigger body in there !
    BA’s lack of respect for Fitz is obvious.

  23. As much as I can’t stand Bruce Arians he’s right. He’s also a buffoon with a big mouth and shows little if any social skills or professionalism. Plus his head is way to big for his body.

    Signed Eagle fan.

  24. Could it simply be that he’s overrated and nothing moe complicated than that? Every year their are apologies for this guy, but at the end of the day others have done more with less (Andre Johnson). Maybe it’s just “is what it is”.

  25. Arians didn’t draft Fitz.
    Arians isn’t beholden to Fitz.
    Fitz’s career is winding down.

    These are the harsh realities of the situation. Fitz’s dad (read: really Fitz) can make all the noise he wants, it won’t change things.

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