Cardinals sign Chris Rainey, whom Steelers cut over domestic violence allegation

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The NFL may some day have a zero tolerance policy toward players who are accused of domestic violence. But that day is not today.

For evidence, look no further than the Cardinals’ decision to sign running back Chris Rainey to their practice squad today. Rainey has twice been kicked off football teams over allegations of domestic violence.

Rainey was a fifth-round draft pick of the Steelers in 2012, and shortly after his rookie season ended, the Steelers cut him when he was accused of slapping his girlfriend. He later pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct in connection with that incident.

In 2010, Rainey was kicked off the team at Florida after he was arrested on a felony charge of aggravated stalking after allegedly sending threatening text messages to a woman he had been dating. He later pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor stalking charge.

Rainey also had two other run-ins with the law during his rookie season with the Steelers, and he cut by the Colts last month for disciplinary reasons.

At a time when the dominant story in and around the NFL is the Ray Rice domestic violence case, you might think teams would hesitate before signing a player with a checkered past like Rainey. But you’d be wrong. In the NFL, talent matters more than character, and the Cardinals think Rainey has the talent to help them win. That’s why he’s in Arizona.

47 responses to “Cardinals sign Chris Rainey, whom Steelers cut over domestic violence allegation

  1. Reminder #19972: All NFL teams will sign almost anyone if they can help them win. Not one of the 32 teams is any different because all 32 teams are interested in two things: 1) making money and 2) winning, in that order.

  2. Rainey was lucky there wasn’t a video for all the SJW/tumblr users who don’t watch football to get upset about, thereby forcing Godell to sentence him to Alcatraz.

  3. I thought the Cards were trying to do all the right things….What a joke!try ti win w class…not w punks on the roster,he’ll they didn’t care About Abrahams “DUI except he couldn’t practice….bad Birds!

  4. There’s a reason they call the Cardinals “Steelers West”.

    Arians can’t help but pick up a former Steeler whenever available. Rainey is the 2nd one this week. Signed Drew Butler only a few days ago.

  5. I’m tired of seeing Ray Lewis’ arrogant mug on ESPN–until we get the full story of what happened in Atlanta that night, why do we continue to prop him up?

    He pleaded guilty to covering up a homicide.

    Why is he given a public platform and worshipped like he is???

  6. Timing is everything. I’m sure there is a troll out there asking for someone’s resignation.

  7. Talent wins out…..what a joke.

    Anybody remember a few years back when Pitcher Brett Myers of the Reds punched his wife in public? He started the a game the next day. Punishment?….NADA…..guess that doesn’t count….

    You hit a woman, you’re a piece of crap.

  8. As a fomer (retired) detective, I handled many a stalker. You end up on the phone with them a bunch of times. You then knock on their door. Eventually you arrest them for it or something worse. Every time.

    You talk man to man. You talk common sense. You talk about all the other women in the world. You ask rhem about the importance of their jobs(non celebrity stalking as that is something way different).

    In the end they can’t help themselves. Something in them is off. Not fixable. This guy will prove that down the line…

  9. this is why michael sam is going to excel in the nfl, because only in the NFL does hitting a women make you unemployable but committing murder gets you into the hall of fame

  10. Talent does matter more than character. That’s why the high and mighty Steelers will cut a fringe player like Rainey, but not a centerpiece like Roestlisberger.

  11. Dead on tccoats. 9 months before James Harrison returned an interception for a TD in the Super Bowl….he was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend. DA dropped the charges when he entered anger management. No punishment by the Steelers or NFL. ESPN spent last Friday showing highlights of his career after he announced his retirement. Lack of credibility and integrity everywhere..NFL, teams and the media.

  12. While Ray Rice has no place in this league, suspending guys left and right for accusations of domestic violence is a slippery slope. That is opening the flood gates for all kinds of crazy women looking to make a buck or 15 minutes of fame. Tread lightly…….

  13. Wow, the witch hunt is on…

    Hypocrites! Listen to you!

    Fans of the following teams have celebrated, cheered for, and supported alleged domestic abusers through their fanaticism:

    Arizona Cardinals
    Atlanta Falcons
    Baltimore Ravens
    Buffalo Bills
    Carolina Panthers
    Chicago Bears
    Cincinnati Bengals
    Cleveland Browns
    Dallas Cowboys
    Denver Broncos
    Detroit Lions
    Green Bay Packers
    Houston Texans
    Indianapolis Colts
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    Kansas City Chiefs
    Miami Dolphins
    Minnesota Vikings
    New England Patriots
    New Orleans Saints
    New York Giants
    New York Jets
    Oakland Raiders
    Philadelphia Eagles
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    Saint Louis Rams
    San Diego Chargers
    San Francisco 49ers
    Seattle Seahawks
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Tennessee Titans
    Washington Redskins

    We are all guilty! And this site leads in the sensationalism of players guilty of criminal acts. Get a grip. People see a horrific video and yet condone the purchasing of games like Grand Theft Auto? And you claim to have the high road?

  14. You’ll have to excuse me if I vomit from all the righteous indignation displayed around here.

    Yesterday the football internet explodes because of the Ray Rice video. As if anyone with a shred of common sense didn’t know that he hit her. Hard.

    And all of you up on your high horse ripping on the Cardinals for signing this guy make me sick. Look at your own team’s rosters for the last decade. If the NFL cut every felon (caught or not) in the league you wouldn’t see a team with more than 30 guys on the roster.

    The Ray Rice incident happens every day in the NFL. The only reason it’s a big deal is because he got caught and the video is right in your face and you can’t look away from it. So queue the loud indignation from all the fans of the NFL who loudly and proudly proclaim that Ray Rice is a bad guy, all so that they can feel better about spending money and time on a sport where a large percentage of the players are BAD GUYS.

    If we crucify Ray, we can pretend that it’s not utterly hypocritical to spend our Sundays watching the NFL and plunk down 80 bucks for a jersey.

    There’s a lot of bad guys in the NFL. On every team. On your team.

  15. The Cardinals are the toilet of the NFL, always have been…As for Carson Palmer being the new Kurt Warner? Hahahahhahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….And a hahaha…

  16. Why do they have the urge to sign even the worst ex-Steelers? This guy is a horrible character guy to boot with being just a random dude, why even take a chance on someone like this?

    Do they even have to put in waiver claims on ex steelers anymore or is it just assumed at this point they can have them?

  17. Interesting how much self-righteous comments PFT readers can spew out, but how many would be so “brave” if they had to be vetted to see if the were without their own “Sin” before they could declare their own righteousness judgment from behind a keyboard?

    None, because no one is without fault in the naked light of day.

  18. Domestic assaults are not cool now, but other assaults are still not a huge deal so long as you don’t know the victim – that is according to the NFL’s new policy.

  19. What is sad is after about 2 weeks this whole Ray Rice thing will be forgotten and another player/coach/owner will do something stupid and so on and so on. The NFL will still be as popular as ever and every single person who has this app on their phone will be watching all the games and life will go on.

  20. There is one thing in this story that is absolutely stunning!

    “In 2010, Rainey was kicked off the team at Florida after he was arrested on a felony charge of aggravated stalking after allegedly sending threatening text messages to a woman he had been dating. He later pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor stalking charge.”

    Urban Meyer – criminal abettor extraordinaire – actually kicked somebody off his team? I can’t believe it.

  21. So I guess pft is just picking and choosing which teams to attack. Ray mcdonald beat up a pregnant woman.and still played last week for the.49ers. Big Ben raped a couple chicks, where’s the protest?

  22. Pittsburgh West takes another step down the ladder as they sign a guy dropped by 2 other teams.

    What would the Cardinals have if they didn’t have former Steelers players and coaches?

    One bright light in the story: Larry Foote played his ass off last night against San Diego. Good to see him playing well but just don’t let him try to cover tight ends and RB’s on pass patterns.

  23. So tired of hearing about Pittsburgh West…..
    – This guy was on the Colts this year when he got cut. PFT is most likely saying former Steeler in their title so that morons who are engulfed with the fascination of Pittsburgh West will simply click on the link to increase their views and responses.
    – This guy is not on the 53 man roster so not only does that make him a practice squad guy, he’s not going to be helping the Cards win anytime soon.

    People need to think before typing, like those that get that there are criminals currently or in the past on everyone of our favorite teams.

  24. They don’t call it the National Felon League for nothing…

    If you have crazy talent… They will find a way to get you a 2nd, 3rd and a 4th chance as long as you can stay out of prison.

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