Goodell doesn’t believe his job is on the line


In the wake of a call from Senator Heidi Heitkamp that Commissioner Roger Goodell should resign, Goodell addressed his job status during an interview with Norah O’Donnell of CBS.

While not part of the interview that was televised during the CBS Evening News, O’Donnell explained to anchor Bob Schieffer that she asked Goodell whether his job is on the line.

“No,” Goodell told O’Donnell.  “I’m used to the criticism.  I’m used to that.  Every day, I have to earn my stripes.”

Most calls for Goodell to resign have arisen from the suspicion that the NFL saw the video that was released by TMZ on Monday before suspending Rice only two games.  Goodell insisted that the NFL did not have access to the video.

“I got into the office [on Monday] and our staff had come to me and said, ‘There’s new evidence.  There’s a video that you need to see.’  And I watched it then,” Goodell said.  “We had not seen any videotape of what occurred in the video.  We assumed that there was a video.  We asked for video.  But we were not granted that opportunity.”

So how did TMZ but not the NFL get the video?

“I don’t know how TMZ or any other website gets their information,” Goodell said.  “We are particularly reliant on law enforcement.  That’s the most reliable.  It’s the most credible.  And we don’t seek to get that information from sources that are not credible.”

But there are other reliable, credible sources than law enforcement.  Did the league ask Rice to produce the video via his lawyer?  If not, why not?  Did the NFL ask the casino at which the incident occurred for the video?  If not, why not?

Those questions weren’t asked.  Also unasked, and unanswered, were questions regarding the specific law-enforcement agencies to whom the requests were made, and what those agencies had to say.

So while Goodell has addressed conclusively and credibly the question of whether the league had the video before Monday, the league continues to avoid the question of why the video wasn’t obtained.  Unless and until that question is fully and completely answered, the controversy will linger and possibly grow, and public confidence in the NFL will not be fully restored.

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  1. Public confidence will never be restored until Goodell resigns. There is no doubt in my mind he is lying about not having seen the video. He made no effort to try and obtain it. Just enough to where he could say “Oh well I tried.” and think he can just sweep this under the rug. Not this one. This situation is far too sensitive and appalling to be just swept under a rug.

    Fan outrage will continue. Eventually it will affect attendance and ratings. Then advertizers will pull off. Eventually, once the bottom line gets affected, the NFL will be faced with the horrible reality that, no, you can’t actually just pretend everything’s OK.

    The NFL’s screwed. Goodell is screwed. Maybe not today. But eventually it’ll catch up.

  2. TMZ got the video because they did a better job investigating than the NFL did. Which has to be an utter humiliation for the league, a gossip site got evidence they couldn’t.

  3. Goodell should be fired; period.


    A – He did a very poor job of investigating the initial incident (to the point of being willfully ignorant)


    B – He saw the disgusting tape and decided it didn’t matter.

    Either way, he should be out and I for one hope the calls for his job continue.

  4. I normally dont agree with Florio on much but he is accurate on this one. Absolutely what comes into question is league attteempting to cover up something and sweep it under the table. Heads should roll from this from the top down. I dont want to see some lower fledgling taking the blow for inexcusable negligence on behalf of the nfl and owners.

  5. The casino where this happened closed a week ago, clearly an employee had a copy of the tape and sold it to TMZ after the property closed to make some cash without fear of losing a job. There are always ways, but I don’t think the NFL pays for evidence. TMZ does.

  6. When Raj has the rabble calling for his head for being “too harsh” one day, and “too soft” the next day, he’s probably doing things “just right”.

    So settle down there Goldilocks, have a nice bowl of porridge, put your feet up awhile, then have a nice nap in bed.

  7. What has been told us doesn’t make any sense, but how’s this for a plausible scenario?
    Ray beats up his fiancé and is arrested. Ray’s attorney counsels Ray and his fiancé to lie to the team and the NFL. The authorities get the videos. The NFL and the Ravens ask for evidence, and are only given the elevator exterior video. The DA makes the incredibly boneheaded move of letting Ray off with some bogus program. The NFL and Ravens, not having seen the crucial video, conclude that Ray must have been telling them the truth. So, a ridiculous 2 game suspension, and life moves on. But then, someone with the hotel or law enforcement leaks the key video Monday. This results in changed punishment from the NFL and dismissal from the team – and a failed plan by an ethically challenged attorney (or is that redundant?). I deem the changed suspension as completely acceptable since the NFL now knew he lied to them during the investigation.
    Do the attorney and Ray control what info is supplied to 3rd parties like the NFL and the Ravens by the authorities? It could very well be, and if so, then Ray’s attorney tried to perpetrate this fraud, and thankfully it blew up on him.

  8. Speaking of questions that weren’t asked… come not a single “sports journalist” asked the league office about additional video evidence?

    1000 stories about the incident and 2 game suspension.

    1000 stories about the backlash of the light punishment but not one writer sought out from the league about additional evidence?

  9. He should resign. His inconsistency in everything he has done should be enough, but this tops the cake. He is nothing but a lackey to the owners who has no spine. A total embarrasment to the commisioners who preceeded him (Taglibue and Rozell). What has he touched that has done well that already wasnt doing so?? ……………………………….. What Thursday night fotball and playing in London??? Priceless. Ask the palyers what they think of either.

    Need another example of his incompetency???? How did his bounty gate judgements on the playeds do when reviewed. Oh I forgot, eveyone of them was overturned, and wasnt it Taglibue that presided over that??? One of his own and it doesnt stand????

    Get rid of Goodell for the GOOD off the game!!!,

  10. Goodell hasn’t addressed why he didn’t ask the casino and defense counsel for the video because there is no reasonable explanation. The NFL’s PR people have had all day to concoct an explanation, but can’t come up with one that makes sense. Goodell must resign.

  11. I have been confused about something that maybe someone can help enlighten me with? Goodell obviously saw the first video of Ray Rice dragging his girlfriend out of the elevator. Before this new video came out, what was Goodell’s thought process at the time after, A, seeing a lifeless Janay on the ground and, B, Rice admitting he hit Janay. Was the video really a surprise or a revelation?

  12. At some level the new tape is irrelevant. Goodell knew from the lobby tape that Rice had knocked out his fiancée in the elevator car. He had to know that it was violent. There are no new facts in this case except that details of the attack are now public. Don’t hide behind “I didn’t see the tape” Goodell, you knew what happened and chose to brush it off. You are a disgrace and should resign.

  13. Doesn’t Senator Heitkamp have anything better to do? Like the job the taxpayers are paying her for?

    Politicians should, I don’t know, maybe stick to politics and stay out of sports.

  14. Roger Goodell is probably a good Commissioner, from the standpoint of maximizing profits from the owners. He has been wildly successful in generating money for the owners and (though nit his intention) for the players From the standpoint of being able to arbitrarily impose punishment on players, he is way out of his league. While somebody needs to be able to do this, such a person must act fairly and transparently. He suspended Ben Roethlisberger where there were no criminal charges. “Why wait for the courts.” He suspends Sean Payton for a year. “We need to send a message.” He suspends Josh Gordon for a year for being one toke over the line. “Hey, the NFLPA agreed to it, what’s the problem” He suspends Ray Rice for 2 games for a first round knockout of his fiance. “Hey, she accepted blame, what’s the problem” He suspends owner Irsay, but waits until a plea deal can be worked out and a final resolution in the courts. “Hey, we can’t be acting prematurely”.

    Roger Goodell should simply not have responsibility for discipline. He’s awful at it. If this means there should be a new Commissioner, then maybe there should be a new Commissioner

  15. Fall in Line Peasants. The Elite are not giving up their jobs nor will they have to answer to the media or general population.
    They do what they want they get what they want to keep the shield intact.
    Just like with SpyGate (as a pats fan). Just like with Bounty gate. Appearances will ALWAYS be kept up to keep the money coming. That will always be the case.
    Most of you here don’t work in corporate world and don’t work in any high level business infrastructure.

    People only do the right thing if they HAVE to, and as long as money is kept up thats all thats important.

    ESPN and PFT commenters have absolutely no say or effect on anything from the start. The decision was made day 1 to keep it under wraps, just like spygate. Everyone on the payroll is in on it. Goodell will have controversy for the rest of his tenure, but rest assured he is not going anywhere and will keep his job.

  16. As long as he can endure 5 minutes alone in an elevator with one pissed off Ray Rice, I say let him stay

    Can’t wait to see THAT video on TMZ!

  17. Somebody should be asking how the NJ courts decided to allow Rice into a pre-trial diversionary program instead of taking him to trial. We ALL know THEY saw the tape.

    What a joke.

  18. “j0esixpack says:
    Sep 9, 2014 7:38 PM
    As long as he can endure 5 minutes alone in an elevator with one pissed off Ray Rice, I say let him stay

    Can’t wait to see THAT video on TMZ!”

    5 minutes with a coward like Ray Rice? Only a coward hits a women.

  19. Who cares whether he saw the internal video or not

    Goodell knew what we knew – that Rice was charged with assault and knocked his fiancé unconscious

    And for that he suspended him 2 games – when he gave Plaxico Burress 4 GAMES for shooting HIMSELF!

  20. Even with all that has happened Ray Rice would still be more welcomed into an NFL locker room than Michael Sam.

  21. The guys who work under the NFL Security umbrella are going to be SO hurt that Roger Goodell apparently don’t know they exist, lol. “We only nicely ask law enforcement for information,” pleeeeeease.

    Goodell saw the tape, this is total nonsense.

  22. Doesn’t Goodell usually destroy video evidence?
    Guess someone had a second copy this time ah Roger.

  23. How did goodell think she was knocked out? For him to say he did not know what happened is a sham. She clearly got punched in the head weather you saw the video or not. Resign NOW.

  24. It’s an uneducated football fan that believe Goodell should be fired. The owners are pleased with his results. You complain about ruining the game? They talk about record profits. You want him out? Stop participating.

  25. I just don’t get it. Goodell was extremely efficient at obtaining, and destroying video evidence following Spygate. He made sure the media never got to evaluate those

    Why didn’t he just follow the same plan in this instance? Would have saved himself a lot of heart ache.

  26. If he’s making over 40 mil per year, can you imagine what the owners are bringing in. He will not be fired or removed until the owners are hit bigtime in the wallet.

  27. ““I don’t know how TMZ or any other website gets their information,” Goodell said. “We are particularly reliant on law enforcement. That’s the most reliable. It’s the most credible. And we don’t seek to get that information from sources that are not credible.””


    So you’re saying that the overly tan dude with the long blonde hair and buff African American guy with dreadlocks aren’t credible?

  28. If TMZ is not credible than why suspend him indefinitely now; after the non-credible source releases a grainy video? Goodell is obviously bending to public opinion while trying to pretend he isn’t. It’s a tightrope to keep his job. Here’s hoping he falls.

  29. There does seem to be something wrong when the NFL and the media have such detailed information on their draft picks, analysis on gang affiliation based on tattoos and hand signals from game tapes, and just random information.

    Even if they did just use their regular tools, either law enforcement really dropped the ball or the casino/tape owners were hiding this for $ome benefit.

  30. @ niner49er
    They are reacting to the public’s reaction after seeing the visual of what everyone knows already happened. People have been up in arms about the 2 game suspension. Showing the tape only threw gasoline onto a still smoldering fire.

  31. This is all nonsense. Goodell should have been able to do the right thing with or without this video. HOW DID HE THINK SHE GOT KNOCKED OUT COLD??!!

  32. If I was Ray Rice I would be appealing the “indefinite” suspension Goodell has doled out. Here’s the facts: 1) everyone already knew Rice punched his fiancé on the elevator. 2) Goodell levied A TWO GAME SUSPENSION. Apparently Rice was less than truthful with his story of what happened on that elevator, but isn’t that Goodell’s job to get ALL the facts before he wields his ultimate power and play God with the future of the players in the league. He has dropped the ball in major way and has gave the league a major black eye (no pun intended). He needs to apologize for his dereliction of duty and resign. If that doesn’t happen he needs to be fired effective immediately.

  33. Don’t want to get too optimistic about this. I have wanted Goodell gone for a long time. But this one may stick and stink a bit too much for the owners.
    Most of the owners have wives and daughters. Too bad he couldn’t get the video wrapped in Pink. Every fan knows that is what women like.
    Fire Goodell,
    I just hope he doesn’t start some crazy sheet storm about the Redskins this week to try and distract the simple minded reporters.

  34. Goodell lies his rear end off, causes a massive public embarrassment to, and kills any credibility of the NFL and there’s anyone that doesn’t support firing him? Now that’s absurd. How much does the online reputation management gig pay?

  35. Goodell, Newsome and Biscotti should go to prison as accessories after the fact. Anyone who believes they first saw that video yesterday is a gullible moron to stupid to be allowed to reproduce.

    They should share a cell with Ray Rice and they can throw Michael Vick in the cell, too. Bubba, too. He’ll dominate them all.

  36. ““I don’t know how TMZ or any other website gets their information,” Goodell said. “We are particularly reliant on law enforcement. That’s the most reliable. It’s the most credible. And we don’t seek to get that information from sources that are not credible.”
    Then why are you basing decisions on TMZ ( info which you state is not a credible source) & public reaction!

  37. Goodell is doing an EXCELLENT job. It seems that many do not understand what Goodell’s job actually is.

    The NFL commissioner is a whipping boy for the 32 owners. His job is to do the owners bidding and act as a proxy for the owners who will be blamed for anything negative.

    Has anyone mentioned the owners in all of this? If not then Goodell has done the job he is paid to do.

  38. Wheather you’re an owner or an NFL player Mr. G. has to date served you well and done an admirable job as Commissioner. Unfortunately for the NFL as an organization, his willfull blindness is so obvious & unacceptable that it is time for a change.

  39. Goodell and his minions obstructed their own “investigation” by avoiding direct access to the videotape. It was a corrupted process and nobody is being fooled.

    Remember what Goodell did when somebody other than himself (Coach Peyton) obstructed an NFL investigation by being deceptive? Peyton got banned for a full year. What happens when the judge/jury/executioner (Goodell) obstructs an NFL investigation? He gives interviews about “earning his stripes”.

    Are you for real?!

  40. My interest in the NFL is becoming less and less…..and the echo is Mark Cubans words take shape…..

  41. All the NFL cares about is money. Unless people are willing to boycott the league and its sponsors in sufficient numbers Goodell and his cronies will just turn a deaf ear

  42. Collusion…cover-up call it what you will… TMZ made the NFL look like a bunch of incompetent hacks who have no idea what’s going on around them. Goodell should be fired due to incompetence and lack of judgement. The owners should appoint an impartial panel of legal experts from the outside(i.e. retired judges) to investigate the Rice issue and what the NFL and Ravens knew and when they knew it. The NFL has no credibility…none.. and the crickets in the background are the owners not talking. Jed York FINALLY did an interview this morning. Wouldn’t hurt for a national sponsor to pull their ads until this mess sees the light of day.

  43. Do fans a favor Goodell and go on a long vacation with Jerry Jones somewhere out of sight and out of touch.

  44. I have a way to earn 1 million dollars more each year for the owners. Fire Goodell, hire me for the low sum of 8 Million a year (plus expenses) and they can split the other 32 mill between themselves.
    I promise I will watch all the video I can.
    Vote Heyseed, do it for the Shield.

  45. Exactly what was the NFL looking at and thinking when Rice pulled his unconscious fiancé off the elevator then he stepped over her and left her lying unattended on the lobby floor? What doesn’t make sense is how and why the league failed to recognize the severity of that situation, and how is it that they didn’t relentlessly question what happened on the elevator that knocked her out?

    Reasonably intelligent people would have done these things, so it begs the question why did the NFL fail in this regard? Is it because Goodell and league security are so desensitized about player misconduct that they simply discounted then outright dismissed the ordeal?

    Also, how is it that celebrity gossip website TMZ obtained the elevator video, yet the NFL’s mutli-billion dollar global enterprise along with the lofty connections by their supposedly esteemed security team, which consists of former undercover investigators, FBI and CIA agents, retired police chiefs, military personnel, etc. couldn’t get their hands on the same video. Something is very fishy about how TMZ landed the tape but NFL security with long and deep ties in law enforcement circles couldn’t get ahold of it.

    Goodell and league security have enormous credibility issues, and it very much seems that NFL owners need to swiftly step in to clean out the league office because everyone from Goodell, league security and owners have failed in a big, big way. They longer the owners keep the status quo and stay in the shadows the more damning and telling this situation gets.

  46. From Spygate, to Bountygate, to replacement ref debacle, to the Ray Rice fiasco, he has certainly earned his stripes! Black and white horizontal ones! His investigative skills are definitely a crime.

  47. ever since goodell has taken over there was been more talk weekly about things other than the players on the field doing good and scores..

    every week its either a new penalty, or a new rule to get the players to pay fines, or taking fun off of the fun like celebrations.

    this commish is the WORST in all 4 major sports followed in america and even smaller sports elsewhere..he doesnt live up to paul tagliabue (i think he even had to take a case over bc goodell botched it, bountygate i think?)

    he destroys patriots tape evidence, botched this case, suspendeds teams all year for bountygate even though only greg williams should have been, suspends players all year for smoking weed, and makes himself like he is god..

    he needs to go.he is a terrible commishing AND IS RUINING THE SPORT.. i personally havnt been to a game in 6 years because of all the rule changes and WILL NEVER GO AGAIN until the fun gets restored and 300 flags dont come out per game.

  48. So where is the credible evidence that Roger Goodell knew what was on the tape. If Goodell’s staff is supporting Goodell’s assertions about not knowing what was on the tape and not being able to obtain the tape. Where is the evidence to continue this media blitz by the networks which makes them more money on this incident. Now it could be that TMZ obtained the tape by paying someone in law enforcement for the tap!

  49. Honestly, I don’t think people understand how hard his job is. Ask yourself this, “How many of these NFLers do you think you or your company would hire? He’s really the first Commish to have a real conduct policy! No matter what penalties they impose, the players still get in trouble!! He’s been called a racist for imposing penalties in the past. Could you imagine if TMZ followed around every employee that works in your office? You might be surprised at what people have in their closets….infidelity, DUI’s, Battery, Assaults…the list goes on and on. His employees make news for not leaving good tips or sending a Tweet!!!!!

  50. Goodell is a pompous, smug Dictator who has such lack of respect for the league’s fans and most of the media wimps who cover the league that he firmly believes anything he utters will never be questioned.

    I really got a chuckle when he stated in his CBS interview “we don’t seek to get information from sources that are not credible”….What about your investigation of Bounty Gate then?????? There you seemed to rely on lots of innuendo and comments from fired employees, convicted felons, etc. Almost none of that held up to any kind of scrutiny and the league had to send in the ex Commissioner to clean up the mess and waive the player suspensions because the mounds of “evidence” was so weak. Where was all the concern for “credible sources” then?

    I seem to remember that when Goodell suspended Sean Payton for a year, he said that it really didn’t matter if Payton knew a Bounty system was going on or not; that what really mattered was that it was his team and he should have known.

    Interestingly, he doesn’t apply his logic for Payton’s suspension to himself. Roger, it’s your team and you should have known what was on the video……no excuses.

    The arrogant manner in which you dealt with SpyGate (destroying the tapes!), the callous manner in which you handed the Concussion issue, BountyGate (drummed up a witch hunt to give the league p.r. cover for the concussion lawsuits), and now this issue have destroyed what little credibility you have left with the public and you should absolutely resign.

    Unfortunately, as many here have pointed out, during his tenure the 32 owners have continued to make tons of money, so in the end, nothing will happen. But I do believe that Mark Cuban’s comments about the league’s arrogance and greed are beginning to have more and more merit.

  51. Does Goodell really believe the public is that stupid? He and Ravens saw tape. Once TMZ released it this is all spin and damage control. He is so arrogant to makes me sick. He is lying on top of his BS penalty of two games and Rice’s malicious act.

    Please do all a favor and resign. Idk how the owners don’t fire you!

  52. Goodell is like that stinky guy at work that everyone can smell but he doesn’t know he stinks. Then one day, out of the blue, he gets fired for stinking up the place and he is shocked because he never saw it coming.

  53. Roger Goodell answers to only 32 people in the entire world, and they aren’t firing him. Next.

    31 billionaires and the Packers…

    Ups to the Steelers who never wanted him

  54. You clowns crack me up talking about this man losing his job. If I remember correctly, three separate entities (Atlantic City Police, Baltimore Ravens Management and the NFL) all met with Ray Rice and his wife. The story provided by Ray Rice and his wife totally contradict the video that was just released. Based on the testimony provided by both Ray Rice and his wife the authorities in this case elected to charge him with a MISDEMEANOR. Ray Rice and his wife gave the SAME story to the Ravens front office and the NFL. The NFL based their decision at the time on the police report that was filed and the story provided by Ray Rice and his wife. Why would the NFL feel the need to dig deeper into a story that the AUTHORITIES in the case deemed a MISDEMEANOR. The NFL and the Ravens relied on the police report provided and the story provided by Rice and his wife. Why would not believe this story? Ray Rice has never been in any trouble before and has a clean slate in the NFL for SIX SEASONS. If a man you trust gives you a story that is backed by a police report what else should they have done? Once the video was made public they acted appropriately.

  55. Wow, way to try and ruin football, which will never happen. It’s very simple why they didn’t go looking for the video, there was no need to. The nfl bases suspensions off of verdicts. If a judge from the court of law of the United States didn’t charge him with domestic violence then the NFL still suspending a not guilty man for two games is a lot! I’m not saying that’s all he deserved but the nfl isn’t the court of law in the u.s. And they went above and beyond the court system by punishing him more than the courts did. So there’s your explanation on why he only got two games and they didn’t bother looking for the tape. Now football season is finally back, so stop trying to ruin it by dragging this out and move on to stuff that actually matters in the NFL, please!

  56. “I don’t know how TMZ or any other website gets their information,” Goodell said. “We are particularly reliant on law enforcement. That’s the most reliable. It’s the most credible. And we don’t seek to get that information from sources that are not credible.”


    Practically every shred of his Bountygate “evidence” came from sources that were “not credible.” That didn’t seem to stop him from proclaiming it ultimate truth.

  57. “I got into the office [on Monday] and our staff had come to me and said, ‘There’s new evidence.'”

    This sentence itself is almost certainly a lie. No staff member said “new evidence.” That’s PR spin – which is also, essentially, a lie because “new” implies evidence that changes one’s belief in the facts; a far more accurate description of the video would be “more evidence.”

    That aside, what some staff member almost certainly told Goodell Monday morning was “We’ve got a big problem. TMZ published the elevator video.”

    Goodell’s “lack of credibility”, to put it kindly, does not hinge on whether or he saw the elevator video before Monday. It is being ripped apart daily in a dozen different ways because he is slowly being held to account by someone other than the NFL billionaires who pay him $40 million a year for running a non-profit and a toadying NFL media (eg Peter King on CNN last night) who routinely trade their own integrity for personal gain.

  58. Fire Goodell. He is a clown, he’s a liar, he’s incompetent, and has no credibility.

    To someone above that said owners aren’t gonna fire Goodell because he has made them so much money. Anyone in this room could do his job.

    Owners will change their tune once they see their values plummet and ratings plummet because of this idiots incompetence. These Franchises values are like the tech stocks of 2000. Severely overvalued.

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