Goodell: I assumed there was another video but didn’t see it


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has reiterated what the league has been saying repeatedly in the 36 hours since footage of Ray Rice punching his wife first surfaced: The NFL didn’t see the video until the rest of the world did.

Goodell sat for an interview with CBS in which he said he hadn’t seen the video.

“We had not seen any videotape of what occurred in the elevator. We assumed that there was a video, we asked for video, we asked for anything that was pertinent, but we were never granted that opportunity,” Goodell said.

In a sign of just how big a story this has become, CBS broke into its regularly scheduled afternoon programming to show the brief clip from the interview in which Goodell made that statement. The network has promised that it will have more from Goodell on tonight’s news and tomorrow morning.

What CBS has not shown yet is any follow-up about why Goodell hasn’t seen the video. Why didn’t the NFL tell Rice and his attorney to provide the league with a copy of the video, and make providing the league with the video a condition of his continued employment? Why didn’t the NFL do what TMZ did, and approach the casino where the domestic violence incident took place to request the security tape?

Until Goodell answers that, no one is going to be satisfied with the NFL’s public statements. And even after Goodell answers that, few will be satisfied with the NFL’s handling of this mess.

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  1. Goodell: I assumed there was another video but didn’t see it.


    Godell, you assumed you were doing your job, but you didn’t.

  2. This guy is an incompetent buffoon of the highest order. I can’t believe owners of NFL teams made this dope their steward. Unreal.

  3. Goodell needs to resign. He has grossly mishandled this case from the very beginning. The owners can find another smug suit to take the salary and do what they want.

    The players need to be asking how a guy who was so incompetent in handling a very serious case has absolute power over all personal conduct punishment.

  4. (1) What the hell did Goodell think happened in that elevator? That video merely showed what anyone with any common sense would deduce.

    (2) Seeing a woman laid out senseless and unconscious, why wouldn’t Goodell have made it a high priority to see the video? Isn’t he interested in making informed decisions?

  5. If you’ve ever had to deal with the NFL, as I have on one occasion, you know is lawyer-o-rama. For Goddell to say he couldn’t get a look at the video, it’s just nonsense. He’s either incompetent or a liar.

    Goddell is killing football.

    If an NFL player was smoking dope in an elevator, you betcha old Rog would have that vid.

  6. You know what they say about “ass-u-me”? In this case, it only half applies (and it’s not me!)

  7. He is protecting the owners and the billion dollar enterprise. If he doesn’t do it another puppet will. With Kraft backing him today they are trying to protect Goodell, the league and the owner of the Ravens. They don’t care about Rice. They care about money. “I didn’t see anything” helps them deflect and protect their business. And “I didn’t see” was intentional.

  8. The league didn’t want to pay the casino for the video, clearly…& the casino didn’t want to give something away for free that they morally should have…or I could be wrong…

  9. I can only hope he is gone after this. This alone should have him relieved of his job, let alone the fact that football doesn’t even look the same anymore. If he stays on as Commish, football will be a totally different game…like arena football with flags on.

    No consistency in punishments, no consistency in referee calls, and every year there’s new rules that change the game dramatically.

    “lets get rid of the extra point because its too boring, but lets make the kickoff ( the most exciting play in football) a guaranteed touchback/boring play” – Goodell

  10. It pains me to say this but; it doesn’t matter what people (us) think about his non-answers. He will not get fired or even reprimanded at all from anyone in the NFL for this lapse in judgement. Again, the NFL only got wise after the video came out of Rice knocking his then fiance out. It was the Ravens that acted first after they KNEW about the incident also.

    Domestic abuse in the NFL is only bad if you get caught doing it on video, ask Greg Hardy or Terrell Suggs.

  11. Goodell must long for the days when he could just destroy the Patriots cheating evidence the nanosecond he received it, in secret, behind closed doors and with zero transparency.

  12. he didn’t want to see the other video. it’s like penn state. it’s more important to protect the brand. it’s more important that the star players play.

  13. Well, since he is an attorney, I believe this one hundred percent. What probably happened was RR got arrested. RR’s attorney contacted the league, said they had a deal with the prosecutor. Prosecutor probably wrote something to the NFL directly explaining why he was placed in the deferral program; no prior history; wife was not seeking charges/willing to testify. While this was happening, I am sure some underling at the NFL saw the video, but probably not Goodell.

    Goodell probably figured if the prosecutor is not going to prosecute, there is nothing more to see here, and set the suspension too low.

  14. Goodell is taking a beating for this and it’s ridiculous. It starts with Rice and ends with Rice, period.

    If Rice would have shown the video to the Ravens and subsequently to Goodell, he gets a year suspension. Goodell gets out in front and describes the horrific video in order to take the sails out of the release, for the most part.

    Donte Stallworth and Little from Dallas kill people and they get a second chance.

    Rice deserved a second chance but he blew it.


  15. “somebody said something about a video that may or may not have been useful, but at the time we ascertained that it was possible that it may not be entirely relevant or germaine to our current investigation and our ongoing commitment to holding our players to the very highest of standards as our fans expect” reporter: “how do you explain your not being able to see a video that showed Ray Rice viciously slugging his girlfriend unconscious and TMZ the gossip site apparently had no trouble locating?” “uh, well, we always investigate to the best of our ability and the video was not viewed or accessible by us, so in that respect, we did what we thought was a full investigation. I am not able to speak about how someone else was so easily able to get this video, I have never seen it before Monday.” Is anyone else throwing up hearing this total insulting garbage???? Goodell is the biggest coward we have seen in a long, long time.

  16. If I showed up to a court room and said I assumed there was another security video but I didn’t get it, I would be fired from my job and sued for malpractice and wouldn’t be able to get another job.

  17. So you assumed there was a video? When prosecutors said there was a video on record. And they could get a conviction. The owners need the blame here. Goodell is their puppet and he does what they want. He deserves blame but so do all the owners.

  18. Why?

    Because that video is damaging to the NFL.

    Why else would you ignore this video.

    If a powerful entity like the NFL asked for the Video…they would have GOT the video.

    The FACT the NFL ignored this makes them condone this behavior and to treat it as a slap on the wrist is almost as criminal as the punch itself.

    And for what to protect Ray Rice?

    Who the HELL is Ray Rice to deserve this protection.

    Ray Rice is a ZERO……and in time his bank account will reflect that number.

    I hope he got a degree (if anyone will hire him that’s another story)

    I have always viewed the NFL as a “Teflon League”….

    This puts a big DENT in the Shield.

    $$$$MONEY is the Bottom Line for the Owners..

    If the decisions of Roger Goodell alienate the fan base and affect the profitability of the League….

    Goodell will be looking for a Job. (although in his case he will find one tomorrow as an attorney for some other billionaries)

  19. Mr. Goodell, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  20. According to the people who had the video, no one from the NFL asked to see it. So either Goodell is a liar, or he has terrible investigators.

    Maybe both.

  21. Goodell’s an incompetent bafoon.

    1) Under-reacts to “Spygate”

    2) Grossly over-reacts to “bountygate”, which Tags completely overturned due to lack of evidence after Goodell’s office claimed to have 18,000 supporting documents.

    3) Even more grossly under-reacts to a known spousal abuse situation, preferring a blind eye rather than an authentic investigation.

    It’d be comical if this wasn’t so serious. The man’s gotta go.

  22. Who on god’s earth needed to see any video to determine what happened there??? Was i the only human being who wasn’t surprised in any way by the TMZ video???? Seemed exactly how i thought it would. Anyone who’s saying time for a new commish really needs to use some common sense.

  23. Here is the problem : The very person who doles out punishment to NFL players and coaches to protect the “shield” has messed up the NFL response to the Rice domestic violence incident to the degree that Goodell is as radio active as Ray Rice. Now the owners must do something and that something is Goodell is gone. The face of the NFL=”not for long”.

  24. Let him stay as commissioner since he won’t resign. But fine him a year’s worth of salary, only to give it to charity. Then he’ll know what it feels like for violating league standards

  25. I said this before but I’ll say it again. No longer can Prince Roger be policeman-prosecutor-judge-jury-executioner. He has no credibility whatsoever. Not with the players. Not with the public. Yet the owners pay him $40 million per year to keep them rolling in hundreds of millions.

    Here’s what to do:

    Announcing that Goodell’s incompetent, unfair, biased, and sometimes malicious conduct is detrimental to the league, the careers of the players and coaches, and the stability of their families, the PLAYERS SHOULD CALL A STRIKE until the CBA is amended to:

    (1) provide for a commissioner jointly selected by the owners and players ( a system for doing this would be easy to institute ) with his reasonable salary paid by both the owners and the players; and

    (2) institution of a fair and reasonable hearing process for all players, and owners, who are accused by the commissioner of misconduct under the CBA. Administrative Law Judges jointly paid by the owners and players could hear the claims.

    If the current system is not changed, you can bet that Congress is going to start looking into the NFL’s exemption from the anti-trust laws.

  26. Roger Goodell and theNFL didn’t care wht was on the tape was long as the public didn’t see it.

    How is Ray Rice hitting and knocking out his wife any worse now after the video’s released than it was when the public only knew that he’d hit and knocked out his wife in an elevator but didn’t see it.

    That fact never changed…

    Goodell and the Ravens were hoping to dismiss this thing as nothing more than a lover’s spat that went a little too far.

  27. It’s out that NJ couldn’t give him the tape because it was part of grand jury. Hmm didn’t goodall take MONTHS after the verdict to decide rice’s case.

    He’s an outright liar and the leader of the NFL can not be an outright liar. He needs to follow Ray to the exit!

  28. I love what i’m reading from some of you. The best was the game doesn’t look the same anymore. Really, ever hear of that great LB Lawrence Taylor? Was that Goodell’s fault too? Its like that scene from Team Ameria World Police where the Sean Penn doll’s saying “Before Team America was there, Iraq was a happy place. They had flowery meadows and rainbow skies, and rivers made of chocolate, where the children danced and laughed and played with gumdrop smiles.”

    You know what’ll end most of these problems – limit a player’s salary to 100K a year. That’s right, every player makes 100K a year. THen see how many get busted for doing dumb things at clubs like shooting themselves in the legs. Or carrying weapons to protect their valuables. Or goign to Casinos and punching their wives. When you’re forced to think about what to do with your money, and not hope every problem goes away by using it, you tend to be a lot smarter and do less dumb things.

  29. If he was looking for a video why didn’t he call the Patriots? Figures Kraft is out there defending him.

  30. This man needs to go. Either he’s lying or he’s a moron, either way, there’s no way he deserves to be paid $40+ million again when he’s this dishonest/incompetent

  31. And as bad as Goodell looks now, just imagine what he’ll look like after Ray Rice sues the league and wins. He was given a 2-game suspension after admitting to knocking her out. Goodell then changed the policy to be a 6-game suspension. As ugly as that second video is, NOTHING changed about Rice’s case. Goodell wouldn’t have standing to increase the suspension to 6 games, let alone make it indefinite. He’s made such a huge mess out of this thing the NFL is going to be taking flak from all sides for years.

  32. Take my advice. Don’t show up for the Thursday Night Football game.

    I’d rather see Ray Rice in uniform for the Ravens (or Steelers for revenge) than see you back in office tomorrow.

    You’ve done worse since Ray hit his wife than he has. How are you worth $40+ million and your current job???

  33. No one believes you. Your handling of this has situation has damaged the reputation of the NFL more than most of the people you have suspended. Resign.

  34. You people who think he saw the video have not though it through. Did he think it would never leak?

    Also, when did TMZ get this video. Why did everybody have every other video but this one? I think the cops kept it until the case closed and then TMZ paid off the hotel. I doubt the hotel gives out videos of patrons to anybody that asks….especially in the middle of an investigation.

  35. Donald Trump to Roger Goodell:

    Trump: “Why do you think you shouldn’t be replaced?”

    Goodell: “Well, er, uh…I did everything they asked of me. I did their bidding without regard to right, wrong or indifference. And, I did it at the expense of my own reputation to protect the brand”.

    Trump: “You have just outlined our sentiments. That your value is tarnished & no longer an asset to those you serve”.

    Goodell: But…what I meant to say is that I can’t be replaced because you won’t find someone who can protect the shield the way I do!”

    Trump: That’s Exactly what we are hoping for. Goodell…YOU’RE FIRED!!

  36. So let me get this straight Roger. You assumed there was another video that could have provided more evidence…and you ignored it. Total malfeasance of office. Man do you need to go!!!

  37. Why is the video that important? When the elevator door opens and Rice drags the woman unconscious out of the elevator, what did anyone think had happened?
    1. She slipped and fell and knocked herself out?
    2. She really liked the pattern on the elevator carpet and was looking at it closely when she was overcome by the smell?
    3. Ray punched her in the face and knocked her out.

  38. Right after he gets his hands on the elevator tape, he’s going to help OJ find the real killers.

  39. I think he made $44 million in 2012. And you know what? It doesn’t matter. Concussions, racism, domestic violence, none of it matters. It doesn’t matter because the NFL is too entertaining not to watch. I’m certainly not going to stop watching, and I’m sure none of you will either.

  40. There was a blatant attempt to cover up and it failed. The wife was knocked unconscious and dragged from the elevator into the lobby. The only thing missing was visual proof of the knock out punch, but it wasn’t necessary because we knew from what visual proof we had seen that he ko’ed his wife. Plus, Rice admitted to it.

    The NFL and the Ravens would have been better served to continue ignoring the incident. But in the end, whatever.

  41. So hypothetically Roger….

    **Mrs Goodell (or his daughter, if he has one) ends up on an elevator w/ Ray Rice that night.
    **Video evidence shows Mrs Goodell being dragged unconscious out of the elevator.

    1) Ya think he asks for the in elevator video then?
    2) You think the DA/prosecutor lets Rice off with no jail time?

    No good way to spin this one Rog……

    Think you may need to suspend yourself for negligence. Except the possibility of Bob Kraft or Jerrah being the interim commish scares the stuffing outta me.

  42. My last take on this. Goodell violated his own rule book.

    How? He punished Ray Rice twice for the same offense.

    A 2-game suspension and 1 game-check for physically hurting Janee Palmer Rice is one punishment. An indefinite suspension for the same physical violent act toward Janee Palmer Rice is a second punishment.

    You cannot punish a player twice for the same offense. That’s two punishments and the league needs to be sued by Ray Rice. The domestic abuse policy (in my opinion) won’t be plausible for a court due to its implementation taking place after Rice’s first punishment and hit on Palmer Rice and the fact that it was not collectively bargained.

  43. Word is Mr. Goodell is a former attorney. The NFL has more attorneys that represent them than most public companies, and ALL attorneys know that the phrase “Document every detail” is a must. That being the case, then there should be a “documented” letter of the request by certified mail. Just show us the delivery receipt of that certified letter and you will be believed that you asked for it. If you had some lackey make a phone call, then that shows total incompetence in investigative skills. Which is it Barrister? Either way, the TOP DOG is responsible for ANYTHING that may have this type of IMPACT on the brand.

  44. Can you imagine how difficult Pete Rozelle’s job would have been if social media existed in the 1980’s? Imagine LT on twitter?

    Or Tagliabue in the 1990’s? Imagine cell phone videos from inside the Dallas Cowboys “White House”???

  45. I still don’t understand what exactly the video showed that we all didn’t know occurred. The video confirmed what was already known.

    I mean…what exactly changed??

    This really just reads like if the video goes public the crime is somehow worse than if it doesn’t.

    No Greg Hardy video? Noooo problem. SMH…

  46. This guy nerds to go. He has tarnished the shield. He is incompetent and a liar. And the NJ A backing this clown. There was no reason to not release the video after she didn’t press charges and there was no case. So there is no reason for you to not release the video to the NFL. So now we have 2 liars covering each others behind. Someone check the NJ AGs bank account t for a large deposit from the NFL.

  47. There was actually no need for Goodell to see this video. After all, just what did he THINK happened in the elevator car? That’s right, he KNEW that Rice knocked his girlfriend out from the lobby video. So the relevant facts haven’t changed. Hiding behind “I never saw the tape” is irrelevant and confirms that the commissioner did not take the incident seriously. Shameful!

  48. The NFL and the Ravens are working very closely on their media communication about this. Last night, when Harbaugh kept saying “I don’t want to get into that…”. Well pal, that is what everyone expected you would do, GET IN TO IT about why the Ravens did or didn’t do things in this matter.

    They hope this blows over, or at least someone else gets in more trouble soon to occupy the media attention.

  49. Predictions….Rice’s wife will divorce him within 6 months. Goodell should be fired but he won’t because he makes too much money for the owners. The TMZ video will be the most watched video of the year.

  50. ….and Goodell is an attorney, eh?

    This is something they teach to 1st day law students, you never ASSUME.

    But I’ll play along with Rog’s latest spin on the story…..what did he think was on that tape that he assumed was in existence? That Rice tickled his fiancée until she was unconscious?

    Roger Goodell needs to go, he’s making it worse.

  51. He wasn’t protecting Rice, he was protecting the Ravens. It’s about time the rest of the league wakes up.

  52. Why the hell should it matter what the new video showed, Goodell? You already knew what happened in the elevator. Actually seeing it didn’t change anything about what you already knew about the incident. Man up and just admit that you’re incompetent and you’re using this new video to make up for dropping the ball the first time around.

    Do us all a favor and just step down already.

  53. Get Snyder’s PR firm, donate some money to a few female groups and wear pink next month. This too shall pass.

    Just wait until someone figures out he’s been silent on Ferguson,MO.

  54. His job is to represent the owners. I would expect nothing more from him than what he’s done here. It seems simple enough to come up with. If the elevator video remains private, then the situation blows over and the Ravens owner keeps Rice. If it comes out, the Ravens owner has to cut Rice and loses $9M. It’s not rocket science. The man is not the moral police or a law enforcer. He’s a brand manager, and the brand is in very good shape. Even right now.

  55. Unless the public continues to demand answers (if you could classify Goodell’s statement an answer) nothing will change.

    The fact today Kraft said: “The way he has handled this situation himself, coming out with the mea culpa in his statement a couple weeks ago, or 10 days ago, and setting a very clear policy of how we conduct ourselves in the NFL, I thought was excellent” only demonstrates the NFL is about the NFL. They are hoping this goes away. Don’t let it.

  56. Goodell is unfit to lead a major professional sports league. He clearly lacks the judgment to be in charge of a multibillion dollar organization. He is lying. He needs to make like processed orange juice and be canned.

  57. “You know what’ll end most of these problems – limit a player’s salary to 100K a year. That’s right, every player makes 100K a year.”

    Good solution. Are beers now 50 cents again?

  58. How do you discipline someone WITHOUT all the facts??? AND you “ASSUMED” there were MORE facts out there but didnt ascertain them.


  59. What happened to all of the “special investigative” personnel that were scouring Las Vegas when Roethlisberger pulled his stunt?

    What about all these PIs that are employed by the teams to perform deep background checks of prospective draft picks? Not warranted in this case?

    Hey, I’m not advocating creating an NFL police force, but since they’re already there… why couldn’t they be used in this case?

    In the very best scenario possible, this was botched.

  60. This was part of the unofficial agreement. If the video is kept from the light of day than all is well with the world. People keep forgetting as terrible of an act it was his wife was all in on the spin. Now she loses twice as Ray may never pay a down again. So with the Raven behind Ray, his in on it as well Goddell brought in as well to keep the young man working. But he simply got it wrong.

    Suspend him indefinitely the first time around then bring him back when it’s a non story. But now his career is done and his wife has deal with that now

  61. It’s not just his handling of discipline issues. The commissioner of the NFL should be guiding the owners towards things that will help the NFL and away from things that will hurt the NFL. It’s not just about money either. The commissioner shouldn’t be allowing the owners to kill the golden goose. There are so many people I know that are losing interest in the league. When everything has the stink of a cash grab, people will find something else to do.

  62. Remember when everyone rejoiced about Tagliabue being gone??? How many people WISH for those days to be back????

  63. I’m still waiting on his evidence the Saints had a bounty program, that never surfaced. Fire that Ginger!

  64. The “I didn’t know” and “I assumed they stopped it, but didnt check” excuse didnt work for Sean Payton and it shouldnt for you goodell.

    Suspend yourself and resign.

  65. Who cares. It’s time to move on and follow the GAME. I could care less about the over payed players. The media should also be questioning why the union isn’t doing more to control their immature members…..

  66. Why can’t the media ever figure out what the important questions are? Why they hadn’t seen the video is not really an issue. They should have, but they didn’t need to. What is an issue is why everything changed once they did. Is it going to be 6 games or an indefinite suspension for the next guy? Is the message really supposed to be “If you beat your wife, make sure to do it at your own home and don’t video tape it? The only reason for the change is if Ray Rice blatantly lied to Roger Goodell and the Ravens brass. That’s it. They knew there was a domestic assault. Why does the video matter at all if it is not used to exonerate? Please get a clue guys.

  67. And I thought Bountygate was mishandled badly. Sticking to the initial suspension was the least bad option for Goodell as this isn’t even about Rice anymore. The lady gets beat up now she gets a lot of money taken. Nice job inserting your kind of justice. No wonder NFLPA can’t come to terms with the process of HGH testing. I can’t blame them no more. Talk about what’s good for the NFL, it sure as heck is not Goodell no more.

  68. So, owners like Irsay and many front office executives and certainly scores of players may be fined, punished and suspended for hurt the Shield.

    Why can’t the commissioner be fined or suspended?

    Goodell and the NFL have hurt the Shield through their mismanagement of this entire affair.

    The next player that has to travel to New York to speak with the commissioner regarding whatever infraction is in play should, politely, ask the commissioner what his punishment, fine or suspension was for hurting the Shield was.

  69. Jay-Z gets in a fight with his sister-in-law in an elevator and the video is all over the place the next day. An NFL player sucker punches his wife in an elevator and the video takes about 7 months to surface!!?? Something smells fishy here, folks.

  70. Fact: Roger Goodell and the nfl didn’t correct either peter king or chris mortensen earlier this summer when they implied that someone in the league had indeed seen these videos.

    Fact: the league employs retired police officers as security officials at every level. so do casinos. lots of retired fbi and state police.

    Fact: casinos and pro sports leagues tend to cooperate in the security area; as does law enforcement in general. with the nfl offices in nyc, they definitely have would contacts in the a.c. casino security and surveillance depts.

    conclusion: the assertions now being made after this all blew up are so lame as to not be taken seriously.

  71. The story that doesn’t die. It’s done. The law sentenced him to counseling with a potential of having the charge stricken. The man lost his job and was suspended from continuing his trade in both North American leagues. His own wife says move on (which leads me to believe that they throw down on the regular, I’ll assume that the chivalrous missed her rushing him after the initial tussle). He’ll have to explain this to his daughter because the internet is forever, and he’ll be publicly shamed to the point that he may never find employment anywhere. I guess people will want Congress to step in and launch an investigation. Why not, Rice received the PR kiss of death once the POTUS chimed in. More rage concerning this and dog fighting than over the players killing people drunk driving, running drug rings and committing suicide.

  72. Roger Goodell’s response to this series of incidents is just as damaging to the league’s reputation as the video itself. His utterly transparent Sgt. Schultz, “I saw nothing” stance has left him with zero credibility with the bulk of the NFL fan base and he should be forced into resignation asap. And the CFL should honor his banishment there, too.

  73. Bottom Line: This is a BILLION DOLLAR industry and Goodell can’t get it right?


    Get a new commissioner ASAP!

  74. “Didn’t see it” is an attempt at an excuse for a token investigation that wasn’t very interested in getting all the evidence.

    But actually what he did see first time around should have been enough to separate from this guy.

  75. The people have spoken. It’s across the board, Goodell must go. The question is, what will it take for him to resign/get fired? He’s a company man, all the owners love him n the revenue he generates for their pockets. We Are The People!!!!

  76. prediction – every seat will be filled at every game this week

    some people will hold up signs some of their friends at home will take pictures of them on the tube and all will feel righteous

    every seat will be filled

    hundreds of thousands of dollars will be spent on food and souvenirs and parking – at each game

    every seat will be filled

    the talking heads will talk about the incident with great seriousness and add an extra level of gravitas to the issue

    every seat will be filled

    some guy whose team loses will get drunk and take a swing at the old lady

    every seat will be filled

    the following week – ditto

  77. How can you make a decision on a very important matter like this…and not obtain all the information you can to make the best decision possible.

    You can if you are very egotistical and have a god complex. What a joke…the owners should be reconsidering if this is the kind of person they want running the show.

  78. Ladies and gentlemen, kids of all ages, pay attention! theres a couple ways to fix this.first, dont let it die on the internet. make a stink about it Two, boycott the NFL financially. quit goin to games, buying memorabilia, quit watchin it at home (ratings). If you arent willing to make yourself heard, then dont bitch, because unless the public makes it known, Goodell WILL stay in his position. Im so happy NCAA football has started, was a crazy weekend, lol. #FireGoodell

  79. The garbage thats continues to be fed to us is mind numbing ,Ladies and gents we are in 2014 NOT 1982.You telling me the NFL a 10’s of billion dollar entity didn’t have what we like to call them their NASA Investigation team walk in be it at the Casino , Even at the station or prosecutors office and with a *wink *wink we will scratch your back Mr. Prosecutor if you scratch ours ( and from the looks of Rice plea deal that happen already) .

    The NFL and the Raven investigation team just had to RECORD what they saw on their PHONES and take it back to their respective BOSSES ,, No one has to LEAVE or WAIT anywhere these days for a Tape, When we have the technology to RECORD things on the SPOT with our PHONES and walk out. no questions ask.But hey they take us for IDIOTS but that’s if you let them.

  80. “therealhardt says:
    Sep 9, 2014 5:32 PM
    he’s either lying, or he’s incompetent. either way, what do you expect from the guy hired by Dan Snyder, Jerry Jones, etc…..”

    Snyder and Jones will be the first to vote him out. Rememeber, this is the guy that penalized them for 2 years for breaking a rule that didn’t exist.

    After the video surfaced Monday, I thought Goodell was either negligent or incompetent. Somehow in one statement today he proved that he is both. Pretty scary how this guy can’t get out if his own way.

  81. Goodell the windbag needs to step down…he is lying…when Mike and Mike asked his lackey on the air if roger the doger had seen the video he said “no comment” but now they will say they didnt see it only after it was released to the public…total BS! he needs to go and WITHOUT pay!!

  82. Ravens fans will never live down the standing ovation for Ray Rice. I wonder if other teams’ NFL fans would give a standing ovation in the same situation. Probably, actually.

    That said, I think this criticism of Goodell is excessive. Do you really expect the NFL to conduct a more thorough investigation than the police and legal authorities?

    Police: “Here are our official findings in this case.”
    Goodell: “Not good enough. We need to investigate more.”


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