Janay Rice stands by her man during “horrible nightmare”


The only other time Janay Rice talked about being knocked unconscious by her husband Ray, she apologized for her role in the situation.

And now, after he was fired by the Ravens and suspended by the NFL upon the revelation of the elevator video, she took to social media to share her thoughts.

Via the Baltimore Sun, Rice posted the following message to her private Instagram account.

I woke up this morning feeling like I had a horrible nightmare, feeling like I’m mourning the death of my closest friend,” she wrote. “But to have to accept the fact that it’s reality is a nightmare in itself. No one knows the pain that hte media & unwanted options from the public has caused my family. To make us relive a moment in our lives that we regret every day is a horrible thing. To take something away from the man I love that he has worked his ass of for all his life just to gain ratings is horrific.
“THIS IS OUR LIFE! What don’t you all get. If your intentions were to hurt us, embarrass us, make us feel alone, take all happiness away, you’ve succeeded on so many levels. Just know we will continue to grow & show the world what real love is! Ravensnation we love you!”

The complexities of domestic violence are beyond anything that can be shared on social media or a post on a website. But the Rices said during their previous appearance together that they’re committed to working through their issues.

We hope they can continue to, and solve them, and perhaps then help others.

294 responses to “Janay Rice stands by her man during “horrible nightmare”

  1. Rice and his wife ( i’m a rhyming master ) are both pathetic, why the hell is this woman staying with him after he punched her in the face and knocked her out? I have no respect for women beaters like rice but I also have no respect for women who stay with the man after and support them, both of these people have serious problems

  2. man is she the poster child for battered women everywhere or what….get some help lady….YIKES!!!

  3. Sorry Janay, just because you want to trivialize domestic violence doesn’t mean the rest of the world should.

  4. I do feel really bad for her. She accepted what happened and moved forward with the situation. Then to have this moment shown to the entire world a hundred times and for it to be shown on MNF without any warning. No warning of violent footage coming or anything. I just don’t know if all of that was necessary.

    Not that i’m okay with what happened but its really odd that everyone “knew” what happened but once the video came and people actually got to see it everyone went crazy. Like what did you think happened when you saw him dragging her out of the elevator? Did you think he just flicked her on the forehead and she passed out to the point of having to be carried out of an elevator? Where was the crazy outrage then? I mean people clearly knew he punched her right? Just an odd situation for sure. I’ll be happy once its forgotten by next week when the new story of the day comes out. It all leaves a sour taste in my mouth anyways.

  5. Domestic violence will continue to be prevalent in our society until women stand up for themselves and refuse to take it any longer. Nobody want to blame the victim but women have to show strength.

    Everyone feeling sorry for her just for her to come out and attack those folks don’t help the cause.

    Hopefully she remembers this when she wakes up after the next time he knockers her out.

  6. I can see her point. He did the crime. He’s suspended. They’re all embarrassed. Now let them be…….I just hope for her and her kids sake that Ray Rice changes sooner rather than later.

  7. Why would Janay Rice post anything on Instagram? She is just drawing more attention to the situation. They need to get their lives in order and move on to better things, because this whole thing is embarrassing to everyone involved and that includes the NFL, they messed up “bigtime”.

  8. I suppose she blames herself for having to get hit like that?

    That’s terrible. She needs to run far away from this “man.” He hit her once, he’ll do it again.

  9. Janay, this is not your fault.
    This is not your fault. Listen to me.
    This is not your fault.
    This is not your fault.
    This. is. not. your. fault.

  10. Janay it’s not about you or Ray, it’s about the act of domestic violence. Hope you two work it out but the minute he laid his big mitts on you in public, the dominoes began to fall.

  11. In the midst of all this justifiable outrage, it seems that “we” forgot to ask the one person most directly effected by Ray Rice’s actions her take on the situation.

    Now, Janay Rice is also going to be significantly harmed financially because of her husband’s actions against her.

    I have no problem with the NFL taking the action it has against Rice. However, if cameras were everywhere, I shudder to think how many other players (and how many US citizens in general) would be in the same boat Ray Rice is in today.

    It’s a brave new world, and big brother is everywhere.

  12. Your husband was exposed, deal with it. This not how MEN act.

    The Ravens are despicable for their attempt to cover this up, along with Roger Goodell. They failed on many levels!

    The NFL shield has NEVER been so tarnished.

  13. This is the saddest part of all this. She has to relive her husbands violent abuse over and over…and the child that will undoubtedly view her father devastatingly strike her mother due to this….they don’t deserve this…

    Ray Rice does.

    It’s really sad that even months later and after all they tried to cover up that her point isn’t about stopping domestic violence or getting help in these situations…it’s, “look what you took from my husband.” It’s all classic abused spouse rhetoric that doesn’t come from one strike in an elevator.

  14. Has she invited the public to comment on her life?

    No, NO. You do not “expose” DV at the expense of the ACTUAL PERSON who is actually being abused. NO.

    If you are a survivor/victim of violence and YOU CHOOSE to use your story to educate, raise consciousness, whatever that’s YOUR CHOICE.

    these are some tweets I saw expressing an opinion no one really had about the videos being released. All from the same DV abuse support twitter feed.

  15. First off, Mrs. Rice shares zero blame for Ray Rice using her as a punching bag. Short of coming at a man with a machete or handgun, it is never acceptable to put your hands on a women, ever.

    However she does deserve some criticism during the aftemath of all this. I find it DIGUSTING, and an insult to the millions of women that are victims of abuse that she would not only stand up and say anything to support him, but apologize for her “role” in the incident.

    Lets just call it like it is- if he were Ray Rice the electrician, or Ray Rice the insurance adjuster, she would have bolted LONG ago. The bottom line is that it’s quite obvious that keeping the lifestyle of being an NFL players wife is much more important to her than her integrity, and honestly, her safety.

  16. If I knocked my wife out and she stayed with me, I would really question her intelligence and self worth. I would never ever hit my wife but if I did, it would be the last time I saw her and I would only have myself to blame.

  17. realitycheckbaby says:
    Sep 9, 2014 8:57 AM
    I felt worse for her before hearing she spit on him.

    Classy lady. Classy man.

    A match made in heaven.

    1 0
    Report comment. Funny thing is two years ago he was on your team before you jumped on the a Hawks bandwagon.

    Mrs Rice you and your husband need help becoming mature adults that can control your emotions in public…don’t blame anyone else but you and Ray. With the high salary of a star you lose privacy…deal with it by getting help…good luck.

  18. Wait until he collapses in a world of self pity when those big NFL paychecks stop–then you will see what he is really made of. I hope they both overcome this, but it takes character and backbone neither of them have yet to publicly demonstrate.

  19. I am totally against domestic violence but…… but when a woman attacks a man she gets what she gets. She put her hands on him first. If I attack Mike Tyson and spit on him should I not expect to get my behind kicked?

  20. Let’s see how long she supports her man now that their style of living will drastically change.

  21. Well let’s keep it real. It’s all about money. If Rice didn’t have millions of dollars it would be a different story. If Rice didn’t have millions her father wouldn’t have given her away at their wedding. But Rice should be banned for life, along with the rest of the women beaters. Jim Brown should not be propped up by Cleveland as a VIP. That low life was sitting in jail for domestic violence and all he did was play the race card. All these cowards should have no association with the NFL.

  22. Very Sad! Seems like a fitting response from a domestic violence victim.

    Think what you want to think lady but that is a bad situation your in…

    It will be interesting to see what comes of this situation in the next couple weeks, who saw the video, who asked for the video, who didnt ask for the video……heads are going to roll on this one I’m afraid!

  23. Then maybe some time out of the spotlight and away from the crowds is what they need. If he was smart – he shouldn’t be hurting for money that bad. Do some volunteer work. Tighten up the budget – you should be able to survive.

    The problems will come if they do truly work out their issues and NO ONE ELSE lets them move on.

    Not EVERY MAN that hits a woman once will become a habitual abuser. Some people do learn their lesson from making a huge mistake that costs them almost everything of real value to them. Whether it’s money, or more importantly the trust and respect of a wife, mother, favorite teacher, daughter or adoring fans.

  24. Wait until he collapses in a world of self pity when those big NFL paychecks stop–then you will see what he is really made of. I hope they both overcome this, but it takes character and backbone neither of them have yet to publicly demonstrate. in her attempt to point hate at the media, let’s get lost on why they are where they are. He punched her in the face and knocked her out cold, and appeared not to care he had done so, treating her lifeless body like a stuffed toy–so, there’s that.

  25. Shame on ESPN for playing the elevator multiple times last night. Was watching the game with my 10 year old, had to distract him until the video was over. When I have to censor an NFL broadcast it may be time to rethink priorities.

  26. That is really sad for her to say that. The man is a wife beater, and she should be gone not sticking up for him.

    you honestly cant tell me that this has never happened before. you don’t just hit a woman that hard and stand over her with no sympathy or remorse. He didn’t react and hit her and then crouch down in remorse to make sure she was ok. he stood there like it was no big deal. you know why? because he is used to it.

    Here’s a take I haven’t seen posted yet:

    Rice plays in the NFL and is well aware how serious head injuries are. He hit her so hard that she was knocked unconscious (and hit her head on the wall). The man didn’t care enough to have her checked out by a doctor. A responsible person’s next move would have been getting her to the hospital to check for serious injuries. Nope, he just carried her out of the hotel and got out of dodge. the guy is a POS.

  27. Makes me sick just hearing people dismiss her as “oh, classic battered woman’s syndrome” like 1) it’s ever that easy, 2) she’s a statistic and not an individual, and 3) anybody commenting on this site has gone through what she has (like, maybe 1 in 100). Stop trying to dehumanize her, she’s entitled to her own thoughts.

  28. Although what Ray Rice did to her was horrific and the last thing he needs is the right to play in the NFL, she seems about as smart as that elevator hand rail she headbutted.

  29. “I would leave him in a minute ….if not for the fact I’m going to take all his cash away in the divorce” signed janay

  30. “But the Rices said during their previous appearance together that they’re committed to working through their issues. We hope they can continue to, and solve them, and perhaps then help others.”

    You and other media outlets created a hellstorm that will make this alot harder for them to achieve. As a couple they were able to move past this horrible personal incident. But don’t act like all of a sudden you want what is best for the Rice family.

  31. Sorry Janay, it’s not about you, it’s about your husband’s employer not allowing that sort of thing to be in their league.

    Have the hubby go back to school and make a great career 40 hours a week like the rest of us.

  32. Shame, shame, shame on the lynch mob mentality. Let’s banish a 27 year old, who has never had any previous off field indiscretions. Ban him for LIFE. The assumption is that he beats her regularly. There is no evidence to support that assumption.

  33. She does have a point. We criticize the NFL prioritizing ratings and money over everything else, but the media does the same exact thing. They wouldn’t be nearly as concerned over these social issues if they couldn’t manipulate them for ratings. In the heat of the moment it is easy to forget this while we are salivating over finding out all the gruesome details of an incident. In no way did releasing that video benefit the woman who was the victim of the crime. In fact, it is almost like she is being victimized again.

  34. Like it or not this is totally acceptable/normal behavior in the “Hip-Hop” culture and until we address that elephant in the room we are going to see a lot more of these suspensions. But no, our media would rather in Mrs. Rice’s words “hurt us, embarrass us, make us feel alone, take all happiness away”. Somehow we have to get through to the young men and women who have been lost to “babies having babies” , no parenting and not learning even the basics of right and wrong over the last three generations or so.

  35. joeflaccoallday says:

    “Why does [ESPN] keep showing that video then? I hate [ESPN]’s morals.”


    ESPN has morals? Since when?

  36. She only THINKS that she loves him. That is a part of battered woman syndrome. I feel sorry for her. That said,I think that in this case,the media is actually helping to bring DV to the forefront and hopefully helping to stiffen the penalty for doing this. He treated her like a piece of dogmeat,but she is blind to it. I hope she gets help…guys like him rarely change.

  37. Of course, to a battered woman like this, getting punched once in a while is a completely worthy price for the life of not having to work, living in McMansions, being the envy of all your girlfriends, and getting to socialize with other women who have all these things as well. Thats why Rice knew he could give her a left hook with no consequences, why would she ever leave him? She wasnt even married to him at the time so its not even like she could get a divorce settlement.

  38. It’s not all about money. Plenty of women stay with broke men who cheat and beat them. It’s about self confidence, self worth, self respect, self esteem. All either Janay lacks, or lost due to too many blows to her head. But it’s not about money, domestic violence happens too often in todays society to be only the women of the rich getting beat.

    With a “closest friend” like this who needs enemies? Really Janay? That’s how your closest friend treats you? I hate to see how everyone else does.

  39. How about this….go spend time being better parents. Your husband is a lost cause but perhaps your kids aren’t. Teach them correctly that men don’t hit women under ANY circumstance. Then have those children teach other children to stop this madness.

    You want to talk about shameful….that our society requires a professional athlete’s misdeeds to shed light on this horrific issue. If half of the people in this country weren’t concerned about thier damn fantasy teams, most of them wouldn’t even care about the whole thing….which is sad.

    Where is the outrage over Ray McDonald who “alledgedly” hit is wife/girlfriend/whatever…which she was pregnant? Oh, that’s right, he’s a defensive player and not worth a crap in fantasy.

    Somehow, someway this country has to figure out it’s priorities.

  40. The points she makes about it being “their life” are well warranted. This is a humiliating scenario for her as well as him, and it was compounded by the league’s failure to act as it should have when everyone saw him DRAGGING HER UNCONSCIOUS BODY FROM THE ELEVATOR. Shock and outrage now? Thanks, but I think that ship has sailed.

  41. mtgman2004 says:
    Sep 9, 2014 9:05 AM
    I am totally against domestic violence but…… but when a woman attacks a man she gets what she gets. She put her hands on him first. If I attack Mike Tyson and spit on him should I not expect to get my behind kicked?

    So what you want the world to know is that if the mother of your child and your future wife comes at you in an aggressive manner you can justify knocking her unconcious and dragging her around like meat because…well, If you did it to an elite level boxer he’d probably hit you back and kick your behind? That’s really the point you want to make?

  42. People on the internet have no clue of what is really going on between these two people.

    Maybe Janay Rice is not a “typical victim of domestic violence” or textbook anything. To suggest that she is from behind your computer further robs her of her humanity.

    Maybe Janay Rice is not a gold digger and actually loves her husband. To suggest that she is adds further insult to a woman who has been insulted (assaulted) enough. And says a lot about the way the person writing it feels about women.

    Maybe the release of the video created a PR nightmare that the NFL wanted to avoid, and so they overcompensated for their previous error without any regard for how this would affect Janay Rice. Maybe they made this situation worse for her, and I’m not talking about Ray Rice getting mad and abusing her, I’m talking about the BS she has to deal with from a public who things they always have a right to their opinion even when they have no clue of what they are talking about.

  43. What I dont get is this happened in February and there was little conversation about it, no NFL player was saying anything or Owners and Coaches! NOW the video comes out showing what he did and everyone has so much to say, when things HAPPEN thats when you take a stance on them not when the rest of the crowd starts chimming in. The NFL and Ravens should have done there due process to make sure this was handle properly then cuz if TMZ got the video i’m sure the NFL and Police could have.

  44. Things are about to seriously spiral downward for them. He will get violent with her again. Hopefully she will get some help and get away from him.

  45. KIR says:Sep 9, 2014 9:13 AM

    Shame, shame, shame on the lynch mob mentality. Let’s banish a 27 year old, who has never had any previous off field indiscretions. Ban him for LIFE. The assumption is that he beats her regularly. There is no evidence to support that assumption.

    Yes there is. Watch his reaction after he drills her. Calm, collected, like he’s done it before. Because he has.

  46. To everyone asking where was the outrage before the video…. It was out there! Every time there was an article written about Ray Rice damn near every comment was about him being a wife beater and how he got way less than he deserved. The outrage needs to be focused on Ray for swinging, his wife for allowing it, the NFL for not doing anything about it, and last but not least the Prosecutor for not tossing his butt in jail.

    I truly hope that they live long and happy lives together and Ray gets the help he needs and gets his life back, but sweeping it under the rug and placing the blame elsewhere will never fix anything.

  47. “He still has money right? OK, then I’m gonna stay.”

    Look, the media didn’t hit you, Ray did. Nothing is being “taken” from him. He made his bed, now he has to lay in it.

    I hope Ray learns from this. I hope it changes whatever is inside of him that justified that action in the moment. But more importantly, I hope this changes her. I hope she builds up enough self esteem and worth to not blame the world for their problems and accept the fact that they are the ones that made this situation even worse by lying.

    By accepting blame for Ray putting his hands on her, and blaming the media, she’s set the Domestic Violence world back 50 years.

  48. Im a little confused. Initially the NFL gave him a 2 game suspension and then soon realized they should have given him a larger susupension. So one month later, they changed their domestic abuse policy to a 6 game suspension for a first offense and a lifetime ban after that. Thats all well and good, but why is he suspended indefinitely and not just for 6 games? Obviously, it wouldnt matter since he was cut loose by the Ravens, but it just seems as if the NFL isnt following its own guidelines that it set less than 2 weeks ago. Please dont get me wrong, I dont condone hitting a woman at all and hes a low life dirt bag for what he did. Im glad with what has transpired in this situation. Its just confusing. Should we expect the NFL to change the policy again? As for his now wife, I guess she chose money over self respect and it would appear now that she may have neither. Just my .02 cents.

  49. The thing that struck me about the video (no pun intended) was the nonchalant manner Rice acted in after he knocked her out. He just leaned back against the elevator wall before trying to pick her up. He never rushed down to check on her etc. That showed absolutely no signs of remorse or concern for what he just did.

  50. All domestic violence is not the same, people. Sometimes the woman is the aggressor, sometimes these relations revolve around conflict, sometimes there’s a fight and there isn’t another fight for years, sometimes it’s just a one time incident. A lot of times these people stay married, happily married for life. I have seen this, personally.

  51. KIR,

    Isn’t one left hook enough? He shouldn’t get another chance, REAL men wouldn’t hit a lady, under any circumstance….EVER!

    Throwing a punch isn’t an accident. Control yourself!

  52. This all comes with the territory. It’s part of the bargain. Ray Rice is a public figure. He’s paid a ton of money to play a game. The trade-off is everything he does will be observed, scrutinized, noticed.

    Slugging his wife, knocking her out, it’s all fair game for someone in his position.

    How each responds tells us a lot about each of them.

    So far, it’s not pretty.

    She’s not doing herself any favors here.

  53. anonymousraven1 says: Sep 9, 2014 9:10 AM

    Makes me sick just hearing people dismiss her as “oh, classic battered woman’s syndrome” like 1) it’s ever that easy, 2) she’s a statistic and not an individual, and 3) anybody commenting on this site has gone through what she has (like, maybe 1 in 100). Stop trying to dehumanize her, she’s entitled to her own thoughts.


    I guarantee there are more people with mental health and/or domestic violence experience commenting here than with, you know, professional football experience, but that doesn’t keep you or anyone else from commenting about football. The only person that dehumanized her was Ray Rice.

  54. Hey Janay. There are real people out here in the real world that are dealing with abuse, death, sickness, homelessness, starvation, and poverty. When you wake up from your “nightmare” of not making 12 million per year and spending lavishly on whatever your heart desires. Maybe help someone dealing with a true nightmare.

  55. WE took this away from THEM. I thought this was “taken” away because a video of him slugging her unconscious was made public. This was a huge opportunity to really address and bring awareness to the domestic violence issue–instead we are talking about privacy issues, TMZ, Roger Goodell–the actions of a coward have far reaching consequences.

  56. It is kind of ironic that in the reaction to what happened to Janay she’s now in a position with an unemployed husband and a ruined life because of it.

  57. Okay I have absolutely ZERO sympathy for this woman now. Let her stay with this abuser and likely will end with her death. What a fool she is.

  58. Money > left hook

    She is just as sick as Ray. I have a feeling she would take a few more punches in order to get a Gucci bag or a new Ferrari.

  59. It takes two to tango. I guarantee his wife had pushed ALL of his buttons before he knocked her out. And notice SHE IS COMING TOWARDS HIM, when he hits her.
    I had a wife like that. Most men would have knocked her out too. I didn’t, but sure could have….

  60. I must say I do find it hypocritical that now the NFL and Ravens are doing something all because they saw the video. It’s not like some new discovery. They are backtracking from realizing the huge mistakes they made on their part when they handed out the first punishment. Ray and his wife got on national televsion to discuss this huge mistake followed by some lame apology. They shouldn’t have to be relive this again all because Roger and Ravens brass botched the first time. I don’t condone this behavior ever by a man and the punishment certainly didn’t fit the crime the first go around.

  61. My comment is to the posters who think this is about his money. You people have no idea of what this is about. There are now and have been millions of women in her position who have unfortunately stood by their men and I’m guessing that the overwhelming majority of these women are/were not married to wealthy men because there just that many wealthy men around. My own mother was in this situation for the first couple of years of marriage to my dad who was a construction worker who never made much more than 50k/yr. Get some facts before you spout off about her sticking with him for the money.

  62. Janay-I am sorry sweetie-but if you seriously think that your husband loves you-you may want to watch that video again. She is lucky she doesn’t have brain damage or is dead from the way she hit her head. A stranger showed more empathy and care for you than your so called “man”-who looked at you like a piece of trash- the father of your child.

    That being said, there is NO way that was a one time thing- you do not behave that way after nearly killing your wife-unless that has done before. She has probably been beaten for years and puts up with it because of his fame, money and her daughter-she needs counseling and to get away from him as soon as possible. I had to chance to meet Ray when I was 16 volunteering at a football camp and he was so down to earth and genuine-I have come to see that this was all part of his plan. Like OJ, Hernz and Rae they all have a side for the media-and who they are outside of that is completely polar of how they are portrayed.

  63. So many thoughts on this. Obviously, no employer wants their business tarnished by the actions of a few, or even one employee. So, the bad apples get fired. No surprise there.

    Some even manage to “rehabilitate” themselves in the eyes of those decision makers. Rice at least has a role model to emulate. He can try the Michael Vick way! Even though Vick didn’t really apologize and I doubt if he really understands what happened, he was allowed back into fold. I must admit, I’m surprised that someone on the defense hasn’t seen fit to take the sleazebag out. But, maybe there are no animal lovers in the NFL, just animals.

    So, if Vick can do it, it wouldn’t surprise me that Rice makes his way back.

  64. And this is why I never felt sorry for her and her idiot husband. They are perfect for each other.

  65. This is pure madness. Ray Rice got so much support from his team and people close to him because they know he has always been a stand up guy. He grew up in the projects, never got into any trouble with the law, his father was murdered when he was a year old, his mother worked two to three jobs to make it by, he regularly speaks to inner city children about making positive life decisions and setting goals. Now all of the sudden he beats his girlfriend so much she has “battered wife syndrome”!? Shame on everyone that doesn’t know this man and wants to slander him. After watching that video I might have swung on her too, actually if it was a stranger acting like that and not his girlfriend he most likely would have faced no charges at all.

  66. Sorry, Janay……your husband was in a position where his actions in public make all the difference. He clearly didn’t care about all the work he put into playing football if he was willing to throw it all away by punching you in the face. Your participation in the press conference, and now your public comment this morning are both harming the message against domestic violence. If you want to deny that what happened in a public place with cameras around isn’t a public matter, that’s your problem. You are a victim whether you accept that role or not. Even if the two of you grow from counseling and this never happens again, what was seen on that video is a wake up call to all of us. You can walk away from it, but the rest of us who want domestic violence to end cannot. This isn’t about ratings, you fool. This is about the thousands of men and women who are battered every year. I feel sorry for you for way more than getting knocked out. You need help.

  67. Not agreeing or disagreeing but raise your hand if you are ready, willing and able to have your private life broadcasted and dissected by every human people on this planet.

  68. For all of those who say that she only stayed for the money, there are plenty of women who stay with broke dudes who treat them like punching bags as well. Smh. Sad.

  69. When Ray Ray Jr is working at Best Buy and they go to Arbys for dinner I wonder if she will stick around.

  70. joeflaccoallday says:
    Sep 9, 2014 8:58 AM
    Why does espn keep showing that video then? I hate espn’s morals.

    46 10
    Report comment. That is funny! ESPN and morals shouldn’t be in the same sentence after all they employ Ray (the slasher) Lewis right which doesn’t seem to bother you….what a clueless tool!

  71. Now that the better video has been seen by the press, it was seen that she slapped him twice in the face, and then walked across to him in the elevator and spit in his face.
    There was another disturbing video last year of the male Jets fan hitting the female Pats fan. After she struck him twice, and was moving in again. The media hunted him down like a dog in the streets, showed his name and home. Mostly just showed the part of the video of him hitting her.
    There is no excuse for ever hitting a woman. Period. Never done it, never will.
    If any woman strikes you…. walk away,run if necessary, or cover up. Because any other action gets you millions of video hits, and the loss of your job, friends, and basically, your life.

  72. Just curious as to if all of these Steelers fans were so outraged at James Harrison when he beat his girlfriend in 2008 or Santonio Holmes when he beat his in 2006? I believe Santonio’s girlfriend was pregnant at the time.

    The answer is no because you can go back and look at comments from the articles reporting the crime. In fact Steelers fans were even saying that the woman made it up or that Patriot’s owner Kraft paid her off to lie.

    What Ray Rice did was horrible, but the fake outrage and moral grandstanding is pathetic.

  73. all these posts are like reading a fiction book.most of these people don’t really know what they would do if this happened to them..

  74. god bless her and screw any of you who say bad things about either of them… we all have our crosses to bear and if we put any of you under the microscope your true colors would show.

  75. rutchaser says:
    Sep 9, 2014 9:04 AM
    If I knocked my wife out and she stayed with me, I would really question her intelligence and self worth. I would never ever hit my wife but if I did, it would be the last time I saw her and I would only have myself to blame.


    Very well said!

  76. I will preface this statement with what Rice did was horrific and completely unacceptable and he deserves the punishment he is getting. That being said, when will women realize that assaulting, spitting on, kicking etc a man is every bit unacceptable? Just because they are female shouldn’t give them the get out of jail free card. It simply cant be one way.

  77. It’s a shame that she has to be hurt again for the NFL to do the right thing, but that’s just how it has to be. This behavior has to be punished severely so that it stops.

  78. While I agree there is every reason to be concerned, or to want to ensure that Mrs Rice is falling into the pattern of a victim who is so trapped she begins to feel it’s her own, I think there should be room to allow for reconciliation as well.

    The problem with the social mob justice we see enforced on any and everyone with a position in the public square, is the total lack of forgiveness/reconciliation and the misguided idea that somehow taking someone’s job solves the problem. It’s the same scenario for every issue. If someone makes an insensative comment, everyone gathers around and demands that they lose their job, as if that is somehow going to solve the problem.

    People are celebrating all over today becuase Ray Rice was released and banned from the league. Don’t they see that it’s just a political move by the team and the league to try and save face, for not being more stern in the first place?

    What we’ve seen so far does not equate to solving the problem. I don’t think a problem this complex can be solved by the social mob. The perpetrators in these cases need to be addressed and not simply by taking away their public stature. That doesn’t solve anything.

  79. Its amazing to see how many professional marriage counselors and experts we have on profootballtalk this morning. You people judge this relationship like it makes a difference in yours and effects YOUR lives…Meanwhile you struggle with SOMETHING each and everyday! True the incident was made public, but that doesn’t give any of us any right to chastize this young couple, especially because we do not know these people outside of what the media portrays! She accepted her husband back, I’m sure they’ve moved on, and thats that! We all have demons in the dark, and who knows, his WIFE may be the only one in his life to make him trurn his life around. Saying shes there for the money is just as ignorant as Im sure some of you husbands trolling with these comments were married by your (wives) because of your looks. Go figure. In all, I agree with her and feel for her. She didn’t want to relive it, and for some b.s. gossip column and show to release footage was foul! Period!

  80. If Janay wants to place blame, how about starting with Ray. Then move along to Roger Goodell the person you asked for mercy from (Careful what you ask for). If he does his job and Ray gets 6 to 10 games like he should have in the first place then the public out lash is not as severe. The commish is a lazy dictator that didn’t follow through with his investigation and this is a result of it. If the other owners are happy with that performance so be it. I know as a fan I am not. If you are going to yield a hammer and swing it often, ya better know how to use it.

  81. It’s a shame that she has to be hurt again for the NFL to do the right thing, but that’s just how it has to be. This behavior has to be punished severely so that it stops. She needs to realize the nightmare was caused by Ray Rice. All of it. Not the media, the NFL or anyone else.

  82. Ravens paid Rice on the front end…… so this clown, and his “loving” wife, are set financially…. excuse the cynicism but methinks the worst of both her and him. I’m sure battered women everywhere are pleased by this irresponsible woman’s comments.

    Both police and NFL need to be punished severely for the cover-up….. Goodell needs to be fired immediately!

  83. bert1913 says:Sep 9, 2014 9:52 AM

    rutchaser says:
    Sep 9, 2014 9:04 AM
    If I knocked my wife out and she stayed with me, I would really question her intelligence and self worth. I would never ever hit my wife but if I did, it would be the last time I saw her and I would only have myself to blame.


    Very well said!

    I’m sure that’s true, but not everyone can deal with abuse that way. It’s more complex then that.

  84. I guess 2 people can’t have a bad moment in their lives without needing therapy. It’s one punch, one moment in time, and past that you have no proof anything like this has ever happened before. I love how everyone thinks they have the answer but this S is complicated. Especially when you have had a million amazing moments together & then there is this one dark moment in which you wake up in the morning & can’t even look at each other because you feel humiliation on both sides. For Ray I’m sure he relives it over & over & wonders why he let his emotions take control… and for her, she went after her man multiple times trying to get back at him for whatever she felt he wronged her. Also, we don’t know if alcohol was a factor… Say what you want but many people have done things in their life when they were intoxicated that they never would of done sober.

    So, the gang mentality wins again, but if I was Ray Rice I would sue the NFL… They already decided his punishment & then to suspend him indefinitely because of the bad PR isn’t right either. They came up with a rule that said 6 games, then next time, indefinitely… Is this policy already out the window?

  85. I know I sound crazy, but this actually does seem like one isolated incident, that has been blown so far out of proportion.

    Obviously he was wrong, and deserved to be punished, but lets think for a minute. First, He has been known as a stand-up guy since he entered the league. Second, the incident was one blow, then she knocked her head against a metal rail, not a savage beating like the media would lead you to believe. I just think that Janay, continuing to take some responsibility of what happened that night, shows that she was also in the wrong. Again, obviously, you should never hit anyone, but provoking, or antagonizing are real things, that cause people to fly off the handle every day, especially when alcohol is involved.

  86. I’m going to take a different angle here. Please note that I do NOT agree with domestic violence in any way form or fashion.
    My questions are:
    1. When did TMZ become a reputable news agency? They are not CNN or NBC.
    2. How much did they pay to obtain the video so they could sensationalize the contents for profit’s sake. Is this desirable or newsworthy in today’s society?
    Yes Ray Ray done a bad thing I admit. Yes he and Janay will suffer immeasureably from the results and fallout. But in this social media, everything’s on video world we live in now, is it “fair” to take a man’s living away from him (perhaps permanantly) when there are others who have done worse still in the NFL. Isn’t it possible Ray Ray lost his temper, became insensed and may actually be sorry for his actions now. He was suspended without pay you know. They did let Vick back into the league as well as others who did jail time for major transgressions. I’m just not sure I agree with the source. Let the thumbs down begin 5-5-3-2-.

  87. Let me just say one thing to all of you. NOBODY CARES WHAT YOU THINK. Thats what marriage is you M0R0N, for better or worse. If she choose to fix her relationship, then she is doing the right thing.

    For the couple…. this is what you get for living in a wanna be liberal society. Everyone else deciding what is best for you.

  88. The point is it’s not about Janay, its about whether this league, this sport and our society as a whole will actively or passively condone domestic violence. This extends far beyond just this one extremely egregious instance. Maybe she’s happy with her situation but there are many, many more who are not.

  89. If Rice wants forgiveness, he needs to go for 150 yds. His first game out the gate. Results get forgiveness, see Riley Cooper and Mike Vick

  90. When the first video came out, we saw Janay dragged out of the elevator but could only imagine what happened.

    While I thought it was bad, I envisioned she pushed him and he pushed back…

    As others have stated, he took her out with a punch to the head, followed by her falling and hitting her head again…

    and he didn’t look very sorry!

    Whatever Janay is… no one deserves that and I can only hope that the SPOTLIGHT keeps her safe because if her husband was angry before imagine how he is now!

  91. Good morning every one ! I totally agree with the punishment. how can his wife defend this monster violence is violence my dear today he knock you out cold tomorrow he will kill you !!!honestly they should lock her behind too…say no do violence please people avoid another tragedy.god bless

  92. Okay – here goes:
    I wriggled uncomfortably as I watched Ray Rice pop the girl and then drag her around like he was getting roadkill off the highway – BUT…. at what point did she become a pure victim? What I see (and you as well) on the video is a guy (Rice) staying away from her. Apparently at some point she spit on him. She passes by and takes a physical shot at him. Then in the elevator she takes another shot – and she’s hitting as hard as she can as well. Then comes up with another – and his reaction (instinctive it seems) is to hit right back. The deal is she had the first shot(s) and likely would have had the last shot(s) – except that he had the “best shot”. As a powerful pro athlete – sure – there is a far better option… but to say she is completely and absolutely blameless is ignoring a LOT. When the rush to absolute, unequivocal, and positive judgment is as resounding as this is – it reminds me of the media storm after Michael Brown was shot. We were pretty much indoctrinated to the “correct point of view” on that one as well. There’s nothing easier than to rage relentless at one person when EVERYONE from the President on down absolutely agrees with you and has weighed in with the “only correct interpretation” you shoiuld have. There is more to this. That’s all.

  93. kozmo50 says:Sep 9, 2014 9:05 AM

    Translation: “Now I have to get a job”!!


    If they invest properly they should have a 300k salary per year for the rest of their lives.

  94. I’m one of the first to call out the media when appropriate, but Janay’s post makes it very hard to feel sorry for her. Sure the media is keeping the flames alive, but Janay’s lies to the NFL and in the initial press conference surely stoked the fire on this one. Can’t feel sorry for you if you choose to stay with the abuser.

    You need to put the instagram away and start clipping some coupons as your man won’t ever see another paycheck like you’ve become accustomed to, and might have a problem ever getting a paycheck again – I mean who is going to hire a known wife beater?

  95. I don’t care if it is a one time incident…. other than maybe they can deal with it and save marriage…..

    I do not believe in 2nd chances for some crimes… this is not murder or rape, however, for deterrent to work…the punishment needs to be severe and lasting

    to go on my tangent… I don’t even believe in paying to house/feed certain criminals…. why should we have to pay to keep Hernandez alive? is this a productive use of our resources?

    I do realize this may indeed be a momentary lapse in control… and they do deserve a 2nd chance in personal life…… however, they don’t deserve to remain in the NFL

    the cover-up is the real problem here… Goodell needs to be fired immediately…. remember what he did to protect Kraft and Pats….. what else does this “man” do for his $43M

  96. Men this is something you dont want to teach your daughters!!!! A classic example here of what you SHOULDNT do! Ive seen too many stories where the woman “stood by her man” and ended up 6 feet under.

  97. I wonder if this is the first time SHE’s seen the video? How can you watch the man you purport to love violently punch you in the head twice and watch your own head slam against an elevator railing and still defend him and/or his actions? I guess it took Tina Turner a while before she left Ike. If that were my daughter and I watched some punk punch her lights out (and possibly could have killed her)…there’d be no getting back together. Have some self respect while you’re still alive.

  98. Only way for this become lighter is for janay to admit she egged ray on and knowingly sabotaged him even if it isn’t true. She took it on the chin in the elevator, why not take one more? Ray has decent finances I’m sure but will the love end when the money does?

  99. Guaranteed she’s more worried about the money they’re going to lose now that Ray is unemployed. She is there for the money. Plain and simple. Now that it’s gone, she’s pissed and is going to go on a rampage. You need help lady. You need to get away from him and get some pscyhological help. Money is not worth getting beat over and over.

  100. while i respect privacy in most situations – i think this video is incredibly eye-opening to what is going on in a World that I am sheltered from…it brings awareness to the domestic violence problem at the expense of Janay Rice

  101. I betcha this isn’t the 1st time he’s beat the crap out of a woman, he just got caught this time that’s all & for her to come out taking up for him oh well its ALL about the Money especially since she was stupid enough to marry the “Beater” but there again betcha this isn’t the 1st time he’s Hit her & other women in his life this is Not a One time Event for him & like I said earlier he just got caught this time….

  102. I love the people saying she’s doing it for the money. What about Rihanna? She has her own money and she still took back chris brown. I think what he did was worse because he repeatedly hit her. Everyone loves chris brown. He won grammy, people are buying his music, other musicians want to work with him.

    roman polanski is another example. He drugs and rapes, and sodomizes a thirteen year old girl and flees justice. Yet, people still watch his movies, he wins a lifetime achievement award and he has actors still wanting to work with him.

    If society can forgive those two, how can ray rice not be afforded the same?

  103. Is Janay for real? Apparently Ray Rice has brainwashed her or she is afraid of him. What a pathetic excuse for a woman. This is 2014, not the 1950s, when women were faithful little servants.

  104. ctiggs says: Sep 9, 2014 8:56 AM

    She is right though, the media makes and ruins people.

    Yeah, or maybe the act of knocking a woman unconscious proves he was already “ruined”

  105. The book deal and movie will ease their pain. She is lucky to be alive the way he hit her and her head it the railing. And his lack of concern he never even went to her to see if she was breathing. Put Ray in Jail. The Ravens should avoid future players with the first name of Ray

  106. I do wish the “Report Comment” link wasn’t so close to the thumbs up and down. I’ve accidently reported a perfectly innocuous comment…again.

    Or maybe it doesn’t matter because no one really “looks into it” anyway. I don’t know. But sorry…

  107. For all the people who said she deserved it for hitting him first. You are as a big of a scumbag as he is. Obviously you have beaten a woman or 2 in your life.

  108. Freefall303 get a fricking life. What kind of animal are you. Trying to defend that piece of crap. We do not need people like him in the public eye for kids to watch

  109. Imagine this simple scenario. Imagine the last argument you had with your wife. Your child videos it in the house and puts it on youtube. It makes it to TV. The media bashes you as an abusive, imposing husband.

    You ready to lose your job? Prison? What now, righteous one? That’s where things are headed.

    Watch yourself in your own life.

  110. She married him even after he viciously knocked her out with a punch.maybe in her world men abusing women is a natural thing and you just accept it because men after all, need to be respected but I believe the fact that he has money,lots and lots of it and spends lavishly on her is the reason she forgets the assault and wants everyone else to also.wonder if she will enjoy living in Canada because thats his next job in football if the violence blind Canucks will have him.

  111. My wife became violent a couple of times after drinking. She punched me, kicked me and other things. While she was doing this, I was getting my things together to leave. She kicked me as I was packing my bags. She punched me when I was getting things together. never once did I raise a fist to her. I knew if I hit her, it was going to hurt her a lot more than those hits were hitting me. No man should ever hit a woman. Even if the woman is hitting him. Get your stuff and go. Don’t stick around. But you should never put your hand on a woman. Hear that Janay? That’s a real man talking. You wouldn’t know what that sounds like though.

  112. She should be embarrassed of her self. As long as he has money it’s ok!!! I just lost all the respect for her. They do not deserve to take money from all of us hard working fans who support the life style.

  113. We sit here and say gets this piece of crap out of the public eye to protect our kids… but the kids are not learning this behavior from celebrities they are learning it from their homes and that’s where he learned it from…Indeed…

  114. PFT denies comments that call them into question… sure they can post this one to try and prove they don’t but I’ve posted over and over in a professional manner and do not see them showing up.

  115. I’m not going to play shoulda, woulda, coulda…this incident is so complicated. I hope the NFL will provide some serious counseling to Ray and his wife, and that they will take it. He may not get a 2nd chance at the NFL, but this is their only chance to make a life together work.

  116. The NFL, the media, the judicial system, and the public as a whole are hypocrites. Talk is cheap. What are any of the above really doing to stop domestic violence? Beat your chest, point your finger, and keep doing nothing while convincing yourselves you’re a good guy.

  117. Run while you can Janay. When the money dries up, it will happen over and over again. Check the statistics for recidivism. Batterers rarely change. You are in denial Janay. Good riddance Ray.

  118. Jimmy T, this is not about or normal behavior for the “hip hop culture” and shame on you and those that agreed with your comment. I’m sure there was no hip hop playing in his heard or the elevator when the incident happened. If that is a true example of music determining your actions should we say that all heavy metal listeners like War Machine, will attempt to kill their girlfriends? By the way, i dont remember seeing Jay Z, one of the kings of hip hop, knocking out Solange when she “Rice’d” him in an elevator… Janay and Ray both need professional counseling, and yes, I do believe it has happened before, just maybe not to this extent. She needs to understand though, once you are a public figure your life is on display. Fair or not fair…it’s fair when it’s all good and you are cashing the checks but not fair when something “horrible” happens. If you are a public figure and don’t want your life on display, be careful how you live your life.


    Not when the woman verbally berates her man in public. Tells him to look at the hand.

    Stockholm Syndrome women don’t dare do these things. They live to please their men, and live in constant fear. This gal obviously does not do that.

    They are both ignorant fools.

  120. I believe they are in couseling, so what else would everyone like for them to do? You know since women can’t have their own minds.

    Oh wait, they can have their own minds as long as it’s what the collective believe is right…

    TMZ is trash, they held this video until opening day in the NFL and they released it for ratings. I hope after this faux outrage dies down (because non of us really care about the Rices) TMZ is thrown under the bus.

  121. boomerb51 says:
    Sep 9, 2014 10:48 AM
    PFT denies comments that call them into question… sure they can post this one to try and prove they don’t but I’ve posted over and over in a professional manner and do not see them showing up.
    Welcome to my life. Anytime I call one of them out my post is deleted. Anytime I mention the origin of the redskins name my post is deleted.

    I understand that it’s their website, but it is still pretty weak to delete posts that aren’t pro pft’s view.

  122. What’s interesting to me, and I haven’t read it here, is it was Ray that followed her into that elevator. Even if she provoked it, Ray should’ve just let her keep on walking…..

  123. Here’s my issue: The State of NJ investigated this and for whatever reason deemed that he shouldn’t do no jail time,everybody knew that he hit her months ago. TMZ,the scumbags they are,did up the video and now everyone is outraged and I am quite sure the powers that be in NJ saw this even if the NFL didn’t. The judicial system played out yet everyone wants the NFL to take it a few steps further to punish him. My point is,how many times have we seen women accuse atheletes of wrong doing only to find that they lied,and while it may not be the case here I do know women can be just as aggressive as men. Ray Rice made a terrible mistake in the heat of the moment and I do not condone what he did but I also don’t know what lead up to it either and neither does anyone else.

  124. I’m looking forward to her statement when she eventually files for divorce due to abuse and sways a biased judge with that video to give her almost all of Ray Rice’s money.

  125. She is still in denial. We’ll see how much she really loves him when they both have to get regular jobs and she is realizes she is not going to be living the life she thought. We’ll see if she still stands by him then.

  126. If Ms. Rice will not admit she’s a victim of domestic abuse, and that her husband is an abuser who WILL hurt her again, then we can only assume she’s in this for the money and/or publicity. Period.

    She’s clearly in it for the money. Her pathetic reasoning that ‘her husband worked his ass off for his career’ indicates she’s pissed he lost his job and money means more to her than her self-respect and dignity…and last but not least, more than her personal safety and well-being.

    The whole world is watching. She can leave now, an abuse victim with a world of support and encouragement. But she won’t, not now. There may be a sliver of hope that he’ll get his job back and she’s sure as hell gonna wait around to see if that happens.

    It’s guaranteed she’ll leave him at some point. Not because of the abuse but because he no longer has a million-dollar income.

  127. What we all don’t get is why a woman would allow herself to be punched in the face/head so hard, as to fall back and hit her head on a handrail, which in reality could have killed her, and not file an police report is insane! — I’m very sorry for your families personal troubles! — However I think now that the money won’t be rolling in, this changes everything! Am I correct?!

  128. I hear people keep saying that a man should never hit a lady and that men should know better. That’s all well and good, but do women have ANY boundaries they they shouldn’t approach when it comes to keeping a healthy relationship? It was late at night, they had both been drinking and charging a man with intent to do harm is just a recipe for what subsequently happened. Arguing is something that men and women will always do, but charging a man to do damage can get you knocked on your azz. Men should act as men and women should act as women.

  129. I feel bad for these 2. They were wasted got in a fight she did attack him he was wasted and turned around and clocked her. It’s not like shes sitting in the corner begging him not to beat her like the media makes it seem. They were BOTH fighting each other where they were both stuck on a elevator. It’s not like Ray Rice could just walk away. He got sick of being hit and spit on so he punched her back.
    Anybody would of done the same, he just didn’t realize how hard he hit her

  130. ‘….To make us relive a moment in our lives that we regret every day is a horrible thing. To take something away from the man I love that he has worked his ass of for all his life just to gain ratings is horrific.’

    She says that ‘we regret?’ It’s clear that Janay Palmer (now Janay Rice) doesn’t get it. She could have been killed by that punch that knocked her into the railing.

    I think that what makes the video even more sickening is that Ray just knocked her out like it was no big deal. Like this what I have to do to get her to be quiet. He wasn’t concerned in the SLIGHTEST about what he did & what he might have done to the mother of his child. He’s an animal & I find it VERY hard to believe that this was the first time he hit her.

    While the release of that video may be a disgusting way to make money, the reality is that what Ray Rice did that night was FAR worse. Again Janay doesn’t get.

  131. She stands by him now…wait until he’s broke and the money is gone. Can’t hit her though Ray…idiot.

  132. Correction: It was your husband Ray that caused all of this, the media is the aftermath of Ray’s actions. Hopefully Ray will own this and then they can move forward.

  133. Can we stop hating on everyone, and maybe hope that he can learn to be a better person? If he cannot learn, then he deserves the hate, but I hope that she is speaking from a good place, and that things are better for her. No way to know for certain, but I prefer hope.

  134. To all who don’t understand why nobody was saying much prior to the video being released….its called….”A picture is worth a THOUSAND words”…….

  135. Once ray rice hit his wife, she had all the leverage on ray rice and the nfl. Instead of suing the ravens, nfl and ray rice SHE DECIDED to stay with the man she has been with since high school. She decided not to go on talk shows to profit from this heinous act, she decided that she wanted to keep her family together!!! Everyone acts like they have never forgave their spouse and decided to work thru their issues together. It’s easy to type what you would do but if you haven’t been in that situation you really can’t say what you would do. For all of you that believed mrs rice was protecting her $$. Think about this! Mrs rice could sue everyone, get child support, write a book and go on tv shows thru out a america. She didn’t do that at, SHE CHOSE HER FAMILY you IDIOTS!!!

  136. I do not approve of Ray Rice’s actions whatsoever but if the roles were reversed(female athlete left hooks her husband) Would the female athlete be cut, receive all this public backlash and suspended indefinitely from their sport? I don’t think so.

  137. First of all, he clearly spat on her twice in that video, she never spat on him. He was the antagonizer and the aggressor.

    Secondly, the talk about her staying with him for the money is incredibly ignorant. Dirt poor abuse victims stay with their abusers all the time. It really has nothing to do with money and everything to do with these women having zero self-worth. She thinks she deserves it and bears some of the responsibility for him punching her out.

  138. Just watch: The ‘Janay and Ray’ reality show will be coming soon. I will bet a dollar to a doughnut (is that the saying?) once Rice’s attorney saw his client’s earning power has been wiped out he is probably already shopping this around.

    It is also damage control circa 2014. What good is it to repent if nobody is watching?

  139. Reality hits hard (pun intended) when the cash cow dies. Don’t feel sorry for her. If she’s stupid enough to marry him after that then she deserves what she gets. Silly chicken head gold digger.

  140. As if their relationship wasn’t strained enough, now they have no source of income. Where was all of this mass anger when the initial video was shown of Rice dragging his unconscious fiancée out of the elevator? It is amazing how images change perception. The details of what happened in the elevator have been well documented for months.

  141. Timeline of events for those who can’t understand what the video clearly shows:

    Janay walks by Ray in the hallway.
    Ray spits in Janay’s face.
    Janay give an off-handed slap to his shoulder.
    They get in the elevator.
    Ray spits on her again.
    Ray punches her for the first time.
    Janay charges at him.
    Ray knocks her out.
    Ray nonchalantly drags her limp body partially out of the elevator.

  142. Control freak that lost control of his own actions? What was done to him by her that’s not on tape? Possible that both people are emotionally sick? She clearly was coming at him. Two mixed up people living an ugly life…Man up Ray. Get out of her life and clean yourself up.

  143. Some of you people commenting are pathetic. If anyone saw the video, you can tell she’s combative, and used to talking crap to Ray. Not excusing what he did. But she’s the real “victim” in all of this, and choosing to stand by her man. And please lets not classify this as some real domestic violence which is a pattern of violence. She doesn’t seem like some woman that’s afraid (as you saw in the video, she spit on him, hit him, and charged at him), like the countless battered women who are terrorized on a daily basis. There are mistakes made in anger, and then there are a-hole that beat their women every day. Sorry, but she doesn’t seem like my mother who was terrorized by my father on a daily basis.

  144. She never spat on him. He spat on her at the very beginning of the video in the hallway and spat on her again in the elevator.

  145. Being in the NFL is a privilege. Time to pay for your actions. I only hope he never plays in the NFL again or any type of sports events. He lost his privilege and golden ticket.

  146. finsfan71 says: Sep 9, 2014 9:01 AM

    Janay it’s not about you or Ray, it’s about the act of domestic violence. Hope you two work it out but the minute he laid his big mitts on you in public, the dominoes began to fall.

    This is all about her and Ray. If it was all about domestic violence, the dude from the 49ers would be suspended due to his arrest, as would any other players who get arrested for this type of act.
    The NFL wants to take a hard-line stance… great. Put zero tolerance policy in place, and suspension pending the outcome of the investigation.

  147. Now FIRE Roger Goddell! He should have done his due diligence on Ray Rice. He didn’t wanna see that video since he’s been a Ravens ass kisser for life.

  148. Wow! I am amazed at how many batterers are posting here!! I guess you have to justify yourselves somehow……men & women alike. Harbaugh is still trying to justify it………..fire him too.

  149. For the people saying they shouldn’t show the video of her because she’s a victim, really?
    I’ve seen countless videos on the news of the “knockout game” where “youths” target unsuspecting innocent victims only to be viciously knocked out without warning. I didn’t hear anyone clamoring for the news to not show that footage.

  150. She wanted to marry a “baller”, even if he knocked her out cold. She did, but now he’s not a “baller” any more. Too bad, so sad. I’m sure he’s qualified to do something else, right? He had a college scholarship, so he must have that degree to fall back on, correct?

    I’m guessing she won’t be so quick to forgive the next beating when he’s not getting a big, fat, NFL paycheck.

  151. I felt bad for her………………. then she ended with “Ravensnation”

    Stop people!!! Taking your team nickname and adding “nation” to the end is not a thing.

    As far as i’m concerned the Raiders started it and they are the only ones who should do this.

    Stop the madness…………………. oh yes and punching your women in the face.

  152. Nice Good Will Hunting reference, knockknockwhosthereowen! Too bad so many missed it.

    Sep 9, 2014 9:00 AM
    Janay, this is not your fault.
    This is not your fault. Listen to me.
    This is not your fault.
    This is not your fault.
    This. is. not. your. fault.

  153. Ok a follow up to my post at 10:04 this morning. I have watched TMZ a few times (very few) and all I see is a bunch of youngsters standing around with an older guy showing clips where they are attempting to provoke celebrities into doing something that they can stand around and gossip about on a tv show that has no real news value. Do people actually watch this crap? Unbelievable!! Yes I think Ray Ray shouldn’t have done what he did. Maybe for a split second, he digressed and thought he was going up against Patriot linebackers and safeties as he has done over the years. I just don’t understand why this phoney baloney pseudo “news” agency had to sensationalize the event by making sure it was released on the first day of the NFL season so they could make more profit from sponsors. This is the part I cannot stomach.

  154. Based on the video, which shows Rice knocking this woman out, there is no way Rice can stay in the league – that punch could have killed her. And the legal consequences for Rice weren’t nearly enough.

    But the repeated airing of the video by ESPN and TMZ must be horrible for her and anyone who cares about her. Pure exploitation of the violence already done to this woman by Rice.

  155. The video is horrific, the evidence is clear, Ray Rice is a criminal for his actions. Nonetheless, if Janay wants to stay with him and work things out, that is her right. We all have opinions on the topic, but it’s their relationship. Case closed.

  156. The media didn’t ruin Ray’s life. Ray did enough to do that for himself. Most men grow up with the principles to protect women and children, not to punch them out. YOU NEVER PUT YOUR HANDS ON A WOMAN!!!!! PERIOD, END OF STORY!!!!! Ray has problems, and his wife has problems for sticking up for a piece of garbage like Ray.

  157. Janah

    You’re meal ticket is over. Would you marry this clown if he wasn’t in NFL? Didn’t think so! This is not about you it’s about abuse of other women, too!

  158. To Janay Rice; you may be ok with being a human punching bag, you may want to trivialize this and that ok, it’s your life afterall. But don’t expect everyone else to. Your husband is not owed anything, and it is his employers and the people who he may have conracted withs’ decision to cut ties with him. I don’t know how you could expect anything else. The sad thing for you is that you really had the support of most of the nation yesterday. Today, after these sad statements, not so much. Good luck, you’re gonna need it

  159. Okay, I get that the NFL had to do something about this. But I don’t know either one of them. I don’t know what their relationship is like, her motivations for being involved with him, nothing. I don’t know what led up to the scene in the elevator or what Rice’s immediate response was. I don’t know what the relationship was like before this incident or what it has been like since. What I do know is that they moved on and continued their relationship since then. Regardless of what motivated that decision, I am inclined to let them deal with their relationship on their own. They don’t need me or anyone else that knows nothing more about them than that 5 seconds telling them what to do or making judgements on them. Time to move on, people.

  160. It’s hard for any man to hit a woman and, from what I’ve heard, it only gets easier after the first time you ever punch them.

    It didn’t appear that Ray Rice had a hard time hitting her, almost like he couldn’t wait for the door to close. He also seemed mad that she got knocked out, like it inconvenienced him.

  161. She’s either in dire need of counseling or feels getting KO’d is worth the price to admission to the millionaire club. Either way, with the exposure it’s getting, this woman’s response is hurting battered women all over by trivializing domestic violence…

  162. Maybe she’s right. Maybe the public opinion and NFL reaction to this incident has done more damage to their family than the incident itself.

  163. She’s right. He apologized and she accepted. She married him. They are working on their marriage, getting counseling for the spousal abuse. This is a complete over the top media/social media piling on. Just because a video of the event surfaced does not change anything anyone did not previously know. He hit her He admitted it. She took responsibility for her part in the abuse. She FORGAVE HIM………. Massive piling on and massive over reaction based on the video drama…….

  164. I have to comment on the self-righteous sanctimonious people who are commenting on this story. Ray Rice deserves to be punished for what he did, no question about it, but those making derogatory comments about her should be ashamed. It’s so easy to judge a relationship when you aren’t in it. We have all been in bad relationships. We probably haven’t experienced the kind of violence seen on the video, that’s true, but relationships can get ugly. The basic rule of thumb is to walk away and never strike one another, but it’s hard sometimes. Anger drives people to do terrible things. Truth be told, Ray Rice did commit a crime, and that’s the public’s business. What isn’t the public’s business is what Ray and Janay decide to do with the rest of their lives and whether or not they feel there is something to be salvaged in their union, and we, the public, should just butt out of that one.

  165. This classic right here! All of these people come out in support of what happened to her and all she can do is point fingers?? She’s fine with having the man she “loves” spit in her face twice and then hand her her ass in an elevator but now the media and public opinion have ruined their lives? What garbage! She clearly only cares about the money! These two were made for each other!

  166. I actually have a lot of admiration for Janay Rice. She may be mistaken, she may be in denial, we don’t know. but she had the courage to come out and say that she played a part in the whole incident. She could have easily just thrown Ray under the bus, and who knows, maybe that’s what he deserved, but I still applaud her for trying to own up to her own actions: you don’t see a lot of people doing that these days.

  167. I understand that she is embarrassed and ashamed to have her family, friends, neighbors and the entire world know that her husband beat her up. Being a professional athlete, or the family member of one, means living in a fishbowl. We all have things we’d like to keep private, and celebrities rarely have that privilege. To save face for herself and her husband, she minimized his actions–a lot. Now the truth has come out. I am sorry for her, but more can be accomplished now by admitting the truth, and helping other abused women come forward for assistance.

  168. My plea to Janay Rice

    Janay, is not the bad person here, so stop with the insults on this VICTIM! Have any of you been in a very abusive relationship? Not just mentally, but physically? Then, for you to lobby insults at this young woman are both ignorant and mean-spirited as the predator that did this to her. Have you heard of Stockholm syndrome? Look it up, because the life of an abused spouse is a form of this, in a male dominated society.

    Now, my comments,
    Look at the video, and you will see that he hit her twice. The first sent her into the opposite wall, when she responded, as a too many times beaten down woman would eventually respond with all of her strength to a vicious abuser of women, by just fighting back. This resulted in him knocking her out with a closed fist, then dragging her out like a piece of meat; like a predator dragging away its victimized prey, with no remorse.

    If he truly loved her and was truly remorseful, any reasonable man would have carried her out, or at the very least, saw what he had done and hugged her, held her, cried out for help, because he’s not a doctor…he didn’t know if she was dead, he didn’t take her pulse, he drug her out like a piece of meat and then stood over her like a predator would protect his kill. No remorse. What if she had died, after striking her head on that railing? Would we be talking murder (manslaughter)? Is the fact that she lived, an excuse to view this as less than what it was? No!

    Janay, please get away from that man. You already know the routine, the apologies, the “I’ll never do it again,” the pathetic pleas for your forgiveness. If you give him this, it will further empower him and the next incident will be the last. I know of this, because I have seen it play out all too often. My wife escaped from the same type of abuser, from Germany. He not only went after her, but her children. It will not stop at you until he gets help. You, enabling him, will not give him the chance to rehabilitate. Like a drug addict, he needs to change. It has to be his choice and he needs to do it alone. You are like that glass of whiskey, that glass pipe, that temptation, that weakness.

    Look at the video over and over until you get it. Even a murderer, with remorse, carries or coddles their victim. Look at his actions towards you. He dragged you like garbage, then distance himself from even touching you, simply guarding you, with no remorse. We care about you. We are not her to destroy a man, we are her to save a woman

  169. I love how people say that Janay Rice’s actions showed that she only cares about the money: Newsflash: She should care about the money. That’s her financial security. As if all the wives out there with financially well-to-do husbands would feel the same about their spouse if they all of a sudden became penniless bums! Give me a break.

  170. Just know everything revolves around money. When this resurfaced, it opened up another can of worms. It brought the disgraceful act back into the public eye. If u thought there was backlash before, it’s going to be worse now if rice was to play. On top of that, stores were already removing his number; Roger already blundered once when he said he made a mistake with rice’s first suspension. Now as it resurfaced, all eyes were on him again. He wanted to redeem himself in the eyes of the public so he took action quickly this time and suspended rice again, this time indefinitely.

  171. Also, she could easily have broken her neck, right? When she hit the rail. He dragged her out with no concern of further injury that could have paralyzed her, forever. Janay, please recognize the situation for what it is. We kow you love him dearly, but that care is not reciprocated, because he has a problem and your safety is at stake. Care enough about yourself to recognize that reality.

  172. Why do we pretend we can’t understand why the A.C. police didn’t investigate further, why the Ravens didn’t investigate further, and why the NFL didn’t investigate further?

    HELLO! From the minute she woke up from the elevator floor, she’s been defending Ray. SHE was the one telling ACPD, Ravens, and NFL -” leave this alone, I started it. This is our life! What part don’t you get?”

    With the victim that adamant about dropping it, everyone from the ACPD to the Ravens to the NFL did the easy thing and granted Janay her request to just drop it.

    It really isn’t a surprise why so many people and organizations seemingly dropped the ball. They were begged to do so by Janay. They probably felt they were supporting the victim by granting her request.

  173. There is no justification for a crime. That’s like forgiving the man that murdered your daughter. Sure, some have it in them to forgive, but I’m not that man. As a military policeman, I had to respond to many domestic assaults, ranging from regular soldiers, to officers and special forces. They all have one thing in common, they’re bullies. If you are a former crack head, would you put yourself in a room of crack addicts, smoking that pipe, before gathering some distance and strength to resist? If you’re an alcoholic, would you put yourself in a bar, without some distance from drinking, to strengthen your resolve to resist? Do you know anything about mental health, or does your experience come from the Bible? If you have not experienced it through the eyes of the abused, if you have not heard it from one who was abused, if you have not studied it at length, or been tasked with the professional responsibility of protecting one who has abused, you can assume you know what’s what, but you really don’t know. Janay knows her situation more than any of us, but I’d like to chime in with my experiences and training, to help if I can. I don’t claim to know everything, but I do know crap when I see it. Believe me, I’ve stepped in a lot of it.

  174. What the NFL appears to be stating is that the local law enforcement did not disclose that information to them until now. The same could be said of information regarding the Ray McDonald San Francisco and the case of Jameis Winston of then Florida State and the local law enforcement there, which appears to be a systemic problem that reaches higher than the NFL. These players provide a lot of money to their local communities, so how far would politicians and law enforcement elites go to trickle down information, to save a couple of bucks. Think about it.

  175. I hope Rice appeals and gets back on his team. Not because he deserves a second chance, but because the NFL and the Ravens just decided to make up the rules as they went along. Rice may be an abuser, but the NFL and its teams are pathetic in how they handle controversy.

    Concussions problem? You’re crazy!
    Domestic Abuse? Never happens, and if it does, it really didn’t!
    Substance Abuse? You must be thinking about baseball.

    Seems to me, the NFL encourages this type of behavior by turning away every time it happens.

    If the Ravens are serious, they need to fulfill Rice’s contract – half to Janay, and the other half to fight domestic abuse.

  176. He committed a crime and then attempted to cover it up. No jury in the world would appeal this. He is culpable in a crime, because he obstructed justice, which is not a “protected state offense,” that’s a “strict liability,” a federal offense. There is no excuse for violating a “strict liability” law, “case law” is moot in this case.

  177. Janay needs to watch the video herself, to see how the man who “loves” her dragged her half out of the elevator like a dead body and dropped her. Then how he just stood there, with no remorse or concern for her condition or what he had just done to her. Now wait til the money runs out, he’ll do it again, and she will leave. PS., Goodell has to be removed for his non action/cover up.

  178. He hit her twice and knocked her out, then dragged her out of the elevator. Assault and battery in a public place. This is a crime and no excuse mitigates this fact…you can see this, right? I know of couples that fight and yes, both can be at fault in those case, but this is an entirely different situation. He struck her twice and then knocked her out. Her head hit the railing on the way down, which was an additional head blow. She suffered at the very least, two concussions in this one event. We talk about protecting these players from concussions, so what about their spouses?

  179. Our law enforcement and legislators have a duty to protect us, even if it is from ourselves. She definitely sustained a concussion, if not two, so where in your mind “haroldoftherocks” do you attempt to think you can rationalize this away?

  180. Mrs. Rice, it’s not about YOU or your ‘wife beaten husband’. It’s a $44 million dollars advertisement directed at billions of young ladies, with the message ‘You don’t have to put up with this abuse’. And a $44 million dollar message to Jocks/Celebrities ‘You’re on NOTICE’.

  181. There are volumes of research regarding how and why domestic abuse victims stay with their abusers.
    One cannot comprehend how someone with talent can agree to marry someone who criminally and savagely assaulted them. You cannot fix stupid unfortunately.

    Everyone I know would not put up with this for one second.

    This “poor” woman is not poor but rather a victim twice over. Once by her boyfriend, again by her now husband, and again by herself showing she has no respect for herself.

    Unfortunately, money and status enter into it and all the perks which entail being part of this romantic equation and also part of the NFL. Let’s see how long this lasts.

  182. If he were a habitual wife beater he would be careful not to do it in a public place like a casino hallway and in front of cameras that everyone knows are everywhere in casinos.

    Habitual abusers most often take great pains to keep their deeds a deep secret and threaten their partner and their kids that they better not tell. To deviate from that script they would have needed to both be dead drunk.

  183. Why are Republicans on this site so morally apatheic to victims? If you didn’t know which Party you should be affiliated with, the choice should be clear now, especially if you are a woman. Misogyny will hopefully soon be a archaic mindthink of the past.

  184. Actually,
    Both Partys have been taken over by extremists, I’m a Moderate Democrat whi gets along with Moderate Republicans. The extremes will be our undoing. Even the Bible states that; “…all things in moderation…”. The extremes breed corruption, like the institutions allowing for this abuse, due to money and power.
    We’re all going to hell…bring on Revellations…I have my peace with God 🙂

  185. Wow. America has become such a knee jerk reaction country. While what Ray Rice did was disgusting… I am not sure how playing the video over and over again is helping anyone. I am also amazed at the people who attack the same victim they seem to be SO upset about. I worry that this media frenzy will lay the groundwork for any psycho ex of a player to come out with accusations. Do you really think that some women don’t already falsely accuse men of assault simply out of anger or for revenge? I have seen it happen. Also… Again not making excuses for Ray or saying domestic violence is Ever Ok, but so many people say “I don’t care… You NEVER hit a woman”. My best friends ex tried to kill him. Then moved on to the next guy. She stabbed him over 20 times. In front of their child. ( which he was protecting). They put the guy into a medically induced coma and despite being all messed up he survived. Did she get life? 20 years? NO!!! She lied and said she was the victim and got 2 years!!! There is no blanket policy. For those who say “you NEVER hit a woman” well some of them use that to get away with attempted murder. I can see many vengeful women right now DYING for the attention, for the chance to ruin a players life!!! Where were all of you when Big Ben got away with RAPE?
    Real domestic abuse should have horrible consequences. Rays punishment fits the bill, but the constant knee jerk reaction this country has become so accustomed to never ceases to amaze me. Why attack the woman after she has already been humiliated on national TV a million times? Oh because you care… Got it.

  186. I never condone a man hitting a woman, regardless as to if the woman is trying to hit him. A man can block and move away, but to come back and hit her? That is NOT A MAN! In my eyes, there is NO EXCUSE! No MITIGATING FACTORS! YOU DO NOT EVER HIT A WOMAN! If you hit a woman, YOU ARE A PUNK, A WIMP, A LITTLE BOY, and deserving of none of my respect, period!

    It’s like killing…once someone kills a person, all inhibitions to do it again; that thin grey line between moral and immoral acts, becomes blurred. He needs help and no reinstatement back into the NFL.

    I take offense at Donovan attempting to characterize the Michael Vick dog-fighting incident as not having the same swift condemnation, if there was video available. Of course it would have been more severe and he would not be back in the league. It took America to see the Rodney King beating, in order for the magnitude of the situation to sink in and the deniability to stop, or ease.

    Our society, because of information overload, subconsciously refuses to accept something they do not want to believe, until they have visual evidence of the act playing out. It’s just a fact, not theory, fact.

    Also, another panelist refused to see the Danny Ferry comment as serious. He made a comment to suggest that African in a person is a reason to define them as less of a person. He stated that Deng only had a little African in him, so he’s okay. That is subjugating a race of people based on the color of their skin (black). Believe me, he wasn’t speaking of a Southern White African heritage. There is no grey area, this was a disparaging, subjugating, racist comment, and I remember Danny Ferry in his playing days, and he was racist at that time, so this is not surprising to me, at all. Time does not erode the truth. He should be gone, as well.
    I am so tired of the hypocrisy on both sides. Just do what is right. We are adults and we know what is right, so freakin’ do it already!

  187. Every woman or man in an abusive relationship should have the right to determine for themselves if they want to stay in that relationship. This goes for domestic violence, drug addiction, alcoholism, and any other factor.

    As much as some of us may disagree with her choice to stay with Ray, it was and must continue to be her choice to make.

  188. Some of us DO have experience on this.. Some of us have a wife and step-children who have experienced this and no from them that our studies and experiennces as a military police sergeant had a commonality; when the abused spouse goes back, it empowers the batterer more.
    This is all about power over another, because the batterer lost some power outside the home.
    It’a like PTSD, which I have from the Army and Marines, you never know what will set it off, so you need professionally given psychological tools to lessen the effects of a breakdown.
    knocking her out and then dragging her out and hovering over her, without looking ather to see uf she is alive, should be a very dangerous signal of escalation to all around this couple.
    Stop thinking about your star that you fanaticsize over and see this for what it really is. YOU do not know this man. YOU do not know the fear and walking on egg shells a victim is held hostage to in a private hostile environment. YOU say it’s their business and she made her decision to stand by him, but as a PUBLIC FIGURE, who obviously still has so much public support; with women currently in the same types of relationships that are waiting for this to play out; to see if they finally have power on their side, my stance is that WE ALL HAVE A DUTY TO HOLD HIM ACCOUNTABLE, in a way that puts all other abusers and thise complicint in miinimizing the truct, ir obstructing justice, by attempting to deceive or withhold information that if fully disclosed would have led to a crime or a monetary exchange in favor of the abuser in excess of $1,000,000..00, as in cases of theft and robbery, should elevate the seriousness on said crime even further for those obstructing justice, purely or indirectly for monetary reasons. Let’s finally set a precedent and not concede to the same lip service as has been been the standard.
    We need a tagible victory on violence against women; aided by institutionalized misogyny, not a symbolic victory. Symbolic victories lead to escalation, not descalation.

  189. Sorry for the repost, but I’ve corrected some typos and added some more to the end. This site doesn’t allow one to edit or delete, so this is what I am left with. This should read much better than my last post, as I first put it on a word doc, cleaned it up and then posting now, “Some of us DO have experience on this.. Some of us have a wife and step-children who have experienced this and no from them that our studies and experiences as a military police sergeant had a commonality; when the abused spouse goes back, it empowers the batterer more.
    This is all about power over another, because the batterer lost some power outside the home.
    It’s like PTSD, which I have from the Army and Marines, you never know what will set it off, so you need professionally given psychological tools to lessen the effects of a breakdown.
    Knocking her out and then dragging her out and hovering over her, without looking at her to see if she is alive, should be a very dangerous signal of escalation to all around this couple.
    Stop thinking about your star that you fanaticize over and see this for what it really is. YOU do not know this man. YOU do not know the fear and walking on egg shells a victim is held hostage to in a private hostile environment. YOU say it’s their business and she made her decision to stand by him, but as a PUBLIC FIGURE, who obviously still has so much public support; with women currently in the same types of relationships that are waiting for this to play out; to see if they finally have power on their side, my stance is that WE ALL HAVE A DUTY TO HOLD HIM ACCOUNTABLE, in a way that puts all other abusers and those complicit in minimizing the act we saw played out on the TMZ video, is obstructing justice, by attempting to deceive or withhold information that if fully disclosed would have led to a crime or a monetary exchange in favor of the abuser in excess of $1,000,000..00, as in cases of theft and robbery, should elevate the seriousness on said crime even further for those obstructing justice, purely or indirectly for monetary reasons. Let’s finally set a precedent and not concede to the same lip service as has been the standard.
    We need a tangible victory on violence against women that has for far too long been aided by institutionalized misogyny, not another symbolic victory, to quell the voices demanding a real change in public policy and legal accountability. Symbolic victories lead to escalation, not escalation, because the abuser sees this as a okay in authoritative circles, because they got away with it, without any serious accountability on their part. It’s like family secrets of abuse being acceptable, because every authoritative figure in the household alienates and casts the whistleblower as an outsider, or traitor. This needs to stop now and those complicit in this cover up need to be cast as outsiders and “less than,” not the one with the moral fiber to do what is right.”

  190. Correction: “…some of us have a wife and step-children who have experienced this and know from them…”

    This is all about power over another, because the batterer lost some power outside the home. Now this batterer has lost his career, friends, and his credibility, which puts the abused in even graver danger than before. Most abused women plead with family members and friends not to speak of bruises for this very reason.

  191. Every time I see a picture of this woman, she looks totally scared and miserable. But you stay with Ray, honey, because you love him……

    Just sad.

  192. There’s a lot of guilt to go around; Ray, Janay, the media, the NFL and some who are speculating (money, etc.) one way or another.

    Was this the first time? Maybe.
    The last time? Hopefully.
    Wrong? Definitely!

    Put simply… If they are committed to making this work, they both need to drop the finger pointing towards others, drop the campaigning to get back on the field and focus on making it work.

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