Jason Garrett: Rust wasn’t why Romo struggled


Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo started his season with a face plant against the 49ers last Sunday and some might wonder if playing in only two of the team’s four preseason games after having back surgery had something to do with his struggles.

Coach Jason Garrett doesn’t think so. He said he thought Romo worked a similar amount in this preseason as he as in the past — 50 snaps vs. an average of 61.3 in the last three seasons — and that his bad day was a product of other things.

“So he needs to get in there and play just like everybody else does,” Garrett said, via ESPNDallas.com. “When players come back off of an injury, you have to have a plan for them to get themselves healthy. We thought it was important to do the things we did to give him an opportunity to play [Sunday]. Sure you want more reps. You want more reps for everybody. That’s the nature of it. At the same time, you’ve got to go play given what the situation is. Was he as sharp as he’s been in his life? No. He made some bad decisions in this game that really hurt us. There were some other throws that weren’t perfect. But there were some good throws, too. He’ll learn from this. He’ll watch the tape, just like he’s done in the past and move forward.”

It really doesn’t matter if it was rust, the 49ers defense, the phase of the moon or just one of those days for the Cowboys. They’re going wherever Romo takes them this season, which makes their only choice hoping that this game was a hiccup on the way to better things.

35 responses to “Jason Garrett: Rust wasn’t why Romo struggled

  1. You’re gonna be the fall guy Jason, so just try to enjoy your last year as a head coach of Dallas and hope that, if you get another shot, it will be for a franchise that has a little less dysfunction.

  2. “Rust wasn’t the reason Tony Romo struggled. The reason he struggled is because we didn’t pay him enough glitz and glam and thats why Jerry has decided we are now going to give him a 6 year $250,000,000 contract with $240,000,000 guaranteed.”

  3. Jason Garrett: “Rust wasn’t why Romo struggled” -(then finished the sentence under his breath) “it is because he is just plain awful, look at the interceptions the guy throws!”

  4. The fact Garrett has lasted this long tells you how little Jerry cares about anything except being relevant. Winning certainly isn’t a consideration.

  5. You need two years to fully recover from a back surgery. Considering the physical duress and stress a football player absorbs, Tony should not be out there. Especially since this is his 2nd back surgery in as many years.

    Tony gets a bad rap but he’s covered up Dallas’ flaws for some time. JG should be holding himself accountable for not coaching up the rest of the roster instead of throwing his meal ticket under the bus.

  6. “Yes yes okay okay I will admit we may have played some awful football on Sunday and so what if the 49ers and their fans basically had a home game in Jerry World…. enough about that stuff who cares. did you guys hear who we signed to the practice squad??!! Boy, howdy lets talk about that instead!!”

  7. Garrett isn’t going anywhere. He’s attached at the hip with Romo. Jerry doesn’t want to ax JG because it would be admitting he made yet another mistake in a long list of [GM-related] mistakes.

    But seeing that game and how much Romo struggled with the deep ball, has me thinking…
    Maybe he’s passed it. 34 years old and a bum back.
    This might be the premature demise of Romo. If that happens maybe Jerry cans Garrett. Even then however, I think deep down the Cowboys know that this is a rebuilding year.

    As a diehard Cowboys fan I just don’t see a [realistic] scenario where JG isn’t the coach next year.

  8. So did they ever reveal what his back injury was and why he needed surgery? They seemed to have swept all that under the rug.. or are they still playing it was just a cyst removal?

  9. and in all fairness he has thrown more 4th qtr TD and I think he is at the top of the 4th qtr comebacks list among active players over the last 4 years or something.. but man, throw it away in the 1st or 4th your gonna lose

  10. A quick fumble return for a touchdown threw Romo into desperation mode, and he quickly throws 3 ints. In other words, in game 1 he was already in midseason form delivering exactly what we’ve come to expect of him.

  11. Make no mistake Garrett, you are ONLY a head coach because Jerry Jones is senile. On your best day, you are possibly a top 10 NFL Offensive Coordinator, but that’s pushing it, on your BEST day. You’ll be fired after you earn this team a chance to draft Marcus Mariota.
    Thanks for nothing,
    -Cowboys Fans everywhere

  12. Normally I can somewhat defend Romo. He’s easily our best option at QB from what has been available and without him we wouldn’t have even been 8-8 since..forever. BUT his replacement should have been drafted. The guy makes too many bonehead mistakes to excuse at this point in his career. And look at our backups…we don’t even have a serious backup to challenge him for the job, so unless he gets injured, he is safe no matter what. He can make plays, but what we saw Sunday there was no excuse for. You can’t hand the game to an already tough opponent.

  13. I love that the only thing on Eagle fans minds are the Cowboys!! Little nervous huh? Same teams as last year and Boys smoked them at the Linc game 1 and should have won game 2, with patchwork team. This Division is up for grabs. Had the Cowboys played the Jags this weekend it would have been the same result as Eagles. Can’t do against 49’ers. Any difference from what Foles and Romo did in 1st half?

  14. We have been told by Jason and Dr. Jerry Jones that Romo’s back was ready to go and now Jason doesn’t let rust be an excuse. So what is it?

    Jason speaks of Romo like a rookie QB who is learning on the field but we are talking about a 34 year old veteran with plenty experience.

    Why in the world should any fans think it will suddenly change?

    Romo is just being Romo and enough is enough.

  15. The Cowboys have had the worst defense and they’ve been at 8-8 so it must be a good offense to balance it out. Tony is the only thing keeping the Boys afloat.

  16. Romo struggled bc he’s absolutely terrible. As if signing him to a large contract was all of a sudden going to start making him pass the football better.

  17. A HICCUP? SERIOUSLY? He was trying to force the ball to Bryant in coverage that SCREAMED… DO NOT THROW THE BALL HERE! I’ve defended Romo in the past, but this sheer idiocy was INDEFENSIBLE!

  18. wait…. doesn’t Romo have input on the offensive planning?
    then again who doesn’t?

    there must be an NFL guideline that prohibits owners from coaching their own teams. Jason Garrett should be thankful of this guideline.

  19. SF normally has a good defense though they’re missing some players – some they’ll get back, some not. However, allowing 5.5 YPC to DALLAS is a bad sign for SF’s defense. If Dallas weren’t Dallas they could have kept running and made the game interesting.

    But some of the picks Romo threw were certainly head scratching. When Bryant got crunched Romo had time yet threw into triple coverage while the deep route was wide open for a TD. The int in the end zone, again into double coverage rather than tossing it out of the end zone.

    Wonder if Romo’s still hurt. No velocity at all which could be the reason his decisions look so bad. He may be seeing holes he can no longer hit.

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