Jerry Jones’ lawyer calls sexual assault lawsuit a “money grab”

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones faces a sexual assault lawsuit arising from a 2009 incident that relates to the photos of Jones and multiple females that emerged last month.  His lawyer, Levi McCathern, has issued a strong statement regarding the case.

“These allegations are completely false,” McCathern said in a statement forwarded to PFT.  “The legal complaint is unsupported by facts or evidence of any kind.  This is nothing more than an attempt to embarrass and extort Jerry Jones.   This is a shakedown by a lawyer who is a solo practitioner just trying to make a name for himself.  The alleged incidents would have been more than five years old.

“We intend to vigorously contest this complaint and expect it will be shown for what it is – a money grab.  Due to the seriousness of these baseless allegations, we have also involved law enforcement.”

Most states apply a two-year deadline to the filing of a civil suit for personal injuries, so it’s possible that the case will be thrown out of court regardless of merit.  But if the allegations have no merit, and if it’s merely an effort to abuse the legal process for financial gain, things could get interesting, and ugly.

Via the Dallas Morning News, the plaintiff allegedly is the person who took the photos that Jones called a “misrepresentation” in comments last month to the media.  At a minimum, this process could shed more light on exactly what was being misrepresented.

69 responses to “Jerry Jones’ lawyer calls sexual assault lawsuit a “money grab”

  1. It’s time to keep the punishment train rolling. Force Jerry to sell the team due to his treatment of women

    -Cowboys can

  2. I love laughing at Jerry Jones like everyone else, but really? This allegedly happened in 2009 and you waited all these years until the pictures come out to sue? What a coincidence.

  3. Do what’s right for Women’s Rights and sell the team Jerry. No I’m kidding. Keep the team. Keep running it too. It was fun watching the game the other day.

  4. A money grab, just like every time every team tries to extort their city and state for public funds to build a new stadium?

  5. There are two words that Jerry and Goodell and NFL should be worried about. ANTI TRUST! the league is becoming an embarrassment. Sooner or later (hopefully sooner) this will get a serious challenge and they will change their tunes. I’m actually sad to be a fan these days. I hope someone gets these messages to someone that actually gives a damn.

  6. It is utterly pathetic the way some females pursue such “baseless money-grabs” like this. Often times they put themselves into these situations and willingly engage in all sorts of lewd behavior, than turn around and cry wolf. They get these dollar signs in their eyes and the prospect of destroying a man’s career and reputation over false accusations means absolutely nothing to them. Some women are truly soul-sucking leeches that will do anything in their power to sink their hooks into some guy with a fat wallet, and then they wonder why meaningful relationships seem to elude them.

  7. jerra always makes good decisions so I am sure it will be fine. abuse is that defense cashing its pay checks

  8. Jerry Jones is a bad, bad man! Please focus more on this important story.

    This message brought to you by the NFL, Roger Goodell, Ray and Janay Rice, the Baltimore Ravens, a few lawyers, a really good PR firm, and the legal system.

  9. Jerry has an alibi…

    He was in the Cheerleaders locker room at the time of the alleged incident…

  10. Where does the Commish stand on matters like this? Some would say that a billionaire owner should behave a little better or maybe it’s the viagra effect. Perhaps the girls were just attracted by Jerry’s great body?
    He can afford to pay every girl millions but his wife of over 50 years might not appreciate it.
    Keep it classy Jerry.

  11. It is all good and well howmuch everyone seems to enjoy laughing at Jerry Jones. I myself am always disturbed and disgusted with baseless lawsuits against those who have everything to lose just by being pointed at via innuendo. I want law enforcement to do a much better job at going after the liars, schemers, and blackmailers, and then upon conviction offering them absolutely no quarter. I truly hope Jerry Jones does fight this money grabbing huckster, sues for libel, and garnishes the person’s wages.

    Make an example of the extorter!

  12. Pathetic behavior by a horny old guy will have its consequences.
    Viagra is the root of many geezer problems these days . Imagine the 70+ year-old wives saying, “please go chase those young honeys, please leave me alone”!

  13. “How ’bout dem Cowboys?”
    Yep, an embarrassment from the owner to the QB to the “star” receiver…
    Tex and Tom are laughing their heads off in Football Heaven. They have to to keep from crying of how this Arkansas hillbilly has ruined a once great franchise.

  14. I’ll bet a lot of money it’s true. He’s a rich guy with rich friends. Cabin parties in the 90’s. It was just a matter of time.

  15. I agree this might be the strangest start
    to a football I’ve ever seen.
    I am laughing my dam ass off over this
    one. the NFL needs to clean house starting
    with the Commish.

  16. Roger Goodell may be thinking it is a good time to quit. All the owners seem to be going crazy now. He just dealt with the Colts Owner and now he has a lawsuit agaisnt Jones coming right after the multiple instances of Domestic Violence on the Ravens and 49ers. The NFL needs to get on top of this stuff now and Goodell needs to prove that the owners are responsible for their behavior as well as the players

  17. If you’re embarrassed by the NFL, you should watch… reality TV or some other wholesome product. This owner is an embarrassment. Ray Rice is an embarrassment. Jim Irsay is an embarrassment. And, 10% of the league’s other owners, players and staff who bring dishonor to themselves and the shield are an embarrassment. The rest don’t and the sport doesn’t deserve your derision.

  18. LAWSUIT. Not a complaint filed for an assault, the person is filing a lawsuit to gain. I am not a Cowboys fan and I also get a good kick out of Jones and his shenanigans, but this woman is accusing him in order to get money, not have him arrested for anything. Dudes are in their happy place thinking it’ll never happen to them. Woman’s word vs a man’s is gold. Get a divorce? Ex-wife gets half, alimony and custody of kids and dog plus child support. Woman didn’t like a guy embarrassing her in front of friends? File an assault charge. Lady won’t leave your house? Call the cops, you get hauled off and she stays in your house. I wouldn’t wish hoodrat and goldigger treachery on anyone.

  19. “I can testify that Jerry Jones was with me at the time of the alleged offense. He couldn’t have done it. I know him extremely well and he was with me all day!”

    – Jerry Jones’ Plastic Surgeon –

  20. This could be the long com. Sure, the plaintiff may not have a case, however if part of proving that involves sharing information about the pictures, and Jerry doesn’t want that to be made public, he would obviously settle. It’s a subtle enough way to legally blackmail somebody…

  21. Jerry should let Tony Romo defend him on this one. I can just see it: 7/8 through the case which looks like Jerry has won, Tony will drop the ball somehow and she wins after Romo’s gaffe!

  22. The crux of Weckerly’s suit is, per paragraph 22 of her complaint, a negligence claim that’s based on Sections 22.01 and 43.05 of the Texas Penal Code. Those sections criminalize, respectively, sexual assault and compelled prostitution. Somewhat surprisingly, Section 16.045 of Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code prescribes a five-year statute of limitations for those claims.

    Weckerly’s suit was filed yesterday, September 8, 2014. This means that if the alleged wrong occurred on or after September 8, 2009, the suit is timely. But paragraph 7 of the complaint alleges that the sexual misconduct occurred sometime in May or June 2009.

    If so, that would make the suit untimely.

    Huh?! Is there some other angle (e.g., tolling) that applies here that would save the complaint from being time-barred?

    Hmmmm . . .

  23. Jerry Jones is a joke waiting to happen.
    He’s like ZaZa Gabor..” I don’t care what they are saying as long as they are talking about me”.
    No kidding !
    Fits him to a T

  24. The one thing that’s certain here; Jerry’s a drunken old fool who has turned his team into a pathetic joke. True Blue Cowboys fans need to boycott not the Cowboys but Jerry Jones. Stop attending games and buying Cowboys merchandise until Jerry gets the message. Stop making it all about you, Jerry and fire yourself for the good of America’s Team.

  25. We see this over and over again — day in and day out.

    When you choose to become a public figure — you can’t do this goofy stuff.

    There is no good ending to such a story.

    George Steinbrenner, who was at least as high profile as Jerry, had the good sense to keep out of the spotlight, and out of no-win situations like these.

    Jerry just looks like a degenerate pathetic old man, no matter what the facts that come out.

  26. Buc fan here, could care less about Jerrah and the Cowboys, but I have to agree that this is a money grab, besides what took so long……5 years, C’mon man

  27. I’m surprised this has been kept so quiet here. Jerry threaten to sue when the pics came out?

    Money grab…no doubt, players get dragged through the mud for less and Jerry is barely mentioned.

  28. Fans of 31 NFL teams want Jerry Jones to remain the owner and GM of the Dallas Cowboys. Fans of the Dallas Cowboys are hoping Jerry Jones fondling of the young women in the photos will be enough to get Jerry banned/suspended from the NFL permanently.

    NFL holds everyone from team owners to waterboys at a higher standard according to the Conduct Detrimental to the League Policy.

    Question is now whether a 70 Something year old Jerry Jones fondling and groping young women is the image the NFL wants to portray as being appropriate or is it conduct that is detrimental to the National Football League.

    It wasn’t a one time event. Jerry Jones recently stated in an interview that the video of Stephen Jones, Jay Glazer and an NFL referee on one of the Cowboys Entertainment buses with a bunch of strippers was just part of the Entertaining that the Cowboys regularly do.

    Since the NFL has had no response to the photos and video of the Cowboys representing the league in this way, it would seem that it is exactly what the NFL wants to portray itself as being.

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