Kraft “would be shocked” if Rice ever plays in the NFL again


Ravens running back Ray Rice is done in the NFL, according to Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Kraft said on CBS This Morning that he can’t imagine any NFL owner being willing to have Rice on his team after seeing the video of Rice beating up his wife.

“Well, I don’t think he will play another NFL game,” Kraft said. “I would be shocked if some team would pick him up.”

But while Kraft was outraged at the Rice video, he isn’t joining in the widespread outrage at Roger Goodell’s too-slow reaction to the Rice case. Kraft said Goodell did everything he could with the information he had.

“He had no knowledge of this video,” Kraft said. “The way he has handled this situation himself, coming out with the mea culpa in his statement a couple weeks ago, or ten days ago, and setting a very clear policy of how we conduct ourselves in the NFL, I thought was excellent. Anyone who is second guessing that doesn’t know him.”

Of course, it’s fair to ask why Goodell hadn’t seen the video. If the NFL had done a more thorough investigation, Goodell would have seen the video. And instead of praising Goodell for his mea culpa regarding the initial two-game suspension, why not criticize Goodell for having to deliver that mea culpa in the first place?

Those are the questions being asked outside the NFL, but Goodell’s bosses — the owners — still approve of the job he’s doing. The NFL is more profitable than ever, and as long as Goodell doesn’t do anything that changes that fact, Kraft and his fellow owners will embrace Goodell. Even if they know Goodell screwed up in his handling of Rice.

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  1. No knowledge of this video? What Casino doesn’t have camera’s in its elevators? Why would they have a camera facing one but not in it? Stop trying to cover your butts….

  2. Kraft is becoming more and more of a shrill for Goodell and the NFL…

    if we are to believe that the NFL never saw the tape until yesterday then the NFL and the entire staff is incompetent. anyone knows there is a camera everywhere in every casino in AC and LV…to not work with the casino to get the tape shows the NFL wanted this to go away as soon as possible.

  3. I’m a Pats fan; but, Robert needs to shut his pie hole. Roger’s reputation has been clearly injured by this entire sordid affair and only focusing on Ray Rice smacks of additional cover-up by the NFL.

  4. Maybe the reason NFL did not aggressively pursue the video is because they were afraid it would look like, well, exactly what it ended up looking like.

  5. Geeze over react much…jersey exchange, cut, banished…
    IMO he already did his punishment….this has gone far enough. How about SF player who hit pregnant girl? He played. Ray has no priors and getting killed for this. I don’t like what he did but this has gone far enough…what’s next draw and quarter him and bury his bones on separate continents?

  6. So a tad off topic but literally every media outlet that reported on this when it happened wants us to believe that none of them called the league asking if they had seen all the videos that were available? Not one journalist did any research into the story? Come on.

  7. People keep blaming Goodell, but what if the only video he had was the hallway surveillance video?

    And what if he talked to Ray and his wife and they both said that SHE was the agressor, and that Ray pushed her away (hard) and she actually got “knocked out” by the rail? That seems to be what they were BOTH telling him.

    What if Ray apologized profusely… Said it’s never happened in the past and never will… And he’s already in counseling. And then on top of that, his wife (the victim) was begging and pleading Goodell to not punish Ray for “loosing his cool” while she was attacking him?

    I dont know everything that happened between the investigation, the videos, and the conversations between Ray, his wife, and Goodell. Chances are they BOTH painted a much different picture to get Ray a lighter punishment and Goodell fell for it.

    The reality is that video showed basically the worst case scenario and any weight that Goodell put in Ray and his wife’s story completely backfired on him and the whole NFL. Fortunately the right thing happened and he’s now out of the league.

    It’s never too late to do the right thing.

  8. Wasn’t he also shocked/duped that Aaronthal Hernandez had off the field issues?

    Stick to wearing skinny jeans and drooling on 28yr old model-actresses. You have no credibility.

  9. Ok – tell me about the subpoena power of the commissioner of the NFL?

    He has none? Ok – so the only way he gets this is if the Casino provides it to him (not in their best interest, especially after the initial video was leaked).

    In addition, I learned a long time ago, that if you ask a question, you better be prepared for the answer. I think the league never wanted to see this video – and after viewing it, I understand why…..

  10. Then there are about 15-50 players that need to never play in the NFL again starting with Mike Vick, Josh Brent, Aldon Smith, Ben Roslisburger, LaMicheal James ….etc etc

  11. dudermcrbohan says:
    Sep 9, 2014 12:13 PM
    why does this guy feel the need to weigh in on every issue? who cares what his opinion is?

    Read the thread, he was asked a question on a TV show.
    Is he not supposed to answer?

  12. He may not play football again. However, he’s a perfect candidate for ESPN. I could see him sitting next to Ray Lewis.

  13. This from the guy who put the ball that Cundiff kicked wide in the 2012 AFC championship game in his team’s museum, and who colloborated with Goddell to deny the Ravens a home opener when they started the 2013 season as defending champions. Kraft is a Ravens hater.

  14. The media feeding frenzy will die down in a few days…..lets see what the 49er’s do about Ray McDonald….If the NFL allows McDonald to continue to play the media will continue it’s assault on due process…

  15. Josh Brent actually kills a person and he’s back in the league so I don’t see how you can say Ray Rice won’t be back in the league.

    What he did was appalling and he deserves to be cut and miss a year but I feel as long as he’s repentant and doesn’t have any more domestic violence issues there is no real he shouldn’t be able to resume his NFL career and life.

  16. “…setting a very clear policy of how we conduct ourselves in the NFL”

    Yeah. 6 games for a 1st time domestic violence offense; indefinite suspension for a 2nd. Very clear indeed. Which is why 2 weeks later, in the first application of this clear and wonderful policy, Rice gets an indefinite suspension for a 1st offense.

  17. Even if the NFL didn’t see the video – what the hell did they think happened in there? To me the video showed exactly what I thought happened – Ray Rice knocking his lad out cold.

    Goodell is now clearly in circle-the-wagons, save-my-job mode.

  18. Why does everyone think it was so easy to get the tape? Many media outlets likely tried and couldnt get them. TMZ finally got it AFTER 7 months and probably tens of thousands of dollars! It’s not common practice for a company like a casino fo give away their survailance tapes to anyone outside of the police.

    Any employer cant just ask for another company’s survailance footage because they want to punish their employee. The correct response would be, “the police have the tape… Ask them for a copy”. Which is apparently what the NFL says they did.

  19. Goodell came out with the Mea Culpa because they knew that when the Revel Casino closed, that video would surface from a former employee “cashing in” their chips.

  20. Why is Bob Kraft. The bastion of integrity talking about another teams player… Oh wait I know, he has the commish in his pocket… Didn’t Roger burn the tapes, didn’t you have a serial killer on your roster? But let’s see some more highlights of you’re lovely classy wife… Bob Kraft is the biggest fraud the NFL has ever known, and NO u Brady knob slobbers, I’m not a Ravens fan, but this man is a disgrace

  21. Why did they need to see the video. Either he hit her or he didn’t. They were obviously aware he hit her or he wouldn’t have gotten the initial 2 game suspension.

  22. I have no complaints about the punishment Rice received from the NFL, but I’m curious to know why people think that employers should be involved in collecting evidence against employees who commit crimes outside the workplace? Don’t we have a criminal justice system for that?

    And putting TMZ aside for the moment, for the general case where only the police are in possession of evidence, are they obligated, or even allowed, to share it with private institutions?

    Some of these criticisms seem off the wall to me. The NFL is a sports league, not Scotland Yard.

  23. Goddell knew he knocked her uncontious. Why does he need to see the video make a better decision than he did?

  24. Goodell’s job, primarily, is to make the owners as much money as possible. For as much as he’s trying to destroy the game, he’s doing exactly what he was hired to do: Making the owners as much money as possible.

  25. “NFL Punishment for Domestic Violence:

    Two weeks if the perp is a “Good Guy”.

    Six weeks if enough people complain that two weeks isn’t enough.

    Lifetime ban if a video of the incident exists.”

    Signed, Roger Goodell

  26. I know what rice did was wrong. He was drunk and punched his wife. All he did was knock her out and he doesn’t get a 2nd chance. Let’s examine the others that still play or at least got 2nd chances. Don’t Stallworth was drunk and ran over a pedestrian. And some guy from the Rams was drunk driving and killed a family and they had second chances. WTF!!!! Rice will play again, even though what he did was wrong; not having a second chance when others have done by far much worse just shows how much the NFL (and other sports) are inconsistent with ethical evaluations.

  27. Robert kraft please stick too hanging out with 20 something year old models who in two years you will either marry or give her a settlement check too not disclose anything about your relationship, or she hangs around long enough until he dies so she can fight with his family over the patriots. And of course he doesn’t want ray rice in the league anyone remember ray going for 80 in that playoff game in Foxboro? Remember the ravens and pats hate each other..

  28. Ray Rice admitted to domestic assault on his then fiance, even apoligized pubicly, paid a fine, got a league 2 day suspension and was ordered to get counseling…So the league already knew he was suilty of hitting her and all of the suddent now that the video ‘leaked’ out they have to cover their asses.

    My question is where are all the He Did his Time comments from the Mike Vick supporters. Seems to me Ray Rice, just like Vick, did exactly what the courts ordered him to do.

    I am against what he did so don’t thin for a second I want him back in the NFL cause I do not…

    A violent crime is a violent crime regardless of the scenario.

    I don’t like what Mike and Ray did and both of them don’t deserve to play in the NFL along with any other vermin who’s commited violent crimes against the defenseless

  29. So does this mean that the first time domestic violence punishment will have sub-categories? First it is two games, then it is six games, now it is suspended indefinitely. There is a lot of back peddling going on here.

  30. 700levelvet says:
    Sep 9, 2014 12:23 PM
    Why is Bob Kraft. The bastion of integrity talking about another teams player… Oh wait I know, he has the commish in his pocket… Didn’t Roger burn the tapes, didn’t you have a serial killer on your roster? But let’s see some more highlights of you’re lovely classy wife… Bob Kraft is the biggest fraud the NFL has ever known, and NO u Brady knob slobbers, I’m not a Ravens fan, but this man is a disgrace

    Are you just stupid?

    Do you read?

    He was on a TV show, they asked him a question.

    Everybody is talking about it. owners , coaches and players from other teams.

  31. If you see the charred remains of a house it would be safe to assume it was caused by fire. You don’t need to see the fire to know the house was burnt down! If you see his wife KO’D and you know there was a fight, you don’t need to see the film to know he hit her! The punishment and the reaction should have been the same.

  32. I’m in the small minority (including his wife) of people who don’t care about this at all. In this day and age women get drunk, spit on, berate, and punch/hit men over and over until they react. Women should be taught that if you want to be a loud “tough guy” and hit people then be prepared that the person they hit might return a blow back after. I’m not for any gender hitting any gender but once you start with horrible provoking behavior and then put your hands one someone…all bets are off on the reaction you might get back.

    This was already dealt with legally and she then married him afterwords. The Ravens have the right to cut him but it was ridiculous that he is suspended until his daddy Roger says he can play again. What a creep

  33. I’m no Goddell apologist, but what I don’t get is why media, included, continuously takes the “pile on” approach to situations like this.

    Roger and his peep’s got it wrong on the 2 games suspension. The public told them what they thought of that, and he did do a mea culpa … admitting his wrong and taking steps to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

    People will make mistakes. How they handle those mistakes and correct that behavior moving forward is what matters.

    PFT would be better served to focus on reporting on football related news instead of playing judge, jury, and executioner from a ‘holier than thou’ perch … unless, much like the NFL protecting their interests, it’s in PFTs best interest to keep all angles of the story live so eyeballs stay on screens and those impression/click ad tickers keep climbing.

  34. Americans absolutely love our dogs. Yet Vick was allowed back in the league after paying his dues to society and showing true contrition.

    PS, Goodell knew and is a liar.

  35. So, let me get this straight….

    Domestic violence: 6 game suspension
    Domestic violence CAUGHT ON TAPE: indefinite/lifetime suspension

    Got it.

  36. The punch Ray Rice threw at his wife Janay could have killed her. Rice will not do any jail time. Charges will be dropped once he completes his pretrial intervention program. And the DA (who had access to the video) agreed to all of this.

    Goodell and the NFL’s behavior has been shameful, but the DA’s behavior is what makes me shake my head in disbelief.

  37. Just a couple of questions…. Were any charges filed? Was he convicted of anything? Did she leave him or are they still together?

  38. What Ray Rice did was wrong and he should suffer the consequences. But what the Ravens, and the NFL are doing to him is not honorable. It’s just an attempt at looking like they are doing the politically correct thing after the public saw a video they both knew existed. Cutting the player and an indefinite supsension is the same as Arron Hernandez for allegdly killing 3 people. Ray Rice isn’t the first athlete to hit a women, but he seems to be the one being used as an example. OK, now they ruined his life and his wifes. In my mind, that doesn’t make the Ravens or the NFL look any better. Maybe they should suffer some consequences.

  39. I don’t believe for one second that the NFL made a good faith attempt to obtain the video. This is not a case of negligence on the part of Goodell, it was a blatant cover up. Fans should be demand he be held accountable and be fired?

  40. I do agree with some comments hear about Kraft. He’s statement is kind of ironic for team that had the evidence destroyed by the NFL. I wonder if we would have seen the same outrage with those tapes would have came out. I wonder if Belichick’s, fine would be so light. It seems to be that was more egregious to the integrity of the game than what Ray Rice did.

  41. I am disgusted by the actions of Ray Rice and the punishment must fit the crime! But let’s read between the lines here of Kraft’s statement: the owners are supporting the cover-up of this screwup by the Commish! And, no owner will give Rice a 2nd chance at redemption in the NFL to earn a living as a player. I got you Kraft – as long a you getting your checks everything is cool with Roger G. The American Way!

  42. Anyone think for a second that Ray Rice lied to Goodell about what happened in the elevator – and the video totally contradicted what he said? And that’s what led to the banning?

  43. Thats odd, they have allowed players who have killed people drunk in their cars to play again. This is bad but she does still get to wake up today.
    Some time will pass, Rice will make his way to Tony Dungy and start the rehab process. I wouldn’t ever want him on my team but I wouldn’t have wanted Lenard Little or Donte Stallworth either.

  44. Ray is in the wrong and should be punished pretty hard but if we had video of all the bad behavior that goes on by these players nobody would be left to play. Making punishment rules up(banishment) as behavior happens is unfair.

  45. I wonder if the incidents where Talib got arrested for firing shots or when Blount’s boys stomped on the hood of a car with a woman inside was caught on tape if the Patriots would have still fallen all over themselves to pick them up.

    Shut up Kraft!

  46. Goodell can no longer be prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner.

    He doesn’t seek or look at the evidence ( Rice ); he destroys evidence he does have ( Patriots ) ; he says he has 50,000 documents of evidence when he has none ( Saints ); he suspends a person for a year when there is no evidence at all that he did anything wrong ( Sean Payton ); he delivers uneven justice ( owners who are arrested for drugs get rehab and a wrist slap, but players who are aren’t even arrested get long suspensions ); he says he’s worried about concussions, but then proposes more Thursday games and a longer season; etc.

    His judgment is not trusted. Neither the players nor the public have any confidence in him whatsoever. Only the 32 billionaires who pay him $40 million per year – and thus own him – want him to retain the power given him under the CBA.

    Here’s what should happen:

    The players should go on strike and stay on strike until the CBA is amended (1) to provide for a commissioner selected by the owners and the players association together ( a process could easily be set up to do this ), with a reasonable salary to be paid by both sides, and (2) a fair and impartial hearing process, with appeal rights, for all players ( and owners ) accused of misconduct under the CBA.

  47. Look at all the raven’s fans, ray rice apologists, and Kraft haters here. For a decade, every raven fan has trashed NE football threads with cheater, spygate, and belicheat comments, they are the first ones to comment…have done the same thing for almost a decade, but they want this rice situation over right now, they can’t take it for 2 days…lol. Not going to happen, ratbird fans. The only thing more sickening than rice knocking out his wife, were the local baltimore newspaper articles, defending rice. I won’t even start on the brainless raven’s coach telling the world what a great guy rice is, and ozzie gruesome, the grand wizard, who seems to have pulled a disappearing act.

  48. Lewis, Vick and now Rice to name a few. Slowly but surely the NFL is becoming infiltrated with bad apples…. Soon nothing will separate the NFL from NBA. We need to look into why this is happening and nip it in the bud now..

  49. After the initial suspension was announced, Roger sends out a stooge (Birch) to defend himself. After calls for his job, Roger defends himself by hiding behind his best buddy owner he burned tapes for. This idiotic coward should go immediately.

  50. Spygate is way worse than the Rice story. The worst thing to happen in the history of sports anywhere at any time.

    When will Goodell fold the Patriots franchise?

  51. His bosses approve of his actions because he is a puppet.

    I’m fine with any of the owners that want to stick themselves onto Goodell and go down with him to hop aboard the cowardly express.

  52. Krafts right. If he was a mediocre QB or a good defensive end then yes he’d be back. But as a RB he is replaceable. especially since even if he played the ravens running game would still be bad. It’s about weighing the backlash against the results and for ray rice the results don’t outweigh the backlash. For aldon smith or Michael Vick the scale went the other way.

  53. You ppl are DAFT!

    The NFLPA protected Rice and THAT is why he got 2 games. Everyone forgets that he was a dues-paying union guy. The NFLPA wanted their dues for the year and Rice wanted his salary but those could not be secured until they could fight to get a short suspension for Rice.

    In the NFPA’s mind, everyone wins b/c the players union gets their dues from Rice, Rice gets his guaranteed salary, and Goodell/NFL owners get the blame.

  54. No knowledge?!
    I knew this video existed!
    It was reported right after the indecent. That statement is a complete lie.

    But what about all the other wife beaters? As long as there isn’t video, its ok to beat a woman?!

  55. i speak bob kraft. allow me to translate to regular english…..

    “he made sure he never saw the video; this ensured he could deny having done so. when it became apparent that the video was going to surface, he issued a mea culpa letter to put oil on the water. he installed unilaterally a new discipline system which he then violated by imposing a different one on a first time offender. this is to show he is tough, although we are losing some traction on the clarity thing…. but at the end of the day, i helped put him in the job, he did the right thing in strangling videogate before it hurt the bottom line, and i’ve got his back now. Of course, our support is contingent on this strategy working and our bottom line remaining steady.”

  56. The only victim here is the wife not the NFL. They should let him play and give the paycheck to her. By cutting or suspending him, the only thing she got was a husband with no job and no health care for her and her family.

  57. So is every first offense going to get thrown out of the league now is it 6 games unless it’s on tape NFL you are a joke make a rule and stick with it. Kid made a mistake and should pay but you have worse people then him in this league clean house then. Clowns run this league

  58. He will play again I’m sure. If Mike Vick can play and become a starting QB after all that surely Rice can get back in.

    He’ll lean on the lord, Tony Dungy will mentor him, Goodell will have some “very good talks” with him and some coach will give him a shot at becoming the 3rd string RB which really means the 1st rb. It will probably happen as early as next year.

  59. This is ridiculous. Rice hitting his fiance is a personal matter. Not a good thing but not something a person should lose his lively hood over and be black balled for. I find it astounding that so many people who have no skin in the game can think not letting this guy play again is justified and a good thing. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. This is a matter for law enforcement. If his fiance doesn’t want to press charges then that’s her business. Rice deserves a suspension and counseling for him and his fiance. That’s it. End of story.

  60. They’re trying anything and everything to save their lapdog Goodell.

    You’d think they’d have sense enough to use an owner with a little credibility, instead of trotting out Kraft, and acknowledged cheater. May as well have propped up dead al as an example of league ethics.

  61. Meanwhile, Brandon Marshall, a REAL domestic abuser/wifebeater/wife terrorizer, will be cheered by millions this Sunday & appear on NFL Network during the week. Meanwhile, Leonard Little KILLED a woman. Meanwhile, Ray Lewis, who obstructed the investigation of a man’s MURDER, just had a statue made for him.

    Also, of course that shill Kraft is going to back Goodell & say that “Goodell didn’t know about the video.” Goodell already had Kraft’s back many times before, including when he collected the Spygate tapes and DESTROYED THEM before anyone saw them, saying “Meh, don’t worry guys, there wasn’t anything on there anyway.”

  62. I think that the owners and Goodell are scared of the latest trend … in the NBA two multi-billionaire owners forced out in a year for private, vile, insensitive communications. How is that happening? The media and the social media are feeding each other into a frenzy that is impossible to sustain. People are forced to respond and respond now.

    Goodell took a lot of heat for not dealing appropriately with a wife beater. You can see the league and the owners wanting to get as far away as possible as fast as possible from the controversy.

  63. And now it’s time for Kraft to scratch Goodell’s back, that’s how the “good ol’ boy’s” club works. Goddell is supported by a “majority” of owners, the boys in the club. Goodell’s time has come and now GONE! Time to put the power up for grabs again in the NFL.

  64. De Smith needs to go, NOT Goodell and Kraft. De Smith protects these wife beaters. But everyone forgets all about that b/c the agenda is to blame the “evil corporations” and “insensitive individuals” instead of the enablers i.e. De Smith and the NFLPA.

  65. anyone else find it funny that the NFL destroyed the Spygate tape because it was “damaging” to the Pats, but apparently didn’t think to go after the elevator tape?

    the league is dirty, goodell is a corporate stooge for the owners, and not even TO has enough popcorn to enjoy the next few days as the NFL’s rep continues to fall to unseen levels…

  66. You ppl are letting the NFLPA get off without any blame whatsoever. Don’t you think that Rice’s agents and the NFLPA had vested interests in protecting him and minimizing his punishment?

    Oh no we must turn a blind eye to the enablers of this wife beater and instead blame the people in a position of authority b/c it’s easier. The union protects the players from the legal consequences of their actions, not the NFL itself.

  67. ‘…The NFL is more profitable than ever, and as long as Goodell doesn’t do anything that changes that fact, Kraft and his fellow owners will embrace Goodell. Even if they know Goodell screwed up in his handling of Rice.

    I would argue that the league has become more popular & more profitable due to the proliferation of fantasy football more than anything else & not b/c of anything Goodell has done. The only products that’s easier to sell than the NFL are high quality narcotics.

  68. Hey Kraft where are your Lucky Charms you cheap snakeskin salesman. However I have to agree w/ the demented leprechaun here–Ray Rice’s playing career is DONE.

  69. This situation has zero to do with Kraft, he was asked a question, and he answered it. Don’t put the rice situation on Kraft, put it where it belongs, right on the ravens, their coach who still thinks rice is a great guy, the owner, the GM, and most of all, Rice…who denied he knocked her out, and lied about it. Goodell should be fired for mishandling the situation…. But he makes too much money for the owners, he’s not going anywhere. Additionally, I don’t believe for one minute that he didn’t realize the situation was a lot worse than rice and his wife were admitting. I don’t know if he saw the full tape or not, doesn’t matter. He botched this whole thing, from start to finish.

  70. I’d be surprised but not shocked.

    He’s got three problems.

    1 – the incident which includes the tape, etc.

    2 – his position at RB

    3 – his age at 28

    Let’s say this all blows over “more or less” in a year. Now who’s going to sign a 29 year old, scarred RB and take all the dredging up of this stuff that goes with it?

  71. Kraft is the least ethical owner in the league. Roger destroyed his tapes to protect him… just imagine what else Goodell has done to hide Kraft’s actions. Now Goodell is trying to use Kraft’s “I was duped” excuses to.. again, hide his actions.

    Goodell and Kraft need to go.. and go now!

    The cover-up here is worse than the crime.

  72. How many veteran former police detectives, FBI agents, law enforcement professionals, are on the NFL security payroll?

    How many of those above knew the former law enforcement personnel who were part of the NJ casino staff?

    The public knows how well connected LE is. They also know the powerful reach of the NFL.

    Stop playing the public for a fool.

    Kraft appearing on the morning talk shows is running interference for the NFL. Company spin.

  73. was he shocked when dante stallworth came back after killing a guy while he was drunk driving? how about when the guy from the rams killed a mother of 3 while drunk driving? if they should be allowed to play,why should ray rice not be able to?

  74. Hey Kraft – Some of us are “shocked” by the lack of due diligence by the Patriot organization RE one Aaron Hernandez.

    How many dead bodies resulted from a player you chose to employ, and financially empower, in spite of all the red flags that surrounded him coming out of college?

    Seems like you and Goodell will do just about anything if it’s profitable to your bottom line.

  75. Not an excuse for Rice he deserves what he gets. I bet him and every owner of an NFL team knows of players on their team that have done worse.

  76. Goodell was incompetent at best (for allegedly not knowing about the video in the elevator–a competent investigation would have quickly uncovered the video) and misogynistic at worst (for not suspending Rice for good after the first hearing). I don’t think Goodell should be fired this time, but one more strike of this magnitude and he should be gone. As far as Ray Rice goes, I’ll only say this: if any team ever considers bringing him back to play in the NFL, there will be marching and protesting in the streets. This incident has touched a nerve across the country, and the NFL has a big black eye right now. Bringing Rice back would be a stupid, stupid move for any number of reasons. If the NFL values their money (and Lord knows they do), they’ll stay far, far away from Ray Rice in perpetuity. He’s poison.

  77. Kraft?…Isnt he the guy who was allowed to usurped the anti trust laws so that we all get to pay $20.00 for 4 razor blades…..

  78. When you make eight figures a year, there are no excuses. Willful negligence can be proven by circumstantial evidence in this case. If someone professes they had no knowledge of the tape, let them perjure themselves. I’d like to see an affidavit reflecting Kraft’s assertion.

  79. I will bet you that if Ray “Hands Of Stone” Rice was a New Orleans Saints football player Roger Goody Two Shoes would have had Rice suspended for one year for using his then girlfriend and spouse as his sparring partner inside an elevator. The Ravens are the darlings of the league since Ray Lewis is considered Superman by the media. I am sure Hands Of Stone will be picked up by another football team next year like the ahem Raiders.

  80. Getting tired of Kraft. If he wants to talk, he should talk about his own team. But hearing his take on Ray Rice, the prospects of moving teams to London and/or LA is just annoying.

  81. I believe Kraft when he says Goodell had no knowledge of the video. After all, Kraft knows first-hand from Spygate that if there is video evidence that could harm the league, Goodell will make sure it gets destroyed

  82. Shame on Kraft. What a hypocrite. He’s taken pictures with Floyd Mayweather, Correy Dillion beat his wife. Where was Kraft then?

    The only reason he’s speaking up to defend Goodell is to return the favor for covering up the biggest cheating scandal in NFL history.

    Kraft is the biggest dirtbag sitting in ownership position. His comments reflect that. He is best to just keep to his own slimy business.

  83. Donte Stallworth killed someone while driving drunk – back in the league.

    Leanard Little killed someone while driving drunk – back in the league

    Michael Vick – killed and tortured animals for over a year – back in the league

    But Ray Rice should never ever see the field again because hitting a woman is much worse than killing a man. SMH…

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