NFL needs to hire outside investigator on Rice case

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The NFL could have learned many lessons from the handling of the bounty case.  Ultimately, the NFL learned the hard way that, sometimes, a third party should be hired to conduct internal investigations.

As the Ray Rice situation continues to careen off the rails, overshadowing an otherwise successful first week of the 2014 regular season, the NFL needs to retain an independent, third-party investigator to find out exactly what happened, and what didn’t happen, in connection with the NFL’s efforts to collect all relevant evidence regarding the February incident involving Rice and his then-fiancée, now wife, Janay.

The outside investigation needs to begin with the Ravens and to continue with the league office.  The NFL needs to find out exactly what the Ravens knew, when they knew it, what they believed, what they assumed, whether they saw the tape, whether they didn’t see the tape, and all other facts and circumstances regarding the manner in which the Ravens collected all facts and circumstances relating to the Rice case.

Then, the outside investigation needs to turn over every relevant stone at 345 Park Avenue, finding out what the league knew, when the league knew it, what the league did in order to know things, what the league didn’t do in order to know things, and everything else that would help the league office, the owners, and the public understand how such a seemingly straightforward situation became so badly bungled.

Unlikely many, I believe that the team and the league didn’t see the tape before Monday.  Like many, I’m befuddled by the team’s and the league’s failure to get the tape.  At a time when it feels like the NFL is circling the wagons and/or individual employees of the team and/or the league are looking for cover, the only way to restore public respect in and support of the all-important shield is to set aside agendas and self-interests and get to the truth.

At this point, the only way to do that is to retain someone with no stake in the outcome to find out precisely how the team and the league got to this point.

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  1. How would hiring an outside investigator include someone with no stake in outcome? They would be paid by the NFL and if they like their job, I bet they would do all they could to keep their employer happy.

  2. The horse is dead. Stop beating it.

    The first week of the year is just completed and every other story is about some p.o.s. abuser? This is supposed to be a football site, let TMZ handle the tabloid crap.

  3. Sounds logical, but I’d be surprised if the NFL did it.

    NFL is all about control. If they did this, it would merely take the pressure off Goodell for the short term, and allow them to have a chance to get back on top of the narrative.

  4. This is exactly what needs to happen. I’m a Ravens PSL Owner and want to know what the organization knew and what they did. And if people in high positions need to go as a result, so be it. I’m trying to avoid jumping to conclusions on who knew what and when, and who did what to get the tape. But I want answers and this is the way to get it.

    I really hate agreeing with Florio. Another reason why these past few days have sucked!

  5. So Tags has to come back to clean up this mess too? If it happens a third time, then it would be what is called a “pattern”.

  6. An independent investigation is the best course of action for NFL corporate (Goodell) because the investigation would take months and a report would not be released until the offseason, at which point emotions will have cooled.

    The best course of action for NFL teams/owners is for Goodell and whoever led the Ride investigation to resign. Now.

  7. It would be nice if the journalists covering it weren’t basically league employees. I bet even you could get far more information out than we have available, but will you, or will you take Peter King’s position of “I hope someone figures this out.”

  8. pretty sure roger goodell will want to be the guy that hires the investigator, and reviews their work prior to its release to the public and media.

    he will also want to be appeals officer should any review lead to disciplinary action.

    it’s why there is no hgh agreement, right?

  9. I love how this is turned into an anti-Goodell issue. The idea that the NFL would protect an aging running back on a domestic violence is issue is absurd. People just love a conspiracy and love to judge others, especially those that make more money than them. Let it go rubes.

  10. Get over it. The NFL is the most corrupt non-profit organization in the world. There are many other things that need to be investigated, starting with an audit of the NFL owners.

  11. Sometimes the easiest answer is the right answer. I suspect simple laziness.

    Goodell: What REALLY happned?
    Rice: We were drunk, got in a fight I made a mistake.
    Goodell: Ok, sounds good to me. Don’t do it again- 2 Games!

  12. enough already! you wanted him to do more and as soon as he got the video he did! is the NFL suppose to do the state police’s job for them? if he rushes and bans him before the legal system is finished you,the nflpa and civil liberties union are on him about due process. he made the suspension on information he had. once the video came he banned him what is there left to investigate? stop writing about it already! he is gone and it is time to move on until the next case.

  13. No, they don’t need to do any of this. Ray Rice is out of the league. Case closed. Let’s start focusing in Mike Tomlin and Jim Harbaugh. Why were their criminal players on the field this week. Where is Jim’s 0 tolerance policy?

  14. Perhaps the NFL needs a better system of checks and balances? Perhaps Goodell shouldn’t be judge, jury and executioner in these matters? If Goodell only answers to Jerry Jones types, it’s only a matter of time before American Football loses its spot atop the sports podium we’ve come to worship. I myself am still riding the World Cup wave. I actually went to my 1st MLS game a month ago. I now recommend the sport the rest of the world loves.

  15. I’m with Polamalu and the Steelers players reasons for rejecting the CBA on this one. If the Commissioner is the prosecutor, decider of fact, and sentencing judge, there is an accountability problem. Something has to change and the place to start is with that.

  16. Considering this is a four-alarm unmitigated PR disaster, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the league’s more unpopular proposed initiatives get scaled back (or tabled) for quite some time.

  17. I Guarantee this:

    The Revel closing had to do with this video surfacing a week later. Some security guard just “cashed in” his chips with that video.

  18. This incident occurred in a casino where there are cameras, literally, everywhere. The only way the NFL didn’t see the video is if they intentionally didn’t ask for it and look at it to cover their own a$$e$. Shame on the NFL.

  19. What’s to investigate? Whether Rog is always on the wrong side of the curve? Or that he only reacts upon public indignation, unless it has to do with Dan Snyder?

  20. Goodell needs to be fired. This brings up how everything hes done has been handled. The patriots tapes? Did he brush them under the rug too. Hes to worried about td celebrations and players wearing socks to high. Hes gotta go

  21. Florio, have really lost your mind and believe that the NFL didn’t see the tape? they saw the tape on the way in and the way out but said you know what that’s all we need to see. I mean it’s absurd to think that a casino in AC would have a camera in the elevator? Especially one that cost 2.5 billion to build.

    What I find amusing as well is the State of NJ and Rice’s lawyer’s had the tape. Why is their no outrage at NJ for letting him walk?

  22. fivechampionships says:
    Sep 9, 2014 11:18 AM
    This is exactly what needs to happen. I’m a Ravens PSL Owner and want to know what the organization knew and what they did. And if people in high positions need to go as a result, so be it. I’m trying to avoid jumping to conclusions on who knew what and when, and who did what to get the tape. But I want answers and this is the way to get it.

    I really hate agreeing with Florio. Another reason why these past few days have sucked!

    ha ha ha….omg yes exactly!!!!

  23. Answer: The police never charged Rice with a crime. The Atlantic City police essentially said, “Nothing to see, here. Move along.”
    Roger Goodell < Perry Mason

  24. They both did not see the tape because they didn’t want to see the tape. Didn’t take a Rhodes scholar to figure out what happened inside that elevator. Now they can just play the “we didn’t know” card and self righteously get on their high horse. Former Pres. R Reagan called it plausible deniability.

  25. YES… give a rest will you. You got him out of football…. let them get on with their lives…

    AND It may NOT necessarily be ‘battered’ woman syndrome.. maybe a one occurance !

    He is in treatment….


    do not the authorities, the law, conclude this also ?

  26. Before it does it should do the thing that’s more correct than penalizing Ray Rice, fire Goodell.

    Why would you ever want mark Emmert’s protégé to stay??

  27. Good Lord people…it’s done. Move on. Goodell and the NFL obviously made an error in judgment initially in this case…they admitted so and corrected it. Does everyone that makes a mistake require a public lynching by the media?

  28. TMZ got the tape because they pay big money. They did this for the in the Jay-Z/Solange tape and the security employee subsequently got the sack.

    The police have the power to have obtained the video, but I doubt the hotel would have given it up to the NFL.

  29. What about the New Jersey detectives that investigated? Seems to me they are the ones at fault for shoddy police work NOT the NFL. If they had that and failed to produce it then shame on them. If they didn’t have it, then shame on them again for not making sure they had all the possible evidence. And how about the casino, did they withhold evidence? You people wanting to fire Goodell need to chill until ALL the facts are in. You people remind me of a lynching mob or a mob on a witch hunt. Let’s don’t get the facts, let’s just hang’em. You’d be the first ones crying like a baby about your rights if you were the ones being hunted

  30. If the NFL didn’t see this video, it’s only because they held their hands over their eyes like a “See No Evil” monkey.

  31. Of course Florio believes the NFL when they say they never saw the tape. Who do you think pays his salary (indirectly).

    Peter King said the NFL saw the tape. Cris Carter tweeted the HE saw the tape. Chris Mortenson described exactly what happened in the elevator weeks ago (meaning either he saw the tape or talked to someone who did).

    So are we to believe that the MIGHTY NFL didn’t see the tape? If so, it’s ONLY because they didn’t want to see it.

    Cover up is always worse than the crime.

  32. stop beating the dead horse. its over. no second chance for ray the wife beater. if everyone deserves a second chance theni guess aaron hernandez deserves a second chance to . vick didn’t deserve a second chance either. shame on the eagles and jets for signing him. but when your a loser franchise who’s very desperate to become relevant again, you’ll hire anyone who can make plays no matter what hes done.

  33. We always hear about the Shield… having to protect the Shield.

    Owners may be punished (Irsay).

    Definitely players, front office executives…

    Well, the league itself and the commissioner have hurt the Shield with this entire fiasco.

    I’m NOT call for Goodell to be fired, but honestly, others hurt the Shield and are punished, fined, suspended etc…

    CEO’s and President’s of this nation make mistakes too as they’re only human.

    Goodell is only human. He won’t and hasn’t batted one thousand.

    I think the commissioner should be fined, punished or suspended for a bit for hurting the Shield.

    I could see a player in the near future who gets called into Goodell’s office to account for his behavior and then having that player, nicely, ask why the commissioner hurt the Shield and wasn’t punished.

    It’s a cop out to say there aren’t rules in place for this or that there isn’t a precedent.

    Sometimes something bad enough happens and that becomes the precedent. ALL precedents have to have a starting point too.

  34. They should get Freeh to do the investigation so that he can make assumptions and fill in the blanks with his own guesses so that the media can really hammer down on them.

  35. Then, why not congressional hearings? Obama has already weighed in, so, why not drag all pertinent parties in front of a congressional committee?

    Forget that the whole thing was caught on tape. Inquiring minds want to know! Especially those minds that are up for re-election.

  36. Did anyone see the “before” outside the elevator video before yesterday? That was the first time I saw it. I had wrongly assumed that the fiancé was drunk out of her skull so that any hit, even a slight one, could have knocked her unconscious.

    If the “before” video was available it is clear that she was fine before boarding the elevator and Goodell should have suspended Ray for an undetermined time pending the video being made available to him from Ray’s attorney. If it wasn’t provided he should have presumed the worst and given him a year’s suspension.

    Not getting the video and making a two game suspension ruling was a big, big error that could cost Goodell his job.

  37. It may be over for a lot of you, and thats fine. After all, this is just a football league. But for me, I spend a lot of time, money and passion supporting the Ravens organization and I want to see that the people in charge of it are acting with integrity. Regardless of what the message board idiots say, to this point I have believed that Bisciotti, Ozzie and Harbaugh are men of integrity, as they have given me every reason to think so. This worries me. I dont think they saw the video, but it seems like they should have. I want to know what happened. I dont care about the league office. But I do care about my team’s leadership.

  38. Based on what Peter King and Chris Mortensen reported back in July, they did see the tape.

    Here is what Peter King wrote back in July- “There is one other thing I did not write or refer to, and that is the other videotape the NFL and some Ravens officials have seen, from the security camera inside the elevator at the time of the physical altercation between Rice and his fiancée.”

    And then Chris Mortensen also wrote in July, “We saw the TMZ video of what happened outside—when he was dragging her out unconscious—but inside, I’m told from those who have seen the video, it wasn’t pretty.”

    So was Peter wrong back in July? And how did Mort know so many people who had seen the video? How was it possible that Mort talked to people who had seen the video and the league I guess didn’t talk to these people and didn’t find out how so many people had seen the video.

  39. I understand how some fans just want to sweep this old news away and concentrate on the game, but the Commish needs to be above suspicion of corruption or incompetence if he’s to police the league’s policies. The best option might be for Goodell to resign, but since he probably won’t, he needs to be investigated, too, with the possibility of league action.

  40. If Florio was under investigation for some heinous act caught on a c-store video camera, do you think the store would provide the tape to MBC?
    #1 the cops told them not to.
    #2 If his lawyer had the tape, and NBC forced him to divulge it, lawyer client privilege?
    Here comes the lawsuit and Florio would own NBC. I am not a bit surprised that the NFL never saw the tape based on the problems it could have caused them by trying to force the issue.

  41. An investigation needs to be done to determine if the wife did something that would enrage, even an average good man to punch her.
    My ex wife did that on a regular basis to me.
    Somehow, a lot of women feel like they can antagonize a guy to death, with no repercussions.
    Well, that issue should be looked into in this case.
    She was cussing him, and spitting in his face in the elevator. What was she doing before they got into the elevator….?
    I think it is a crime to execute and bury Rice, without knowing ALL of the details that led up to the incident.

  42. the idea of not seeing the video is only wording. if the nfl had someone who saw the video and wrote a report on the contents, they never saw the video.

    can not understand, however, how a bunch of lawyers put out a false statement. the nfl saying NJSP handles contolled tape and criminal investigation, when their jurisdiction is limited to the gaming areas and activities is clearly incorrect, and will blow up in their faces. atlantic city pd handles hotel crime and other related issues. by releasing such an obvious lie, the league has opened the floodgates.

    while i knew the nfl was becoming slimeball in its quest for the dollar, i had no idea the slimeballs running things were also incompetent.

  43. Most of you commenting about “enough already” and “get over it” fail to realize this is just the beginning. Domestic violence is a massive issue and affects 1 in 4 women. It’s not about Ray as much as it is the NFL and Goodell trying to sweep this under the rug, same way Penn state did. Telling victims everywhere YOU DONT MATTER, MONEY DOES. It’s a real shame your mothers did not teach you any better. No one (except Florio, it seems) is truly stupid enough to believe they could not get their hands on this video if they so desired. They lied and continue to do so. Again, a slap in the face to dv victims everywhere. Actions say it all, and those of you siding with the popular opinions do so because you dont know any better–which is exactly why more attention needs to be given to this matter, and education and awareness raised. Your saying “shut up already” only demonstrates how every little you know about the violent abuse and suffering of millions of women and children.

  44. I’m no fan of Goodell, but the position that Goodell hid or tried not to get to the bottom of this makes no sense. For the last several years Goodell has been Judge, Jury & Executioner, which people have complained about.

    So now people say he didn’t do enough to uncover the video. Strange considering this guy has made it his mission to personally clean up the NFL. He would relish the chance to uncover and release this video.

    Most likely, the prosecution office wanted no one to see this, so their decision not to be prosecuted could not be disputed. This looks bad for the prosecution more so than the NFL.

    As far as the release of the tape, very obvious someone SOLD the tape and that was the plan all along. Again, not a fan of Goodell, but you can’t have it both ways. The PA complains he makes to much of an example, and now not enough???

  45. Why does anybody need to hire an independent investigator? What is this? Benghazzi? Its just football. RG admitted he screwed up when he originally suspended RR for 2 games and has been trying to fix it by setting up a stern policy for domestic abuse. Does it really matter if the NFL knew or should have known RR hit his wife in the elevator after the first video? I can make a case that given the initial evidence showing RR dragging his unconscious wife out of an elevator should probably be enough to conclude he hit her. RR was wrong and the NFL was wrong for not taking this more seriously. The optics are terrible for a league that tries to attract male and female fans.

    So what is your independent investigator going to come up that is different? I would love to have someone in any level of our government admit they made a mistake and then try to fix it like RG has. Save your investigator for a politician who is too afraid to admit they made a mistake because they are afraid they won’t get re-elected.

  46. It is unimaginable that the NFL could not have obtained a copy of the video prior to determining punishment. As the Commish’s office is responsible for disciplinary action they failed to exhaust all means. As a former Army company and battalion commander who was responsible for the discipline of the unit, it’s only right to exhaust all means prior to administering discipline. The NFL for the most part has usurped the authority of team owners and management and, therefore, the process and this mess lies at the feet of the Commish!

  47. The media wants more fodder for stories so they’re scrambling for ‘investigations’ to dig up some more.

    Gotta keep that hot story rolling, they don’t really care so much about the truth, it’s mostly about the hits online, the advertising being paid, mediots in the limelight — money, money, money!!!

  48. Its not over. It is just beginning. The owners need to take responsibility for this since the Commissioner works for the owners. Strongly suggest the Owners set up an executive committee to investigate this with a former US Attorney or federal Judge as chief counsel. Some answers they need to uncover.
    -When did the NFL employees know about the tape-if before yesterday what did they do?
    -When did Goodell know about the tape-if before yesterday what did he do?
    -When did Harbaugh know about the tape-if before yesterday what did he do?
    -When did the Raven Owner know about the tape-if before yesterday what did he do?
    -Did the NFL /Ravens Owner ask the DA to drop charges?
    – Who asked the fiancé to not press charges/say it was her fault? Why?
    -Did anyone imply or suggest that she would receive money in exchange for her silence?
    -Was there a coordinated effort by NFL employees, Goodell, Owners or Coach to cover up the fact there was a tape by their actions or inaction? A review of emails and text messages should be done.
    I think the larger NFL fan base is demanding answers to these questions. One last note, if the investigator determines a crimes / conspiracy took place, the evidence should be turned over to FBI/Justice Dept for prosecution. Spot on PFT.

  49. Unfortunately, what the NFL should do and what the NFL actually does are quite often the exact opposite of one another. Goodell either saw the tape and rendered a grossly inadequate decision or he failed miserably in his duty to investigate a very serious matter. After all of his other failed investigations (Patriotsgate, Bountygate, etc.) and utter inability to inject some amount of common sense into punishments (Josh Gordon, etc.), he has lost all credibility to conduct this critical part of his job. He should be fired now.

  50. Outside investigator? Seems like a waste of time and money. Having the NFL investigated over this would be a witch hunt at this point.

    Besides, we all know the findings would not have any impact in terms of consequences. NFL is a big money entity and we know how that works.

    A true outside investigation should have been conducted by law enforcement. Regardless of Janay declining to press charges, charges for this act of brutality could easily be brought forth in the category of “assault with a deadly weapon”.

    But that didn’t happen despite the fact that police investigators surely had all the evidence they would need for a conviction.

    So…let it go. The public outcry alone tarnishes the league. Bet they won’t make this mistake again.

  51. Rather than hire a professional investigator, and wade ever deeper into the personal lives of their players, how about if the NFL focus their attention on issues that directly impact the league (e.g. substance abuse and gambling) and leave legal matters to the local authorities and to individual teams for punishment.

  52. no second chance for ray the wife beater. if everyone deserves a second chance theni guess aaron hernandez deserves a second chance to . vick didn’t deserve a second chance either. shame on the eagles and jets for signing him. but when your a loser franchise who’s very desperate to become relevant again, you’ll hire anyone who can make plays no matter what hes done.

  53. Wonder if Florio has a big brother because he needs one. Wants the world to run everyone’s business. I think it’s the police and DA that need the investigation not the NFL for something that did not happen on the job it’s not the NFL’s job to be judge, jury, and executioner. The NFl’s job is to run a football league and if an employee gets in trouble with the law, base their decisions on the legal authorities investigation.

  54. Why should the NFL do anything this or any other media outlet thinks they should do? PFT, ESPN, SI etc. take a long look at your moral compass. Where was your outrage when Brandon Marshall put his woman’s head through a TV set. Jason Kidd, Mayweather, the list could go on and on. Oh but now it’s an outrage. Look in the mirror before you cast any stones. Let’s also not forget that Ray Rice and the DA are the one’s who should be answering questions.


    Stop making it sound like the NFL was responsible for prosecuting Ray Rice. Was this a “PR” nightmare for the NFL? Sure, I guess. But they are no different than any other business when it comes to their employees. This did not occur during a work sponsored function. The NFL is not responsible for their employees 24/7.

  56. Seriously? You REALLY believe that the NFL did not see the video? Not only did they see it, they saw the ACTUAL video with the audio that the AP saw. Mike you are too intelligent to be that STUPID dude.

  57. I Guarantee this:

    The Revel closing had to do with this video surfacing a week later. Some security guard just “cashed in” his chips with that video.

    I guarantee that surveillance didn’t turn the tape over to security so that guards could make copies. casinos don’t work that way.

    much more probable someone involved in the case who understood what the nfl did their best to not understand, and also understood that a little extra christmas money and the ability to ensure this guy didn’t walk were there for the taking.

  58. “Unlikely many, I believe that the team and the league didn’t see the tape before Monday. ”

    Of course this is your stance, liberals like you don’t believe in honesty and integrity. You simply are not willing to go against those that pay you. I guess I understand that but don’t go out of your way to lie as much as you do.

  59. One of the most unbelievable aspects of this issue for everyone is the fact that, from day one of the release of the video OUTSIDE the elevator, EVERYONE KNEW there was a video camera INSIDE THE ELEVATOR and there was video tape of what happened.

    EVERYONE KNEW the video tape existed.

    And for the NFL, the Ravens and possibly the prosecutor’s office to NOT WATCH that video before acting on this is unconscionable.

    The fact that Goodell, the NFL, and the Ravens organization didn’t get a hold of the video and watch it speaks volumes about their lack of perspective, ignorance and complete disinterest in getting to the truth ASAP before rolling out punishment and making statements supporting Ray Rice.


  60. Up vote if you agree:

    If somehow the video had been owned by and/or property of the NFL ….. like if it had happened at an NFL facility of some kind …… Goodell would have destroyed it the nanosecond he got it. He would have destroyed the first video of Rice dragging the beaten unconscious woman out of the elevator and then of course he would have destroyed the video of the punch inside the elevator too.

    Goodell would have handed out the two game suspension citing that Rice’s fiancé did apologize after all, John Harbaugh would still be telling everybody what a great guy Rice is, the standing ovation giving Ravens fans would build a statue of Rice right next to Ray Lewis and of course the NFL would keep on wearing pink (they will anyhow) and pretending that they actually care about women.

  61. It’s amazing that people are posting ” it’s over move on!” WHAT?? it’s just starting!! We want answers, how could this possibly happen?? They didn’t see the tap? Well why then!!??? How did the State of NJ LET THIS GUY OFF THE HOOK!! Why is he not in jail!! So he lost his job?? So what??!! He should be loosing his freedom as well!!

  62. This article is all about NFL PR Cleanup. I don’t think any reasonably minded person would believe that the NFL Commissioner, with all his resources & desire to “Protect the Shield”, would not have acquired this tape & viewed it within the months long investigation. Their statement that it wasn’t viewed until released by TMZ is as disingenuous as a little kid with crumbs & chocolate on his face saying he didn’t eat the cookie. The fact is the NFL just needs to own it. They viewed it, they (wrongfully) gave him a light punishment & now they just need to state that it was viewed & they believed in leniency in this case. Trying to hide it just makes it worse than it already is.

  63. Are you kidding me? The NFL is a sports league. NOT the police or FBI. investigating what Rice did was not their responsibility. While I agree with the indefinite suspension, the NFL has zero responsibility to do that. The fact that they choose to is fine. But they have zero responsibility to me, PFT, or Rice’s wife to investigate. That is what the authorities should have done. The only reason they investigate at all is because of PR anyway. They blew it here because the PR angle blew up in their faces. So, no Mike, the NFL doesn’t have to investigate themselves or Ray Rice.

  64. just got even worse

    saw Robert Kraft… the original “I was duped” clown defending Goodell

    we all know the “relationship” these two have…. Goodell destroyed Pats tapes for Kraft and allows him to deflect his lack of class with that “I was duped” excuse

    both Goodell and Kraft should go… fire Goodell now.. expose Kraft and force him out

    the cover-up and lies here are criminal; as an NFL fan I think something needs to be done to protect the shield

  65. It’s not like an NFL team can be declared ineligible for 4 years of post-season play, or be stripped of top-3 draft picks for a number of years in a row…

    But it seems clear to me that there’s at least the amount of ‘there-there’ regarding initial knowledge and an attempt to mitigate damage that would be more had what was known been made public (on a very sensitive issue).

    Perhaps an independent investigator is “Freeh” to have a look at some of those internal emails running around.

  66. this is an important issue no doubt…but lest us not forget the NFL needs to learn from this leasson their botched handeling of the football team in Washington needing to change their name to something that is not considered offensive to many people…

  67. Here’s a thought: We can just drop it.

    The only victim in this entire situation forgave the man. She married him. She stood next to him at the press conference. She is still defending him to this day. Why are we, as people who have nothing to do with the actual situation, calling for everyone’s heads? We are acting like he was the one that punched US in the face and we are calling for action against everyone because WE are the victims.

  68. richndc says:
    Sep 9, 2014 11:39 AM
    It’s not about Ray as much as it is the NFL and Goodell trying to sweep this under the rug, same way Penn state did
    You just compared a woman being punched by a man she later married, and juvenile boys being sexually molested by a grown man. You sir, need to take a step back and evaluate what really happened here.

    Is this a serious crime? Every state in the union says no. Simple assault gets met with probation and counseling. If not addressed, this often escalates into much more violence, but that’s not what has happened here, now is it?

  69. He asked the police for all info ! That’s more than any employer would do. It’s in police hands to give any and all info, if they want which legally they don’t . Stop blaming this on NFL. WTF!

  70. People seem to forget a couple things.

    1. NJ didn’t feel the need to hit him hard, so if Goodell did initially, then he would hear it about how he is being so unreasonable. I mean just look at the Josh Gordon case, Gordon broke a rule, got suspended and even though Goodell didn’t hand down the suspension, nor did he hear the case, a 3rd party arbiter did – he is still getting lynch. Talk about being damned either way.

    2. Greg Hardy just got convicted of what some call a worse version of the same crime and hasn’t recd any suspension. So the fact that Goodell did anything is more than he has done regarding like instances in the past.

    3. The NFL doesn’t owe any of the media, or any of the fans anything. They are a private organization. The screwed the pooch, however they tried to rectify it.

    Everyone wants their lb of flesh. They got it, stop trying for more simply because you don’t like Goodell.

  71. No investigation needed. Just do Fidel Goddell like the NBA did Sterling. He is obviously failing every which way from Sunday right now. Fire him. He is the one who has allowed lopsided discipline. He is the one who has allowed violent offenses on a public stage to continue by handing down more leniance on violence than people popping molly and smoking weed. It’s been ok to be a violent felon in the nfl up til now. That is ALL Roger.

  72. Well, Condoleeza Rice always aspired to be the NFL Commish, and as she has worked in national security, they could hire her.

    Of course, that national security team wasn’t so successful in finding a cause for military action their Adm engaged in….

  73. Unless of course the NFL is lying. There were multiple reports from journalists/pseudo-journalists that their NFL “sources” had seen the video. There was a description of the contents, including her head rebounding off the handrail in the elevator. That points to the NFL having seen it, and they are lying now.

    Care to address that Florio?

  74. All you “Greg Hardy” whiners need only to read the NFL statement on Domestic Violence.

    They are waiting to see what the legal results of these cases are before acting.

    Or do you want anyone ACCUSED of hitting a woman to be punished immediately? (WTF?!)

  75. An outside investigation? Get real. First question: What law did the NFL break?
    1. Did they impede a police investigation? No (but by demanding the tape they might have).

    2. Cover-up? They are a private corporation that took disciplinary action based upon what they thought was in their best interests. As far as I know, there is no law dictating what they must do in disciplining their employees for legal infractions.

    3. The Ravens? Well, they made a decision that blew up in their faces. Happens to every business occasionally.

    end of rant.

  76. How is this the scandal right now? People were in an uproar over a suspension of just two games and now it is indefinite. It seems like that is what you people wanted right?

    Ray Rice was deemed by the league to have done an act of domestic violence where his GF was knocked unconscious. They suspended him two games. Public outcry caused Goodell to publicly state he made a mistake (very rare admission) and change the policy to 6 games for a 1st offense. Now a video comes out and confirms what they already knew/claimed and the NFL pretends like it is revealing. It’s not. What did you think a punch that knocked a woman out would look like? All this is just an excuse for the league to appease the public outcry and “right a wrong”. That’s it.

    Mr. Florio, there is a scandal here but whether the league should/could have gotten the tape is not it.

    The real scandal is why the police/DA (who did look at the tape) handled this case so poorly.

    If you must chase down an NFL scandal then why not figure out why the NFL ignored their shiny new policy of 6 games. Is the next guy going to get 6 games or an indefinite suspension? Why is nobody arguing for Rice in this regard?

  77. independent investigators are needed when there is malfeasance or inability to fairly judge and assess.

    There is none of that here. The NFL is merely an interested observer to a criminal act in which they have no standing.

    There is no need to uncover a ‘smoking gun’ except to get some clicks while shilling for the man.

  78. No need.

    His wife was hitting him. He overreacted and punched her too hard. Tried to hide it. Got caught. He’ll never play in the league again because there will be an uproar from SJWs.

    It’s over.

  79. The NFL knew exactly what was on that tape. They just didnt realize the outcry that would come of it. The NFL is a billipn dollar sports empire. They investigate everything and to act like they didnt know is insane

  80. Look, we all know the NFL is arrogant, as well as shameless. October, with all the NFL employees wearing pink is going to be mighty awkward in a few weeks.

    And needless to say, will keep all this in the spotlight….

  81. What about Ray McDonald? How about Ben Roethlisberger, Jerry’s call, Farve’s cell phone exploits, the wizzenator, Love Boat, etc, etc……

    This is entertainment – you can’t convene a grand jury for everything. It would seem that the correct thing has happened with Rice – if the commissioner has lost all credibility get rid of him..

    Lets move on already

  82. magicmtndan says:
    Sep 9, 2014 12:14 PM
    All you “Greg Hardy” whiners need only to read the NFL statement on Domestic Violence.
    They are waiting to see what the legal results of these cases are before acting.
    Or do you want anyone ACCUSED of hitting a woman to be punished immediately? (WTF?!)


    Actually magic their employer does what every other employer in the country does is a situation where an employee has shown some evidence of violating an employment policy – investigate and take action if warranted. Don’t need to wait for anything. However our PR spouting holier than thou NFL teams want someone else to do the dirty work, and do what they lack the will to do because they don’t want to lose their precious player. The sanctimonious Harbaugh’s are so full of crap its sickening.

  83. I have an idea… Let’s make a Ted Wells Report! This way Goodell can hire his buddy to make $$$ and then after all the lockerroom interviews and trial in the public Goodell and Ray Rice can join Richie Incognito in sensitivity training class and looking for a job. Oh wait, Goodell would never do that. Casting Stones from Glass Houses.

    For all of you saying lets move on… Why do CEO never take a fall? It is not over until Goodell resigns or is fired. All of these events are happening under his watch. He is more concerned about money fining Players for uniform violations than punishment for crimes against humanity!

  84. What Ray Rice did is despicable. No doubt.

    However, since when did we expect an employer to conduct criminal investigations?
    1. The victim did not press charges and is STILL defending him.
    2. The police could not pursue charges without the victim’s willingness to testify.
    3. As horrible of an event as it was, I’m surprised the NFL got a two-game suspension to stick with the NFLPA in the first place.

    We knew he had to have hit her hard enough that he dragged an unconscious body out of the elevator, why is actually seeing it making it so much worse? Didn’t anyone believe it before? No, the difference is the NFL now has a visual to go with the public opinion and outrage that the NFLPA can’t take a position against without getting a PR black-eye themselves.
    But a year from now? Rice will be reinstated and a team willing to test his remaining skill set will have to weigh the need versus public opinion just like Philly did with Vick.

  85. Move on? It’s day 2 with new information. You move on and don’t click any links pertaining to this subject. Now, I’ve solved your problem.

  86. Isnt it neat how history repeats itself? 40 years ago…Watergate. This year…. Same question: what did they know and when did they know it? All that’s missing (besides an 18 minute gap) is a nickname for the sorry episode. Punchgate? Ricegate? (I guess the latter would eliminate Condoleeza from any consideration…)

  87. Hmm..maybe someone didn’t want the tapes to be wiped like the Spygate tapes were once in Goodell’s hands, so they said he couldn’t have them.
    (Actually, in this day and age, how is it there were not more copies of the Spygate tapes than what was handed over?)
    Folks, we can come up with conspiracy theories all day and it doesn’t change the fact that something despicable happened, apparently the ones involved lied to it to the breadwinner’s employer, and it caught up to them in the worst way. Everyone involved in this will seem to have come out of this with a black eye.

  88. We need to hire someone to investigate the horrific failures of the criminal “justice” system first! Stop making an accused person’s income as a main factor in the outcome or the penalty handed down! B.S

  89. Us Saints fans told you about Goodell years ago. You wouldn’t listen. Now you’re seeing what we saw back then. The guy is a coward and a liar. He needs to be fired asap.

  90. This is ridiculous. The mob mentality in the United States will be the end of this nation as we know it. We are no longer content with justice or someone getting due process. We must destroy anyone that the “mob” considers wrong. And by destroy, I mean them, there family’s, employers, etc.

    I can only think that it all stems from the haterade, jealous culture that has inundated the U.S., through way of the media.

    When society as we know it is destroyed in the next 25 years or so they will look back at the Internet and the media as the weapons that did the most damage.

  91. The league and the Ravens franchise need to be held accountable for this debacle. There is no way that either or both did not see the video or at least have a description of what was in it. The chose to ignore it.

  92. What did Goodell think knocking a woman looked like? His mind said 2 games, his eyes/ears said out of the league. What a clown. Sherman popped for PED’s. =look the other way. Aldon Smith gets 2 DUI’s= 9 games. KO a woman with no tape…2 games. Goodell is an a$$.

  93. Nothing like a mission to prop up a failing Goodell to bring out the shills, saying drop it, enough is enough, etc.

    Getting a little hot, isn’t it?

  94. Great article, but do you think the league will do this? Seems like they’d be hiring a firm to help get them in even more trouble (they’re wrong either way: either they inexplicably didn’t see the tape, or they saw it and continued to make foolish decisions). Doesn’t seem like they’d be willing to do it.

  95. These are your opitons:

    1. NFL saw video and is lying;
    2. NFL was told what was in video and chose not to see it for plausible dependability;
    3. NFL struck a deal without asking Rice to release all the evidence to them (Rice’s lawyer had that video as part of the criminal case).

    So it is liar, crafty liar, or stupid. That’s it!

    Maybe if they paid Goddell $50Mil/year he would have done a better job.

  96. Rodger should be gone! He robbed my team of player picks and coaches not to mention Sean’s 5 million dollars with nothing but scribbled notes from a disgruntled ex coach who was fired. A coach that sucked at his job so much he has not gotten a coaching job since. This had video! This is concrete! No gray just black and white! I don’t buy they did not see it! This should be the end of Rodger!

  97. Botched from so many angles. Original ruling of 2 games; Bad investigation; Reactionary policy put in place to right the bad 2 game ruling. Now a video comes out that shows the “How” that she came to be knocked out. Did anybody think he gave her a bouquet of flowers and she fainted in that elevator? Then in another reactionary move he is cut and suspended indefinitely. So, if it is not on tape and it’s your first time for domestic violence then you get 6 games but if the NFL actually SEES it on video then it’s indefinite? These reactionary rulings influenced by public outrage are already flying in the face of the policy the NFL just trotted out as a mea culpa for the general public. This could not have been handled any worse by ALL parties involved.

  98. Richard Nixon would be proud

    The criminal behavior currently under investigation by Obama’s IRS is worse than anything Nixon every talked about, let alone did.

  99. Sounds like Florio and the Espn talking heads won’t settle for anything but Ray Rice being put to death! As bad as what Rice did, how is he any worse than others in the same situation. I see that Chris Brown is still touring, on TV, selling songs. Where or what is the difference?

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