NFLPA waits for final drug proposal from NFL

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The NFLPA plans to vote tonight on the latest proposal from the NFL regarding a new drug policy.  First, the NFLPA needs to get a proposal from the league.

As of this posting, that hasn’t happened yet.

“The players are prepared to vote on a proposal from NFL tonight but they will need something to review well in advance of that vote,” NFLPA spokesman George Atallah told PFT by phone.  “As of right now, there’s nothing yet.  Players have been informed of the status of the league’s proposal on an ongoing basis.  [On Monday], [NFLPA president] Eric Winston and [NFLPA executive committee member] Brian Waters reiterated the importance of a fair due process for hGH testing, a line in the sand with respect to player discipline before a fair due process on DUIs, and also other issues that were important to them.”

Those other issues include the manner in which players are processed through the substance-abuse policy, and potentially an increase in the permissible marijuana metabolite concentration.

“There is no doubt that they are ready to strike a deal, but they need something to review before they can make a final decision,” Atallah said.  “We also provided an update to certain agents in very broad terms on things that the players had already been informed about.”

And so we continue to wait.  And wait.  And wait.

27 responses to “NFLPA waits for final drug proposal from NFL

  1. Can we all just admit that we don’t particularly care about anything regarding the new drug policy EXCEPT those of us who can’t wait to possibly unleash Josh Gordon on our unsuspecting fantasy football opponents this weekend?

  2. The title should just talk about Josh Gordon. Browns fans and fantasy footballers are holding on for dear life on whether Gordon was the smartest pick up of the year or can we pick up Adam Hurns? LET ME KNOW!!!

  3. I not only have Josh Gordon (next to last ick in the draft) but I also took Molly Melker… Or is it wes Welker. Either way, would like them back sooner than later. Neither of them Hit a woman.

  4. This thing is probably going to drag out if recent punishment/enforcement decisions are any indication. It takes them long enough to interpret existing rules for the drug policy….Lord knows it’s going to take them longer to come up with new rules.

  5. I just don’t see this happening anytime soon.

    HGH is said to everywhere in the NFL, we praise the players as super humans and are amazed when lineman are running under 4.8 but lets just say its not the Wheaties making this all possible.

    Players back on the field from ACL as fast as they are is PRP, does that fall under the doping?

  6. It’s clear where the priorities with the commenters on this site lay. Anything, including illegal drugs, is permissible for NFL players as long as those players play in a game and are Fantasy League eligible. Someone tell me when Dungeons and Dragons took over the NFL.

  7. If you haven’t dropped that random backup RB or waiver wire nobody yet to grab Josh Gordon then you may want to do that.

    If this passes, Gordon is most likely going to return at some point this year if not very soon.


  8. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the power of fantasy football. Never would so many feel like they have a personal stake in the two sides reaching an agreement and making sure it covered player reinstatement. I suppose all I can say is I’m glad I’m one of them. #FreeJoshGordon

  9. Awesome Casablanca reference! Next month, can you work in an, “I’m shocked, SHOCKED to find that Josh Gordon also had HGH in his system!”?

  10. After a long, hard day at work running into other 250 lb. people, the thing I look forward to the most around dinner time is having a contractual agreement thrust into my hands, and some lawyer saying, “Just skim it quickly and vote in the next hour or so.”

    That’s exactly how I bought my house (that is now under water), how I bought my car (that spends more time in the shop than my garage), and how I got married.

    Nothing like last-minute. Live dangerously.

  11. If Roger Goodell and the NFL ever needed some good publicity, this would be it. They need to get this done to save some face in light of the Ray Rice fiasco.


  12. I’ll be shocked if the Players Association allows the NFL to test for HGH. I figure about half the players will test positive if they start testing for it.

    As for softening the penalties for marijuana, I can see a time coming when the trainers will be handing out doobies to players before and after games.

    What a shame that athletics used to be one of the purest ways to see what humans could accomplish and now it’s become a challenge to see which athletes can find the best drugs and not get caught.

    For a long time, it upset me. Now I wish they’d let them all do anything they want and if they all die in their 40’s from using this crap, oh well.

  13. I doubt that the teams on the schedule for Clev and Denver are going to allow any kind of proposal to go through that changes the suspensions of Welker and Gordon….

  14. Just to clarify for some people, the NFLPA is composed of 32 reps, 1 player from each of the 32 NFL teams. Not the players’ agents.

    IMO a deal will be struck soon, this is just a revised drug policy, not an entirely new CBA. There is nothing in here about concussions, injury settlements, anything like that. Simple changes to the drug policy wont take an entire year.

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