Ravens offering Ray Rice jersey exchange September 19-20


Fans wanting to turn in their Ray Rice jersey for that of another Ravens player can do so at Baltimore’s M&T Bank Stadium on Friday, September 19 and Saturday, September 20, the club announced Tuesday evening.

The program, the team said in a press release tonight, “is to provide an opportunity for fans – particularly families, women and children – to exchange a Rice jersey for an available jersey of another Ravens player.”

Fans will be limited to one new jersey, the team said. The program is limited to officially licensed Rice jerseys, including those made by Nike and previous NFL apparel supplier Reebok.

The Ravens also noted they would not be conducting jersey exchanges at Thursday’s game vs. Pittsburgh.

28 responses to “Ravens offering Ray Rice jersey exchange September 19-20

  1. Are they going to at least offer a jersey from someone not arrested?

    Or will they be unloading the extra Michael Oher jerseys from the back room?

  2. Damn! They want nothing to do with this guy. I understand when the Patriots did it for Hernandez jerseys. But this is a bit rough. Don’t get me wrong. I hate what the guy did. It’s as low as a man can get. But this very same “holier than thou” attitude is coming from the same guys who had their PR team do a “I like Ray Rice” campaign on their website after it was already known in an official police report that he had “struck her, rendering her unconscious during an altercation” Now all the sudden the video that they were FULLY AWARE OF and most likely had already seen, becomes public and now they’re “shocked and appalled”… The way I see it, the Ravens organization is just as sleazy as Ray Rice. Had the video that they saw not gotten out, he’d be playing in week 3.

  3. Yea that’s go just get all the jerseys back like he never existed. This organization is a joke. I also like how the throw the coach out to the media after they fired Ray The owner or management didn’t even have the balls to talk in public after there meeting. They just said Okay coach you go out there good luck.

  4. Will the fans be allowed to exchange their Ray Rice jerseys for Ray Lewis ones instead?

    Or would that be considered too much of a trade up… going from a wife beater to a murderer?

  5. Robert Kraft is Steve Bisciotti’s NFL Mentor, and helped him acquire the Baltimore franchise.. Bisciotti is taking a page right out of the Patriots book on how they handled “the tight end whose name shall not be spoken,” by cutting Rice and now offering a jersey exchange. Can expunging Rice from the Baltimore record books be far behind?

    This is all very sad. I kind of liked the little guy, and I know how bad this can go now that public sentiment has reached a zenith. The pendulum can swing a little too far sometimes in this TMZ media world. It could be hard for him to get a job at McDonald’s let alone the NFL. If this happened just 10-15 years ago there would be no viral video, and he could rebuild his life. He will pay a far greater penalty than almost any other person guilty of spousal abuse (that includes the female abusers out there, who go almost completely unpunished).

  6. About time – now I can get a player jersey of someone who won’t embarrass the organization – someone we can be proud of…

    One Ray Lewis jersey please!

  7. I don’t understand why a grown adult would want to wear a shirt with another person son’s name on the back.That’s fine if you are a child or a juvenile. But an adult? Grow up!

  8. I’m still waiting on Buffalo to do the same thing for my O.J. Simpson jersey. No, I didn’t buy it during his playing days. Admittedly it’s a retro one but, I got it during his Naked Gun years. Totally guilt-free pre-double murderer purchase. Time to do the right thing, Bills. The ball’s in your court….

  9. I wonder if it only applies for current players. They could do a solid by the community and make the full effort to “Take the RAY out of the Ravens” all together and offer the same for Hypocrite Lewis jerseys as well.

  10. Why would Ravens fans want to exchange his jersey? They already gave the guy a standing ovation, they clearly love him. When does the statue construction begin?

  11. Can they turn in there Ray Lewis jersey too? Oh wait, there was no video, only two dead men. Guess they still back him. raven trash–great team!

  12. their trying to make this guy out to be O.J Simpson ..cmon stallworth kills some one he’s allowed back brent kills team mate im sure he’ll be back

  13. I understand this move, but at the same time, seems a bit late in the affair.
    Huge, diehard steelers fan, but this is obviously a move that should have occurred at the initial suspension. I’m not an oblivious fan, it blows my mind that it’s taken the league to get with it, we’ve had our own domestic violence issues (Harrison, Cedric Wilson,Rainey) pot issues (Holmes, Bell, Blount) drug dealing issues (Townsend, {really dude? Two distribution properties?}) DUI issues (t’amu (sp?)) Ward) and lest us not forget littering, looking at you Brown and Sanders.)

    If they really want to turn these athletes in to pure unbridled versions of superman, then suspend em for half the season for any first offense.

    Nobody is perfect, everyone gets into situations (alcohol related for most of them and us) that we wish we didn’t. Yea, Lil Ray Ray knocked her out. Should have been booted outta the league. But guess what, they are rich, we aren’t and they get special privilege. Deal. With. It.

    All we can do is support out teams and if they screw up, then forgive them. Otherwise, we aren’t gonna give up our teams(no matter how hard we get trolled by faceless text) realize all of a sudden we are rooting for the “bad guys” or any other such stupidity.

    We love this league, and this sport, and any other sport we root for, because in between the whistles, no matter the sport, or the ungodly amount of money they make, they become just like us when we were ten years old.

    There, I’ve said my piece, and if this comes off borderline incoherent or rambling, there’s a solid reason for that.

    I’ve been drinking

  14. The Ravens should make a deal with the Bengals to also offer a Devon Still jersey in trade.

    At least some good would come out of this mess with the proceeds going to cancer research.

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