Week One power rankings


1. Seattle Seahawks (No. 1 last week; 1-0): They need to get space ready for another banner.

2. Denver Broncos (No. 2; 1-0): To learn how to put a team away, maybe they should watch the film of Super Bowl XLVIII.

3. Green Bay Packers (No. 4; 0-1): They lost to the Seahawks by 20. Every other team ranked below them on this list would have lost in Seattle by more than 30.

4. New England Patriots (No. 3; 0-1): The last time the Pats looked that bad in Week One, they won the Super Bowl.

5. San Francisco 49ers (No. 6; 1-0): Nothing builds confidence for an offense like facing one of the worst defenses the league has seen in recent years.

6. Cincinnati Bengals (No. 9; 1-0): Maybe they’ll get a chance to lose another wild-card game, after all.

7. New Orleans Saints (No. 5; 0-1): When did Steve Spagnuolo gain 150 pounds and grow out his hair?

8. Indianapolis Colts (No. 8; 0-1): Andrew Luck thrives on overcoming adversity; with Robert Mathis gone for the year, Luck will have more adversity than he could ever want.

9. Carolina Panthers (No. 10; 1-0): If Derek Anderson doesn’t play another game this year, has he already won the comeback player of the year award?

10. Atlanta Falcons (No. 16; 1-0): Sunday’s win hardly means that the Falcons are destined for the playoffs, but a loss at some to the Saints in Week One could have meant the Falcons were destined to miss them again.

11. Philadelphia Eagles (No. 11; 1-0): The final score was predictable. The path for getting there surely wasn’t.

12. Arizona Cardinals (No. 13; 1-0): The first game of Larry Fitzgerald’s last season in Arizona could have him secretly counting the days until his last one.

13. Pittsburgh Steelers (No. 15; 1-0):  Great first half.  Almost not great enough.

14. Baltimore Ravens (No. 7; 0-1): “Wait, we have to play this Thursday night?”

15. Detroit Lions (No. 19; 1-0): Nothing builds confidence for a defense like facing one of the worst offenses the league has seen in recent years.

16. New York Jets (No. 18; 1-0):  Most people watching this one hoped the feed would have been switched to Heidi.

17. San Diego Chargers (No. 14; 0-1):  If Carson Palmer had played that well against the Chargers a few years ago, he’d still be with the Raiders.

18. Minnesota Vikings (No. 23; 1-0):  Beats the Rams, move up five spots.  Beat the Pats, move up 10.

19. Chicago Bears (No. 12; 0-1):  The Bills don’t have to worry about moving to Canada.  With more performances like Sunday’s against Buffalo, Bears coach Marc Trestman may need to.

20. Miami Dolphins (No. 28; 1-0):  The last time the Dolphins beat the Patriots, they chased the victory by losing to the Bills.  Next up after the latest win over the Patriots?  The Bills.

21. Tennessee Titans (No. 31; 1-0):  The no-name offense and the no-name defense notch a big-time win.

22. Kansas City Chiefs (No. 17; 0-1):  Alex Smith’s 45.2 passer rating shows how smart it was for him to take the $45 million guaranteed.

23. New York Giants (No. 20; 0-1):  The sooner Tom Coughlin is on the hot seat, the sooner the Giants can rally around him and win the Super Bowl.

24. Houston Texans (No. 27; 1-0):  J.J. Watt is already earning his second contract.  It’ll be a while until Jadeveon Clowney earns his first one.

25. Washington (No. 21; 0-1):  Mike Shanahan got both a paycheck and vindication on Sunday.

26. Buffalo Bills (No. 30; 1-0):  With a win at Chicago and the team sold to Terry Pegula, it’s been the best week in Buffalo since the last AFC title game win.

27. Dallas Cowboys (No. 22; 0-1):  All that talk about drafting Manziel has really helped get the most out of Tony Romo.

28. St. Louis Rams (No. 24; 0-1):  When Shaun Hill is your guy, the postseason is not your destination.

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (No. 25; 0-1):  Maybe the quarterback of the past/future should also be the quarterback of the present.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars (No. 26; 0-1):  They forgot to show up for the second half.

31. Cleveland Browns (No. 29; 0-1):  They forgot to show up for the first half.

32. Oakland Raiders (No. 32; 0-1):  No matter how rough it gets for Derek Carr, his backup quarterback will never be the most popular man in town.

188 responses to “Week One power rankings

  1. Patriots dip ONLY to #4? Seriously?

    Brady was 2-18 on balls thrown more than 15 yards downfield. It’s only a matter of time before one of those practice report “injuries” catches up with him, and Garropolo takes over.

  2. Thought Hawks played good, but muchroom for inprovement. Too much pressure on Wilson, Turley a weak link. Run D was MUCH stouter than expected though

  3. We went from 31 to 20 after beating the 4th ranked team. Thanks Mike. Awesome pep talk btw.

    Just in case you missed the off season the Jets, the Bills, & yes my Dolphins have all improved from last year.

  4. I just don’t get it, the Patriots are ranked 4th and the Dolphins 20th? Where will the Pats rank after they lose to the Vikings this week? 3rd?

  5. This is historic. The Jets ranked above the Jints!

    What’s the over/under on how many weeks that will last?

  6. Hmm Bills beat Chicago and they are ranked 26 and Chicago is 19?? This whole list pretty much sucks.

  7. Packers are WAY too high, they should be in the 20-25 range, we all knew that before they lost to the Seahawks; and no, teams with an OL and an NFL defense would have played them tough. Of course we all know the author is a cheesehead.

    Tennessee moves up 10 spots for beating a bad KC team?

  8. If you’re going to drop the Redskins name, drop all the other team names. It’s more aesthetically appealing that way.

  9. How do the Packers jump up a spot after losing? And how is NE still considered a top 4 team after getting completely dominated in the 2nd half? I don’t know why I continue to waste my time reading these.

  10. How the hell is Tennessee behind some of those teams? I understand that NFL analysts/experts love to hate on them, but come on. Beating KC in Arrowhead 26-10 is worse than losing to Buffalo in your own house in week one? Because that’s what you’re saying by putting Chicago in front of Tennessee. And yes, while the Bears MIGHT end up being a better team, this is WEEK ONE power rankings. Therefore, your opinion is now moot to me and anything else you type up mindlessly can go unread.

  11. The Redskins offense didn’t play well, for sure. The Redskins didn’t score points, The Redskins had some turnovers. The Redskins QB, RGIII, did not look like he did in 2012 and he made some mistakes, but he wasn’t terrible either. The Redskins had one terrible defensive play and one terrible special teams play which led to 14 points, and without which the Redskins could have won a defensive battle with the Texans at 6-3.

    But, Mike Shanahan got … vindication on Sunday? That is the one of the most ridiculous statements you have made, and you have made plenty.

  12. Apparently the recipe for moving up a spot in the top five is getting blown out. Maybe if they get rocked by the Jets they can move to #1!

  13. I can’t even read these power rankings anymore. They used to be funny, but now it’s just sad…

  14. The Niners have beaten the packers the last 4 times they’ve played them and the Seahawks just showed everyone that they (Packers) are still basically the same team with the same crappy defense. But yeah, they should totally be ranked ahead of the Niners…


  16. “Every other team would lose in Seattle by 30”

    Your hatred for San Fran is laughable. SF went into Seattle in the NFC Champ game last year and almost won. They have OWNED the Packers the last 2 years.

    San Francisco is hands down #3 in the league. Unquestionably so.

    Oh yeah, and, the Jets a 16? They won by the skin of their teeth against your #32 team AT HOME, and they make the top half? Id love an explanation for that one.

  17. I’m a Patriots fan but putting them that high is crazy. That wasn’t a fluke loss, they’ve got serious issues on the offensive and defensive line and no deep receiving threats.

  18. Seriously, how can you have the Dolphins ranked that low and the Patriot ranked that high after watching that game on Sunday?

  19. It amazes me how serious some of these people take “power ranking”

    It’s just someone’s opinion it doesn’t mean anything!

    If you are over the age of 12 and are upset about these rankings you have issues!

  20. Just because something is tradition doesn’t make it right. The bus driver asked Rosa Parks why not just sit in the back, black people had been doing it for a long time, so why complain now. Washington football team.

  21. I know we all love to complain about rankings, but these are ridiculous.

    –Packers at 3 and Pats are 4 is an absolute joke. Both teams lost, and lost convincingly.

    –How can the Saints lose to the Falcons and still be ranked 3 spots ahead of them?

    –How can Baltimore possibly be ranked above teams that won during the first week, especially given what they are going through now?

    –The Vikings above the Bears…why? Because they beat a bad St. Louis team? Come on, man.

    Notice as an Eagles fan I’m not complaining. That might be the one ranking that got right.

  22. Brady overthrows receiver AGAIN, just like he did to Welker a few years back that cost Pats another ring. Same spot on field, same throw. He blew it.

    Announcers got the call wrong AGAIN, just like the Welker throw.

    Funny, they dont want to upset Tommy.

    Facts is Facts Pats homers.


  23. .
    With 6.25% of the season in the books and 93.75% to go, these week two power rankings are hardly life and death issues.

    They should carry the disclaimer : For Amusement Only

  24. The thing I’m scratching my head at is the fact that the giants are ranked higher than two teams with wins. They’re going to be a bottom 5 team this year without a doubt in my mind!

  25. These rankings suck, he says every other team besides Green Bay would lose by 30. First green bays defense sucks, second I think he forgot the cardinals best the Seahawks in Seattle.

  26. The jets, cardinals, and Vikings better than the phins??? Okay btw you pats fans need to shut up and give credit where credit is due. They haven’t lose a opening game in 11 years and haven’t lose to the phins 2 straight times since 2000-01. Before the game all you idiots diss the phins and talked about how brady was going to slash the defense. They lose now you guys have no worries by saying its just one game. Shut up and and show some respect for once. Phins up

  27. Wow these rankings are just as bad as your preseason predictions.

    I mean the Packer somehow managed to move up a spot when they lost by 20 all because you believe the other teams would’ve lost by more? Seriously?

    The Patriots lost to the Dolphins your 28th ranked team going into the season but only got bumped down one spot?

  28. Considering Green Bay has proven multiple times over the past 3 years that they simply CAN’T beat the 49ers that logic is already flawed but I like it when everyone keeps them down.

  29. OK. I’m officially confused now. The jests barely beat the team that was ranked #32 last week and this week so they move up two spots. The Fins beat last week’s #3 ranked team and move up eight spots while the team they ran on, passed on and outplayed completely moves down ONE spot?

    Not to mention this IS a weekly power ranking correct? Why not rank (and comment) the teams as to how they played last week and not the last decade? Note how all comments are historical and not present?

  30. Pats fan here, they should be lower and the Dolphins higher. Even though we often drop one to the Dolphins on the road each year, that was ugly to watch.

  31. Any team that lets one man on the other team dictate how /where their supposed “superior” offense plays does not deserve to be in the top 20. The packers are a soft, poorly coached team.

  32. How does Pittsburgh climb two spots in the ranking with a horrible second half to a team that was already ranked near the bottom and dropping in the Browns?

    It seems that it should have been the opposite; where the 29th ranked Browns climb two spots(-ish) for having a very nice, adjusted second half against a 15th ranked opponent thus dragging the Steelers down a couple spots for dragging in the 2nd half against a lowly opponent.

  33. Kinda funny. All off season, Raider Nation was boasting about winning the Super Bowl???? Now, ranked dead last? LMAO! Tried to tell you but you are too delusional. How did the Jets game go?

    Commitment To Failure! You are good at it.

  34. NFC east should be bottom 3 and the eagles around 20th. Also the niners are right where they belong. Below the Seahawks where they will stay until Russell retires.

  35. only having 3 good players doesn’t make you the third best team.
    Vikings at 18, seems right…. for now.

  36. News flash: these rankings don’t mean squat. Those of you with hurt feelings should really re-assess what’s important to you.

  37. the worst teams i saw in week 1 were the raiders and giants. the teams that impressed me the most were the seahawks, lions, and dolphins.

    oh, and this rankings are pretty ridiculous. try harder.

  38. I’m okay with the Fins only being ranked 20th (considering you had us at what… 28th?). Go ahead and let us earn a better spot over the next few weeks.

    But the Pats at #4 is insanity. Our O-line is patchwork at best right now and the Pats got minimal pressure. Brady has NOBODY who can catch over the middle right now until Gronk can get back to 100% (if he ever does) and his O-line might be the worst in the NFL right now. How you were able to give them a spot in the top 10 at all is a small wonder.

  39. Also… “Next up after the latest LOSS to the Patriots?”.

    Ah… Hate to break it to you bud. We beat their ass. That 2nd half might as well have been Boston college on the field.

  40. The Packers abandoned their fast-paced offense strategy during their first possession. Their primary game plan seemed to be “Do NOT pass to the right side”. They let the entire second half be dominated by the ‘hawks. And you bumped their rank UP from four to THREE?

    I suppose it’s five o’clock SOMEwhere…

  41. The Ravens’ line is pitch perfect. The game Thursday night is almost an afterthought right now.

  42. I dunno about keeping Green Bay at 3. They had another injury on the offensive line. That’s going to be detrimental to their success.

  43. With so many highly ranked teams losing, I can see why you put the Packers at #3. At least they played a great team on the road. Nevertheless, they didn’t pass the eye test. Offensive and defensive lines are terrible. They keep suffering injuries and yet they refuse to build any meaningful depth. Can they move some of those wide receivers they keep drafting to offensive tackle?

  44. … and… maybe… Cincinnati will knock pittssburgh out of playoff contention… AGAIN.

    ENJOY, cheerio.

  45. Makes sense…if you didn’t watch Green Bay play.

    Or, you’re just looking for more posts.

    It’s ok, Packer fans still think their team is great too. That’s why their free fall is going to be that much more enjoyable.

  46. Cowboys should be at 34

    Fla. St. and Alabama …
    could whoop – em – up – but – good !

  47. Packers did absolutely nothing to earn that ranking. The couldn’t run or pass or stop the run or pass. They got whupped.

    Pats (and I love the Pats) couldn’t tackle or complete a pass in the second half. They were out played.

    Both those teams need to be ranked much lower, like 8-12.

    Dolphins should be higher. Moreno could be very good this year.

    Vikings are better than most people think, watched most of that game and the defense was much improved. Good tackling and fast to the ball. Good pressure on the QB as well. Offense was hit and miss, but effective against a good defense. Time will tell on them though.

  48. I’ve seen really bad football, and it look a lot like the Kansas City Chiefs.

    Nice Alex Smith took all of the money, and forced all of the talent out around him so he could get PAID (Flowers, B Albert, Succup, McCluster, A Jordan, Asamoah, Schwartz)

  49. Too high for the Packers, and I’m a Packer fan. Too low for the Vikings, and I’m not a Viking fan.

  50. explain how the giants rank above the cowboys. from what I seen from the two games the cowboys offence stunk but still looked better than the giants and the boys defense came out and shutout the 49ers. don’t give me the bs about 49ers easing up in the second half because that they did not do

  51. The Jets are the biggest Rorschach test there is on PFT.

    If you want them to be losers in your mind, then it really doesn’t matter where PFT ranks them.

    You either want the rankings to validate your strong feelings about the Jets or the rankings are invalid, it’s been this way for a few years now (and the Jets aren’t the only team who invoke this sentiment).

    I just find it fascinating.

  52. Redskin Fan:

    If not for the interception, fumble, missed tackles, bad play calling, stronger competition and discrepancy in score….we could have won!!

    Chin up little buddies, at least you have a shot against the Cowboys!

  53. Green Bay before the 9ers is a joke. SF has owned them for years. Even with the injuries, the 9ers would’ve put up a better fight than GB against Seattle.

  54. Even as a very long-time Packer fan, there is no way I could rank them in the top half of the ratings right now.

    There’s Seattle.

    And then there are Denver and San Francisco.

    And then there’s everyone else.

  55. They Cowbabies at 27 is WAY too high. That game was a joke for a so called professional organization.

  56. 49ers got a little conservative in the second half sitting on a big lead. They misses and easy field goal and when they did get going the refs started seeing poltergeists.

    So, yeah, Dallas is pretty bad

  57. The only thing keeping the Lions down right now are concerns about collapses. They did look a little ugly in the 2nd quarter. Injuries in the already weak secondary. But they kept their foot on the gas and had fun and looked like they wanted to win…against a really bad team. But they beat a really bad team by 3 TDs, which is what should happen. GB got beat by 3 TDs too, but they looked a LITTLE better doing it to a team that looked nearly perfect. Chicago is not in this conversation anymore. It will take more from the Lions to give statistical confidence to them.

  58. Carson Palmer played four games against the Chargers while with Oakland.

    He went 93/144 1345 yards 8td’s 5int in those 4 games

    If that was a 16 game season his averages against the Chargers had him at 64.5% completions, 5380 yards, 32 td 20 int’s.

    Palmers play wasn’t what sent him packing from Oakland.

  59. The Giants vs Cowboys should be called the Pooper Bowl. LMAO! They are awful teams and should be ranked 31 & 32.

  60. It must really suck to be a fan of a team other than a handful right now.

    Seattle is a juggernaut right now. They have a pound the rock down your throat Beast at RB.

    They have a versatile speed merchant and one of the top 5 NFL Qb’s that makes quick decisions, knows how to go through his reads and makes very few mistakes.

    Then the D has been #1 in the NFL the past 2 seasons and in 2013 was the 1st D since the 1985 bears to lead the NFL in yds/gm, pts/game and turnovers. Pass Rush, the LOB, the LB’s… omg…

    Add in a 95% FG kicker in Haushka and dynamic special teams. It’s a perfect recipe for NFL success.

    Your squad isn’t going too far with Seattle staring at them. Face the facts.

  61. I hope the 49ers fans are ready. That defense they trotted out against a horrendous Dallas team is absolutely fool’s gold. Not very good, not very deep and going to get gashed by a team committed to the run.

    And no, Navorro Bowman won’t be healthy all season so he’s of no use either. Exposure is going to be swift and severe. Cue the whining.

  62. the Dolphins dominate the Pats and they are 20, the Pats 4??? seriously, is this a joke???

  63. I would bet that the Rams would get embarrassed by the Raiders just like they did by the Vikings. They’re easily the worst team in the league. And the Cowboys and Giants should take up 2 of the last 4 spots on the ranking. Romo and Eli are the 2 most overrated players in the game today. They’re not even mediocre, they’re complete garbage.

  64. 49ers performance was dominant. No questioning that. They should be third. No way the ladies of green bay can beat them … 0-4 guys. Us and the Cards are the only teams that could hang with Seattle in their home digs, should get more respect.

    Agree that Seattle should be #1 …don’t get comfortable, cause when Aldon and Navorro get back and our new offense gets rolling you will not be holding onto the top spot for long.

    Niners Forever

    A lot of second and third read throws on Sunday by Kaepernick, whereas the reporting on that one you hack reporter???

  65. This is an outrage. The team I like is ranked lower than I think they should be and a team I think is bad is ranked higher. I’m gonna go kick a puppy.

  66. GB is ranked to high, but I have to agree with him on any other team going into Seattle and losing by 30.

  67. Packers at 3 is INSANE!!!!! They are d-u-n. Done. Window is closed, they have Rogers and nothing else. He alone might be good for 8 or 9 wins, but definitely not enough to put the Packers in top 3 status.

  68. The Niners didn’t look good on Sunday at all and are lucky they don’t have to face Seattle until Thanksgiving.

    Dallas has arguably the worst D in the NFL. No Sean Lee, No D. Ware, Nobody but an average Claiborne.

    How many points did your offense put up? Gore looks old and tired. Kaep can’t hit a moving target and the 9er D couldn’t tackle my grandma in a wheel chair.

    Not impressed at all.

  69. When the Packer go 7-9 this year, perhaps next year will be when people start to acknowledge what a mess of a team it really is.

    #3 up from #4 after getting embarrassed on national television?


  70. Homers all over the place. It’s week one people. One week and people are ready to crown or bury teams… GEEZ!

  71. I cannot believe they have the Packers at number 3. I think 12 is more realistic. I am a lifelong Packers fan of 39 years, and I see many cracks in the foundation. This is a team on the decline. I hate to be pessimistic, but I see the Packers going 10-6 and another one and done in the playoffs. They will be lucky to go 3-3 in the division this year. It was a good 22 year run though. I sense on overhaul in coaching and management next year. I’m looking at you TT and MM.

  72. Most underrated team: Dolphins (31st at the preseason, now that beat a top 5 team it barely cracks the top 20)

    Most overrated: Patriots (seriously, 4th place after less than 40 yards in the 2nd half?), Ravens (potential 0-2 starter) and Bears (if you lose to Buffalo at home, you are worse than them).

  73. Seattle beat GB by 20 because GB is terrible on Defense. Any team with a solid D will stop Lynch and force Wilson into what he truly is- average. Top 5 in any particular order. All of them have good D’s and solid offenses.

  74. Ummm, it has only been one week people, get a grip. Some of these comments are ridiculous. For me, that all changes if the Saints go into Cleveland and give up 37, but that’s not going to happen. This D understands the loss is on them, so I expect to see them actually tackle someone…

  75. Not impressed at all??? We are going to walk over the Seahawks!!! You can’t Hyde!!! We had a huge lead and milked the clock so as not to get anyone injured … that’s the way it should be done!

    Bowman and Aldon will be well rested when we go into Seattle and eat some bird!

    Niners Forever

    First to Five … that’s right, five Superbowls! You can start talking when you have two.

  76. RoTfL #3 &4 dead wrong! After week 1 NO way you put GB & NE up there. It’s a ranking after week 1 for a reason.

  77. When will the Bucs stop getting praised for hiring Lovie Smith ? When will the national media stop swooning and getting misty eyes when his name is mentioned? This offensive genius wants to run the ball most of the time right? Is his RB’s last name now Pederson, Charles or McCoy ? No it’s Doug Martin. Lovie makes Rex Ryan look like a offensive genius. Tampa fans good luck watching this team for the next 3 or 5 years.

  78. I guess Mike found out on Sunday that Miami isn’t a bottom feeder in the NFL like his preseason rankings suggested.

    Lets see…..
    They finished last season at 8-8. That’s about as average as a team can get. They finished the (meaningless preseason) 3-1. That’s good. And they beat, no… I mean, SPANKED the Patriots 33-20 in week one. And Phins spotted NE 10 points, 3 linebackers, 1 safety. 1 DE, a pro-bowl center and a half game and still won by 13 points!

    As one poster put earlier, this should be about week one of the 2014 season, not the last decade. Brady’s getting old and it showed in Miami.

  79. Dolphins are used to media mistreatment. Pats couldn’t stop Knowshon Mereno (who?)…this week they get Adrian Peterson.

  80. power ranking are idiotic if the games that have actually occurred mean nothing, just call them previous season plus offseason rankings.

  81. It has really got to stick in you 49er fans craws. You get to the SB and can’t win the big one. Then you get back to the NFC Championship and can’t win that one. Then you have to watch your hated rival go on and just destroy Denver and win the SB when you guys chocked. Then CK gets to watch RS (who single handedly destroyed your ’13 season) and the Seahawks almost complete a clean sweep at the ESPYs. The look on CK’s face at the ESPYs was classic. You guys act like beating the Cowboys the other day was like wining the SB. The fact of the matter is, that if Romo was completely recovered, from his surgery, and hadn’t thrown those interceptions, it’s very likely that they would have beaten you. CK’s stat line was horrible.

  82. The reason why the Saints are ranked ahead of the Falcons is because their better plain and simple. I love how Atlanta fans think their the greatest team in the world cause they beat N.O. Its actually about time you guys finally beat us. Get ready to lose to the Bengals.

  83. WEHHHHHHHHHHH The Patriots are not a good team…………………………WEHHHHH they’re ranked too high…………WEHHHHHHHH my team is better.
    What a bunch of crybabies, I have never seen anything like it. If you don’t like the article, or the author, go someplace else, and grow up. Good or bad, that’s how he sees it.

  84. So why NOT just call them the Pinkskins?

    It both demonstrates the fading rationale for naming a team after some epidermal hue plus it suitably ‘honors’ the prevailing demographic …

  85. Does anyone on the planet aside from Florio and the Neanderthals that populate the state of Wisconsin think the Packers are the THIRD best team in the league?

    Look at that roster Florio.

    Great QB, bad O line, good receivers, bad D-line, line backers are all below average except for one very good one, below average safeties and good corners.

    That’s not a #3 team and the coming weeks will prove it.

  86. And i thought Florio liked the Steelers. what about that Patriot ranking!!??

    oh, and….”How ’bout them Cowboys?!!”

  87. First to Five … that’s right, five Superbowls! You can start talking when you have two.

    And when did your team win the last one?…..

    Go Hawks

  88. scw1993 says: Sep 9, 2014 5:39 PM

    WEHHHHHHHHHHH The Patriots are not a good team…………………………WEHHHHH they’re ranked too high…………WEHHHHHHHH my team is better.
    What a bunch of crybabies, I have never seen anything like it. If you don’t like the article, or the author, go someplace else, and grow up. Good or bad, that’s how he sees it.

    I am guessing you cried like Brady after reading the NFL power rankings…. sadly they are out of the top ten with the dolphins looking down on them. Enjoy the season, I know I am

  89. scw1993 says: Sep 9, 2014 5:39 PM

    WEHHHHHHHHHHH The Patriots are not a good team…………………………WEHHHHH they’re ranked too high…………WEHHHHHHHH my team is better.
    I am guessing you cried like Brady after reading the NFL power rankings…. sadly they are out of the top ten with the dolphins looking down on them. Enjoy the season, I know I am

  90. arrowtoyourknee says:
    Sep 9, 2014 3:38 PM

    Only team to not allow a touchdown?
    Minnesota Vikings.


    Only team playing against the 3rd string QB?
    Minnesota Viking.

  91. Absolutely love seeing all of the Viking fans with their panties in a bunch. always overly concerned about the Packers.

    Relax. You do understand that these are Power Rankings and not Divisional or Conference standings, right?
    Just because team A beats team B doesn’t mean they should swap positions. Why do I even bother trying to reason with you dolts.

    Now having reviewed this, I would agree with most posters that Green Bay doesn’t belong in the top 3.
    But as these rankings try to state, the cream will eventually rise to the top.
    And the Vikings, they will eventually curdle.
    Just like they always do!

  92. Niner fans, you’re embarrassing yourselves.

    You’ve played us 5 times in the last two years and you won 2 and lost 3.

    Sounds pretty even right? Wrong.

    The Seattle wins have been by an average of 20.3 points per game.

    The SF wins have been by an average of 4.5 points per game.

    We, of course, won the Superbowl. You guys too – just 20+ years ago.

    When you beat us in a game that matters or when you win a Superbowl this century, you can lecture us on how fans should act.

    By the way, just in case you’re unsure how fans should act, check the instructions your front office felt compelled to send out to your “knowledgeable fans”.

  93. For the record flash1287….the phins didnt even play their best game by far and played most game without their starting linebackers and still whooped dat pats rear end.

  94. CK’s stat line horrible? Check it against RW’s against GB, it’s better. If you say ‘Cowboys Defense’ – check CK’s stat line on last 3 GB games.

    LOL, and the “ESPYs”?! haha, it’s amazing how new to football you Seahawk fans are.


    It has really got to stick in you 49er fans craws. You get to the SB and can’t win the big one. Then you get back to the NFC Championship and can’t win that one. Then you have to watch your hated rival go on and just destroy Denver and win the SB when you guys chocked. Then CK gets to watch RS (who single handedly destroyed your ’13 season) and the Seahawks almost complete a clean sweep at the ESPYs. The look on CK’s face at the ESPYs was classic. You guys act like beating the Cowboys the other day was like wining the SB. The fact of the matter is, that if Romo was completely recovered, from his surgery, and hadn’t thrown those interceptions, it’s very likely that they would have beaten you. CK’s stat line was horrible.

  95. Didn’t you have Miami as #31 in your preseason ranking? And you’re logic for Miami last year compared to this year is illogical. Different team!

  96. The Packers have lost all their games to the 49ers for two straight years, including the regular season and the playoffs. They lose to the Seahawks convincingly, and somehow you have them ranked above the 49ers?

    The 49ers took the Seahawks down to the last play of the championship game after going on the road to beat the Packers and Panthers (read: less than 7 points), and you think that they would lose to the Seahawks by more than 30 points? Makes perfect sense.

  97. it’s amazing how many awful teams there are in the league this year.. I’m heading over to CFT

  98. doctorrustbelt says:

    … and… maybe… Cincinnati will knock pittssburgh out of playoff contention… AGAIN.


    When in the History of the NFL has this ever happen? The Steelers OWN the Bengals! The Steelers have beaten them 4 times in their last 6 matchups. Yes this in their 3 year playoffs 1 & dones.. hahahaha

  99. Pretty much spot-on, except for having the vikings WAY over-rated. Chicago, Houston, Buffalo, Miami and probably Dallas are all much better teams.

  100. Of course, if you go back one more year (which you conveniently left out), Jim Harbaugh still leads Pete Carroll by 4 wins to 3 since they took over for their respective teams.

    Carroll didn’t win his first game against Harbaugh until after he lost the first three.

    After two rounds, let’s see how things go in round three.

  101. LOL, and the “ESPYs”?! haha, it’s amazing how new to football you Seahawk fans are.

    Born in 1949 and been a football fan since my teens. How about you?

  102. Vikings fans are not complaining about our ranking. We are laughing that Florio thinks that GB is the 3rd best team in the league. Outside of Rodgers, you guys are terrible. Both of your lines are bottom five in the league.

  103. Of course, if you go back one more year (which you conveniently left out), Jim Harbaugh still leads Pete Carroll by 4 wins to 3 since they took over for their respective teams.

    I know, and if we go back 20+ years you’d even have won a SB. I went back two years because that’s how long the best young QB in the game has been with the Hawks.

    LOL, and the “ESPYs”?! haha, it’s amazing how new to football you Seahawk fans are.

    Born in 1949 and been a football fan since my teens. How about you?

    Good for you, then you actually got to witness one of the 49ers Superbowls. Of course you were watching on a black and white television without a remote while talking on a land line telephone.

  104. This ranking – specifically the Packers #3 ranking – is an insult to any intelligent football fan. Lay off the Miller Lite, Florio. It’s negatively impacting your logic.

  105. If you aren’t willing to report team names like the REDSKINS, find another job. If you want to report on NFL teams then USE THEIR NAMES! You don’t get to decide what a team name is so get over yourself or move on to another profession.

  106. The Bears will be down into the 20s after the Niners school them Sunday night. Nobody on the Bears D knows their head from their arse, their top 2 WRs are hurting, they are down two starting O Linemen, and Bad Jay is back in full force.

    Cowboys and Bears back to back… what a draw. The two worst defenses in the league and the two QBs who make more brain-dead throws than anyone else… Who really DOES have it better than the Niners?

  107. For the first 30:00 minutes of play the Cleveland Browns scored 3 points. For the final 29:58 the Steelers scored zero. The game was tied at 27 with 2 seconds on the clock. And somehow the Pittsburgh is ranked 21 spots higher than Cleveland?


    For as “great” as Pitt’s first half was, their second half was every bit as deplorable as the Brown’s first. And vice-versa for how bad their second half was: the Browns was every bit as good as their first half. If the Browns are 31 – which maybe they should be – Pitt should be 30. I won’t take their victory away from them but the ranking 21 spots higher than the team they barely beat on a breath at the last second is atrocious.

    Good thing this list doesn’t matter.

  108. Come on get real people. The author is right. No one was going to beat the Seahawks week 1 at home. Chances are that was the NFC title game preview. The difference being it will be in Lambeau after the Seahawks play their way through the NFC West. Niner fans it’s time to admit you missed your window.

  109. First power rankings are not very good by anyone after week one. But if like a power ranking is supposed to be, how good a team looks, then I see no way GB is in the top 10. They have an average at best d and now without bulaga perhaps a bottom 5 oline.

    Of course as an eagles fan I also don’t get their ranking either. The offense had a bad first half but the defense played great and scoring 4 times in the second half while the other team is completely shut down when they had all the momentum I think has to put them in the top 7 at this point, even if it was the jags (who after watching that game will be giving teams fits all year)

    I also feel bad for 49ers fans as they think they have a good team right now. Sorry guys but without the two linebackers on that d the 49ers are in trouble. That game reminded me if a big time college program taking on a division 2 team. Kap had a so-so game against perhaps the worst defense to ever play the game.

  110. The Bengals should have had 35 points at the half when they had 15. They are #6? The Ravens’ offense didn’t even show up until the second half and was leading at one point and almost won.

    How many of the Bengals even survived the game to play next Sunday? They ran out of injury time outs!!!

    No way they are a number 6 team.

  111. Ok, As the Handle implies I’m a Miami Dolphins Fan.

    Having said that, I did a little analysis myself, using PFT’s most recent preseason rankings (before any games were played), the point differentials of the week 1 games, and a small home/away factor. I calculated my own Week 1 Power Rankings.

    At first glance I have to agree with most of the posters on here G.B. and N.E. should have fallen farther, but my unbiased observations have four teams that are out of rank by 7 or more spots. They are…

    Ranked too high: Pittsburgh Steelers (ranked 13th should have been 20th) & Kansas City Chiefs (ranked 22th should have been 30th)

    Ranked too low: Dallas Cowboys (ranked 27th should have been 19th) & Tampa Bay Buccaneers (ranked 29th should have been 21th)

    If you take out those 4 teams then the average ranking differential between myself and PFT is only 2.3 spots per team.

  112. The Packers do deserve to be top 5, possibly even top 2, but it’s way too early in the season to tell either way.

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