Giants co-owner says Roger Goodell’s job not in jeopardy

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Giants co-owner John Mara might not have liked the way the Ray Rice case was handled initially, but he has no problems with the job NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is doing now.

Mara issued a statement which followed the league’s position that efforts were made to obtain the video of the former Ravens running back knocking his wife unconscious, but led off with the fact he thought the punishment was too light to begin with.

“Many of us were dissatisfied with the original two-game suspension of Ray Rice,” Mara said. “The Commissioner took responsibility for that in his August 28th memo to the owners when he stated, ‘I didn’t get it right. Simply put, we have to do better. And we will.’ He then took appropriate steps to address this matter. Our policy now on domestic violence has been strengthened. We have all learned a valuable lesson from this episode. We now have a strong partnership with anti-domestic violence groups, and we will be a better League for it going forward.

“My understanding is that the League and the Ravens made repeated requests to obtain the video of the Ray Rice incident and were denied each time. The notion that the League should have gone around law enforcement to obtain the video is, in my opinion, misguided, as is the notion that the Commissioner‘s job is now in jeopardy. The video is appalling, and I believe that the team and the League took appropriate action after they finally had the opportunity to view it.

“There is no place for domestic violence in our sport or in our society, and we are committed to doing our part to prevent such heinous acts going forward.”

That part about the job not being in jeopardy is the key here.

Goodell has made his bosses plenty of money, and he has support in all the right corners.

Having influential owners like Mara and Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones and Jerry Richardson in his corner is a solid position, for a guy whose steps have been anything but steady lately.

72 responses to “Giants co-owner says Roger Goodell’s job not in jeopardy

  1. All of the owners support Goodell, don’t kid yourself. If they have an issue with him it is in regard to their own self interest, not in regard to his overall performance. He gets an A+ from me.

  2. He then went onto to say “Job security for Jerry Reese and Tom Coughlin however, are another story…”

  3. The fact that they’re addressing it, means that it is.

    “If you like your commissioner, you can keep your commissioner… period.”

  4. I don’t like Mara or Goodell, but you have to admit he’s [Mara’s] right when he says that the NFL shouldn’t go around law enforcement. If it is true that the police wouldn’t release the video, the idea of the NFL strong arming the casino for it is ridiculous.

    That being said, as Florio has mentioned a few times, they should have demanded the video from Ray Rice and his attorney.

  5. The last two sentences say it all. He’s done a bad job and he should be fired. But he makes his bosses too much money. To them integrity has always taken a back seat to profit.

  6. This poor handling of Rice has nothing to do with the NFL’s bottom line unless it becomes the norm and it won’t. No surprise here. He didn’t make 40M+ last year because his job was in jeopardy. He has made the NFL a ton of money the last few years and the owners aren’t going to fire him anytime soon .

  7. What else is he going to say!?

    Mara, Rooney and Kraft run this league, Roger is just their puppet.

    The NFL is a circus- Roger needs to be wearing a big red nose and floppy shoes at all times when addressing the media.

  8. I guess 20 more years of roger goodell’s lies and delusions.

    ON THE BRIGHT SIDE: The impending Hispanic majority in America coupled with football related brain injuries and roger goodell’s low character leadership will ensure soccer’s dominance as America’s #1 sport in the late-2020’s

  9. If you think he should be fired, it is most likely because you do not like what he is doing outside of the Ray Rice case. I want him gone, but not over this. This has just turned into a convenient story to try force him out. It may work, but that would not be right….

  10. “My understanding is that the League and the Ravens made repeated requests to obtain the video of the Ray Rice incident and were denied each time.

    soooo can anyone interview the ones who had the video and see if these requests were indeed true? And then can we find out how TMZ got them so easily? I’m sure they paid for the video but really Roger, you didn’t see it? although you didn’t need to if Ray didn’t lie right?

  11. One day the media is crying about Goodell being too tough on players and then a month later they are crying about him being too lenient. It is only in the past few months that the media has become outraged over domestic abuse. No one gave a crap before. Just shut up and let the man do his job.


  12. How is the video appalling? Every battery is violent, this one just got caught on tape. It amazes me how many people feel this way. Victims don’t get bruised and bloodied by light slaps. What was seen on video happens to a certain degree in every battery. It’s just sad it took a video to open people’s eyes to it.

  13. Sage Rosenfels recently said something along the lines of: Goodell’s title should not be Commissioner of the NFL but instead should be Head of the NFL Owners Association.

    The only way the owners would get rid of Goodell would be if the backlash from all of this noticeably affected their bottom line. The fans are the only ones who can make that happen.

    I am blown away that the league didn’t suspend Rice right away when they first saw the video. They would have looked like heroes.
    They would lose a better than average player and gain all sorts of credibility among women’s rights groups which would in turn bolster their efforts to broaden the female fanbase.

    Instead, that portion of the fanbase has been effectively alienated. And there is also a whole lot of additional collateral damage as well.

  14. Today: “…as is the notion that the Commissioner‘s job is now in jeopardy.”

    Tomorrow: “With the best interests of the NFL in mind, we have relieved Mr. Goodell of his duties…blah, blah, blah”

    Pay attention Coughlin as your time comes soon.

  15. Of course not, these greed is good simpletons learned a long time ago that you don’t bite the hand that feeds.

  16. Goodell’s job will be safe as long as the majority of owners think like does. Greed has taken over the league and EVERYTHING revolves around the next dollar coming in. Goodell has excelled at that.

    Problem is, a few years from now all those short-sighted decisions will come home to roost. Just wait for the articles about attendance dipping because fans have either been priced out or are no longer as enthralled because of bad rule changes, scandals, concussions, etc. Goodell will be remembered as the worst commissioner in NFL history.

  17. Goodell didn’t make tons of money for the NFL… The NFL brand alone makes tons of money for the NFL… Who the commish is doesn’t matter one iota………

  18. His job should be in jeopardy. He had access to the video. If TMZ can get access to this video, the NFL and its high paid investigators sure could. He tried sweeping a woman beater under the rug and got caught. Goodell needs to go now!

  19. Of course his job isn’t in jeopardy. That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Just because some absurd, obsessed journalists are looking to make this a huge conspiracy theory, doesn’t mean a bunch of business savvy NFL owners are.

    There is no place for domestic violence, but as some readers above have noted, for every one video of an attack, there are thousands more that happen and that should be the focus. Not some ridiculous obsession over why the NFL didn’t go around law enforcement or expect Rice’s attorney to just hand over the video evidence when they had every right not too.

    The only positive I can see from this whole thing….is it has given MF something else to obsess about besides the Washington Team Name. If I had to read one more post on that my eyes were going to fall out. But seriously, enough about this. There are 16 awesome games to talk about this weekend.

  20. In short, you know Goodel has got a huge perception issue when the highest profile owners (Patriots, Cowboys, Giants) have to spoon feed public statements such as this.

    Wake up owners and quit defending this guy just because on his watch you’ve made lots of money. Heed the words of Mark Cuban — you’re losing touch with your fan base and almost no one but you thinks that this guy is up to the task He’s taking a great sport backward and is so arrogant to the league’s fans and wimpy media that he thinks any utterance by him should never be questioned!!!!

    There’s a veritable plethora of examples where Goodell is such an embarrassing hypocrite — including several in this case. For example, yesterday he told CBS that the league only desires information from “credible sources” but in Bounty Gate he built the league’s whole case on information provided by disgruntled ex employees, convicted felons, opposing players (“he said to this player, and then he told him, he said to him that the Saints had a bounty”) etc. Remember, he botched that case so bad that after all the spin of “iron clad proof” he kept saying the league had, the ex-Commissioner had to come in and clean it all up by throwing out the player suspensions because of the lack of hard evidence.

    And another thing, when Roger The Great suspended Sean Payton for a full season in Bounty Gate, he stated that whether Payton knew or didn’t know about the existence of a Bounty system was not that important. What was important, was that as a leader of the team, he should have known !!!

    I’d like all of Roger’s occasional supporters on this site to tell us exactly why Roger shouldn’t apply that same standard to himself and Ravens management in this case???

    We’re waiting……….

  21. If by good job you mean taking actions that now have the NFL synonymous with brutality of women, cowardice, and demonstrating by his lying actions that the issue of domestic violence pales in comparison to protecting the badge–well then yes! He has done a brilliant job!!! Spin it any way you want, this stinks horribly, Goodell took the cowards way out, and only his stepping down will satisfy the well justified anger of the masses.

  22. The NFL 1% is making more bank now than ever. Why worry about these trivial matters of the little folks when profits are through the roof?

  23. Companies suspend/ fire people for incompetence or putting the company in a bad light, especially ones that are very public image conscious. The NFL is dependent on public perception, and the whole Rice issue was a complete and utter PR disaster from day one. They blew it numerous times by not suspending him sooner, and then giving him a slap on the wrist compared to those who smoke weed. Right now the NFL, the Ravens, and Goodell are getting raked over the coals and deservedly so.

  24. I have noticed a huge upsurge in people who think they are lawyers suddenly commenting on here. It was more fun when these same simpletons thought they knew football or were internet tough guys.

  25. Of course Mara will support God-dell just as Roger supported him during the collusion of the uncapped year and allowed an owner to inflict punishment against a division foe… #FireGoodell

  26. Mara is a Idiot. If Goodell asked for and didn’t get the tapes, he should have said that from the very beginning. He’s lying.

  27. Goodell is the PR puppet for the owners.

    John Mara is not only the chairman of the NFL Management Council Executive Committee, but he owns the Giants!


  28. “My understanding is that the League and the Ravens made repeated requests to obtain the video of the Ray Rice incident and were denied each time.”

    Where are the letters documenting these repeated requests? If the requests were not written but oral, who (by name) made these requests and to whom (by name) were the requests made? When were the requests made? Where is the documentation of the responses to the requests? If the response was oral, who (by name) gave the response to whom (by name)? Did the NFL request the video from Ray Rice himself? If no, why not? Did Rice refuse to produce the video? If so, why did Rice only receive a 2 game suspension?

    These are simple questions. “Journalists” need to start asking these types of questions and the NFL actually needs to start answering these questions. Otherwise, it looks like a coverup.

  29. How come John Mara is always the authority regarding league inside transactions? He seems to have more knowledge and power than the other owners. Good to be in New York, I guess.

  30. Prediction: In the “State of the NFL” speech at the Super Bowl in February 2015, The NFL Commissioner will say that the NFL is looking forward to setting forth these new workplace standards for our players and their spouses/domestic partners which will lead the way in educating all of our employees about our leading edge “Zero Tolerance” Policy enacted since I have become the NFL Commissoner. Sincerely, Condoleza Wright

  31. So let me get this right….. you hand down a severe punishment for the supposed bountygate scandal for mostly the lies and cover up, but we’re supposed to believe that the almighty NFL didn’tknow about this tape? Hypocritical much? Goddell has to go!!!!!

  32. His supporters have all earned the right to have their own hashtags, for their obvious blindness to this cover up, or are part of it themselves.

    There is a need for a special investigation into the NFL’s bumbling of this whole case and the damage that THEY have inflicted on people.

  33. since when is goodell a police department. I work in hr. we can’t fire somebody for something that happened outside work. if they’re arrested and miss time, we can fire for that. we would absolutely not win an unemployment hearing if we fired somebody for a home issue unless we can prove it resulted in their attendance being affected. if anybody dropped the ball here it is the police. goodell and the nfl are not law enforcement officers. additionally, all you pc police, ray rice deserved a bigger suspension no doubt, but the lynch mob is down right frightening me about today’s society. people make dumb choices but we shouldn’t destroy their whole life without giving them a shot at redemption down the line

  34. This is all well and good but how come TMZ was able to get the tape and the NFL who has a financial interest in this situation couldn’t?

    My guess is that the NFL didn’t want to see that tape see the light of day and they were hoping to sweep it under the rug ala spygate.

  35. notsurewhy2 says: Sep 10, 2014 3:49 PM

    why would his job be in jeopardy, he’s not the one who punched out his wife.

    Oh no?

    There is a former big time TV personality that made a comment like: “Roger Goodell was Ray Rice’s left hand.”

    There’s truth to that statement if you care to look at it honestly.

  36. Goodell gets a ton of heat, but he took the reigns of commish at a tough time.

    Tags put all the tough issues on the back burner until he was retired. The CBA, drug testing, players getting arrested left and right, head injuries, ect. Tags cultivated the league, making it the biggest sports league in the country and one of the biggest entertainment businesses in the world.

    But……the inmates were running the asylum. Players/coaches had very little in the way rules. Coaches were coaching strategies to injure other players. Leading with the head, bounties, ect.

    Off the field players were running wild. This led to things like PFT installing a “days without arrest” meters that never got very high. Something had to be done on the field and off. Somebody had to be the sherriff…and that guy wasn’t going to be popular.

    The media is a huge part of the problem IMO. Articles written saying Goodell has to stop it…..once Goodell did start fixing things the media jumped on him, claiming that he was being too harsh. This inspired law suits and many negative articles about goodell.

    This is the first time I can ever remember the media claiming a punishment was too light. The media always said Roger was too hard on the players, that players and fans should be outraged.

    Now, in the middle of a situation that was as clear as mud, they call for his head. Not tough enough they say….”should he be fired?” they say. But the rice’s talked to goodell, they sold him a story (including the victim….she claimed partial responsibility). But Goodell should have known they’ll say….

    In truth….goodell made the best decision he could with the info he had, and when the info was wrong he changed it.

  37. I disagree with Mara 100%. However, as a Giants’ fan, this well thought show of support for that clown better at least net us some good calls on the field. Lord knows we need all the help we can get.

  38. GettingNoRespect says: Sep 10, 2014 3:19 PM

    Why would he, Goodell does whatever Mara wants, then he gets a treat.

    Yes yes… you’re a good boy! Yes you are! Yes you are! Yes!

  39. But why does it matter if the NFL could have and didn’t? The NFL is a private organization. This was a criminal matter. They could have (like TMZ) paid $500k for the video and obtained it illegally.

    As citizens, we cannot just walk up to a casino and demand their video. Private property. Law enforcement can get it, with a subpoena. The NFL has no subpoena-issuing authority. This was a union-employer internal matter. Civil. Not criminal.

    So the NFL should pay an extortionist a ransom for the video?

  40. I would like to know what y’all would say when your boss fires YOU for a domestic violence case when you plea deal for probation. Or your minor pot possession charge where you just paid a fine. What if YOUR boss paid $10k to obtain a video of you performing lewd acts in the club on off time?

  41. Yeah he supports him, because he is his lapdog …got Goodell to punish the Redskins ($36million) & Cowboys ($10million) because of rule that was not in effect!

  42. Goodell is bad business, sooner or later his bullcrap will catch up with him. From the constant rule changes to favor passing teams to lying.

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