Goodell: I don’t rule out Ray Rice returning


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says Ray Rice is suspended indefinitely, but not permanently.

Asked on CBS if Rice could return, Goodell said it’s possible.

I don’t rule that out. But he would have to make sure that we are fully confident that he is addressing this issue. Clearly, he has paid a price for the actions that he’s already taken,” Goodell said.

However, Goodell said he doesn’t know exactly what Rice will have to do to get back in the NFL’s good graces.

“I haven’t thought about that because right now, I think the focus is he’s got a lot of work to do, the family has a lot of work to do,” Goodell said. “We’re going to obviously provide whatever resources we can to help them work through that. At the same time, we’re going to continue to try to implement our policies and our, our revised education and training so that we can get to people and help people and their families make the wiser decision – and know they have resources available.”

Unfortunately for Rice, the reality is that he has to do more than just convince Goodell that he deserves a second chance. Rice also has to convince some team that he’s a good enough player to be worth the public relations hit that providing him with a second chance would entail. And considering that Rice averaged just 3.1 yards a carry last year, there may be no team that thinks Rice is good enough to be worth the risk. There’s a good chance that Rice is done in the NFL, even if Goodell is willing to give him another chance.

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  1. Donte Stallworth killed someone while driving drunk – back in the league.

    Leanard Little killed someone while driving drunk – back in the league

    Michael Vick – killed and tortured animals for over a year – back in the league

    But Ray Rice should never ever see the field again because hitting a woman is much worse than killing a man. SMH…

  2. Ray Rice fleeced the Ravens with the front loaded deal.

    He conned Roger Goodell into a lenient punishment.

    Ray’s production was not worthy of the contract.

    Attention needs to be taken off of Ray Rice and put on the prosecutors and Goodell.

  3. Neither the Ravens nor Goodell could have obtained the other tape legally. The fact is that TMZ isn’t always above the law when it comes to obtaining material.

    And though many may be quick to jump to the “they should have done anything and everything to get the tapes”, they are prominent figures who could receive huge lawsuits for obtaining these materials from non legal parties.

    Paul Loriquet, a spokesperson for the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office, confirmed to NFL Media on Tuesday, “It’s grand jury material. It would have been improper — in fact, illegal — for the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office to provide (the video) to an outside/private/non law-enforcement entity.”

  4. If players who killed people are allowed back in the league how can Ray Rice not be allowed to return to the league?

    Not to mention that others that have been charged with domestic violence weren’t suspended indefinitely; some with multiple instances.

    This is the NFL placating the torch and pitchfork crowed…and the media.

  5. Why not? Look at all the others who have had a second and third chance. By most accounts he was a great member of the nfl doing more for his game and community then most.

  6. Haha, your own policy says 1st offense for domestic abuse is 6 games and you suspended Ray Rice indefinitely because of the public reaction to the video. Of course the NFL can’t rule out Ray Rice being reinstated. In fact suspending him indefinitely goes against their own policies. By messing up in the first place and giving him two games, then rushing to make a new policy because of the public reaction to the two games, and then suspending Rice indefinitely because of the public reaction to the video the NFL may have put itself in a really bad place legally with Ray Rice.

    Why is the league so poorly run? Why is billion dollar organization making quick judgment policy decision based on social media reactions? What a mess!

  7. The NFL ruined those chances. If Rice would’ve shown real progress an general sympathy towards his actions he could’ve been a good redemption story. But now he’s the scape goat for the NFL’s disregard for the seriousness of domestic abuse and general no concern for women.

  8. It’s not the league’s job to be a “mom and dad”.. If I had a domestic problem my boss wouldn’t intervene. If anybody should be getting involved.. it’s the UNION who are collecting dues from these “sick” individuals…..

  9. Giving a front loaded contract to a RB based on history rather than reasonable expectation is how teams get into cap hell in the first place. When the player commits an act so heinous that the team is forced to cut him (albeit for the same infraction for which he was already punished), the team pays the price, and has no recourse to recuperate the roughly $25 million Rice has collected.

    Football has been taken away from him, but while the rest of the world goes to work everyday, Ray will embark on a new career of speaking on the horrors of domestic violence with the backing of the 25 mil he has already banked. Oh, the sad and difficult life he faces…PLEASE!

  10. Nobody thought Vick could make it onto another team after that debacle, and he’s already been on 2 teams now.

    A lot of ppl thought no one would take Jonathan Martin either after showing he was emotionally fragile and a major risk for stirring up a future locker-room issue. Sure enough, a team takes him. John Jerry has a new team, and I personally think Incognito will find his way onto a team by next season. The need for talent will always prevail.

  11. For all the “Why shouldn’t Rice be allowed back in the league” trolls. I haven’t seen any articles that say he shouldn’t be allowed back in. They’re just saying he’s likely not good enough at a position of abundance to actually attract a team once he’s allowed. God is in the details, people.

  12. i don’t get how you can be suspended indefinitely for basically what amounts to an assault charge???

    even under the new increased penalties Goddell just put in place he should only get 6 games

    we get it, hitting your girl is wrong, but what more do you want from the guy?

  13. Well, how can he return after you punished him twice for the same crime???

    If you’re going to make a mistake shouldn’t you be out of a job instead of him as the brunt of your ineptitude??

  14. They should also focus on ANY assault and not just domestic violence. How is it going to look when one player is suspended a full year for punching his twin brother and another is suspended 2 games for punching a stranger?

  15. It amazes me how Rice isn’t to blame for anything is he? He is just a “victim” in your eyes and Goodell is the evil perp.

    Ban Rice for life, make this a precendent. You commit a crime, and you get banned for life….PERIOD.

    NFL contracts are a privilege, NOT a “right”.

    Ban Vick, Little, and Stallworth right now. Let this be a warning to all NFL players.

    Zero tolerance, it works for the government right?

  16. Ray Rice will be back in the league by next year. There is little doubt about that. Some team will take a chance on him and endure the media explosion that goes along with it. Look for Tony Dungy to be involved in this before its all said and done. Dungy will convince Roger Goodell that Rice has reformed and is worthy of a 2nd chance. Its straight out of a Hollywood script and will play out very similar to the Michael Vick situation.

  17. Ray Rice has proven football talent. The Ravens did not want to lose him. The NFL and the Ravens cooked up a way to try to keep him in the game, probably negotiating with prosecutors in the process hoping that the public would buy it as sufficient punishment.

    As we know, this gambit failed miserably.

    Now Rice is suspended “indefinitely”. And the outrage is tens times worse. At this point, he’d have been better off taking some jail time and an 8 game suspension to begin with. What a mess.

  18. Goodell and the NFL are doing something I never though possible in my 50 years as an NFL fan … turning me off to watching anymore. I can feel it on Sundays .. I just lack the excitement I once had and if I miss a game here and there, I just don’t care. I’d even watch bad games just to watch … no more. And that is a DIRECT result of the Goodell era.

  19. Your boss would intervene if you knocked your girlfriend out in a public place on video and it made the news. Sorry he would.

  20. All Roger sees are $$$, he has no morals whatsoever. If he did, Rice would have gotten the Sterling treatment. But if he leaves a small crack for Rice to come back, he has himself another way to be a headline in a year from now. I can only hope the owners are smarter than that and understand bringing back Ray Rice into our league will only tarnish the league and provide a black eye (pun intended).

  21. Goodell is so phony, his nose grows when he talks. To say he reached out for the additional tape and didn’t get it is ridiculous. Al he had to do was ask the hotel and he’d have gotten it.
    Don’t misunderstand me, I want Rice suspended for the season and have to get counceling before he’s given a chance to ask for reinstatement.
    Roger Goodell only cares about two things — the owners and the NFL brand. He wants to make the owners as much money as he can, and pad his already lucrative salary.
    And he wants the NFL brand to be blemish free. When he says he cares about the fans, that’s a complete lie. He only cares about the fans’ money, period.

  22. this is absurd, players have killed people and have been reinstated, Rice hits his wife who was hitting him and spitting in his face and the guy is banned like some child molester, I am not condoning beating your wife by any means, but come on man!

  23. I’m certainly not defending Rice, but didn’t the commissioner just announce a new policy which calls for first instances of domestic abuse to be punished with a six game suspension? Has any explanation come from the league for why they have disregarded their own stated policy (which was created in response to this situation in the first place) in suspending Rice indefinitely?

    The question of whether Rice should play football again is slightly different than whether the league should let him. Personally, I would be disappointed if my team signed Rice were he to be reinstated to the NFL, and I think it is likely that no team would. But what is the point of announcing a policy only to abandon it days later?

  24. My fellow lemmings: You do realize the NFL’s knee jerk reaction to the public seeing this video has everything to do with changing the narrative/focus and NOTHING to do with taking a stand against domestic violence–or viciously slugging your girlfriend? It’s to spin the attention of all you sheep toward Rice and not towards Goodell–there is no argument for the “tape”, which first of all is NOT even a tape. No sane person with common sense believes that Goodell did not see it. He did. Goodell should resign, if he has any backbone or integrity, which he does not. It’s up to us whether he stays–if the NFL sees a big ratings drop or a notable decrease in sales of merch, he’s gone. Period. Use the power you actually have, arguing and pretending you know the law or how all this works is as useless as talking about petro-chemisty when you car runs out of gas. Go buy some damn gas! In this case, don’t buy any NFL merch until the bozo ginger is gone!!

  25. Goodell is just throwing stuff at the wall now to see what sticks. First Rice gets two games. When the public goes bananas over that Goodell lays down a new 6-game/lifetime policy that doesn’t apply to Rice. When the video surfaces he changes Rice’s ban to indefinite. Now he’s saying Rice could possibly come back.

    He’s like that guy in the Fedex commercial trying to locate China.

  26. Ray will be back, Goodell will call his Buddy in Dallas like he did for Sam. No one will say anything because Jones will be seen as a guy who embraces the outcasts. Who besides Dallas would have welcomed back Josh Brent ?

  27. Its all a baloney set up. The policy as Godell stated last week is 6 game suspension for the first offense. Life suspension for the 2nd offense. Of course all life suspensions in the NFL are allowed to apply for reinstatement after 1 year….so basically there is no such thing as a lifetime ban in the NFL…..

  28. Rice is a pariah. Even if he got reinstated, who would sign him?

    1) he is 28 yrs old, so his prime is basically gone.
    2) this is a passing league not a running one.
    3) the distraction for the team would be horrible.
    4) the locker room probably wouldn’t accept him
    5) etc., etc.
    6) Buddy Ryan might want him, but that is Buddy.

  29. When King Rog says he hasn;t given something any thought, he means it… and THAT is the problem.

    The problem here, Rog, is that your process is not consistent, equitable or just… whether in dealing with personal conduct (violence), DUIs, drugs, and player safety. It’s pretty clear you are making it up as you go along.

    It’s time to blow it all up and start again.

  30. Paul Loriquet, a spokesperson for the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office, confirmed to NFL Media on Tuesday, “It’s grand jury material. It would have been improper — in fact, illegal — for the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office to provide (the video) to an outside/private/non law-enforcement entity.”

    and what point was providing that quote supposed to make? yes, it would have been illegal for the PROSECUTOR’s office to provide it. It would NOT have been illegal for the defense attorney to provide said tape to the NFL. In fact, barring a gag order, the defense could have released it to the public if they wanted. quite obvious why they chose NOT to do that. All the NFL had to do was say that he would be indefinitely suspended until they had an opportunity to review ALL of the facts and available evidence and decide on appropriate discipline. If any of the facts are not present and there is reason to believe that the missing evidence could make a difference in the discipline, they should wait until they have it ALL. if that takes until the legal process is resolved, then that’s what it takes.

  31. Of course he should be able to return once the angry mob gets distracted by something else.

    First of all, mutual assualt by unrelated parties upon each other in a public place isn’t ‘domestic violence’ and second, where the heck it the union? Why would they allow a guy to be BANNED FOR LIFE!!! for off-field behaviour.

    Third, Chris Rainey is back in the league and he’s a much bigger problem than Ray Rice.

  32. New NFL Violence Guidelines:

    Punch out your lady, but your a “good guy” – 2 games

    If too many people complain about the above – 6 games

    If there is a video of the assault – lifetime ban

    If you kill a man while DUI – perhaps a year , then welcome back

    If you kill a man (or know damn well who did) but take the 5th – no penalty, get a statue erected, Hall of Fame and job with ESPN await.

    Does that pretty much cover it, Roger?

  33. Poor Roger. He doesn’t realize that all those calling for a more severe punishment for Ray Rice will not be satisfied until Rice is executed at halftime of a Raven’s game.

  34. Similar to Michael Sam?????? Wow! Some of you posting comments need a reality check. So many batterers are posting that nobody can tell the difference.

  35. I can’t believe that hitting her had never happened before. Even if you look at him dragging her out of the elevator and just staring at her like he did, looked like he had a lot of practice doing it to her. He didn’t seem too emotional about it. He also didn’t seem to show a lot of restraint before he hit her. Kinda like “get off me! BAM!!!!”.

  36. Like it or not, Rice will get another opportunity in the NFL. The question is whether or not he does enough to convince a team that he’s worth the risk of signing. If Michael Vick can return to the league, Ray Rice can too.

  37. Is everyone upset because he was making millions… this goes on everyday all-day…where is the out rage from non -celebs domestic violence… don’t just voice your opinion because a celeb right is right and wrong is wrong across the board Period… Indeed…

  38. he will be back,.must not have hit her to hard,nothing broke,no big as his arms are something should have been meesed up.passed out from being drunk more than from punch[still never shoul hit a woman]

  39. As a father with a daughter, there is no way I can support a league that minimizes domestic abuse and continues to employ a man who hits women. Zero Tolerance for domestic abusers!

    Goodall remaining the spokesperson for this league makes it hard to be a fan. Leaving the door open for a Rice return is disgusting!

  40. The story now is no longer about Ray Rice, bad guy, and Janay Rice, admitted happy (“in love”)
    battered wife. It’s now about the Commish, his underlings, and the completely arbitrary and inconsistent manner in which he presides over the League. Should he be fired? Yes, for looking the other way here and numerous other past rulings that continue to degrade the game itself. (Rules pertaining to QB protection, pass interference, kick-offs, end-zone celebrations, ticket prices, ad infinitum). Reading the posts here it’s obvious that fans agree. But his bosses like the cash flow. Goodell and the greedy group he represents can wait in silence until Ray files HIS lawsuit vs. the League (Goodell & owners) for among other things being punished twice for the same offense. This League has become a major Soap Opera and it’s getting worse. And fans WILL leave for cleaner sport. College ball is played on Saturday.

  41. Rice was a model citizen and player in Baltimore before this with absolutely zero off field problems. He does a lot for the community and acts and speaks with class. So what he had to teach is girl a lesson, if she’s cool with it I am. JK

    But for real this is the first mistake he’s made, everyone on here has made a mistake before but your not famous and it wasn’t caught on tape, give this man a second chance his wife is.

  42. Perhaps miscreants like Ray Rice and Mike Vick could join the Cowboys. They have a prison farm team if memory serves me right – or was that their team from the 1990’s?

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