Jerry Jones says Roger Goodell has recovered nicely


While NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has been criticized in many corners for his handling of the Ray Rice case, one of his bosses thinks he’s doing a good job.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Goodell has come back strong after the admitted mishandling of Rice’s punishment the first time through.

“We have in blocking terminology, we have recovery,” Jones said on KRLD, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “That’s when an offensive lineman gets beat on the first move, but he has the athletic ability to recover and try to get it right on the second move. I know we’re doing that and trying to get it as good as we can get it on the second time around. I think that’s happening.

“There’s no question in my mind, the emphasis we have on spousal abuse in the NFL and the lack of tolerance for it. It’s intolerable and will be adjudicated accordingly.”

The support from men like Jones and Patriots owner Robert Kraft should not be surprising. He’s made them a lot of money of the years — money that continues to grow — which is what they hired him to do.

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  1. I think Jerry is a little nervous and if he isn’t, he needs to be. He is being accused of sexually assaulting a woman at a time where the NFL cannot afford to look week on abuse against women. Jerry should be suspended for a year, at a minimum, especially after we saw fat Ben get suspended for the same exact thing without a conviction. Roger should take it a step further and force Jerry to sell the Cowboys. That would be a fantastci way to save face.

  2. So the next owner likely to be subject to personal conduct policy review is saying nice things about his judge, jury and executioner.

    Well, who would have thought that?

  3. Recovered nicely, huh? What this is telling me is that the outraged fans got a pat on the head and are expected to quiet down now and let this go. I don’t think so. What is really happening is that the “all men’s club” of Roger and the owners are still condoning domestic violence. Where is the outrage from these “leaders”? They are only interested in protecting their little circle. Show us you mean business! Take an active stance on domestic violence and put your money where your mouth is.

    As for me, I still love the game of football, but I will not be buying anything NFL related. I will watch the games that are on my local network TV, but no more extra’s like Sunday Ticket, no Verizon Mobile, no football jerseys, not even a coffee cup with my teams logo on it.

    This has disgusted me to the very core of my being.

  4. Of course Jerruh supports Goodell, he and Craft can’t find a better puppet to do their bidding and make them tons of money in the process. Goody needs to go but as long as the money continues to flow that’s not likely to happen.

  5. Recover?

    Recover what?

    Within a short period of time since the NFL revised its domestic violence policy to a 6 game suspension for a first offense he suspends Ray Rice “indefinitely”.

    Don’t get me wrong here. I am not defending Rice’s actions in any way, shape or form. However, why institute a set of guidelines if you’re not going to follow them?

    Same thing goes for the Gordon and Welker suspensions. The offenses they committed and the suspensions they received happened before any new drug policy negotiations even occurred. They both knew the rules and the consequences and made the decision to break them anyway. Any changes to the drug policy should not be made retroactive in any way regarding reinstatement or reduction in the length of their suspensions.

    My point is that by rescinding the suspensions for these two players wouldn’t that open the door for another player to be eligible to be reimbursed for game checks already lost? Also, how many players in “Phase 3” or “Phase 2” of the drug program would be eligible to be dropped down a level?

    I agree the NFL should revise the drug program to reflect current trends throughout the country. However, allowing Welker and Gordon back before their current suspensions are completed does nothing but open Pandoras box.

  6. What do Ray Rice, Roger Goodell and Jerry Jones all have in common?
    Nobody wants them involved with the NFL.

  7. It’s OK then Roger, as long as Jerry and Kraft think you’re doing a good job!

    Jones’ statements are precisely the problem — Goodell has totally lost touch with the fans and indeed his sport because of the league’s greed but despite the various p.r. disasters that Goodell has steered the league into, his Masters are making lots of money on his watch so therefore he’s doing great. Mark Cuban’s comments about the NFL getting too arrogant and too greedy are looking more true everyday.

    Hey Jerry, here’s the way most of the REAL WORLD sees your Commissioner: Goodell is a pompous, smug Dictator who has such lack of respect for the league’s fans and most of the media wimps who cover the league that he firmly believes anything he utters will never be questioned.

    I really got a chuckle when he stated in his CBS interview yesterday that in the Ray Rice situation “we don’t seek to get information from sources that are not credible”….What about your investigation of Bounty Gate then?????? There you seemed to rely on lots of innuendo and comments from fired employees, convicted felons, etc. Almost none of that held up to any kind of scrutiny and the league had to send in the ex Commissioner to clean up the mess and waive the player suspensions because the mounds of “evidence” was so weak. Where was all the concern for “credible sources” then?

    I seem to remember that when Goodell suspended Sean Payton for a year, he said that it really didn’t matter if Payton knew a Bounty system was going on or not; that what really mattered was that it was his team and he should have known.

    Interestingly, he doesn’t apply his logic for Payton’s suspension to himself or to Ravens management. They all should have known what was on the video or worked harder to find out.

    Roger, the arrogant manner in which you dealt with SpyGate (destroying the tapes!), the callous manner in which you handed the Concussion issue, BountyGate (drummed up a witch hunt to give the league p.r. cover for the concussion lawsuits), and now this issue have destroyed what little credibility you have left with the public and you should absolutely resign.

  8. You’re doing a heckuva job, Goody.

    JJ’s endorsement means Roger’s administration has officially jumped the shark.

  9. Way to take care of your boy, Jerry…

    Now, why don’t the both of you extricate yourselves from the NFL…

    The Shield and the team from Dallas can return to credibility and respectability…

  10. Do people in Texas believe Jones’ revisionist view of things? Cause the rest of us call that gas lighting and laugh at him.

  11. The Rice bungle is one of a long line of miscues for Goodell, move on before he does any more damage!

  12. Eventually the owners will come to the realization that anybody can make them a lot of money and drop this guy.

  13. Jones is out of touch anyway. Nothing to see here.
    Goodell should resign from this botched handling.

  14. Sorry, Jerry, but rationalization has never been much of a recovery. He has reflected partiality or incompetence significantly on the Rice matter. His path, generally, reflecting on the 32 owners does not speak very well of the owners either.

  15. Hey Rodger if I say something nice about you to the press can you put my sub par team on even more nationaly televised games next year

  16. This notion that Roger Goodell is such a great businessman is laughable. A monkey could make billions of dollars as the NFL Commissioner right now.

  17. What’s Jones going to do, criticize the guy that helps him continue to make Billions each year? Or criticize the guy that will be handing down punitive action if/when Jones is disciplined for his actions with all those other younger women?

    Goodell is a hand puppet for the owners. Not a string puppet, but a hand puppet. And count Jerry Jones as one of the main guys working the puppet.

  18. to those who ask “what’s jones going to do?”

    that answer is simple. usually these three steps.

    1. not keep his yap shut.
    2. not make any sense when he opens it.
    3. pretend he knows how to build a football team.

  19. JJ never met a microphone he didn’t like.
    here’s my thing. Kraft and Jones own the two richest franchises in the NFL. Why is the media seeking advice from the biggest benefactors of Goodell’s tenure? Billionaires will never complain as long as the Billions keep rolling in.

  20. The same day the media proves that Goodell lied & less than 48 hours after the majority of people have stated they believe he deserves to be fired, Jerry Jones says Goodell “has recovered nicely”. Proof Jones is WAY out of touch with reality!!

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