Ozzie Newsome: “Ray didn’t lie to me” regarding description of video


In a story published Wednesday, Ravens G.M. Ozzie Newsome said he believed Ray Rice was truthful to him in his account of the February incident in which the now-former Ravens tailback struck his fiancee.

Asked if the version of events Rice told him matched the reality of the video released by TMZ, Newsome told the Baltimore Sun he believed Rice had accurately described the altercation to both Newsome and head coach John Harbaugh.

“Ray had given a story to John [Harbaugh] and I,” Newsome said, according to the Sun. “And what we saw on the video was what Ray said. Ray didn’t lie to me. He didn’t lie to me.”

However, in a response to the same question from the Sun, Ravens president Dick Cass indicated the incident, as captured on video, “just looks very different than what we understood the facts to be.”

Said Cass: “There’s a big difference between reading a report that says he knocked her unconscious or being told that someone had slapped someone and that she had hit her head. That is one version of the facts. That’s what we understood to be the case. When you see the video, it just looks very different than what we understood the facts to be.”

The Ravens released Rice on Monday, hours after the video showing him striking Janay Palmer was posted by TMZ.

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  1. The Ravens top people were told exactly what happened and they did not respond on giving Rice anymore punishment. The Ravens front office sees the tape and NOW he is let go. Ozzie doesn’t look as good as he once did.

  2. Comments in the organization don’t quite match up.. sounds like we should all sit by the campfire and sort this out.

    What does Belichick think about the tape?

  3. That’s even worst Ozzie because you supported him after seeing that horrible video. You and Harbaugh are both cold hearted liars and are very untrust worthy. Your word means nothing anymore.

  4. So if you knew everything..,then releasing him was purely a PR move, well unless all your opinions changed based on nothing you didnt already know!

    So they backed him when they were aware of all the events, then dumped him like a hot turd once everyone else found out all the events. Classy!!

  5. The Hole is getting deeper and deeper!!! This isn’t going away soon and now Ozzie is making the owner look like a lier!!!

  6. @melikefootball I believe that once the nfl issued punishment it somewhat hamstrung the Ravens from adding to it due to NFLPA rules, someone correct me if I’m wrong.

    P.s. either way they put it…. Two people walked in only one walked out and Ray admitted to delivering a blow after bring spat on…. it was clear cut to me even without the video.

  7. Ozzie, if he didn’t lie to you and you did what you did, you need to pack your things, too. Shame on you.

  8. Build him a statue, Ozzie.

    This is appalling.. I’m sure glad they released him but now it looks like they only did it because the public would have had their heads if they didn’t. Just sad…

  9. Ozzie speaks the truth. Owners and Goodall throwing ray under the bus to save their own arse #freerayrice.

  10. The Baltimore Crime Mavens! How many players had court appearances, btw? I lost count, and usually just reference the whole RB backfield.

    At least everyone’s honest (by way of actions) that releasing Rice was strictly a PR move. But hey, Bob Kraft pointed out for us that Roger has been “excellent.” Does excellent mean he’s going to be the perfect fall guy for this Haymaker-gate?

  11. If the Ravens had cut him before the video, your team would’ve signed him. Let’s not act like the video made it worse for everyone that watched it

  12. And Crown you told me I was being harsh on the Ravens because they were a great franchise. What do you think about them ravens now? And where is the Raven apologist who said I was a Steeler hypocrite….in Ozzie we trust has become a bigger joke than Harbaugh saying Ray is a heck of a guy…can you say fraud? Of course it’s spelled Ray Lewis where it all began.

  13. Alright everyone, let’s stop the witch hunt.

    Yes they made a mistake on the initial punishment, Rice should have been suspended 8-16 games from the start.

    That being said I hope we can all agree that they are now getting it right. All involved now understand the severity of it. Firing all involved in the decision making solves nothing.

    This was uncharted territory as far as discipline goes. They were not strong enough at first but have corrected the mistake and have asted accordingly.

    As far as Rice is concerned, if he goes through the proper steps and has no further incidents over the next yr I feel he should be re-instated. The NFL has a long distinguished list of people given second chances.

  14. Ravens fan here. Baltimore native…both sides of family. Live and die for Ravens, O’s, etc… Goodell needs to be fired. Dick Cass needs to be fired. Kevin Byrne needs to be fired. John Harbaugh needs to be fired. Unless Greg Hardy and Ray McDonald aren’t suspended indefinitely, immediately, the “human beings” that hold the same positions in the Carolina Panthers and S.F. Fortyniners organizations, as those mentioned above, also need to be fired. And a few other as yet unnamed individuals in the NFL office need to be fired.

  15. Jamaltimore,

    Saving their own arse?…uhh thats what happened with the ravens when they cut him months after something was released that ravens knew all along. They had all the facts (see the article) and supported him. Then when there was backlash, they said “ehh maybe you better go somewhere else so we can look okay in this.”

  16. The NFL & the Ravens have lost their minds. I just don’t get that video of a woman being pulled out of the elevator that you admitted to knocking unconscious is not enough to drop a player from the team/league. Did you really need to see the punch?

  17. PFT is the land of the self-righteous. How about the judge and the state’s attorney who set the precedent by allowing Rice to walk with no sentence? You really expect the Ravens, who are in the business of winning football games, to impose harsher penalties than what the judge and the NFL commissioner deemed appropriate? I would bet that the people squawking the loudest on PFT are by and large the biggest scumbags who like to hide behind the anonymity of a screen name and avatar. Hypocrites love to confess everybody else’s sins.

  18. This is even more disgusting! Shame on all of you, there are no words for the debacle this has become. And even knowing everything that happened you not only kept him on your team you posted that his girlfriend/wife bore some of the responsibility? Are you serious? The stain of this will never be washed away from the Ravens unless there is a purge of all the hypocrites that are responsible for this.

  19. We all knew what Ray Rice did without seeing the video that’s why the 2 game suspension by the NFL and the Ravens’ support of Rice (and the fans applause for him) were so upsetting. That’s what caused this fire storm initially.

    Now we learn that the Ravens organization saw the video tape AND they acted that way?! WTF?!

    Steve Bisciotti, the owner, has been HIDING from this! He should have been out in front. Instead he and Ozzie have pushed Hairball out there and forced him to the be the front man.

    Bisciotti needs to have a Donald Sterling moment and be forced to sell the team.

    Ozzie needs to be fired.

    Hairball needs to be fired.

    And while you’re at it, tear down that statue of Ray Lewis (at a minimum he was an accessory to murder of 2 men and he paid to get out of it) and give that team a fresh, clean start.

  20. I just can’t believe that because Richie Incognito said hurtful things his season was over, but until the uproar, Baltimore was completely satisfied with a 2-game suspension.

  21. These people have lost any perspective in life if they knew exactly what happened and came out in full support of what a great guy Ray is. great guys don’t do this.

  22. In Ozzie we trust….hysterical. What a bust he turned out to be…totally disappeared when the you know what hit the fan.

  23. Of course money makes the final decision, like it does in all your lives.

    8 game suspension is the appropriate punishment for his crime, in addition to what the courts say.

  24. Say it ain’t so Ozzie. That’s really disappointing to read, that both he and Harbaugh knew?!

    This story just seems to get worse by the minute, all for trying to protect a guy who shouldn’t have been protected.

  25. I would be ashamed to be a Ravens fan.

    Somewhere former pro wrestler the Iron Sheik is laughing…

  26. If Rice accurately described what happened in the video, as Ozzie is claiming, to him and Harbaugh, the two should be immediately fired. Also, anyone else from Ravens managenment that received the information should be gone. If it is proven that the NFL had this video in April, all that saw it or knew of it, especially Goodell, should be fired. If a small contigent at the NFL conspired to keep it from Goodell, not only should they be fired, but under Goodell’s own code of ethics, he needs to be at least suspended. Remember, Sean Payton got a one year suspension because Goodell’s claim was that ignorance of things going on under him was no excuse. This also should spur an investigation of the Ravens handled the Ray Lewis matter. It appears that Ozzie knew the severity of the Rice situation and instead of correcting it, chose to turn a blind eye, even after the NFL failed with it’s 2 game suspension. This appears to have been handled by the Ravens exactly in the same manner that the Lewis murder charges were handled. Time for heads to roll, and a man finally called out to pay the consequences that he never faced. No prosecution because of double jeopardy, but revelations of the truth so he gets the treatment he deserves from society, instead of a sweet TV gig and a Hall of Fame induction.

  27. Gotta say it’s embarrassing and gutless for the Ravens Brass to send Harbaugh to the wolves while they hid in a room on a call with the Ginger Hammer in order to get their stories straight.

  28. Ozzie is an honorable man. He is telling the truth.

    The Ravens owner, president and head coach know exactly what happened. But they want to win so they dummied up and were delighted with the 2 game suspension.

    Now they have to answer for it.

  29. Bottom line: Ray Rice had value to the team; therefore it was important to them that he be protected. If he was a fringe player the Ravens would have developed principles.

  30. Ravens aren’t at fault here whatsoever (Not a Ravens fan by any means BTW). First the wording of this article says everything. Newsome says he and Harbaugh TALKED to Rice. Dick Cass said he “read a report” and says nothing about speaking to Rice himself so the discrepancy comes from Cass’ info being second hand.

    Also if you believe Ray Lewis the order to cut Rice came from Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti who more than likely trusted Newsome and Harbaugh to handle the situation who themselves trusted the NFL would (and should) have handled it. If the guy who signs the pay checks says he doesn’t want someone on his team there’s nothing his employees can do or say other than carry out the order.

    Fact is it’s the NFL who is backtracking and acting like they had no clue that the video of the guy they suspended for two games for hitting a woman would contain footage of him….you know… hitting a woman…NOT the Ravens.

  31. Of course all the outrage the NFL is showing since the video was released is pandering.

    Rice’s stock dropped through the floor for me, but he wasn’t lying. The only difference between 2 games and an ended career for him is that the video surfaced. That’s it. The extended video eliminated any chance the league had to spin the story into something less than it was.

    That they even tried, in spite of the video that had been released of Rice dragging his KO’d fiancee out of the elevator, and knowing the story, is disgraceful enough.

  32. Where’s all the “in Ozzie we trust” fools now? Couldn’t shut them up when they won the SB. Couldn’t shut them up when he paid Flacco elite money. Can’t hear them at all now.

  33. Wait a minute!

    Most employers don’t fire employees who are arrested for domestic violence. The NFL gets held to a higher standard because it has a personal conduct policy. Goodell gets held to a higher standard because he has sole discretion for punishing players and has previously suspended players longer periods for lesser violations.

    But it is ridiculous to say the general manager and head coach of a football team should be fired because a player beat his fiancee. If that’s the new normal, then every GM and HC in the league needs to be fired because EVERY team, including mine, has retained players who’ve been involved in domestic violence.

    Put away the torches and pitchforks.

  34. Goodell has created a presence, if media presence increases (TMZ) someone has to be thrown overboard. After Goodell is gone, that’s the end & the nat’l media will leave. Ozzie is not an owner or commissioner, nice try though.

  35. Ozzie is, simply stated, a stooge. . Rice knew, but didn’t tell all (repeat) ALL! “Ray didn’t lie to me!” Ray didn’t lie to me!” He only told you part of what happened, moron, and you still walk around acting clueless.

    Acts of omission are just as damaging and underhanded as lies, Oz. Comprende’?

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