Report: Law enforcement sent Rice video to NFL exec months ago


A new report is calling into question NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s claim that no one in the NFL had seen the infamous Ray Rice video until it was published on Monday.

The Associated Press is reporting that a law enforcement source sent the security camera footage to an NFL executive months ago.

That law enforcement source also played a voicemail from an NFL office number for the Associated Press. In the voicemail, a female voice confirms receiving the video, expresses thanks for sending it, and says, “You’re right. It’s terrible.”

There is one discrepancy in the Associated Press report: Although the AP says the video was sent three months ago, the same report says the voicemail was dated April 9, which is five months ago.

The NFL has come in for harsh criticism over the last three days after TMZ published the video showing Rice brutally assaulting his wife in a casino elevator. Goodell has insisted that neither he nor anyone else in the league office saw the video.

The Associated Press is not publishing the name of either the law enforcement source or the NFL official who received the video from that source.

Shortly after the Associated Press report was published, the NFL released a statement saying the league will look into it.

199 responses to “Report: Law enforcement sent Rice video to NFL exec months ago

  1. kisstherings–it has now been proven you don’t know jack–about this, law enforcement procedures nothing. All you half wits who agreed with him–the same.

  2. Seems the NFL security/investigation staff is either really fumbled up and mess this up big, or maybe someone’s not telling the truth. As we often hear on Sunday…

    This is a brand new ball game.

  3. The owners must fire Goodell.

    There have been numerous amounts of smoke from other mistakes that have been covered up.

    Now just a big smoking gun.

  4. Uh oh Roger…

    This corroborates Peter King’s story from a few months ago, which he has now, coincidentally, backpedaled from. Cover-up if I ever saw one.

  5. Now Goodell will be canned, and the owners will have to find a new lackey for everyone to focus their angst on instead of the owners themselves.

  6. I hope Goodfell is done, sick of this guy running the NFL. Lets have someone respectable be the commish and stop making this league softer and softer every year. These players know what they’re getting into, this is FOOTBALL! I want to see a violent game.

  7. And Roger burnt the tape just like he did w/ the spygate tapes. Poor Roger wasn’t smart enough to realize there were other copies…

    Goodbye and good riddance Roger

  8. AP needs to name names. Honestly. Why do we have to play detective to decipher the clues left by them. They are the journalist. Give us the facts. Facts include names for credibility.

    Don’t get me wrong, I believe them. But this could easily be over right now if they just name names.

  9. This whole think stinks. This guy, a hand picked corporate lawyer puppet, was probably stuffed in lockers by football players. From spygate, to bountygate, to his ridiculous fines, to ruining the game. He is a fail on all levels, except one. Making money for the owners. $43m a year. And the owners think he’s doing a great job.

  10. If he really did care about the Shield he would resign. I dont blame him for wanting to keep his job, take care of his family, I mean he worked hard to get where he is. I dont blame him, but dont ever tell me again you care about the Shield.

  11. This whole thing is a joke. Was the initial suspension too light? Absolutely. Is the reaction to this video too severe? Without a doubt. There are former NFL who KILLED people and returned to play. Ray Rice has shown no pattern of abuse, just one instance of violence. Yes, there is a difference. This was a lapse in judgment, probably fueled by alcohol. Let’s not crucify a man for his mistake. And it’s not he NFL’s duty to investigate criminal or civil matters. Leave it to the proper authorities.

  12. There’s only one thing the NFL can do, simply, fire (let him resign) now.

    Also, he prob got the tape of Giselle man-handling Brady after Sunday’s game.

  13. not until there are sources. That last sentence basically gives this whole story ZERO credibility. Until , at least one source, from EITHER side is made known, Goodell is fine. This is crap , nothing. wouldn’t hold up anywhere without names.

  14. Bye Bye Godell!
    Get rid of that boy now.
    Poisoning the league with trying to make it softer. Protecting Grown men bashing on women yet goes after guys who smoke weed?
    My My, this is the perfect example of a old old school conservative dude that just wants women in places of inferiority and is still scared of drugs like weed because its “evil”.


  15. What a ridiculous thing to lie about! Is there any reason now not to think that Goddell is now lying about how nobody in the NFL office saw the tape in order to cover his as* for the pathetic 2-game suspension he initially handed out? The coverup is always worse than the crime!

  16. Here’s a question:

    If this Ray Rice thing does wind up taking down Goodell, does it mean that we actually have Rice to thank for getting rid of Goodell?

    Just kidding, Rice is still a POS, but it’s an interesting thought.

  17. Goodell should be done after this. There is no way he didn’t have access to that tape. I bet he watched the tape, and then as he has done in the past burned it. He is making the NFL look so bad! The owners need to and I think will fire Goodell.

  18. When watching the interview… you can see that roger goodell is a poor liar.

    roger thinks he’s slick… but… his gestures and eyes give him away.

    goodell’s lies only work when being told to receptive, drunken audiences.

  19. “Tricky Dicky Nixon”

    “Roger the Dodger Baddell”

    Hopefully, the NFL owners won’t send him off into the sunset with a $100 million package.

  20. Hold on, law enforcement isn’t going along with the lie? Like I said yesterday, Ray Rice is taking everybody down with him, Goodell, radio hosts, the Ravens, everybody. Memo to the next commisssioner after the owners shortly turn on Roger and fire him, nix the Thursday night games, London games, the silly oversafety rules, and your firing should keep your successor out of most legal situations like drug arrests and the like. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Rog.

  21. John Mara “well, now that this new (as of April 9) information has come to light, we can no longer express our complete support. We will let the process take due blah, blah, blah, blah….”

  22. Settle down, hippies / simpletons.

    Roger Goodell, much like a top performing CEO, creates value for his stakeholders, and is worth every penny of his $40 M salary. It’s a very small percentage of the revenue and value that is generated under his stewardship. He is going nowhere.

    All of this perceived reputational risk will not matter in a month. He brings home the goods to the owners, which is all that matters.

    This too shall pass.

  23. this guy has to go. between botching this, spygate and bountygate (had to bring in old commish to handle the job correcly)..

    hes made the game almost boring to watch. there is no excitement anymore, taking all of the celebrations away and anythign remotely human about the game..i agree with some of the no hits to the head rules and no smacking a reciever in mid air..

    other than that QBs might as well have flags on their sides, there is atleast 40 penalties a game, pretty much the refs can control it.

    worst commissioner in all major sports leagues. and its not even close.


  24. At this point nothing the league office says can be taken at face value. The league’s pronouncements on Spygate and Bountygate may have been suspect before, but now they’re laughable. The NFL is simply hemorrhaging credibility at this point.

    Congratulations on making Congress look comparatively competent and honest, Roger. We thought it was impossible, but you pulled it off.

  25. You know how this going to end. To prove that the NFL totally loves women, Goodell is going to fire only the woman whose voice appeared in the voicemail, claiming that she never shared the video with anyone else.

    It started with blaming the woman who got knocked out. It will end by scapegoating a female executive.

    But buy our pink jerseys! We love women!

  26. Scumbag. NFLPA just won a huge battle. The next commish will NOT have total control over suspensions/punishments for crime/drugs/hgh…nothing

  27. If this is true and Goodell is covering up the true, he will be gone very very soon. I have never thought he was much good for the game and this is a huge black eye for the NFL. Good bye Roger.

  28. The Associated Press is not publishing the name of either the law enforcement source or the NFL official who received the video from that source.

    So how do we hold this source to its credibility if there’s no name to it or won’t name who received the video? This is a non story because you still didn’t get anywhere but what an anonymous source said. Just think about that last sentence for a second, since when do law enforcement hide their identity? We’re not dealing with a high profile murder case here, if this holds any kind of truth I don’t think it’ll be harmful to put a name on it. Until further notice, I call this article BS, not defending goodell but I’m not gonna believe an unknown source

  29. I dont think that Goodell should be to worried until this “anonymous source” provides some real evidence.

    For all we know, it could be TMZ looking for more blood!

  30. If the Law enforcement officer sent the Rice video to NFL exec months ago tell him to stop hiding and come forward. Why are we responding to an anonymous caller. The reason he doesn’t, is because he broke the law and he will be fired!

  31. I’m pretty sure most fans want Goodell gone at this point. After all the lying and money grabbing and lackyism he’s been doing over his short tenure. I’m included in that list. But we need to take a step back and let this story fully develop for a week or so before we start knee jerk reacting to everything. Let it ALL play out, then make the smart call that’s best for everyone. Knee jerking to the Ray Rice video (which is still a good call) is what’s creating this cluster as it is.

  32. Wow, I didn’t see this coming. Oh, wait, I think I did along with the rest of us with functioning brains.

  33. The only thickens!

    No way the owners fire their boy though, no matter how inept he is. Goodell made 44 mil last year. Imagine how much he’s made the owners.

  34. So players can get fined for doing something wrong but he can’t?
    Something is very wrong with that picture.

  35. Some where today….
    Roger G needs to bury the body like Obama did with the IRS.

    #1 Claim this is despicable that somebody at the NFL saw this tape, we are going to get to bottom of this.

    #2 Find the NFL executive in Cincinnati that will take the heat.

    #3 Trash all emails, recycle disks and plead the 5th.

    #4. Cincinnati NFL Executive then retires

  36. What the hell is Roger trying to cover up?

    This news just confirms what I have said all along…the NFL is lying….


  37. more know it alls chiming in (like doctormantistoboggan) who pretend to know something. “Perceived reputational risk”? Where did you get that? He lied. This is the hottest story (sadly) in the country right now. Domestic violence is a massive issue and a national blight which affects 1 in 4 women. The NFL’s pristine badge now has a massive ugly mark on it, all because Goodell took the coward’s way out. Not one owner will back him, because N.O.W. will begin to pressure those who spend ad money with the NFL–quit acting like you know something when you don’t. Learn more about this issue, it’s important. “hippies”? I wonder what you consider yourself. Where I am from, we call somebody who runs their mouth and actually known nothing a yankee or a dumb a**. You pick.

  38. …and there, possibly, is the other shoe dropping. As much as I’m tried of this story, now we almost have to see it to some sort of conclusion…

  39. Sidenote…I personally hate the NFLPA and all the other players associations for trying to get other scumbag players off the hook. I understand the necessity of having a PA though

  40. In an effort to shore up support among women, Condi Rice will be the new commish.

    Penalty for violating HGH rules will be air strikes on team facilities.

  41. There once was a man they called Roger
    Of facts and the truth he’s a dodger
    He covered up crimes
    To protect his best slime
    But he’ll retire long before he’s a codger!

  42. Roger doesn’t work for nor is accountable to us (the fans). It’s going to take an owner with stones to get the ball rolling. Never thought I’d say this but where is Al Davis when you need him?

  43. Roger needs to go. However, we all know that Roger is already paying off some sucker to be the fall guy for this. A truckload of money is being deposited somewhere for some mid-level manager to take the heat for having not realized the significance of this video and, as such, not sending it on to his/her bosses.

  44. This disclosure is 1) completely fabricated, no video was ever sent nor was a voice confirmation ever recorded; OR 2) well you know, what everyone has been saying all along i.e. Goodell’s a liar, the League (Goodell and owners) covered up their full knowledge of the incident AND Mara is also now personally implicated in the lie according to his previously posted statement.
    Congress is getting ever closer to getting involved
    (not good Goodell) and Ray Ray is negotiating for a Reality Show. How’s everyone like America’s favorite sports League?

  45. It’s sad that this is what we are used to anymore.

    People in power lie to our faces, and no matter how unbelievable the lie is, we will doubt that they are lying.

    Next, Goodell, Harbaugh, Newsome, etc will cling to their lie ‘apparently we did have it, but I, myself have never seen it until it was made available to the public’. And we may not believe them, but we will buy it, because ironically, without a video of them watching the video, they can create doubt.

    Let’s all use common sense here. Does the timeline and events leading up to this sound logical? Is it more reasonable to believe that they did everything possible to protect their financial interests?

    If this was a third string on the bubble jabroney, the vid would have been available to the public the same day get was arrested, and he would have been cut immediately. But this was a pro bowl running back with a good reputation. It was squashed from the start, and after letting the dust settle ( and the squash attempt actually working ) the powers that be acted in a way that minimally impacted their bottom line.

    They all think we’re dumb enough to buy what they are selling, or too stupid to care.

    …and I hate that I am sounding like a tin foil hat conspiracist

  46. Why has it taken so long to get rid of this incompetent clown. This clown has botched every decision he has had to make.

    I was right about this idiot all along. He’s a power monger liar


  48. Lol OK nfl you are not aware of the knowledge of the tape. We will look into it.

    These clowns are unreal. They are still lieing. Omg these morons have zero shame.

    “We will look into it” this is code for we have to meet and spin this disaster somehow. Let the anger die down and make a statement in a month when we think everyone will forget about it

  49. I hope it’s real because it will be fun to watch. But with the conversation so brief and general, it doesn’t seem like it would be that tough to fake it or doctor it. Could be a fabrication. The whole world is nuts for this story right now. Wouldn’t be shocking that someone created a fake…

  50. Comment on #Firegoodell: He is now claiming that he tried to watch the video, but there was a power outage!

  51. If the nfl doesn’t do the right thing here, I have lost all respect for this league. I doubt I’ll be the only one. Mr. Goodell has the final say in these matters and has now certainly seen that tape before yesterday. Why does the punishment change now that the tape was made public? Because Rodger didn’t care about what ray rice did until he was forced to. Wasn’t he Mr law & order when he first took this job? Oh I guess ray rice brings in too much money in jersey sales to care about his battered wife. If this is how the nfl does business then I’m DONE buying nfl licensed merchandise. If only I had the will power to not watch the games…

  52. The law enforcement official, speaking to the AP on condition of anonymity because of the ongoing investigation, says he had no further communication with any NFL employee and can’t confirm anyone watched the video. The person said they were unauthorized to release the video but shared it unsolicited, because they wanted the NFL to have it before deciding on Rice’s punishment.
    You didn’t think this was pertinent? It says the person was not authorized to send it but did it anyway and the NFL female exec called to confirm she received the video even though she never asked for one. Sure, this could have happened on the DL but why act like this “source” is credible. They have already demonstrated themselves to be shady.

  53. Nfl looks worse than ray rice

    it’s one thing to screw up and assault a woman. It’s bad. It’s criminal.

    the nfl mishandling it many different ways, on top of many other discipline issues too???? Very bad. Lying about it all??? Even worse.

  54. Why go down on something like that? He should have said they saw the video from day 1 and suspended indefinitely from day 1. Goodell is going down now for sure.

    You know the Ravens had seen the video already too.

  55. Why should he resign? The NFL is NOT LAW ENFORCEMENT. We have a judicial system to punish people. Whether the NFL punishes someone or not is completely up to them. So it’s his choice(also depends on what the CBA allows) whether he suspends rice or not, and for however long he decides. The NFL is not obligated by the government or by law suspend anyone for breaking a law outside of the game.

    Get over it. He suspended him initially for 2 games and yes he probably saw the tape before he extended him — but in the grand scheme of things law enforcement is there to handle this. There was nothing wrong with a 2 game suspension just like there is nothing wrong with an indefinite suspension.

  56. rukkus1 says: Sep 10, 2014 6:01 PM

    Nfl looks worse than ray rice

    How is that? Ray Rice beat up a his fiancee — while the NFL did nothing wrong.


    and take the London games, London franchise, “can’t touch the qb” penalty, 18 game schedule, 8 playoff teams… and any other BS idea you’ve been pushing for the last 8 years!

    Byyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeee Feliiiiiiiiiiiiicia!

  58. Some of you people on here are crazy. Why would Goodell lie about seeing the video if he really had? It’s not like he has anything to gain.

    If anything it would have made him look worse for only suspending Rice for two games.

  59. So it was sent illegally to the NFL?
    I would have advised my client to not touch it.
    Illegal evidence is NOT a good thing to admit to having

  60. Next up is the District Attorney…
    You telling me he or she didn’t see the video either before rendering a decision to not prosecute? And rule that if Ray Rice complete’s a “anger management” class than all will be stricken from the record…

    Better get your story straight mr. D.A. You’re next!

  61. I don’t think Goddell will be fired (should? yeah. will? no.) but I do believe he will be stripped of a good chunk of his enforcement powers in a PR-directed, face-saving move. Hope I’m wrong but the man made far too much money for these old white dudes who own the teams for them to let him go over this.

  62. Roger Goodell is so oblivious to reality. (and for those questioning why everyone is coming down on RG on here) it’s not that everyone believes he saw the tape before the ruling… it’s that he didn’t make an effort to see the tape before rendering a slap on the wrist!
    There were reports many weeks before he handed down the 2 game suspension that this video existed…
    But instead of suspending Ray Rice pending ALL the evidence, including the video… he chose to rush to judgement with the 2 games, change the rule for future domestic violance cases in the nfl… and now trying to stand behind the “no one in the nfl office had seen the video before monday…” crap.
    Sorry, don’t work that way for a $40 million dollar CEO.
    Ignorance is not an excuse. Just ask Sean Payton and the Saints.

  63. doctormantistoboggan says:
    Sep 10, 2014 5:15 PM
    Settle down, hippies / simpletons.

    Roger Goodell, much like a top performing CEO, creates value for his stakeholders, and is worth every penny of his $40 M salary. It’s a very small percentage of the revenue and value that is generated under his stewardship. He is going nowhere.

    All of this perceived reputational risk will not matter in a month. He brings home the goods to the owners, which is all that matters.

    This too shall pass.

    as a hippie i can;t let this nonsense pass. attributing the nfl’s rise in team value to roger goodell is disingenuous. any moderately talented son of a new york politician placed in the office of commissioner would have shown the same results. no idea this guy had has any monetary benefit. london? please. just like all the ceos that say they are the reason for the profit of their organization, but are never the reason when the economy turns and they lose money. corporate arrogance and entirely untrue. corporations did just as well when ceos earned way way less, just another perk for being rich.

  64. This is all part of a new reality TV show called “No Cred Red”. Stay tuned for the disgraceful conclusion!!!

  65. The NFL is one big frat house! Guns, drugs, domestic violence, bullies, sexual harassment, it goes on and on. Goodell needs to go, his staff of morons need to go, and the house needs to be cleaned out! Get someone in there that has some common sense not basing all decisions on how does it effect the NFL pocketbook.

  66. Guess Ray Rice figured if Ray Lewis can get away with murder, popping his future wife should be no big deal.

  67. The new commish will be Ray Lewis…
    Ray Rice reinstated
    Rae Corruth welcome home
    Ray McDonald…it’s all good
    Josh Gordon you back too bro…..

  68. A law enforcement officer broke the law, and gave evidence in an ongoing investigation to the NFL. This person kept this act from police authorities for months. This person refuses to be identified. Why would we consider such a person credible? Based on what we know about this person so far, they aren’t honest or trustworthy.

    If people are going to demand a resignation from the commissioner, then he has a right to face his accuser. The person who claims that Roger Goodell is lying must be identified and vetted.

  69. I always hated you Roger and your disruptive policies so I’m jumping for joy seeing you get ridiculed. Shame on you for what you’ve done to the league I’ve religiously watched as a child. As Malcolm X once said, this is an issue of the chickens coming home to roost. You deserve this. We pay close to $10 for a beer and it costs us dads a huge portion of our paychecks to take our kids to just 1 game while you made $90 freaking million the last 2 years. That’s an atrocity. I hope you burn in Hell.

  70. Why is everybody getting mad over something that doesn’t directly affect you? I really think it’s funny when I hear all of you talk tough behind a keyboard like fire Goodell or resign Goodell or my favorite, boycott the NFL. At the end of the day you people will still plant your @$$es in front of the TV and watch football. You all need to get over it. Especially the media.

  71. doctormantistoboggan says:

    Settle down, hippies / simpletons.

    “Hippies and simpletons” — Love it!

  72. It’a possible he made the decision and abandoned any further review. Then he dug in his heels and refused to alter the initial punishment. Public outcry be damned. Now that the Ravens have punished twice for the same offense, they will lose in court under the CBA agreement. Ray is solely responsible but the management of this event has been appalling.

  73. We need a commissioner who played the game and respects and gets respect from players and owners alike. Bring on Troy Vincent, enough with these deceitful lawyers.

  74. Quoting boogerhut
    Gomer Pyle would say ‘Surprise, surprise, surprise! “‘

    Only Gomer Pyle or gomer Goodell is surprised. Goodell used the defensive attorneys’ tactic of intentionally not seeing the video with his own eyes, so he wouldn’t be required by law to do the right thing.

    I think he seriously did not have a clue just how violent Rice’s attack, or disturbing his detached behavior looks afterward, as if he was just picking up a package he’d knocked out of her hands, and carrying it out for her.

    Not that Goodell gives a flying crap how bad it is; just that he realizes it is far too egregious to even attempt to cover up.

    His damage control and covering his own pathetic azz would have required an entirely different game plan than this.

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